Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Meeting Full Videos, Transcripts, and Podcasts

Updated for 2019 Meeting. Berkshire Hathaway’s Annual Shareholder Meetings are held in Omaha, Nebraska every May. Although most of my portfolio is in a diversified mix of index funds, I also own individual shares of Berkshire Hathaway and respect the rational and practical advice given out by Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. I also like getting the information directly! I missed the live event again in 2019, but I plan catch up by first reading the WSJ liveblog, and then listening to t...
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Clash De Cartier Featuring Kaya Scodelario

A clash of attitudes. Introducing the new jewelry signature Clash de Cartier in a film starring Kaya Scodelario, the British actress who masters the art of duality.CREDITSAdvertised brand: CARTIER JEWELLERYAdvert title(s): CLASH DE CARTIERAdvert type: FILMAdvertising Agency: CARTIER IN-HOUSEAgency website: Twitter account: Creative Director: Director: GORDON VON STEINERModel: KAYA SCODELARIOMusic: BILLI IDOL " DANCING WITH MYSE...
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   Cryptocurrency News Global Entertainment and Media Industry. New Study On “2019-2025 Entertainment and Media Market Global Key Player, Demand, Growth, Opportunities and ...
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Inside the Complicated World of Amazon’s Private-Label Businesses

In Amazon's early days, enterprising merchants carved out lucrative niches for themselves by identifying what wasn't being sold on the site, sourcing those products at low prices and offering them as third-party sellers. This phenomenon helped the ecommerce platform serve more consumers while mitigating its risk and made Amazon the so-called Everything Store it is...
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Be Aware and Alert to Food Allergy Awareness Week! Guest Expert Shandee Chernow Shares Tips!

Shandee Chernow, a single Mom of two, suffers from severe food allergies, which can make dining out — or hanging out– with friends particularly challenging because most don’t share the same allergies. To provide a solution to the restaurant industry, making dining out experiences safer and more enjoyable, Shandee created CertiStar (an app) so everyone […]
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Infographic: Nearly Half of Americans Make Purchases Based on Influencer Recommendations

Influencers are still going strong, but as the novelty fades, should brands keep including them in their strategies? New research from Toluna suggests they should. While there's still skepticism--30.4% of American consumers don't trust influencer recommendations--almost half (49.2%) follow influencers on social media, and 49.3% have bought something based on a recommendation from an influencer....
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Why Ad Tech Shouldn’t Be Skittish About Supply Path Optimization

Supply path optimization, better known as SPO, might seem like another buzzy tech phrase looped into the programmatic landscape, but it's one of the industry's most effective ways to cut the clutter between media buyers and publishers hungry to sell their inventory. Though different players in the ad-tech ecosystem need different approaches, the general idea...
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6 Areas That YouTube Creators Need to Focus On

We're living in the era of digital video. "If you're not making online video, you're missing out" is a widely accepted platitude across the board today. People on both sides of the digital divide agree that video is the way to go. Last year was the biggest yet for online content globally, and it's safe...
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How Can Marketers Get the Most Out of NFL Player Endorsements? Try Speed Dating

In this day and age, a simple swipe right or left is all that's needed to make a connection. But for brands looking to make a lasting partnership with prospective endorsers like Kyler Murray, the top overall pick in the NFL Draft last month, an evening of old-fashioned speed dating ignited potentially fruitful relationships. The...
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Advertisers Are Spending More in Addressable TV, But Some Aren’t Convinced It’s Worth It

Ask any media buyer, tech company or cable provider about addressable TV, and they'll ask a question in return: How do you define it? Because while addressable TV simply means using data--rather than content--to buy audiences, the industry as a whole is still playing catch-up when it comes to the concept of serving different ads...
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Batwoman, Failed Airlines, and Height Enhancement Scams: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

It’s been a busy week for our friends at Facebook: Amid showing a bunch of loser far-right trolls and also Louis Farrakhan the door, kicking off an unhinged Twitter spree by the president, the company announced a confusing pivot towards being a privacy-first platform while also announcing other features designed to…Read more...
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Do Something With Your Marketing: Special Interview with Ian Altman

In this special edition of Do Something With Your Marketing, I interview sales expert Ian Altman about the second edition of his book, Same Side Selling. Same Side Selling teaches a different mindset for selling complex transactions: instead of thinking of the buyer as someone you have to win over, or someone you have to […] The post Do Something With Your Marketing: Special Interview with Ian Altman appeared first on Christopher S. Penn Marketing Blog.
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Vertex Awards 2019: GOLD WINNERS

AH Broodstrooisels RETAILER: Albert Heijn COUNTRY: The Netherlands CATEGORY: G3. Packaged Goods AGENCY: dBOD CREDITS: Brand Director/Strategy: Evelyn Hille / dBOD / VBAT Group Senior Design Director: Ditte Glebbeek / dBOD / VBAT Group Designer: Fernando Ibanez / dBOD / VBAT Group Illustrations: Jasmijn Evans / Art Associates SUMMARY: It’s raining sprinkles… For generations, the packaging of AH Hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles) was aimed at children. Changing marketing ethics made Albert Hei...
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too many cooks in the creative review

I wrote recently about lackluster creative briefs as a leading cause of lackluster creative. Another common factor is the lackluster creative review. How we run the process of reviewing creative directly impacts the result. Creative can be made stronger by the virtue of additional points of view. But we have to channel those points of view constructively. The path of least resistance in a creative project is to water everything down. I picked up a handy maxim somewhere in my career that w...
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One of the Twin Sisters Pregnant by the Same Guy Spills ALL the Tea, Says They’re NOT a “Throuple”

Remember that wild tale about the twin sisters who got pregnant by the same guy? Well, one of them is speaking out and telling her side of the story, and it sounds nothing like the original version. PREVIOUSLY: Man Gets Twin Sisters Pregnant at the Same Time & Now All 3 of Them Live Together As a “Throuple” You remember the story: A man named Keonyae met twin sisters Nia and Nydia at a gym where he’s a personal trainer, and somehow ended up getting them both pregnant just a month apart from each...
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Kraft Heinz's top marketer is the latest executive to leave the company

Kraft Heinz’s top marketer, Eduardo Luz, is leaving after six years, the latest major departure as the packaged food company tries to come up with a fresh recipe for growth. In April, Kraft Heinz said it is bringing in Anheuser-Busch InBev’s Miguel Patricio to replace Bernardo Hees as CEO. Patricio, who was AB InBev’s global chief marketing officer from 2012 to 2018, joins in July. But first, Luz is set to exit his dual roles of global brand officer and CMO, U.S., at the end of May. Luz’s ...
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Post to Acquire Private Label Cereal Business from TreeHouse Foods

Late last week Post Holdings, Inc. announced that it has agreed to acquire the private brand ready-to-eat (“RTE”) cereal business of TreeHouse Foods. The TreeHouse RTE cereal business includes cereal production capabilities across two facilities, serving a diverse set of customers across retail channels. TreeHouse acquired the RTE cereal business in 2016 when it bought most of the former Ralcorp private label operations from ConAgra Foods. Post Holdings, Inc. was formed in 2012 after it was spun...
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Trump tweets support for far-right figures banned by Facebook

President railed against social media companies on Saturday and said he would ‘monitor the censorship’ of US citizens Donald Trump criticized social media companies after Facebook banned a number of far-right figures, declaring that he was “monitoring and watching, closely!!”The president, who at the weekend tweeted and retweeted complaints, including complaints from rightwing figures themselves, said he would “monitor the censorship of AMERICAN CITIZENS on social media platforms”. Continue read...
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A Guide to Marketing Your Hotel

A passion for providing excellent hospitality in the form of running a Hotel can create some incredibly rewarding ventures. Opening Hotels and receiving glowing customer feedback in the process can make the strenuous process of renovating and starting up the business in the first place all worth it. However, to get those glowing reviews, you will need to make sure that people are aware of your Hotel in the first place, and that it is easy to find. Here a few methods to consider to promote your ...
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SLINGSHOT 2019 Call for Entries: Global Startup Competition in Singapore

SINGAPORE, May 5, 2019 – (ACN Newswire) – SLINGSHOT 2019 powered by Startup SG, Asia’s highly anticipated international startup pitching competition, is now open for entries. In 2018, SLINGSHOT received overwhelming response – over 1,000 startups spanning 80 countries sent Read more… The post SLINGSHOT 2019 Call for Entries: Global Startup Competition in Singapore appeared first on Guest Post, Telecom Media & Technology News, Trends, PR |
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This Short Film Is a Story of Life and Love in Advertising, Told Entirely Through Ads

What happens when you successfully crash the Super Bowl? For 10 years, Doritos offered aspiring commercial directors the chance at Big Game ad glory, with tens of thousands applying for one of the brand's Super Bowl ad slots. Ben Callner was one of the chosen few from Crash the Super Bowl, and his spot "Goat...
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This Short Film Is the Story of Life and Love in Advertising, Told Entirely Through Ads

What happens when you successfully crash the Super Bowl? For 10 years, Doritos offered aspiring commercial directors the chance at Big Game ad glory, with tens of thousands applying for one of the brand's Super Bowl ad slots. Ben Callner was one of the chosen few from Crash the Super Bowl, and his spot "Goat...
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"Likability seems to have emerged as an important personality trait in the late 19th century, when it became closely associated with male business success."

"Before this, people liked or disliked one another, of course, but it wasn’t until after the Civil War, when middle-class men began to see virtue and character as essential to personal advancement, that success in business required projecting likability.... Americans were also taught that being likable was a quality that could be cultivated as a means to get ahead. In 1936, Dale Carnegie’s 'How to Win Friends and Influence People' warned that those who tried too hard to be liked would fail: Theo...
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Unauthorized Access To Family Practice Office Responsible for Breach of Patient Information

Who: St. Francis Physician Services # of Accounts Breached: More than 32,000 patientsWhat was affected: Names, addresses, health insurance information, Social Security numbers and dates of birth. When it happened: January 4, 2019 How it happened: SFPS posted a statement on its website detailing the cyber attack, which the ...
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Expand Your Advertising Efforts with Native

In this webinar, you'll learn how native can help grow traffic, expand remarketing, increase ROAS, as well as, what creative performs well. Save your seat today! Read more at
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The Free Episode [Podcast #261]

Is “free” really free? What is the cost of free? And do you get what you pay for? This is what we discuss on this week’s episode — and would to love to hear what you think! Talk to us via Twitter @ChurchMag using #cmagcast, by email at [email protected], or say something here and we’ll talk about it on an upcoming episode. [Subscribe via iTunes | Stitcher | RSS | Proudly Hosted on Buzzsprout]  
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Sick and Tired of Measuring Customer Sentiment the Old Fashioned Way? Read This

What Began as a U.S. Trend is Now a Global Norm On social media, opinions dominate. What began as a U.S. trend is now a global norm. When marketers are nimble on social, they can turn opinions-at-scale into valuable data, but it’s no magic bullet. Good tools are required, and even then, insights gleaned from opinion data still need creative direction to fit into content. Sometimes, different elements (such as data visualizations) are also needed to stand out, so beware of any data “solution” ...
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We are leaving older adults out of the digital world

Jessica Fields Contributor Share on Twitter Jessica Fields is a research analyst and program manager at the UCSF Center for Vulnerable Populations at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and a collaborator in The OpEd Project. May is national  Older Americans Month , and this year’s theme is Connect, Create, Contribute. One area in particular threatens to prevent older adults from making those connections: the digital div...
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It’s Cinco de Mayo! Last Chance for You to Test Out Great CdM Cocktails like Skinny Smoked Jalapeno Margarita!

Skinny Smoked Jalapeño Margarita, that puts a unique spin on the typical margarita. Not only is it low-calorie, but this cocktail really has some serious kick.  Here’s what the creator of this cocktail, Robyn Lindars has to say about it, “A skinny margarita is my go-to happy hour drink! While low in calories, this recipe […]
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Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial Acquires Ediciones Salamandra - WebWire

Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial Acquires Ediciones Salamandra   WebWire The global trade books publishing group reinforces its leadership in the Spanish-language market, both in Spain and Latin America Ediciones Salamandra's ...
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