The Most—and Least—Surprising Moments From Wednesday’s Upfront Events

After a packed Wednesday that included events from WarnerMedia and CBS, the end of upfronts week is finally in sight. Only The CW's presentation Thursday morning stands between attendees and the finish line. But before The CW wraps things up, let's take a look back at the most--and least--surprising moments from Wednesday's presentations, which included...
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Research Announcement: Forrester Wave™ Evaluation Of Cybersecurity Consulting Providers In Asia Pacific

Research announcement: Another Asia Pacific Forrester Wave™ evaluation is coming. This time, I will be evaluating cybersecurity consulting providers in the region. Gather round! The cybersecurity consulting market has been alive and well in AP since I began my career many years ago. I have worked at — and was a client of — a […]
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Research Announcement — Asia Pacific Cybersecurity Consulting Providers, Q4 2019

Research announcement: Another APAC Forrester Wave™ is coming.  This time I will be evaluating cybersecurity consulting providers in Asia Pacific. Gather round! The cybersecurity consulting market has been alive and well in APAC since I began my career many years ago. I myself have worked within, and was a client of a few consultancies throughout […]
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Court ruling on Woodstock 50: The festival can go ahead

The show will go on. Well, there’s hope anyway. A court ruled that Woodstock 50's former financier—advertising group Dentsu Aegis Network—doesn't have the right to cancel this summer's festival, which was planned to mark the 50th anniversary of the original Woodstock music fest. Also in the ruling: The advertising network will not be forced to return the $17.8 million it provided, then withdrew, from a festival financial account it was managing.  The ruling came from New York State Supreme...
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Trump Admin Creates Web Portal for Supporters to Complain About Getting Banned on Social Media

Donald Trump has made absolutely no secret of his feelings on free speech: He hates it when it’s not servile paeans to him and his agenda. He’s called for opening up “libel laws” to make it easier to sue journalistic outfits, issued (empty) threats to revoke the broadcast licenses of TV outlets that embarrass him,…Read more...
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Managing Brand Perceptions

The word ‘branding’ no longer properly describes what practitioners of branding mean today. Nor does it describe what they want the word to stand for. It’s the etymology of the word branding that gives the wrong impression. It comes from the language of my ancestors, the Vikings in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland. The Old Norse word ‘brandr’ (meaning ‘to burn’) referred to the practice of using a hot iron rod to impress the owner’s markings or symbols (brands) on cattle, slaves, timber, c...
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Trump Wants Your Tales of Social Media Censorship. And Your Contact Info.

The White House escalated its conflict with the tech industry on Wednesday, unveiling a website that asked for stories of social media censorship.
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Defensive Certiorari Grants

Supreme Court watchers know all about "defensive certiorari denials." This is when a Justice votes to deny review of a case because she is worried that a grant will lead to a bad outcome on the merits.The Alabama abortion law just enacted may present the opposite situation. The lower courts will make quick work of the statute, relying on Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey. Then Alabama will file a certiorari petition. At first glance, you might think that the four liberal Justices would...
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CBS tries to forget its past, WarnerMedia revamps for OTT: Upfronts download

Welcome to our special pop-up TV upfronts roundup. Each day this week we’re bringing you breaking news and some of the best (and worst) of TV’s dog-and-pony show, curated by Jeanine Poggi, senior editor, and delivered directly to your inbox. Get it in your email by signing up here. Moonves who? My, how much things have changed. Last year at Carnegie Hall, advertisers gave Leslie Moonves a standing ovation. At this year’s upfront presentation, CBS execs sought to assure advertisers his tainted ...
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People are lazy

We all know the rules and rationale of an effective elevator pitch. The theory has it that you must craft a persuasive story that lasts about 30 seconds. The premise is that that is all the time you would have to tell your story in a (hypothetical) elevator ride before the person to whom you are talking tunes out, and wishes their office were on a lower floor. The truth is though, that you are ignoring a basic truth: people are lazy. In this context, as soon as they have heard you say you are ...
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Les Moonves Was Gone, but Not Forgotten, at First CBS Upfront Under New Leadership

There was much that was familiar about CBS' upfront presentation on Wednesday afternoon, including the location (New York's Carnegie Hall), the pitch to advertisers (once again, it's the most-watched network on TV in total viewers) and the mix of new shows (procedurals, spinoffs of popular franchises and broad-skewing comedies). But there was also a huge...
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White House launches social media survey to collect Conservative tears

The Trump administration on Wednesday launched launched a new tool where pissed off Conservatives can whine about social media bias. So long as they’re legal citizens, anyway. For Conservatives like Trump, a man who rose to prominence on the backs of the social networks he’s now convinced are out to get him, the argument isn’t a new one. Republicans have, since before the last Presidential Election, been rallying support for the idea that these platforms were silencing right-wing voices. Never m...
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CBS distances itself from its former chief, touting diversity and inclusion at its upfront

On Wednesday, in the same theater where one year ago advertisers gave Leslie Mooves a standing ovation, CBS execs sought to assure the audience that the failure of his tenure has not impacted the stability of the company. CBS used sports analogies to acknowledge the scandal that’s shaken the company over the past year during its upfront presentation in Carnegie Hall in New York City on Wednesday afternoon. In a parody of its NFL pre-game show that opened the hoopla, hosts Jim Nantz and Tony R...
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We Talked to the Coconut Water Brand That Offered to Send a Jar of Piss to a Hater

Watch out, weird brand Twitter, a new player has entered the game. Vita Coco, an independent coconut water brand, took social media clapbacks to a new level today when the company offered to send a Twitter critic a jar of a social media staffer's urine. Mildly disturbing and gleefully unapologetic, the power move instantly became...
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This Mother’s Day, Lush and Ben & Jerry’s Helped Bail Black Mothers Out of Jail

For some, Mother's Day means time spent with loved ones. For others, the holiday could now mean a chance at freedom. This Mother's Day, some brands may have focused on pancakes or babysitting services, but Ben & Jerry's and Lush chose to use the day and their large followings to highlight Mama's Day Bail Out....
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The White House wants to know if you’ve been ‘censored or silenced’ by social media

It’s no secret that the Trump administration has been at war with social media. In the past year, the President has accused several online giants of censoring conservative voices, in particular giants like Twitter, Google and Facebook. The Trump Administration is fighting for free speech online. No matter your views, if you suspect political bias has caused you to be censored or silenced online, we want to hear about it! — The White House ...
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Watch the trailers for new CBS shows including ‘Carol’s Second Act,’ starring Patricia Heaton

As part of Ad Age’s continuing TV upfronts coverage, we’re serving up trailers for new fall series all week long. Today’s serving of freshmen shows comes to us courtesy of CBS. For full details see “CBS upfront: ‘Young Sheldon’ takes ‘Big Bang’ slot on Thursdays,” from Ad Age’s Jeanine Poggi and Anthony Crupi earlier today. For now, here are the pertinent bits from their report related to “Carol’s Second Act” (above), plus “The Unicorn,” “Evil,” “Bob Hearts Abishola” and “All Rise” (below): ...
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In Twitter pissing match, Vita Coco responds to a critic with urine photo

Vita Coco is apparently so desperate for attention that it is linking its product to urine. Really. The coconut water brand today launched a campaign called “Impossible to Hate” that touts a new variety positioned as tasting more like coconuts than other brands. The push, as documented earlier today in Ad Age’s Marketer’s Brief column, involves videos featuring regular people known for giving negative reviews of products on sites like Yelp, Amazon and TripAdvisor. In the campaign, created by ...
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Deutsch Lays Off at Least 5% of L.A. Staff as Volkswagen Contract Ends

IPG's Deutsch parted with approximately 5% of total staff across departments in its Los Angeles office today. The reason for the move was the loss of the Volkswagen account, which went to WPP in late 2018. President Kim Getty discussed the matter in an all-staff meeting this afternoon after the cuts took place. "Today we...
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ADAGE & The Complicated World of Amazon Private Brand

Amazon and its growing private brand portfolio are once again in the press. This time venerable advertising trade magazine ADWEEK takes a look at the rise of private label at the e-commerce giant. The story follows the now well-worn path of other articles by briefly telling the history and bemoaning Amazons ability to use data to create brands and products. The author buys into Amazons confusing terminology and accepts that labels created by manufacturers as shelf fillers are private brands (Mou...
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Adwords Vs. Adsense: What's the Difference?

by Robert Clough During the 2017-2018 year, 84% of advertisers claimed they received success with PPC marketing. If your organization is debating about your next advertising strategy, investing in PPC marketing is a smart move. PPC, or pay-per-click, uses a combination of search terms and visual ads to promote your brand. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad. If you're researching different PPC markets, you probably came across Google AdWords and AdSense. These are both Google adve...
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A Rival to Botox Invites Doctors to Party in Cancun, With Fireworks, Confetti and Social Media Posts

Plastic surgeons’ Instagram accounts of the weekend trip didn’t note the drug company’s sponsorship, which some ethicists say should be disclosed.
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Phantasy Star Online 2 × KonoSuba

Phantasy Star Online 2‘s 2019 “Stars: EPISODE 6” Part 2 update has rolled out, providing players with tons of new content and additions, though anime fans might be more intrigued by the assortment of KonoSuba collab goods. The collaboration event is in promotion of KonoSuba’s upcoming movie, with costumes and hairstyles for several characters from […]
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Twitter and Facebook join global pledge to fight hate speech online

At a summit in Paris Wednesday, representatives from Facebook Inc., Twitter Inc. and Alphabet Inc., committed to use and develop rules, algorithms and direct intervention to curb the uploading, promotion, amplification and distribution of violent extremism on social media platforms. The initiative calls for hate speech to be “immediately and permanently” taken down, though isn’t legally binding. French President Emmanuel Macron and New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, were joined by lea...
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Pilots Fear Carriers Are ‘Overpromising’ as Amazon Pushes for One-Day Shipping

As Amazon seeks to make good on its one-day shipping promise, in part by breaking ground on a cargo hub outside Cincinnati, a majority of pilots expected to transport goods in and out of that hub have "little faith" they will be able to deliver under existing conditions. That's according to an statement from the...
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How a Minimalist Furniture Line Was Designed Specifically for the Visually Impaired

For millions of people living with visual impairment, uniformly colored home decor can form a murky obstacle course. A new furniture set from agency BBDO Bangkok and client HomePro promises not only to spice up a home's interior design but also to better accommodate the needs of those living with vision disabilities. The agency's 7:1...
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THE WHO with Special Guest Liam Gallagher: 3rd Show added for 10/24! Tickets on Sale 5/17 at 12!

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A Coconut Water Brand Is Offering Free Piss on Twitter Because This Is the Future

When they looked to the future, some in the 20th century imagined wondrous technological advancements. Others foresaw a world of global totalitarian control. The future we ended up with, however, has had a little bit of both—plus a beverage company offering to send a hater some human urine on social media.Read more...
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White House Refuses to Support 'Christchurch Call' That Condemns Extremism Online, Releases Absolutely Bonkers Statement

The White House has declined to endorse a non-binding response condemning the spread of hate speech and terrorist radicalization on social media. The response, dubbed the “Christchurch Call,” was written in the wake of the terrorist attacks that killed 51 people at two mosques in New Zealand and livestreamed on…Read more...
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