5foraddiction Spec Ad Takes Innovative Approach to Opiod Addiction Awareness

There is a negative stigma around opioid addiction, when in fact it is fairly easy to become addicted. Research shows that it only takes 5 doses of prescription painkillers to develop an opioid addiction. So we took our most harmless addiction, social media, and used notifications to raise awareness on opioid addiction.Advert title(s): #5ForAddictionHeadline and copy text:IT ONLY TAKES #5FORADDICTION. Media: DigitalAdvertising Agency: Miami Ad School, Miami, United States.Art Director: Andrea Ba...
Tags: Technology, Advertising, Miami Ad School, Spec Ad, Miami United States, Andrea Baridon, DigitalAdvertising Agency, Andrea Baridon Dalerys GonzalesCopywriter, Daphne Lefran

Left Twix Continues Feud with Right Twix in Latest Ad Campaign by BBDO NY

Trying to enjoy coffee with Right Twix instead of Left Twix? Uh, good luck with that. (A message from Left Twix, the perfect partner for coffee.)In this latest installment of the long-running Left Twix vs. Right Twix rivalry campaign, we learn that Left Twix is your best choice if you want to enjoy it with coffee. Credits for Twix “Out of Order”Agency: BBDO New YorkChief Creative Officer, Worldwide: David LubarsChief Creative Officer, New York: Greg HahnExecutive Creative Director: Peter KainEx...
Tags: Featured, Advertising, Food And Drink, Melissa, BBDO, Ralph LaucellaExecutive, Gianfranco Arena, Twix, David LubarsChief, Greg HahnExecutive, Christophe LazenbergExecutive, Gloria J, David RolfeGroup, Creative Officer New York, Peter KainExecutive, Peter AlsanteSenior

Excuse Me, Sir. Sir! I Am the Original Tweeter

Excuse me, sir. Sir! If you would put down your newspaper forthwith, and grant me your fullest attention for a situation most dire.Read more...
Tags: Twitter, Science, Design, Technology, Social Media, Ui, Sir Excuse Me Sir

5 Questions with the Vertex Judges – Maria Dubuc

Leading up to the judging of the sixth annual Vertex Awards International Private Brand Design Competition I sat down with each of the judges and asked them five questions about the state of Private Brands – their answers present a unique global perspective and depth of knowledge of the retail brand space. Late registration closes Friday, January 25, 2019 ENTER TODAY Today’s conversation is with Maria Dubuc, President, MBD. How will the growth of online shopping and home delivery change privat...
Tags: Featured, Branding, NBE, Vertex, Maria Dubuc, Vertex Judges

Publix Features GreenWise in New Commercial

    In their latest commercial Publix features its natural and organic brand Greenwise. The humorous commercial says: Although food should have labels, Publix Super Markets doesn’t think people should. So, you should be you and choose to do goat yoga, or drink a smoothie breakfast instead of eating one, or choose between more veggies and a juicy steak. No matter what your choice is, Publix wants to help you eat your favorites with over 800 GreenWise private brand products. Don’t miss Tim C...
Tags: Featured, Grocery, Branding, Publix, Publix Super Markets, Publix Features GreenWise

Uncovering SEO Opportunities via Log Files

Posted by RobinRozhonI use web crawlers on a daily basis. While they are very useful, they only imitate search engine crawlers’ behavior, which means you aren’t always getting the full picture. The only tool that can give you a real overview of how search engines crawl your site are log files. Despite this, many people are still obsessed with crawl budget — the number of URLs Googlebot can and wants to crawl. Log file analysis may discover URLs on your site that you had no idea about but that ...
Tags: Google, US, Seo, Cms, Google Analytics, Mozilla, Bing, John Mueller, GoogleBot, Timestamp, Elasticsearch Logstash, RobinRozhon, Google Desktop Google Smartphone, Google Analytics Using

Welcome to Brand Verbing, Las Vegas

Las Vegas has a welcoming brand, probably best known by the nearly decade old famous and iconic slogan: What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas. LVCVA owns it for gaming machines, slot machine services, and “promoting the Las Vegas, Nevada area as a destination for leisure and business travelers.” If you’re not aware of the origin and the connection to Minnesota, here you go. Las Vegas has welcomed the SHOT Show for many years, so here we are, once again, connecting with our many brand-toting frie...
Tags: Google, Food, Minnesota, Advertising, Marketing, Articles, Uspto, Las Vegas, MGM, Casino, Vegas, Branding, Trademarks, Las Vegas Nevada, ARIA, Steve Baird

The Future Is Reserved For Strategists Not Tacticians

In need of business cards and postcards, I searched for a local print shop on Yelp and quickly realized they were few and far between. This is certainly because we now exchange LinkedIn profiles more so than business cards (It had been at least 4 years since I had needed to print anything). Also, because online print and design companies offer many more options, at a lower price. Gone are the days when the cards you order online look like the ones your 12-year-old neighbor uses to promote her...
Tags: Advertising, Allstate, Squarespace, Facetune, Branding, Moo, Moo Squarespace, Unilever Sprint Netflix

Microsoft confirms Bing is down in China

Microsoft’s Bing is down in China, according to users who took to social media beginning Wednesday afternoon to complain and express concerns. The Seattle-based behemoth has confirmed that its search engine is currently inaccessible in China and is “engaged to determine next steps,” a company spokesperson said in a statement to TechCrunch Thursday morning. The situation appears to be a DNS (domain name system) corruption, one method for China to block websites through its intricate censor sys...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Asia, Microsoft, China, Social Media, Linkedin, Tech, Search Engines, Search Engine, Firewall, Great Firewall, Baidu, Seattle, Bing, Social Network

Daily Search Forum Recap: January 23, 2019

Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today...
Tags: Seo, Search Forum Recap

Gonzalo Higuain 2019 Amazing Goals Show | The Chelsea Daft Vlog reacts to signing on loan.

Tonight after it was announced that Gonzalo Higuain has finally signed on loan for Chelsea to the end of the season (with an option for another) I thought it was time to look at the qualities he will bring to our struggling team. What do you think of anything discussed in the Video? I want to read as many Chelsea opinions on these as possible on here or over on my new YouTube channel.Main Video - Thank you SO MUCH for watching. Show your support and h...
Tags: Facebook, Social Media, Sport, Soccer, Chelsea, Latest, Vlog, Gonzalo Higuain, Higuain, Chelsea Daft

WPP Drops Final Complaint in Legal Battle Over U.S. Army’s Advertising Business

The agency fight for the U.S. Army's advertising business is over after more than four years of RFIs, relaunches, internal investigations and legal disputes. Today, WPP's Possible officially withdrew its bid protest against the government from the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, meaning it will no longer contest the decision to award the account to...
Tags: Advertising, Accounts, WPP, U S Army, U S Court of Federal Claims

BERTELSMANN GEN.2001 (BTG4) Is Yet to See Trading Action on Jan 23 - MoneyMakingArticles

BERTELSMANN GEN.2001 (BTG4) Is Yet to See Trading Action on Jan 23   MoneyMakingArticles Shares of BERTELSMANN GEN.2001 (FRA:BTG4) closed at 321.5 yesterday. BERTELSMANN GEN.2001 currently has a total float of shares and on average ...
Tags: Seo, Bertelsmann

How SocialPilot Social Media Management Tool Can Help Your Business

If you want to increase your sales and want to get to the right audience or maybe you want to maximize the reach, then you are at the right place. Here we are going to tell you that how you can increase your business sales and reach with this amazing tool known as “SocialPilot”. SocialPilot It is basically one of the social media scheduling tools that can help you in marketing and scheduling the social media so that you can increase the reach. It is being used by over forty thousand social medi...
Tags: Firefox, Facebook, Sales, Social Media, Canva, CSV, SocialPilot

Wishpond Blog Mentions Tim Peter’s Top Ecommerce Growth Strategy

Wishpond’s blog recently gathered top ecommerce professionals in a post designed to provide tools for marketers looking to grow their businesses online. The post listed these industry experts and their tips for online growth, including those of our founder and president Tim Peter. About being part of such a collection, Tim said this: I am thrilled to be included among such an outstanding group of ecommerce professionals. I’m excited to see how we all drive the industry forward in 2019. Their des...
Tags: Press Coverage, Seo, Mobile Commerce, Tim, Tim Peter, Wishpond, Press Coverage for Tim Peter & Associates, Digital Hotel Marketing, Tim Peter About

Reddit’s r/changemyview is a template for how all online discussion should be

The threads start as they would anywhere else online: a contentious topic, the type that adds fuel to debate before engulfing an entire comment field in flames. “Just like anorexics are forcibly hospitalized and made to gain weight, overweight people should be hospitalized and forced to lose weight,” one thread reads. For those who ignore the internet’s number one rule — “never read the comments” — you know that this is the sort of statement that precedes an orgy of insults and abuse. When ratio...
Tags: Startups, Social Media, Reddit

Amazon Introduces Scout the Delivery Robot

Residents of an undisclosed neighborhood in Snohomish County in Washington state have started receiving packages from Amazon's Scout, an autonomous six-wheeled delivery system the company says is "the size of a small cooler." While it doesn't appear customers can specifically request delivery via Scout, Amazon said it is an option for some Amazon customers north...
Tags: Amazon, Ecommerce, Washington, Advertising, Snohomish County, Scout Amazon

Natty Light Is Back in the Super Bowl With a Regional Spot Promoting Its College Debt Relief Program

Nothing ruins a festive mood like thinking about student loan payments. AB InBev brand Natural Light has found a sizable portion of its audience with drinkers in their early 20s (with whom it is better known as "Natty Light"), largely due to its low price tag. So it made sense that the brand would tackle...
Tags: Advertising, Ab Inbev, The Big Game

Goldman Sachs Group (GS) Shareholder Pzena Investment Management Boosted Position; Partners Group Holding Ag Cut Its Crown Castle International Cor (CCI) Position by $4.26 Million - The FinExaminer

   The FinExaminer Pzena Investment Management Llc increased its stake in Goldman Sachs Group Inc (GS) by 2.41% based on its latest 2018Q3 regulatory filing with the SEC.
Tags: Seo, Partners Group Holding AG, Goldman Sachs Group Inc GS, FinExaminer Pzena Investment Management Llc

Online Magazine Market 2019 | Key Players, Regions, Consumption, Production, Suppliers and Recent Industry Activity - IFLCARS

Online Magazine Market 2019 | Key Players, Regions, Consumption, Production, Suppliers and Recent Industry Activity   IFLCARS The Online Magazine Market report provides valuable and unique information which is very essential. Further it also covers key players, application and future ...
Tags: Seo, Online Magazine Market

The Viral Lincoln Memorial Confrontation Shows We’re Ill-Equipped to Deal With Online Disinformation

The reaction to a video of a tense confrontation between teenagers and a Native American elder is a sign we're not ready for the online disinformation campaign that's sure to come ahead of the 2020 presidential election
Tags: News, Kentucky, Uncategorized, Social Media, Onetime, Lincoln Memorial Confrontation Shows

Facebook’s Page Quality Tab Will Give Admins More Clarity on Content That Was Deleted or Demoted

Facebook is introducing several changes to give page administrators more clarity about how content on their pages complies with its guidelines and why content was removed or why its distribution was reduced following review by third-party fact-checkers, if applicable. And the social network issued a warning that it may begin removing pages or groups that...
Tags: Facebook, Advertising, Social Pro Daily

Reddit’s model community offers a prototype for controversial discussion

The threads start as they would anywhere else online: a contentious topic, the type that adds fuel to debate before engulfing an entire comment field in flames. “Just like anorexics are forcibly hospitalized and made to gain weight, overweight people should be hospitalized and forced to lose weight,” one thread reads. For those who ignore the internet‘s number one rule — “never read the comments” — you know that this is the sort of statement that precedes an orgy of insults and abuse. When ratio...
Tags: Startups, Social Media, Reddit

What my dog reminded me about advertising

Lulu is a Labradoodle, and when we got her, she was about twelve weeks old. Labradoodles are known for being smart and very people friendly, and Lulu had both those characteristics. She learned the “sit” command (responding to it, not giving it) amazingly fast. But then came the tough one. The “come” command. This was a difficult one because first she had to learn her name, then learn to stay, and finally respond to a combination of hand, vocal and other signals, such as a handclap. The biggest...
Tags: Business, Advertising, Marketing, Sales, Creativity, Ideas, Humor, Weddings, Lulu, Good Ideas, Jay H Heyman, Father of the Bride, Lulu Got

Google Expands Access to 15-Second Non-Skippable Video Ads by @MattGSouthern

Google is giving all advertisers the ability to run 15-second non-skippable video ads.The post appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
Tags: Google, News, Seo, Digital Advertising

Gamers Get Dropped Offline at the Worst Possible Moments in This Brutal Marketing Prank

To promote an app that scans for weak Wi-Fi coverage, Danish ISP Stofa pranked six boys by slowing down or cutting their connections during critical moments of online gameplay. Predictably, these gamers didn't shrug off the technical glitches and patiently wait for their signal to return. In fact, they straight up freaked. "This sucks, this...
Tags: Advertising, AdFreak

No, Old Spice’s Latest Manly Campaign Is Not Referencing Gillette

Marketing to men: how hard can it be? Given the heated conversation over Gillette's most recent campaign and its impact on consumers, the answer may well be "harder than it looks." But another P&G brand also has a new ad appealing to that target demographic by assuring them that it's OK to attend to your...
Tags: Advertising, Gillette, AdFreak

The State of The Union and Separation of Powers

In Britain, the Queen may not enter the House of Commons without permission. This tradition dates back to the English Civil War, when Charles I entered the chamber with soldiers seeking to arrest its leading members. Each year at the State Opening of Parliament, the tradition is reinforced through a ritual in which the door of the House of Commons is slammed in the face of Black Rod, the Queen's representative, when he comes to summon the Commons to attend the Queen's Speech in the House of Lord...
Tags: Britain, House, House Of Representatives, House Of Commons, Charles, Branding, Capitol, Gerard N Magliocca, State Opening of Parliament, Black Rod the Queen, House of Lords Likewise

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