Velocity Spotlights Kroger, Amazon and Innovation

Velocity put retailers large and small on the Private Brands stage in a full day of sessions Tuesday. Kroger’s Gil Phipps, vice president of Branding, Marketing and Our Brands, outlined the phenomenal evolution of that company’s strategies. He placed special emphasis on Private Brands such as Simple Truth and Private Selection. Phipps said the company has progressed over the years from generics to knock-offs to ‘knock-outs,’ and is even being ‘knocked-off’ by others. The key differentiator is th...
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Mark Zuckerberg at F8 Conference Announces New eCommerce and Payment Platform by @martinibuster

Mark Zuckerberg announced that WhatsApp Business will become an eCommerce platform, complete with its own payment system.The post Mark Zuckerberg at F8 Conference Announces New eCommerce and Payment Platform by @martinibuster appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
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Mixing It Up for Cinco De Mayo? Check Out Sparkling Ice Beverages for Great Tasting (and Low Calorie!) Cocktails!

Tequila is a pretty easy spirit to work with. The super-clean taste makes it easy to blend with just about any mix– including low-calorie beverages like the SPARKLING ICE beverages that come in an array of flavors and colors!! This Cinco de Mayo try mixing up a few cocktails that involve tequila and use SPARKLING […]
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How Jazz Reached the Home of Millions - The Wire

How Jazz Reached the Home of Millions   The Wire On International Jazz Day, Bert Noglik discusses the role of technology for pioneers of the genre.
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Facebook is Introducing New Business Tools for Messenger by @MattGSouthern

Facebook is making Messenger even more useful for businesses with tools designed to generate leads and book appointments.The post Facebook is Introducing New Business Tools for Messenger by @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
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Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies Plastic Surgeons Can Use to Build Local Traction Quickly

Plastic surgery is being sought out more and more as the years go by; in fact, in 2018, there were more than 1.8 million cosmetic surgeries accounted for in the… Read more » The post Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies Plastic Surgeons Can Use to Build Local Traction Quickly appeared first on
Tags: Business, Marketing, Social Media, Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing, Plastic Surgery Business, Digital Marketing Strategies Plastic

24% of Search Marketers Are Now Running Responsive Search Ads by @MattGSouthern

Responsive search ads (RSAs) are catching on quickly with search marketers after being introduced less than a year ago.The post appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
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14% of “Normal” Americans Think Facebook is the Next Social Network to Shut Down by @MattGSouthern

A survey on social network closures finds a notable amount of "normal" Americans think Facebook is next to shut down.The post 14% of “Normal” Americans Think Facebook is the Next Social Network to Shut Down by @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
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Verizon feels the need for 5G speed to rev up ad business

Verizon Media is banking on 5G mobile internet speeds to set it apart during negotiations with advertisers this spring. The wireless carrier announced a series of programs around shopping, news, finance and sports that revolve around the faster connectivity during its NewFronts presentation on Tuesday evening.  Verizon discussed how faster 5G speeds would help improve its ad products and media partnerships through emerging technology like augmented reality and video streaming. The company als...
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Peloton fires back at music publishers with a countersuit

One month after a group of music publishers sued it for copyright infringement, Peloton is firing back with a countersuit claiming anticompetitive conduct. On Tuesday, the New York-based fitness startup filed an answer to a complaint by members of the National Music Publishers’ Association and other publishers in U.S. District Court of the Southern District of New York. “Peloton is not the bad actor that Plaintiffs portray it to be,” the 46-page counterclaim reads. “Peloton values the musical...
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ParticipACTION Suggests that Sex Gets Better with Physical Activity in Latest Campaign

As part of their latest brand platform work around how Everything gets better when you get active, ParticipACTION launched the next phase of its campaign that highlights how sex gets better when you get active. This is part of a long-term movement to help shift attitudes and perceptions beyond traditional benefits of physical activity, such as weight loss.ParticipACTION’s research supports how regular physical activity has so many benefits for our bodies and mind, including that it can help prom...
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Coffee By Design says coffee shops advertising CBD are violating their trademark.

marketing mishaps Is CBD coffee from Coffee By Design or is it coffee with CBD? Coffee by design says customers will get confused if everyone calls their coffee CBD... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Celebrating The Last 12 Months And Looking Forward

CIThanks to your lovely congratulatory emails and comments, I was reminded that last week marked my 12-month anniversary with Forrester. Crikey, that went by fast! I wanted to share this slightly indulgent post with you, for reflection but also to summarize the research of the last 12 months (and to seek your input into the […]
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Daily Search Forum Recap: April 30, 2019

Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today...
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The Optimal B2B Content Strategy Framework

It’s surprising that, , as many as 63% of businesses still don’t have one! Content strategy is much more than just an editorial calendar. It’s a documented strategy that includes objectives, and how these align with business goals and brand values. It also captures KPIs that will allow you to prove out your content marketing ROI. As technology offers more opportunities to personalize at scale, reflecting unique audience segments in your strategy becomes even more important. 91% of all B2B ma...
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Facebook says the future is private, but what does that mean?

At Facebook's F8 developer conference, the company emphasized wanting to take a more hands-on approach to privacy over the future. But what, exactly, will a more privacy-focused Facebook end up looking like? The post Facebook says the future is private, but what does that mean? appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Conde Nast positions itself as the new primetime TV

It isn’t exactly a new strategy for digital publishers to position themselves as TV replacements during the NewFronts. But Condé Nast is making the most direct push so far to take on traditional during this week’s NewFronts, introducing new ad products that package its premium inventory, and a deal with Nielsen to measure its content. “We are the new Thursday night and we are always on,” Pamela Drucker Mann, chief revenue and marketing officer, said during Condé’s presentation at Mercado Litt...
Tags: Google, Youtube, New York City, Advertising, Pandora, Conde Nast, Conde Nast Entertainment, Dish Network, Nielsen, Roger Lynch, Conde, Pamela Drucker Mann, Drucker Mann, Dawn Ostroff, Oren Katzeff, Mercado Little Spain

Using Prediction & Lean in Marketing Experiments

Many of us will make a business case for our next marketing campaign (experiment), but few will take the time to create a prediction.
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Has Our Luck Run Out?

Most crucial problems today are global in nature and can be dealt with only by a global coalition.
Tags: News, Putin, Social Media, European Union, Trump, Burns, William J, Vladimir V, Donald J, United States International Relations, Great Britain Withdrawal from EU (Brexit

YouTube sets a goal of having half of trending videos coming from its own site

YouTube wants to have half of the featured videos in its trending tab come from streams originating on the company’s own site going forward, according to the latest quarterly letter from chief executive Susan Wojcicki. The letter, directed to YouTube’s users, is meant to help ease concerns the site’s biggest stars have over copyright challenges, advertising policies and video monetization — along with their shrinking presence on the site’s trending feature. It’s been a rough quarter for YouT...
Tags: Google, TC, Europe, Media, Youtube, Social Media, Tech, United States, New Zealand, Susan Wojcicki, Christchurch, World Wide Web, Internet Television, Video Hosting, Wojcicki, Christchurch New Zealand

Why all this fuss about difference? Be like the Eskimos—they have 50 words for snow!

Yes, Eskimos really do have more than 50 different words for snow. Why there’s “aqilokoq” for “softly falling snow” and “piegnartoq” for snow for great sledding, to “matsaaruti” for wet snow that can be used to ice a sleigh’s runners, “pukak,” for crystalline powder snow that looks like salt. The Inupiaq of Wales, Alaska, use […] The post Why all this fuss about difference? Be like the Eskimos—they have 50 words for snow! appeared first on MortarBlog.
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Say goodbye to Facebook blue: Social network wants a new look and fresh start

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg rolled out a redesign of his social networking app with a focus on communities known as Groups, and a layout that loses the blue. On Tuesday, Zuckerberg opened Facebook’s F8 developer conference by announcing an overhaul of the apps, including the new look for the main property. Zuckerberg also laid out the plan to unify the platform so people on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp can message each other, and also reiterated a roadmap for better privacy co...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Instagram, Advertising, Zuckerberg, Facebook Instagram Messenger

CVS Health becomes first brand to take the 'Quit Big Tobacco' pledge

CVS Health is the first major brand to join the Quit Big Tobacco initiative started by Vital Strategies last year, taking the pledge to cut ties with any agency that counts tobacco and e-cigarette companies as clients. The Woonsocket, R.I.-based drugstore chain that ceased selling cigarettes five years ago in a push to promote better health has begun rewriting its existing and future agency contracts to include the new restriction. Plain and simple, contracts will state: “If you work for C...
Tags: Advertising, San Francisco, Kansas City, Cvs, Barkley, Altria, Leo Burnett, Publicis Groupe, Omnicom, Omnicom Group, MDC, Philip Morris USA, Argonaut, BBDO, Vital Strategies, CVS Health

McDonald's results confirm Americans like bacon and doughnuts

McDonald’s can thank two of America’s favorite foods, bacon and doughnuts, for helping first-quarter results appear strong despite fewer people visiting the Golden Arches. McDonald’s cited its “Bacon Event” (bacon is even more exciting when it’s capitalized and it’s offered with a purchase of anything), the value-focused 2 for $5 deal and the introduction of Donut Sticks in reporting strong first-quarter sales at longstanding U.S. restaurants. McDonald’s U.S. same-store sales rose 4.5 perc...
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Walmart Shoppers Get A Taste of Artificial Intelligence

The future took one step closer for Walmart shoppers, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI). Fear not, we’re not talking about self-aware robots shopping for our can of tomato juice or a pack of baby diapers, nor is it anything as extravagant as robots monitoring the aisles to restock products. Nope. Walmart is taking a simplified introductory approach to AI for its shoppers. The king of retail is utilizing AI to assist employees in ways that create a better shopping experience for customers. F...
Tags: Walmart, Sem, Long Island NY, Nope Walmart, Intelligent Retail Lab Walmart, Fabio Bracht

Forget what you think you know about content marketing: B-to-B CMO Spotlight

There’s an old truism in the ad business that you can get people to remember an ad by showing something outrageous. David Ogilvy likened it to showing a gorilla in a jock strap. But these days, unless you’re selling jock straps for gorillas, it is unlikely that people will remember your brand. The same notion is alive and well in content marketing where catchy “click bait” headlines vie for your attention but rarely lead to memorable or meaningful engagement. Unless you’re Randy Frisch, CMO of ...
Tags: Facebook, Spotify, Advertising, Netflix, David Ogilvy, Jerry Maguire, Frisch, Randy Frisch CMO

Google Fixes Issue With Search Console Index Coverage Report by @MattGSouthern

Google confirmed the issue with missing data in Search Console's index coverage report has been fixed.The post Google Fixes Issue With Search Console Index Coverage Report by @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
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Canadian campfire season kicks off with Gay Lea toasted marshmallow whip cream.

Food I did not know that toasted marshmallow whip cream was a thing, but now that I do know, I want it. Read more about Canadian campfire season kicks off with Gay... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Sky TV - Grandad, Idris Elba, and the Incredibles 2 (2019) :60 (UK)

Entertainment With Sky TV you can enjoy a range of entertainment including the final season of Game of Thrones and family favourite Incredibles 2. Read more about Sky... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Tags: UK, Advertising, Idris Elba

Combat Stress - Bring them home (2019) :90 (UK)

PSA & Public Interest Combat Stress Reveals How Trauma Traps Soldiers on the Battlefield ENVY Advertising creates gripping sound design, edit, and online vfx... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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