Boss Costs – 5 Simple Changes Small Business Owners Can Make to Save Money in 2019

Running a small business is hard; most of your competition is already well established, you’ve probably had to go into debt to cover your start up costs and managing employees is a constant reminder of why the saying “not my circus, not my monkeys” exists. While we can’t help you with staffing or the competition, we can give you some pointers on how to save money in your business this year: Location We’re constantly being told that location is everything in business. However, in the internet age...
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x3 + y3 + z3 = 33 has a solution in Z. And its big!

Consider the following problem: Given k, a natural number, determine if there exists x,y,z INTEGERS such that x3+y3+z3=k. It is not obvious that this problem is decidable (I think it is but have not been able to find an exact statement to that affect; however, if it was not solvable, I would know that, hence it is solvable. If you know a ref give it in the comments.) If k≡ 4,5 mod 9 then mod arguments easily show there is no solution. Huisman showed that if k≤ 1000, k≡1,2,3,6,7,8 mod 9 and max(...
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Corporate Class – 5 Secrets to Polishing Your Company’s Image

The way in which people perceive your business can play a significant part in how prominent and successful it is. You can’t put your branding on a shack and call it a multi-million-dollar corporation. Nor can you bowl down a children’s orphanage then call yourself a corporation that cares about “the little guy.” Everything you do in the public eye is all for the sake of polishing your company’s image. If it has been some time since you pulled out the branding Brasso, then it might be time to che...
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TAB Bank Kasasa Cash Checking Review: 4% APY (Up to $50k) w/ Activity Requirements

TAB Bank has a Kasasa Cash Checking account that offers 4% APY on balances up to $50,000 if you meet certain deposit activity and debit card transaction requirements. However, they include some vague language that lets them withhold your interest based on their subjective opinion. Details below. FDIC confirmation and eligibility. I was able to find TAB Bank at under “Transportation Alliance Bank, Inc. D/B/a Tab Bank” with FDIC certificate #34781 and domain Since this i...
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Kelly Clarkson Attends “Ugly Dolls” Premiere Wearing Hot Pink + White Diamonds from Dena Kemp!!

I am obsessed with jewelry. I love seeing it, writing about it and – of course- wearing it. While the jewelry I wear is more like what most everyone else wears, I feature a lot of luxury brands of jewelry worn by celebrities for red carpet events like awards shows, premieres, and other special events. […]
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Google My Business May Offer Premium Features for a Monthly Fee by @MattGSouthern

Google is sending out surveys to gauge peoples’ interest in paying for access to premium Google My Business features.The post Google My Business May Offer Premium Features for a Monthly Fee by @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
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Infographic: Consumers Prefer High-Quality Imagery to Cutting-Edge Tech From Brands

There are so many brands online, but the majority of consumers follow fewer than 10 of them, according to new research from digital asset management platform Bynder. Maybe that's because brands have been laying it on a little too heavy; the latest data suggests brands should go back to the basics. Consumers say the most...
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How Great Depression-Era Carmex Lip Balm Took on a 21st Century Sheen

To hear Paul Woelbing tell it, all he ever needed to know about lip balm he learned from ... motorcycles. Woelbing is the third-generation president of Carma Laboratories, the Milwaukee-based company that makes Carmex lip balm. As a man who literally grew up with the product (his grandfather mixed the first batches in his home...
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Adweek Announces the Winners of Our First Annual Experiential Awards

There was a time when experiential marketing was a niche category, a simple add-on in a brand's overall strategy. That time is over. Experiential activations have become more ambitious than ever--extraordinarily creative, inventive and engaging. With our inaugural Adweek Experiential Awards, we celebrate the talent behind the past year's most impressive initiatives, and we can't...
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These Brands, Agencies and Creatives Are Taking Experiential to a Whole New Level

There was a time when experiential marketing was a niche category, a simple add-on in a brand's overall strategy. That time is over. Experiential activations have become more ambitious than ever--extraordinarily creative, inventive and engaging. With our inaugural Adweek Experiential Awards, we celebrate the talent behind the past year's most impressive initiatives, and we can't...
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We’re Giving Comedy Central a Big Award Thanks to Trump

Not enough people talk about the good the president is doing--like providing abundant comic fodder for a hilarious experiential activation by Comedy Central. The network's Donald J. Trump Presidential Library was so clever and on point, it landed the Comedy Central the coveted Experiential Brand of the Year honor in our first-ever Adweek Experiential Awards...
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Ahead of NewFronts, Industry Leaders Predict Brand Safety Will Be Top of Mind

As the 2019 NewFronts kicks off in New York today, the brand safety issue will once again be the apex talking point between programmers and brand and agency partners, who are considering whether to shift more of their advertising budgets into OTT and non-linear television. The annual Adweek NewFronts roundtable convened at Adweek's HQ a...
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Why Is Everything Giant Spoon Serves Up So Good?

We've sung the praises of Giant Spoon before--most recently, when we named it Breakthrough Agency of the Year last fall. But we can't help it if they keep topping themselves. An American Red Cross blood drive presented as an immersive Game of Thrones experience to promote the HBO show's final season? We don't know how...
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Focus Shifts to Digital Video at the NewFronts

Each of the seven years IAB has managed the NewFronts has yielded a different organic theme. In the past few years, brand safety, over-the-top (OTT) video and TV-like experiences have all been central to the conversation. This year, it's the dominance of digital video and the ripple effect it's creating throughout our industry. The big...
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Walmart Commits to Private Brand Beef Business

Last week Bentonville based retail giant Walmart announced its entry into the beef industry, developing an end-to-end supply chain for Angus beef for its private. The retailer has been working to improve the quality of its food offering with the company’s fresh division and meat department at the forefront of this effort. To ensure supply of quality Angus beef and to meet customer demand for a more transparent supply chain, Walmart is working with best-in-class partners including Texas rancher, ...
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A brief (sort of) history of agencies

Ad Age just produced its 75th annual Agency Report, so we dug through the archives to see how the agency business has (and has not) changed. The result is an agency timeline capturing highlights from 1945, when we published the first Agency Report, to 2019. The timeline shows the rocket growth of TV from 1948, when just 0.4 percent of U.S. households had a set, to 1954, when TVs were in 55 percent of U.S. homes and TV ad revenue moved ahead of magazines and radio. We track the rise of d...
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Ad Age Agency Report 2019: Growth slows, digital reaches a crossroads and agency companies regroup

U.S. agency revenue rose a tepid 1.7 percent in 2018, the weakest growth since the ad market emerged from recession. But there are positive indicators. Omnicom Group’s stock this month scored a multiyear high, a bet by investors that the big agency company will keep growing. Digital revenue for U.S. agencies increased a healthy 7.2 percent in 2018. U.S. ad agency employment last summer broke through its year 2000 peak to reach a new all-time high, though agencies have trimmed staff since then....
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PB Careers: CVS – Senior Product Innovation Manager – Store Brands

PB Careers: CVS – Senior Product Innovation Manager – Store Brands Job ID: 970350BR Location: RI – Woonsocket Street Address: 1 CVS Drive Category: Management|Product Management|Merchandising|Product Innovation Job Description The Senior Product Innovation Manager will be responsible for developing an actionable multiyear innovation roadmap and ensuring all new innovative products are launched on time and with high quality in order to support and provide sales and margin growth to CVS’ Private B...
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#TheMarathonContinues: Nipsey Hussle Fans Come Together to Restore Vandalized Mural in Connecticut

A teen girl went viral on social media over the weekend after she defaced a Nipsey Hussle mural in Hartford, Connecticut, and people were understandably pissed about the blatant disrespect.But less than 24 hours later, Nipsey fans came together to restore the mural honoring the slain rapper.According to The Shade Room, at least 25 people came together to help fix the vandalized mural in the rain.Two women in particular, Deja Robertson and her mother, and a man named Joey, reportedly painted over...
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Procure-To-Pay Solutions Market Research Report 2019-2025 : Zycus Inc., Bertelsmann SE & Co., Ariba Inc., GEP, SAP SE - Industry Herald

Procure-To-Pay Solutions Market Research Report 2019-2025 : Zycus Inc., Bertelsmann SE & Co., Ariba Inc., GEP, SAP SE   Industry Herald Market Insights published a new 110+ pages industry research “Procure-To-Pay Solutions Market: Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis and Forecast, ...
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5 Effective Ways to Grow Your Brand with Blogging and Social Media

Having an effective business and branding strategy is one of the best ways to find instant and longterm success with starting a business online. It’s not just about sales, content, or even ROI — it’s about having a way to combat with each of these, while also growing and scaling your business over time. For example, building a blog for your business could be a great way to stay ahead of the competition and eventually rankings in the search results. Then we also have social media, which allows f...
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"Preserving" the Repubic of Statutes

David Super ends his post, "The legislative filibuster is crucial in preserving" the republic of statutes. The language of preservation is the language of the status quo.The implicit argument is this: Suppose we make it easier for progressive majorities to enact new statutes. Doing so will make it easier for conservative majorities -- when they exist -- to repeal existing statutes. And we have more to fear from the repeal of existing statutes than we have to gain from enacting new ones. This mig...
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"A Canticle for Liebowitz" and the Supreme Court

Warren Miller's 1959 science fiction novel A Canticle for Liebowitz describes a world taken over by the forces of irrationality. A small group of monks retreat to their abbey with a collection of books saved by Isaac Liebowitz, the last repository of rationalism. The monks study the books for centuries and sporadically re-enter the world in an always-futile hope to re-establish a well-functioning social order guided by science and reason.Today many liberals who factor the Supreme Court into thei...
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Why Critics of Court-Packing Proposals Aren't Watching the Whole Board of Politics

David Super's post on Court-packing properly sees Court-packing proposals in a larger political context. Rather than assuming that the proposals would be implemented in a politics-free world, he knows that they can succeed only if Democrats control the Presidency and both houses of Congress, and that Republican retaliation could occur only after Republicans regained control of all three (although that point gets a bit blurred because of his attention to the Senate -- Court-packing will stick as ...
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Can You Look at These Wonderfully Evocative Coke Ads Without Hearing Them?

Sonic branding is a hot topic among marketers these days, but one might assume the idea of branded sounds (like the click of a Zippo lighter or the fading static of HBO's logo) is limited to ads that have, you know, audio. However, Coca-Cola's newest European campaign, "The First Print Ads You Can Hear," proves...
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“The Twenty-Six Words That Created the Internet”

“No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider” (Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996). Those 26 words (and not a member of Congress) invented the internet as we know it. These words protect internet platforms from lawsuits based on user-generated content, allowing them to open their doors to a dizzying variety of sentiment and speech. Absent that sentence...
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podcasts, podcasts, podcasts

“In a world where more podcasts are being released than anyone can listen to in a lifetime, the content needs to be highly compelling to attract and retain listeners.” This was a recent observation from Alex White, VP of content at Pandora. As of April 2019, there are over 700,000 unique podcasts on iTunes, with over 29 million episodes. That’s an spike from 550,000 podcasts reported at WWDC last June. The podcast bandwagon is in full swing, with brands large, small, and tiny sponsoring se...
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Monster Illuminessence Large Space LED Mood Lighting Kit Review
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Monster Illuminessence 3-LED Strip Kit Review
Tags: Reviews, Seo, Home Automation, Chris Voss, LED Strip Kit Review

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