Free State Income Tax E-File Options For All 50 States (Updated 2019)

Links checked and updated for 2019. With DIY tax prep software, it is always wise to note the cost of your state return and e-File as it may actually cost more than your federal return (especially if you wait until April to file). As such, you may wish to do your state return separately. Based on their current, regular published prices at time of writing: TurboTax Online Deluxe and Premier charge $39.99 for a single state return with free state e-File. Simple state tax returns are free (no...
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Highest Court In Indiana Set To Decide If You Can Be Forced To Unlock Your Phone

The Electronic Frontier Foundation argues that police should not be allowed to force you to turn over your passcode or unlock your device. "The Fifth Amendment states that no one can be forced to be 'a witness against himself,' and we argue that the constitutional protection applies to forced decryption," writes the EFF. Last week, the non-profit digital rights group filed a brief making that case to the Indiana Supreme Court, which is set to decide if you can be forced to unlock your phone. Fro...
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Maroon 5 Superbowl Show Mediocre, Big Boi The Winner, Amazon and Pandora Stats Confirm

UPDATED: Maroon 5's Superbowl performance is being called mediocre, at best. Add the damage already caused by their controversial 'take-the-knee' dissing decision to perform, and it all seems to have been hardly worth it for the band. Just in case you are still not convinced, check out these stats from Pandora and Amazon Maroon 5 has a 253% spike in station adds on Pandora after their Superbowl performance. Not bad, until you learn that Big Boi spiked more than 946% on Pandora, despite a ...
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How to Set Up Metrics to Optimize Your Digital PR Team’s Press Coverage

Posted by acarlisleOver the past six years, our team at Fractl has studied the art of mastering content marketing press coverage. Before moving into Agency Operations, I on-boarded and trained over a dozen new associates for our digital PR team within a year as the Media Relations Manager. Scaling a team of that size in a such a short period of time required hands-on training and a clear communication of goals and expectations within the role — but what metrics are indicative of success in digit...
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Jazmine Headley, Whose Child Was Torn From Her Arms at a City Office, Gets a Public Apology

The mother whose chaotic arrest was captured on video as security officers attempted to extract her son from her arms tearfully spoke to to the City Council today.
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Are we in an unrecognized constitutional crisis?

The term "constitutional crisis" is much bandied around these days.  Jack and I wrote an article about a decade ago offering some quite stringent conditions for a genuine "constitutional crisis" to exist, and he has argued that its use during the Trump presidency has been misleading.  He and I might slightly disagree on the main point, for I do believe that the failure of the Constitution to provide an alternative to the clearly inefficacious mechanisms of the Impeachment Clause and the 25th Ame...
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Be Our Guest: Twitter’s Periscope Livestream App Now Welcomes Company

People using Twitter's Periscope livestreaming application can now add guests to their broadcasts. Livestreamers can invite anyone in their audiences to join their broadcasts, and those guests will be heard by all viewers. They can drop off at any time. Here's how it works, according to Periscope. Broadcasters must tap the icon with the two...
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Daily Search Forum Recap: February 4, 2019

Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today...
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PF EXCLUSIVE: Gridiron Reprise tickets (Sunday, Mar. 3)

For more than 130 years, a great Washington tradition known as the Gridiron Show has skewered Presidents and congressional leaders, political candidates and journalists. The Gridiron Club and Foundation first regales official Washington at a white-tie dinner on Saturday night in March with satire and songs. The next day, the club puts on another performance – known as the Gridiron Sunday Reprise - for friends, family and select outside groups. The 2019 Sunday Reprise will be held Sunday, March 3...
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ADT - #Realprotection / When it Comes to Smart Home Security, Trust the Pros. (2019) _30 (USA)

Household Read more about ADT - #Realprotection / When it Comes to Smart Home Security, Trust the Pros. (2019) _30 (USA) Add new comment [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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YouTube Introduces More Ways to Buy Masthead Ads by @MattGSouthern

YouTube is experimenting with new ways for advertisers to buy masthead ads, the most prominant ad on the home feed.The post appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
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How Teaching Dog Agility Helps This Creative Director Excel

Before she became a creative force in the advertising industry, Lisa Topol--now co-chief creative officer at DDB New York--was dead set on becoming a professor of religion and 19th century Victorian literature. But while the topic was fascinating to her, it became unfulfilling. "I just felt like I'd never be doing anything that engaged with...
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How 5G Could Change the Sports Broadcasting and Viewing Experience

Every year, Fox Sports temporarily installs 39 miles of fiber optic cable throughout the golf course hosting the U.S. Open Championship. The expensive rigging is the only way for the network to transmit live, high-definition video from far-flung holes to its central production trucks in a timely enough manner. Or it was, until last year,...
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As Businesses Prep for California’s Data Privacy Law, They’re Also Fighting to Change It

The California Consumer Protection Act doesn't go into effect until 2020, but that doesn't mean the 10,000-word law--passed in just five days last summer--won't be a big issue this year. Last month, the California attorney general's office--which is in charge of creating rules for the CCPA--began holding a series of hearings to gather feedback that...
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After 130 Years, the Flexible Flyer Is Still the Cadillac of Sleds

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the country is just now shaking itself off from the snowiest period of the year. That makes it peak season for sledding--an activity for which NOAA keeps no statistics, though it's a good bet that most kids in snowy regions (and a goodly percent of their parents)...
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The Best Shots of Leaders and Innovators at the First Adweek Symposium

On Jan. 23 at Neuhouse in New York, the first Adweek Symposium (presented by Rakuten) brought together big brand CEOs and next-gen leaders. Check out the best shots from the day, as well as Adweek's upcoming events, if you want in on the action.
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Meet the Agency That’s Hiding Cadbury Eggs in Other Brands’ Ads

With just 60 on staff, Elvis certainly isn't the largest operation in the industry in terms of size, but the shop maintains that what it lacks in headcount, it makes up for in agility--and the ability of its creatives to deliver on big ideas. Headquartered in London, Elvis counts a host of notable international brands...
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Tarot with, 2/4-2/10: Dreams or Disllusion?

DREAMS OR DISILLUSION     It’s a good week to create more of the foundation for your dreams to come true. To do that you have to work your way through limiting beliefs or old stories that separate you from the ability to shape your day to day life. Each thought you think sends you […]
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Bud Light Took a Stance Against Corn Syrup. But Experts Say That Doesn’t Make Beer Better or Healthier

The inclusion of corn syrup in beer does not make a difference in nutrition or taste, according to beer industry and brewing experts
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The Super Bowl LIII Champion Patriots Were Super on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, as Well

No upset here: The Super Bowl LIII champion New England Patriots and runner-up Los Angeles Rams dominated Facebook, Twitter and Instagram during the weekend of the Big Game. The Patriots swept likes and comments across the three social networks, also topping Facebook and Twitter in posts, while the Rams scored the most growth on the...
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Barbara Ehrenreich Tweets about Marie Kondo Widely Condemned

Ehrenreich is a prominent liberal who writes often about the working class, notably in the best-selling "Nickel and Dimed."
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A look at’s homepage over the last 15 years

Facebook — the equivalent of cigarettes for your mental health — turned 15 today. We were going to sing “Happy Birthday,” but couldn’t afford the rights to the song because we’re paying off our kids’ debts. Instead, let’s take another trip in the Wayback Machine to see how things have changed at over the years. Before Mark Zuckerberg attended Harvard university in 2004, a ‘face book’ was a pamphlet that students got with fellow students’ names and faces printed on it. The idea was t...
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Mint Mobile: Increased Data Tiers, 3 Months of Unlimited Talk, Text, 8 GB Data For $20 Total

New promo + more data across all plans. Mint Mobile is how I keep my cell phone costs low. They use the T-Mobile network, which means if you have a compatible phone switching just involves swapping in a new SIM card. As of January 29th, they increased the data on each of their plans for both new and existing customers. The tiers are now 3, 8, and 12 GB of data each month (see graphic above). Alternatively, this additional data may let you go down to a cheaper tier and save another $60 per...
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Crouching, climbing, and creeping, the perfect Instagram shot knows no bounds

Just how far will you go for the perfect Instagram? A recent survey shows just how willing Instagram users -- and Instagram husbands -- are to climb, lie down, embarrass themselves or let their food go cold for the perfect shot. The post Crouching, climbing, and creeping, the perfect Instagram shot knows no bounds appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Warby Parker Is Using Augmented Reality to Help People Find Frames That Fit

Before Warby Parker built an empire of hip, sleek, eyeglass shops around the U.S., it managed to convince people to do the once unthinkable: buy glasses online. Now, the company hopes to get people to try something else new: trying on frames with augmented reality. The New York-based company today debuted a tool within its...
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Super Bowl LIII’s Linear Audience Falls Below 100 Million for First Time Since 2009

This season's NFL ratings rebound had seemed to indicate that the Super Bowl audience would also bounceback this year. But Super Bowl LIII's subdued defensive battle, in which the New England Patriots beat the Los Angeles Rams 13-3, wasn't enough to keep audiences engaged. Instead, the game's linear audience fell below 100 million for the...
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Why Saatchi & Saatchi Took the Horror Route for Olay’s First Super Bowl Spot

Olay's first Super Bowl ad ever--#KillerSkin, a horror-themed spot by Saatchi & Saatchi starring Sarah Michelle Gellar of I Know What You Did Last Summer and Scream 2 fame--was undoubtedly a unique approach. No other brand ran a true horror spot; few have in years past. And that was exactly what Olay was going for:...
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DuckDuckGo Hits a Record 1 Billion Monthly Searches in January 2019 by @MattGSouthern

DuckDuckGo hit a new record in January of over 1 billion searches served throughout the month.The post DuckDuckGo Hits a Record 1 Billion Monthly Searches in January 2019 by @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
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Programmatic Companies Taptica and RhythmOne Merge in $176 Million Deal

In a sign of the ongoing contraction in the number of ad-tech companies, Taptica and RhythmOne today confirmed earlier reports of a deal between the two programmatic outfits which have carved out a niche in the video markets. Taptica, which is headquartered in Israel and listed on the London Stock Exchange, is purchasing RhythmOne, which...
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WhatsApp iOS Users Can Add Apple’s Touch ID or Face ID to Safeguard Their Apps

WhatsApp added an extra layer of security to help iOS users ensure that other people can't simply pick up their iPhones and read their messages. Apple's Touch ID fingerprint option is now available to those with iOS 9 and above, and its Face ID biometric facial-recognition option can be implemented by those with iOS 12...
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