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The Chris Voss Show Podcast 256 Talent Alpha, Inc. CES Show 2019 Booth Interview

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An Egg, Just a Regular Egg, Is Instagram’s Most-Liked Post Ever

There’s nothing special about the egg. Seems like a fine enough egg. But more than 22 million people have liked it, dethroning Kylie Jenner’s birth-announcement post.
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Get the Golden Globes Glam of Irina Shayk! Celeb MUA Tatyana Makarova Breaks It Down!

For the 2019 Golden Globes, makeup artist Tatyana Makarova used Marc Jacobs Beauty to create the golden and ethereal beauty look for the brand’s newest face, Irina Shayk, to complement her metallic Versace dress.       SKIN: –For the skin, Tatyana started off by applying Shameless Youthful-Look 24H Foundation Spf 25 ($46) for a […]
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Goldman, Norwest & Bertelsmann Eye $100 Mn Investment In Pepperfry - Inc42 Media

Goldman, Norwest & Bertelsmann Eye $100 Mn Investment In Pepperfry   Inc42 Media The *fresh* funds will help Pepperfry expand its offline presence and diversify its portfolio and ramp up its game against competition.
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Goldman, Norwest And Bertelsmann Eye $100 Mn Investment In Pepperfry - Inc42 Media

Goldman, Norwest And Bertelsmann Eye $100 Mn Investment In Pepperfry   Inc42 Media The *fresh* funds will help Pepperfry expand its offline presence and diversify its portfolio and ramp up its game against competition.
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How Barbara Walters, Adweek’s TV News Legend, Changed the Industry ‘Forever’

Barbara Walters reinvented TV news during her five decades in the business. In 1974, she became the first female co-host of an American news program on Today (though she had already been doing the job unofficially for a decade); and two years later, ABC Evening News named her the first female co-anchor of a network...
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Robin Roberts and Diane Sawyer Open Up About Making Morning TV History

In 2005, one year after the launch of TVNewser (now owned by Adweek), morning news history was made when Robin Roberts joined Diane Sawyer as anchor of ABC's Good Morning America. It marked the first time ever that two women had hosted a national morning news show. They worked side by side for five years,...
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These 30 TV Newsers Fueled the Industry’s Incredible Evolution Over the Past 15 Years

On Jan. 1, 2004, a Towson University college freshman named Brian Stelter (now chief media correspondent for CNN Worldwide and anchor of Reliable Sources) launched a potent little blog about the TV news business. First called CableNewser, then renamed TVNewser that July when it joined the Mediabistro Blog Network, it quickly became the go-to industry...
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How a Cable News Blog Turned Into a Top Source for the Highs and Lows of Broadcast Media

Television news matters. The networks should be monitored, scrutinized, criticized and applauded when appropriate. And all of the scrutiny makes TV news better. That was the simple idea behind the launch of my blog CableNewser 15 years ago. I was a television news junkie, and I wanted to read more about the shows, the stars...
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Why Privacy Standards Need to Catch Up With the Rapidly Advancing Internet of Things

In his day job, Peter Bihr is a strategic consultant who provides big tech companies and the occasional government with policy work, research and product advice around Internet of Things (IoT) technology and other emerging platforms. But earlier this year, Bihr set out to solve one of the many problems that marketers face when using...
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7 TV News Titans Who It Turns Out Were Not Too Big to Fail

Over the last 15 years, TVNewser has documented the downfall of some of the most high-profile TV news personalities--journalism professionals who had been welcomed into homes day after day for years, only to be undone seemingly in an instant. Below, a look at some of the most notable TV-news flameouts since 2004. Dan Rather In...
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Brand Safety Is More Than Just a Programmatic Problem. It Plagues Paid Search, Too

Mention the term "brand safety" to those with a cursory knowledge of how online advertising works and it conjures images of content farmers fueling ad networks to game the convoluted programmatic ecosystem of legitimate ad dollars. The end result is that ads from household brands are then served on low-quality websites containing everything from fake...
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DEADLINE ALERT: Standard Registration Ends Friday!

The deadline for entries January 18, 2019, is fast approaching, don’t miss your opportunity to win. The Vertex Awards formally recognizes the absolute best in private brand packaging design globally. Retailers manufacturers, marketers, agencies, in-house creatives, around the world turn to The Vertex Awards as the gold standard for private brand design. ENTER NOW! You just finished reading DEADLINE ALERT: Standard Registration Ends Friday!! Consider leaving a comment! SPONSORS: ...
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Outrank The Business Next Door: The 3 Best Local SEO Tips To Implement In Your Strategy In 2019

by Robert Clough SEO is a complex beast. For something just three letters long, it seems there's a never-ending list of things to do to manage your ranking. And we get that. That's what our whole blog is about - helping you figure out what to put on that list. So when it comes to establishing your best local SEO, get a quick start with our guide below. 1. Worship Google My Business What's one thing that all-powerful people love (or search engines in this example)? Themselves. But Googl...
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Target Makes Executive Changes

Late last week Target announced a series of significant leadership changes. It remains to be seen how the changes will impact private brand at the retailer, however you can be certain something will happen. Most notable for our readers Stephanie Lundquist, who has served as Target’s Chief HR Officer since 2016, has been named President of Food and Beverage. Stephanie Lundquist, President of Food and Beverage, Target Target announced that Chief Financial Officer Cathy Smith will be retiring...
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Herb Kelleher Passionately Pursued His Company’s Purpose

Herb Kelleher, the founder and philosopher of Southwest Airlines, passed away this month at the age of 87. According to his obituary in The New York Times, Mr. Kelleher, was a lawyer who moved from New Jersey to San Antonio to start his own law practice. Then in 1967, one of his clients, Rollin W. […] The post Herb Kelleher Passionately Pursued His Company’s Purpose appeared first on Adpulp.
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3 Ways for Hotels to Effectively Reach and Influence New Audiences While Turning Them into Loyal Customers

Are your Hotel stuck in a maze searching for new ways just to locate your current market? What if I told you there were effective and creative alternatives that could expand your market beyond your imagination? Discover 3 ways for Hotels to effectively reach and influence new audiences while turning them into loyal customers. Knowing that your Hotel contribute to making your community worthwhile visiting We see numerous reports and research indicating that the percentages of employees activel...
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Google: Mobile Usability is Not Related to Mobile-First Indexing by @MattGSouthern

Google's John Mueller clarified that content may be still moved to mobile-first indexing despite not passing the mobile usability test.The post Google: Mobile Usability is Not Related to Mobile-First Indexing by @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
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How I Finally Convinced Myself to Become a Morning Person

My life has been busy for about the last decade or so. I realized during that time that no matter how busy your life is, it can always get busier. The people that make those memes about “Being Busy is a Choice” have not walked in my shoes and probably have never worked two or three jobs to make ends meet. I usually break my life up into “stuff I want to do” and “stuff I have to do”. When I say I am busy, it means the “stuff I have to do” part of my life is taking a majority of my waking hours. ...
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PB Careers: Academy Sports + Outdoors – Packaging Designer II

PB Careers: Academy Sports + Outdoors – Packaging Designer II Company Name: Academy Sports + Outdoors  Company Location:  Katy, TX, US Come work at a place where we take pride in creating a workplace environment that values hard work, commitment, and growth. Education Job Description:  High school diploma or equivalent required Bachelor’s degree in graphic design or similar field of study preferred Work Experiences 5+ years of experience as a graphic designer with branding, logo design, webs...
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Yellow vests: protesters fight for ideological ownership

In France and Britain, gilets jaunes have mutated into symbols of anger against anything from austerity to IslamWhat is not in dispute is who came first. On the French side of the channel lie the original gilets jaunes (yellow vests), a grassroots, social media-based citizens’ movement with no formal structure, recognised leader or party or union backing, named after the hi-visibility jackets that French drivers are required by law to carry in their vehicles.As French yellow vests kicked off the...
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Why researchers want to build an AI that can predict a person’s attractiveness

It’s an age-old question – what makes someone attractive? We often say things like “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” but while this romantic notion may bring comfort to those dealt a poor hand in life, it also gives the impression that the foundations of attractiveness are elusive and unpredictable. It suggests that what each of us sees as an attractive trait – whether physical or psychological – is so variable that everyone must be looking for something different. While there is variety in...
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customer experience

Whenever I’m in the midst of a frustrating customer service exchange, I find myself reaching for a sketch pad. Last week it was Nespresso, but I think what happened is commonplace and illustrates some of where customer experience frequently falls short. I placed a simple coffee order online that turned into a lengthy web chat a week later when the order still hadn’t shipped. The customer service agent was very responsive, but her response was hamstrung by process, systems, and different depar...
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7 Costly Social Media Mistakes

Social media gives unprecedented access to people interested in your niche or industry, or the products and services you offer. However, some new users of the networks can get so excited by the prospect of more profits that they actually end up costing themselves through simple yet avoidable mistakes. Here are the top 7 to watch out for if you are a newbie social media marketer. 7 Costly Social Media Mistakes Unclear goals Do you want sales, subscribers, followers? Plan every campaign aroun...
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Catch Singer/ Songwriter/Musician Eliza Spear + Her New Single at The MINT!

When you hear about a new musician, singer or songwriter, it’s often that the person in question is all three things: singer/songwriter/musician- because that’s the nature of the music business. Often there multi-faceted elements of music or other skills like acting or writing are part of living with parents or other family members who are […]
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Better customer experience means targeting people, not buyers

The success of industry disruptors such as Airbnb, Amazon and Tesla can be attributed to many factors, but these companies all have one thing in common — a focus on creating an exceptional customer experience, rather than just selling a product. As a result, customer expectations as a whole are evolving. Today, consumers expect Amazon-like speed and service from any business, regardless of the space you play in. They want to be able to browse and buy anywhere, anytime, and on any device. On a...
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Should you say ‘please’ to an AI?

There are two reasons we say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. The first is pretty obvious. It gives the other person dignity. It acknowledges their humanity. It implies that at some level, this engagement is voluntary. But of course, none of this is true when we’re talking to Siri or Alexa. There’s a second reason. It helps us realize that we might be acting entitled. We forget to bring humility along. “Please” is a narrative to ourselves, one about gratitude and choice. When we start barking orders wi...
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Gris Ad Actually Rejected Over Instagram Butt

A Facebook spokesperson provided insight on the ad rejection debacle surrounding Devolver Digital’s game “Gris”, with the accused image of a woman not being the source of the “sexually suggestive” content but actually the publisher’s link to their Instagram account. Devolver Digital had mentioned that an advertisement they sent to Facebook ended up being rejected […]
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LitraPro™ – World’s First Full Spectrum Bi-Color Compact Video and Photo Adventure Light Review LitraPro Key Features: • 6 oz • 2.75″ x 2″ x 1.2″ • 1200 lumen output • 95 CRI • 70 degree beam angle • Adjustable color temperature 3000K – 6000K • 45 minute run time at max output, 10+ hours on low output • 2 industry standard 1/4 20 mounts • Waterproof up to 90 feet • MIL-SPEC 810 tested • Bluetooth control • OLED Display • 0-100% fully dimmable Each Pro comes with: Dome Diffuser USB Charging Cable DSLR Camera Mount GoPro mount Carry Bag
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