India's Biggest EdTech Gathering - 1000+ EdTech Stakeholders to Connect Share Discuss the Future of Education Technology - THE WEEK

India's Biggest EdTech Gathering - 1000+ EdTech Stakeholders to Connect Share Discuss the Future of Education Technology   THE WEEK (Eds: Disclaimer: The following press release comes to you under an arrangement with PR Newswire. PTI takes no editorial responsibility for the same.)
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The Chris Voss Show Podcast 258 George Krieger & CES Show 2019 Highlights

George Krieger & CES Show 2019 Highlights Subscribe to The Chris Voss Show Podcast on: Google Play (Android) Youtube iHeartRadio Spotify iTunes!
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Affordable Fixes for Drafty Windows

Winter is upon us. Snow-filled streets will soon set the scene of the season. But it’s not all a picturesque winter wonderland. With all that beauty, comes a cruel new cold. Your home is likely the toasty haven that you’ll be spending most of your time in through winter, so it’s important that you make sure things are in order.  We’re all too familiar with what an unwelcome window draft feels like as it cuts into the room. On average, between 10 to 25 percent of a home’s heat escapes thr...
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My Rich Life in Thailand: Street food, luxury, and $21 strawberries

Here are some photos from the final stop of my honeymoon, which we started in Italy, then Kenya, India, and now — Thailand! We wanted to create our Rich Life in every place, so we planned our dream trip: In the Italian part of our honeymoon, we shared a rare travel experience with our parents, as we took pasta-making classes together and more… Kenya showed us amazing animals and got me pumped about getting back into photography. Then on our visit to India, I was thrilled to have Cass see ...
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Daily Search Forum Recap: January 14, 2019

Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today...
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Brand Naming Survival Guide, Chapter 3: Beware The Literalist.

 In every naming project, potential names are subject to scrutiny. They should be judged on how well they map to positioning, memorability, stopping power, emotional impact, connections to the collective consciousness, distinction from competitors – the sum of which answers the most important naming question, “Is this name interesting?“.The literalist will critique names based solely on dictionary definitions, reliably in the form of an objection. Their claim will be that a word’s negative mean...
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“Vanillacide” Defined

From the book “Shoot the Puppy: A Survival Guide to the Curious Jargon of Modern Life“, by linguist Tony Thorne, Head of the Language Centre at Kings College London:Vanillacide Meaning: how radical concepts are destroyed by too much consultationI first heard this bizword when I shared a microphone recently with a Californian, Steve Manning. The occasion was a BBC radio discussion of the ongoing craze for re-branding companies, something Steve, boss of the US naming agency, Igor (as in the doctor...
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Every Brand Name Sucks: How To Choose A Great Brand Name Despite Its Flaws

by Grant Polachek, Director of Marketing at As you chug through the arduous process of creating a brand name, you may experience frustration. Have you come up with some great ideas, but you keep rejecting them because you  are finding problems with every name? We’ll let you in on a little secret. You’re not alone. In fact, when you look close enough, you’ll see that virtually every brand name sucks. Okay, okay. Perhaps that is a little harsh. However, there is no question that alm...
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The best vlogging cameras of 2019

Any camera that shoots video can be used to vlog, but a few models stand out from the crowd thanks to superior image quality, ergonomics, and usability. When it comes to putting your life on YouTube, here are the best cameras for the job. The post The best vlogging cameras of 2019 appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Gillette - We Believe / Men of tomorrow (2018) 1:48 (USA) - Is advertising to men while being anti-men in general a wise strategy?

Health & Beauty Gillette has joined the many brands who want to push for social change as much as selling their wares, but will it work? Read more about Gillette... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Turns out the science saying screen time is bad isn’t science

A new study is making waves in the worlds of tech and psychology by questioning the basis of thousands of papers and analyses with conflicting conclusions on the effect of screen time on well-being. The researchers claim is that the science doesn’t agree because it’s bad science. So is screen time good or bad? It’s not that simple. The conclusions only make the mildest of claims about screen time, essentially that as defined it has about as much effect on well-being as potato consumption. Instin...
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SpecialGuest Provides Brands a Cast of Creative Directors to Choose From

SpecialGuest spun off from sibling company 1stAveMachine as a distinct, separate offering over four years ago, with co-founder Aaron Duffy providing creative direction to clients. Since then, SpecialGuest has worked with brands including Google, Spotify, Squarespace and YouTube. SpecialGuest has branched out to offer the approach across a range of creative directors. Duffy likened the...
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This Musician Found a Community of Fans on Reddit. Now, He Leads Brand Strategy for the Platform

As a musician, Will Cady knows just how hard it can be to attract an audience. But on Reddit, Cady found himself a thriving community of fans who not only listened to and shared his music, but even went so far as to find him a new venue in 2013 when show plans fell apart...
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Infographic: Influencers Are Getting Brands More Sales Than Celebrities Are

Influencers have been a hot topic among marketers for years now, but using them has translated to more than just social engagement for brands, according to new data from consumer intelligence research platform CivicScience. In fact, 22 percent of respondents said they had purchased something because an influencer recommended it on social media. That's compared...
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Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Got Its Name From a Flubbed Radio Show Line

Food companies usually have the R&D department to thank for a product that wins its way into American stomachs. In the case of Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup, the thanks must also go a radio actor named Freeman Gosden. Don't know him? Well, if you lived in prewar America, you would. Gosden voiced the Amos character...
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Every Trading System has to Face Losing Trades

The fact is true for the trading business. In fact, it is true for any kind of human being on this planet for any kind of professions. The traders happen to suffer a lot of their mistakes. Because the loss ratio in the trading profession is more than in any kind of another one. Many traders make mistakes for not learning about the business properly. But some fool traders act foolish with their profession and make poor plans for it. Thus their trading strategies do not do well in the positio...
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How Production Companies Are Taking a Bite Out of Agency Business

It's no secret that holding companies have their backs up against the wall as MDC Partners is up for sale and WPP is mashing agencies together left and right in order to survive and hopefully flourish again. There are a number of reasons behind their struggles, but according to Pivotal Research senior analyst Brian Wieser,...
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Anti-Gay and Sexist Posts Cost Sergei Polunin a Role in Paris

The dancer’s social media posts, declaring his dislike for homosexuals and embracing Putin and Trump, caused a furor online.
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Coding Error Causes Google to Ignore Noindex Directive by @martinibuster

Coding error causes Google to ignore a noindex directive. How to spot this error and prevent it from happening.The post Coding Error Causes Google to Ignore Noindex Directive by @martinibuster appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
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A quick swipe will soon let you keep bingeing YouTube on mobile devices

The YouTube mobile app has a new, faster way to browse: Swiping. Once the update rolls out, users can swipe to go to the next (or previous) video in the recommended list, even while viewing in full screen. The post A quick swipe will soon let you keep bingeing YouTube on mobile devices appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Pinterest’s 2018 Diversity Report Followed the Common Theme of Progress, More Work to Do

Pinterest released its annual diversity report for 2018 Monday, and it followed the same theme as similar endeavors from other tech companies: We've made progress, but "we still have a long way to go." The company met two of its three hiring goals for 2018 and just missed the third. Its goal was to increase...
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On the Adweek Podcast: Tomorrow’s Tech, as Seen at CES

We're back, baby! The tech team have been busy at CES this past week, and they're ready to share the big trends coming out of the Las Vegas Convention Center. On this week's episode of the Adweek podcast, Yeah, That's Probably an Ad, we're joined by creative editor David Griner, tech reporter Kelsey Sutton and...
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PayPal Hires Apple Vet Allison Johnson as Its First CMO in 6 Years

PayPal is adding a major player to its marketing department: Today, the company announced the hiring of Allison Johnson as CMO and executive vice president. The brand has been without a CMO since 2013. Johnson joins PayPal from West, a marketing and venture capital firm where she worked with clients like Square, Twitter and Braintree,...
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Caution: GoDaddy is Adding Unwanted JavaScript to Websites by @MattGSouthern

Web hosting provider GoDaddy is inserting JavaScript code into websites, which could slow down performance or break sites altogether.The post Caution: GoDaddy is Adding Unwanted JavaScript to Websites by @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
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West Elm Launches Water Street

Last week modern home decor retailer West Elm announced the launch of Water Street, their new private brand of modern and stylish bath and body products. Water Street is a comprehensive collection of bath products — from sleek vanity collections and towels to Mid-Century bathroom hardware and lighting — that help our customers elevate the everyday. Designed in-house at their Brooklyn headquarters on Water Street, the exclusive line combines the retailer’s signature modern style with their high ...
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Dead Or Alive? Bringing Brands Back To Life

We can all remember brands we loved (or not) that have disappeared. Frequently they are household name brands to which we became emotionally attached—brands to which we were loyal and for which we still have positive associations, brands we trusted. Most importantly, these brands often retain significant equity. Equity that is difficult to measure and value. Under the right circumstances, licensing can resurrect these brands. With a well-conceived strategy, licensing can capitalize on their h...
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A Gillette ad, titled “We Believe,” speaks of #MeToo movement,"toxic masculinity," and question whether "boys will be boys" is "the best a man can get."

The Wall Street Journal reports (in "P&G Challenges Men to Shave Their ‘Toxic Masculinity’ in Gillette Ad"):“This is an important conversation happening, and as a company that encourages men to be their best, we feel compelled to both address it and take action of our own,” said Pankaj Bhalla, Gillette brand director for North America in an emailed statement....Gillette needs to appeal to millennials who care about what companies stand for, he said. “There’s a demand for this, for purpose, for b...
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NBCUniversal Will Roll Out an Ad-Supported OTT Service Next Year, Overseen by Bonnie Hammer

The direct-to-consumer landscape was already set to get even more crowded this year, with new offerings from Disney, AT&T and Apple joining the fray. Now yet another big media company is ready to try its hand at OTT, as NBCUniversal said today it is prepping its own ad-supported service, which will be ready in early...
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5 Questions with the Vertex Judges – Loe Limpens

Leading up to the judging of the sixth annual Vertex Awards International Private Brand Design Competition I sat down with each of the judges and asked them five questions about the state of Private Brands – their answers present a unique global perspective and depth of knowledge of the retail brand space. Standard entries close Friday, January 18, 2019 ENTER TODAY Today’s conversation is with Loe Limpens, Managing Partner, Yellow Dress Retail The Netherlands. How will the growth of online sh...
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