Rogue Introduces First-of-its-Kind Stouted American Single Malt Whiskey!

Rogue Introduces First-of-its-Kind Stouted Whiskey From Rolling Thunder Barrel Works, Rogue’s Newport-based cooperage (barrel-making facility), comes the return of Rolling Thunder Imperial Stout and the launch of the new Rolling Thunder Stouted Whiskey. A first-of-its-kind stouted American Single Malt whiskey, Rolling Thunder Stouted Whiskey is the culmination of all things DIY from Rogue.   Released each […]
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Tips for Creating Successful Social Media Apps

Social media apps dominate mobile app usage. A recent survey found that smartphone owners listed social media apps as their most frequently used type of app almost 4x more than the second-place finishers, communication/messaging apps and gaming apps. Any business seeking to build a mobile app – no matter if it’s social media or not – should understand what makes social media apps so addicting and powerful. Using recent data from 511 smartphone owners, the following article offers tips and topics...
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Facebook’s secretly working on LOL — a meme hub meant to lure teens from Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok

Facebook hasn’t given up on attracting teens. After numerous failed products aimed at teens — including LOL, Facebook Watch, and IGTV — the company is now hard at work on LOL, a meme hub of sorts meant to win the hearts and minds of teens fleeing for greener pastures at TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram. First reported by TechCrunch’s Josh Constine, LOL would bridge the gap of a traditional News Feed with meme-focused content that Facebook hopes will attract teen attention. For the 100 or so high ...
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F.T.C. Is Said to Be Considering Large Facebook Fines

The agency’s investigation, which began in late March, is continuing, and the commissioners and staff have not reached a final conclusion.
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Daily Search Forum Recap: January 18, 2019

Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web...
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Funding Galore: Indian Startup Funding Of The Week [14-19 Jan] - Inc42 Media

Funding Galore: Indian Startup Funding Of The Week [14-19 Jan]   Inc42 Media In all, this week 21 startups raised $599.73 Mn and two startup acquisitions took place in the Indian startup ecosystem altogether.
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Search Engine Optimization Services: How to Boost Your Oil & Gas Site

by Robert Clough Your oil and gas website just isn't ranking as high in the search engine results as you'd like it to.  You're considering hiring search engine optimization services to help your site get the boost it needs.  But before you make that kind of an investment, you want to understand how these services can help to optimize your website and get you more traffic.  Read on to learn more about how they can help you to make it happen, and how to get your website on top of Google.  ...
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Facebook's Secret Meme App for Kids Sounds Like a Freaking Embarrassment

With older generations turning away from Facebook after a litany of fake news, privacy, and security-related debacles, Facebook has renewed its efforts to capture and monetize the memes of teens in hopes of raking in future revenue streams. So following in the footsteps of Lasso, Lifestage, and Slingshot comes LOL,…Read more...
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Here’s how to save someone’s Instagram Story to your phone

Curious about how to save someone's Instagram Story to your phone? Lucky for you, it can be done -- but it does take a few extra steps. Here's what you need to know to save Instagram Stories on both iOS and Android. The post Here’s how to save someone’s Instagram Story to your phone appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Facebook Is Testing LOL, a Video Feed of Memes, to Try to Win Back Teens

Facebook is taking another step to stem the tide of teens leaving its platform with its test of LOL, a feed of memes in the form of videos and GIFs. A spokesperson for the social network said, "We are running a small-scale test and the concept is in the early stages right now," declining to...
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15 Unconventional Social Media Tactics That Encourage Engagement

Just about every brand is on social media nowadays, but not all of them know how to use it effectively. It’s not enough to have a profile on multiple platforms and post content regularly. You need to provide the right kinds of content and posts that will make your followers want to react, share and […] The post 15 Unconventional Social Media Tactics That Encourage Engagement appeared first on Blogging Tips.
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NRF 2019 Recap [video]

The future and development of retail is changing rapidly and is now more purpose driven. For many folks retail was their first job, therefore, the industry as a whole has an instrumental impact on shaping how so many of us learn to work. The overall theme of the 2019 show was on impact and how technology is impacting not only the customer journey, but how retail employees can do their jobs effectively. The 2019 Big Show brought together over 40K attendees in New York City to discuss these impact...
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The Chris Voss Show Podcast 262 Allan Sutherland, In-Telligent Personal Safety Notifications App

Allan Sutherland, In-Telligent Personal Safety Notifications App
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The Chris Voss Show Podcast 261 Meetup Group Of Interesting Podcasts To Subscribe To

Meetup Group Of Interesting Podcasts To Subscribe To
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Brands Support Unpaid American Government Workers

We've officially entered the 28th day of the United States' government shutdown. Regardless of one's stance on the issues, it's humbling to see brands stepping up to support the estimated 800,000 government employees that have gone without pay for almost a month now. On January 16th, Kraft opened a pop-up grocery store in Washington DC called "Kraft Now Pay Later". The store will allow furloughed workers to take home a bag of Kraft products (such as their well-known boxed mac & cheese) free of...
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GM Quietly Erases Online Ad Already Pulled From Television

In a rare victory for television, General Motors was forced to pull one of its obnoxious “Real People” ads earlier this week after Ford, Toyota, and Honda cried foul over its claims. If you missed our earlier coverage, the gist was that GM stated Chevrolet was the more dependable brand by surprising rival owners — who […] The post GM Quietly Erases Online Ad Already Pulled From Television appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Academic media: Don’t criticize your colleagues for “dumbing it down”

Are you a media whore? Or do you worry you might be labeled one by your colleagues – if not to your face, then behind your back? In the process of delivering hundreds of media engagement workshops, I’ve heard dozens and dozens of you express this fear, using precisely this language. You’ve made it clear […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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Jocelyn Brown on Branding and Return on Intent

In this Marketing Over Coffee: Learn How Brand Impacts Demand Gen, Using It and Not Losing It, and more! Direct Link to File Brought to you by our sponsors: LinkedIn and ahrefs! The Marketing Over Coffee Playbook NOW AVAILABLE Link to Stack and Flow Interview It’s not about ROI – Return on Intent 8:05 LinkedIn Marketing Solutions is how B2B Marketers and advertisers drive brand awareness and generate leads. It’s the only place where you can find over 500 million user accounts, al...
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Random Collection of Marketing Slides, Lean, Action Research

A collection of sales and marketing, marketing research slides that I posted over the last few months on LinkedIn primarily.
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Herrera v. Wyoming: A Cautionary Encounter with Careless Repudiation

Daniel B. Rice and Jack Boeglin The law of repudiating precedent is hopelessly muddled.  The Supreme Court often simply overrules decisions whose reasoning it chooses to disavow.  But it sometimes stops just short of doing so—repudiating the principle underlying a case without explicitly overruling the case itself.  When those enfeebled decisions are invoked in later litigation, how should the Court understand their residual force?  Have they been “effectively” overruled, overruled sub silent...
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Paradice Investment Management Has Lowered Its International Speedway (ISCA) Holding as Share Value Declined; Cubic Asset Management Has Boosted Position in Whirlpool (WHR) by $791,190 - The FinHeadLines

   The FinHeadLines Cubic Asset Management Llc increased its stake in Whirlpool Corp (WHR) by 16.6% based on its latest 2018Q3 regulatory filing with the SEC. Cubic Asset ...
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Gillette’s Biggest Mistake — And How To Fix It

This video gives a 2-minute summary of the biggest mistake Gillette has made with the “We Believe” campaign and what the brand can do now to fix it. If you want more comprehensive guidance on how to manage a crisis, read the report I wrote with my colleague, Emily Collins: “Brands Forget The Rules of Modern Marketing When Crisis […]
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Netflix Has Become HBO

In a 2013 article in GQ, Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos laid out the then-nascent streaming company’s challenge: “The goal is to become HBO faster than HBO can become us.” In yesterday’s Q4 2018 earnings interview, CEO Reed Hastings, while not referencing Sarandos’ statement, laid out facts that showed they have achieved – or […]
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Search Buzz Video Recap: Google Ranking Changes, Drug Rehab SEO, Google News Violations, Hacks, URL Inspection & More

This week in search we saw another unconfirmed Google algorithm update around January 15th. We also looked at the competitive drug rehab SEO space and how Google reacts to it...
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McCann Ends 4-Year Battle Over U.S. Army Contract

More than four years after the U.S. Army first announced that it would be reviewing its advertising business in November of 2014, McCann has dropped its final legal fight against the government, withdrawing a protest filed in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims to contest the Army's decision to choose Omnicom's Team DDB as agency...
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Google Is Expected to Get Hit With a Third Antitrust Penalty

The European Union is expected to soon announce another antitrust fine against Google--this time related to its AdSense advertising platform, according to a report from Bloomberg. Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, who heads up EU competition policy, is expected to soon announce a fine for the AdSense product, sources told Bloomberg Thursday evening. It's unclear when exactly...
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How to Use HowTo Markup

A short guide to using the new HowTo schema. Time needed:  1 hour and 30 minutes. Google let the world know they would officially start supporting new types of markup, QApage, FAQpage, and HowTo. This post will guide you through the process of marking up an article using the new schema. Write an article that tells users how to do something. This is an important step. You can’t use HowTo without having content for it to work with. Google shares an example of changing a tire, b...
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3 Retro Design Themes That Are Suddenly Resurgent in Modern Culture

Whether it's from a desire to escape the anxieties of modern life or simply an artistic form of nostalgia, the visual techniques of the recent past are now helping define the look of the present. In Shutterstock's annual Creative Trends report, the stock art service analyzes billions of searches for images, videos and music to...
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How To Delete Yourself From The Internet: Is It Possible?

It seems like there’s a new data breach every week, so it’s understandable that a lot of people are becoming more and more worried about their privacy when it comes to the web. If you’re in this camp and want to know how to delete yourself from the internet, there’s something you need to be aware of first: There’s no guaranteed way to completely delete yourself from the internet forever (no matter what you do). There’s always a chance that something will pop up that you’ll need to deal with, or ...
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