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In this Marketing Over Coffee: Learn about AI, Attribution, Facebook Ad Scores, and more! Direct Link to File Brought to you by our sponsors: LinkedIn and Trust Insights IBM AutoAI – Making it easier to apply machine learning Is business less interested in everything being statistically relevant? Tax credits for R&D? 7:32 LinkedIn Marketing Solutions is how B2B Marketers and advertisers drive brand awareness and generate leads. It’s the only place where you can find over 610 million user a...
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Social Media is now Pay to Play for Ad Agency New Business

Paid social advertising can accelerate the process of attracting qualified traffic and leads. Since 2007, I’ve preached that there was a new model for new business that made the existing model obsolete. Agencies needed a new approach to new business. During the past decade, technology and the rise of social media changed how people communicated. This dramatically impacted business development. Prospects became self-sufficent. Any business information they wanted about a product or service b...
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Three Ways Companies Can Offer a Smooth Customer Experience Over a Complicated One.

Imagine having a challenge with a new product you purchased, you want to communicate via chat, but they push you to a 1-800 number, only to be put on hold, routed to various call center agents who asked you the same information time and time again — and finally only to be hung up on? Yeah, that has happened to me, and it’s not a company that I’ll recommend to others. If you’re like me, this is a reality for many customers. I wanted to share both a vision of what an ideal customer exper...
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Apple Mac Pro or Cheese Grater

There are some things I like about Apple products. When they “just work” they are great – but over the last few years, the limits of a closed ecosystem have been exposed. These days we are looking further afield for our design-conscious devices, content and computing. Even the once transformative iTunes is closing down. But when Apple recently launched its new Mac Pro, comparisons were drawn not with high-end design of fashionable devices, but with low tech, everyday living implements. Mac...
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Nearly Half of Music Streaming Occurs on YouTube for Free | Social Media Marketing Toronto

YouTube is the king of online video sharing, as we all know. The same cannot be said about its new subscription Music services. The services are not faring well with users. The number of subscribers is much lower in comparison to its competitors. According to a Bloomberg report, Google’s paid music services has a total of 15 million subscribers. The figure includes subscribers to two services — YouTube Music and Google Play Music, which is an older service that is being integrated with YouTube M...
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Compressing in Moscow

This week finds me in Moscow for a pair of workshops, the Russian Workshop on Complexity and Model Theory and a workshop on Randomness, Information and Complexity. The latter celebrates the lives of Alexander Shen and Nikolay Vereshchagin on their 60th birthdays. Alexander Shen might be best known in computational complexity for his alternate proof of IP = PSPACE. In 1989, Lund, Fortnow, Karloff and Nisan gave an interactive proof for the permanent, which got the entire polynomial-time hierar...
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Selling your Project to Employees

In our article last week, we talked about how to sell our project to executives. In this article, we’ll cover how to sell our projects to employees (non-leaders in the organization.) When we are launching a new project, we need employee buy-in just as much as executive buy-in. While employees are not the purse-holder, [...] The post Selling your Project to Employees appeared first on Gina Abudi.
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Care for Caregivers- Stories We Tell Ourselves – A Workshop

We caregivers can be very, very, hard on ourselves. We tell ourselves the wildest stories and sometimes we believe them without thinking. Stories like: ”I can’t handle this”, I’m not good enough”, ” That person is just trying to make me feel bad”, and the classic “I can never do enough!”.  Maybe that’s because of stress, exhaustion, emotional overload, or lack of focus, but whatever the reason it’s not helping anyone even a little bit.Join us for an interactive online workshop June 26, fro...
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