Book Cover Design Trends for 2019: Your Guide To The Biggest and Hottest Trends

The cover of your book can make or break book sales. Books with compelling covers have a much higher chance to be discovered and read. Forgetful covers leave books sitting on a shelf. Shelf? Despite consumers purchasing e-books and audiobooks more than ever, print is still king. And even for readers buying books online, digital cover thumbnails continue to reflect the importance of well-designed book covers. Ask any author who has poured their heart into a story — this is a big deal. No author ...
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Nine Types of Questions to Ask On Your Facebook Page to Get More Comments

The post Nine Types of Questions to Ask On Your Facebook Page to Get More Comments appeared first on ProBlogger. This post is based on episode 183  of the ProBlogger podcast. Do readers engage with your Facebook page? A lot of people spend time on Facebook. And as bloggers, it makes sense that we want to reach them. Unfortunately, it’s increasingly difficult to grow your audience using Facebook – especially if you don’t have the budget to boost posts or advertise. But you can still use F...
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4 Sources of Inspiration for Creating Killer Content

Sometimes inspiration for great blog content comes easily. The idea almost pops into our head fully formed and all we need to do is put pen to paper, or nowadays, fingers to keyboard. Unfortunately, it isn’t always that way. Other times, it feels like your brain is doing something like this… Homer The Simpsons GIF from Homer GIFs   So, what do we do on those days when we’re feeling about as inspired as cold cup of tea? Fortunately, all is not lost. In this blog post I’ll be exploring some o...
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#502 How to Make Fake News For Links: Interview with Oliver Brett

On today’s episode of the Internet Marketing Podcast, Andy is joined by Oliver Brett, SEO Manager at Screaming Frog to talk about how to make fake news for links. On the show you’ll learn: Why you should consider fake product launches or blog posts depicting weird or hilarious misfortunes in your marketing efforts Why you need to create a narrative that’s lighthearted and funny & work with an open minded client Examples of when fake news or PR link bait stunts have worked well including the Pri...
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Nu gider jeg ikke at høre mere om dopamin!

Tidligere publiceret i Politiken. Nu kan du læse artiklen her på uden abonnement. Enjoy! Hvad nu hvis du ikke tjekker din mobiltelefon fordi du er blevet “forrådt af din egen hjerne”, men simpelt hen fordi du har øvet dig mere end 50.000 gange? Jeg husker særligt én oplevelse med min første mobiltelefon, som jeg fik lige før årtusindskiftet. Den hed Ericsson T18 og var en lille, sort og kompakt klods, med en en klap foran tastaturet og en kort, tyk antenne. Da jeg l...
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