The Most Popular and Profitable Casino Movies Ever

Ever since the early days of Hollywood, gambling and casinos were important topics that appeared frequently. It seems that movie buffs easily fall in love with the persona of an anti-hero who lives his life as a gambler and struggles through the inevitable ups and downs. There are hundreds of casino-inspired movies out there, but not all of them became successful and accepted by the general public. However, some of them have easily reached stardom and stayed there. Thanks to the team at casino...
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Get ready for a new era of personalized entertainment

Jarno M. Koponen Contributor Jarno M. Koponen is working on intelligent systems and human-centered personalization. He currently is product lead at Yle, one of the leading media houses in the Nordics. More posts by this contributor A new hope: AI for news media AI on your lock screen New machine learning technologies, user interfaces and automated content creation techniques are going to expand the personalization of storytelling b...
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Getting into the Coachella Vibe! Choose Your “Mellow” from This Array of Canna-brands!

You Can Rock the Coachella Vibe the Easy Way! Get Your “Mellow” On with these Great Canna-brands!       The start of the Music Festival Season is around the corner! Let these canna-brands take your festival season to the next level with their perfectly potent products. Whether you’re looking for a hard-hitting vape, awesome […]
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Pinterest Ad Campaigns Can Now Be Optimized for Conversions by @MattGSouthern

For the first time, Pinterest is letting marketers choose conversions as a campaign objective for Promoted Pins.The post Pinterest Ad Campaigns Can Now Be Optimized for Conversions by @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
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YouTube Tests New Internal Metrics For Measuring the Success of a Video by @MattGSouthern

YouTube is reportedly testing two new internal metrics for determining which videos should be considered successful.The post YouTube Tests New Internal Metrics For Measuring the Success of a Video by @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
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Online Books Market Segmentation 2019 Analysis, Overview, Growth Impact, Forecast, and Demand by Regions - Best Direct News

Online Books Market Segmentation 2019 Analysis, Overview, Growth Impact, Forecast, and Demand by Regions   Best Direct News Online Books market examines and studies the market position and forecast related to production, consumption, cost structure, and historical data. Online Books ...
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Coke to sell droid-like bottles at new Star Wars theme parks

Coca-Cola, forever linked with its Spencerian script brand logo, is about to speak a little Aurebesh, which is the language of Star Wars. The cola giant has created customized orb-shaped bottles that will be sold exclusively inside Disney’s new “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” theme parks. The first one will open at Disneyland in California on May 31 and the second one will debut at Orlando’s Disney World on Aug. 29. Creating co-branded packaging with entertainment properties is a common tactic ...
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Breaking the Mean Girl Cycle

It's all too easy to be mean from behind a computer screen -- and we're all guilty of it.
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Burger King’s Flame-Grilled Glasses: “Collect Them, Don’t Eat Them”

BURGER KING unveils with Buzzman its first collection of flame-grilled glasses in a huge 360° campaign. As of April, and for a limited time, more than a million grilled glasses are invading french restaurants!Since 1954, BURGER KING has roasted burgers around the world. It’s this unique particularity that gives them this inimitable taste. And since 2019, BURGER KING also grills its glasses.As a world exclusive, the brand launches today its very first collection of grilled glasses, imagined by Bu...
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Exposures: The Infinite Scroll

Life under the unbreakable lure of the screen.
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Get the Coachella Vibe — Even If You Don’t Have Tickets! Great Cocktails for Weekend 1 from Chopin + El Silencio!

I have some great cocktails for Coachella’s Weekend #1! These are really tasty! I have 2 cocktails featuring El Silencio Tequila and Mezcal along with 2 from Chopin Vodka that are sure to make you slow down long enough to make them and enjoy them!     El Silencio Cocktails! The Silencio Flip:     […]
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Why AT&T Sees The Masters as Its Super Bowl, With Spots About 5G, Gender Equality and More

Golf fans paying close attention to advertising during The Masters have likely noticed a number of ads from AT&T. The telecom giant views the golf tournament as its Super Bowl, a time when the brand pushes its creative and storytelling boundaries. This year, it tapped directors like Academy Award winners Kathryn Bigelow and Michel Gondry...
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Empathy for Immigrants Discovered (and Celebrated) In Canada

Will you ever walk a mile in an immigrant’s shoes? Are you able to see things the way a person in need sees things? Can you imagine for one minute the root causes that drive people to leave everything they know and everyone they love for a new country? The above line of questioning isn’t […] The post Empathy for Immigrants Discovered (and Celebrated) In Canada appeared first on Adpulp.
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JDK 12 – JEP 325 Switch Expressions

JDK 12 went GA on March 19, 2019, keeping its word on shorter release cycles and frequent releases. The features part of the release can be found here. One of the interesting […]
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Whirlpool (WHR) Valuation Rose While Pillar Pacific Capital Management Cut Its Position; Horizon Investments Decreased Position in Citrix Sys Com (CTXS) by $754,902 as Share Value Declined - The Hi New Ulm

   The Hi New Ulm Pillar Pacific Capital Management Llc decreased its stake in Whirlpool Corp (WHR) by 19.61% based on its latest 2018Q4 regulatory filing with the SEC.
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4 Steps to Get Rid of Hoarding Habits and Save Money

When my in-laws moved to a different state, the real challenge came when we cleaned out their garage and started minimizing stuff for the move. “Where do you want me to start,” I asked my mother-in-law while looking at her very packed garage. She thought for a while and spent a good ten minutes telling what not to touch. I couldn’t touch those vintage items because she was going to get appraised. I couldn’t touch those boxes because my father-in-law needed to do through them. Opening up a cedar...
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‘Learning to Speak God from Scratch’ by Jonathan Merritt [Saturday Morning Review]

Learning to Speak God from Scratch: Why Sacred Words Are Vanishing-and How We Can Revive Them by Jonathan Merritt had me at hello. I love words; reading them, writing them, or learning about them and his book is all about them. Sacred Words Are Vanishing Jonathan writes on “religious” and “spiritual” words. And, as I listened to him read it aloud (he reads the audiobook himself and that’s the only way to ‘read’ this book in my opinion), I couldn’t stop saying one word, “Yes”. I said it over...
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Highlander Capital Management Trimmed Whirlpool (WHR) Holding as Market Value Rose; Citigroup (C) Shareholder High Pointe Capital Management Lowered Its Holding as Market Valuation Declined - The Yomi Blog

   The Yomi Blog Highlander Capital Management Llc decreased its stake in Whirlpool Corp (WHR) by 48.11% based on its latest 2018Q4 regulatory filing with the SEC.
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Whirlpool (WHR) Analysts See $3.16 EPS; Solar Senior Capital LTD Has 0.74 Sentiment - Thе Mоnіtоr

Whirlpool (WHR) Analysts See $3.16 EPS; Solar Senior Capital LTD Has 0.74 Sentiment   Thе Mоnіtоr Solar Senior Capital LTD (SUNS) investors sentiment decreased to 0.74 in Q4 2018. It's down -0.26, from 1 in 2018Q3. The ratio is negative, as 14 institutional ...
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The elegance of nothing

What ever happened to details? The red of a Louboutin shoe, or the elegant tag on a pair of Tom’s? The sweeping fenders of a Porsche 911 or the needless complications of a fancy watch… Today, a certain kind of customer is using a Muji notebook, or wearing a plain Everlane t-shirt. Is this what we’ve come to? One might come to the conclusion that consumers have rejected all the effort that designers and marketers have produced in a statement that rejects design. Not so fast. Design is the new m...
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K-Tek Airo Booming Intro Kit 1 Review Airo by K-Tek announces an integrated new Booming Intro Kit packed with essential audio tools especially designed for content creators who require quality, affordable audio sound for their video. All they need is a shotgun microphone and this new kit. Made by the company known for designing award-winning equipment for top audio mixers and boom operators, four Airo fundamental tools come in a handy black over-the- shoulder carrier, ready to help the user create professional aud...
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Ebikes At Google On Environment Day

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The One-Hour Guide to SEO: Technical SEO - Whiteboard Friday

Posted by randfishWe've arrived at one of the meatiest SEO topics in our series: technical SEO. In this fifth part of the One-Hour Guide to SEO, Rand covers essential technical topics from crawlability to internal link structure to subfolders and far more. Watch on for a firmer grasp of technical SEO fundamentals! Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high resolution version in a new tab! Video Transcription Howdy, Moz fans, and welcome back to our special One-Hour G...
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Daily Search Forum Recap: April 12, 2019

Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web...
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Search Buzz Video Recap: Google De-Indexing Bug Fixed, Google Discover Report, Google Assistant Ads & More

This week, we saw a lot of the Google ranking tools go nuts but it is probably related to the indexing bug. Google said after 6 days of trying they finally fixed the de-indexing bug...
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Google Search Console Performance Report AMP Stories Search Appearance Filter

The same day Google launched the new Discover performance report in Google Search Console, Google announced they also now let you see your AMP Stories traffic. I have not seen any examples of AMP Stories showing up in these reports, so I cannot share any real screen shots but Google did announce it.
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Should Google Index The Entire Web & Not Cherry Pick Pages To Index?

For years and years Google has told us they don't index all the content and URLs they know about on the web. No just because there is a directive telling them not to but because Google chooses not to index those pages because of various factors like PageRank, duplication, other quality signals. But a WebmasterWorld thread is asking, should they index the whole web?
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Daily Search Forum Recap: April 11, 2019

Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web...
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K-Tek Stingray Audio SunHat Review Detailed Description K-Tek introduces the first Stingray hat especially designed for sound recordists working outdoors. The new Stingray Sunhat not only provides heat and sun protection but is a perfect fit with over-the-ear headphones. The simple and ingenious design features an ample opening over each temple with magnetic snaps, so users can wear the hat, put headphones on, slip the earphones through the openings, and close the magnetic snaps of the brim. The Stingray Sunha...
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K-Tek Airo Mixer Bag 1 Review Detailed Description The Airo Mixer Bag (AMB1) is the first of its kind and fits the latest generation of smaller mixer/recorders including Sound Devices MixPre-3, MixPre-6 and Zoom’s F4 and F8. This mixerbag has black rigid front and back panels for structural strength and to allow the bag to stand up straight on a table top. A large side and bottom zipper opening allows for easy access to inputs, outputs, media and battery compartments. Wireless receivers can be attached to M...
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