Gab's CEO says Trump doesn't use the platform, after reports wrongly suggest he returned to social media

President Donald Trump. Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images Gab CEO Andrew Torba said Saturday that former President Donald Trump doesn't use the platform. A number of media outlets, including Insider, incorrectly reported Trump had joined Gab. Since being banned from social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, Trump has been quiet online. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Editor's note: An earlier version of this article incorrectly reported that Do...
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T-Mobile: Tom Brady & Rob Gronkowski

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Ford: Finish Strong

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Orange County Animal Services: Fill in the blank

Awareness Campaign for Orange County Animal Services. pets_1.jpg   pets_2.jpg   pets_3.jpg   pets_4.jpg ...
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Audi: Don't hate. Imitate.

Audi Norway's response to the Super Bowl commercial from General Motors.
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History of the Snap-E-Tom Tomato Cocktail

Close up of original SAN FRANCISCO – Snap-E-Tom tomato cocktail was a product of the Pioneer Ortega company, and later Heublein, and today owned by Del Monte. Made with chile peppers, onions and tomatoes, it was a Bloody Mary mix that advertised itself as the Big Brother of the Bloody Mary, Bloody Thomas. Snap-E was the hot tomato of the 1970s brunch, sexier than staid Mr. & Mrs. T. Since Great Depression, he has been the zesty cousin of the perennial East Coast WASP drink, the Bloody Mary. Th...
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Super Bowl’s Super Stats! Brand Rankings: Verizon Leads in Mentions! Check Out Team Mentions!

SUPER STATS: Verizon Leads Super Bowl Social Conversation with Most Mentions Overall: In Just One Day: Tampa Bay Mentions far Outpacing Kansas City   With a few days to go before kickoff, the excitement on social media is building for Super Bowl LV. Total mentions across social media and the digital media landscape stand at […] The post first appeared on
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Perfect storm: have the influencers selling a dream lost their allure?

Social media stars, already under fire for trips to Dubai in lockdown, are now involved in a row over Instagram postsMakeup artist Sasha Louise Pallari started her hashtag #filterdrop in summer 2020. A social media campaign to discourage influencers promoting beauty products by using filters to exaggerate their effect, it paid off last week when the Advertising Standards Authority banned two tanning brands from using misleading filters on Instagram Stories. The ruling means that in future all us...
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Beurax Review: CryptoCurrency Investing Business – Scam or LEGITIMATE Company?

I had a friend message me today about Beurax. I thought it might be helpful to walk you through how I determine whether or not Beurax is a legitimate opportunity or a Ponzi scheme. So the first thing I did was click on the link to the website. This is what I saw: After going […] The post Beurax Review: CryptoCurrency Investing Business – Scam or LEGITIMATE Company? appeared first on MLM Blog - Network Marketing Blog.
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What to Do if a Restaurant Gives You Food Poisoning

Is your hotel restaurant taking proper actions to avoid food poisoning? About 48 million incidents... The post What to Do if a Restaurant Gives You Food Poisoning appeared first on Are Morch, Digital Marketing Coach.
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Gyre 9 Completes Phase I Manufacturing of JuiceBar’s Gen 3 Electric Vehicle Charger

Gyre9 , a product design and development firm has completed the design, engineering, and manufacturing of Phase I of the Gen 3 Series of electric vehicle (EV) chargers for Hartford, Connecticut-based JuiceBar , according to Co-Founder and Chief Engineering Officer Ed Gilchrest. Gilchrest explains, “President and CEO Paul Vosper and Executive Chairman Jeff Mayer assumed leadership of JuiceBar in 2018 and immediately invested in new product development. They brought in Gyre9, initially, t...
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3 Often Forgotten SEO Tips to Improve Your Websites Traffic

The current SEO landscape is quite turbulent because of the changing ranking criteria. The fact that a given SEO hack worked someday and you got a higher ranking does not mean it will solve your situation today. Competition is stiff in the SEO sector, and to avoid being left behind, you should be updated on the trends to know the direction of SEO algorithms, or hire a professional NYC SEO agency to do the heavy lifting for you. The article herein demonstrates some SEO tactics that will drive m...
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Dallas Mavericks: #KrisStops AR Mural

The Dallas Mavericks partnered up with Kristaps Porzingis to launch #KrisStops, a community initiative to fight childhood hunger. With every block this season, Porzingis will donate $500 to the Mavs Foundation, which will then be distributed to local organizations to help stop hunger in North Texas. Groove Jones is working with the Dallas Mavericks to launch the program through an Augm...
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Chistaya Liniya: Treat your taste buddies!

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Small agency coalition unveils new internship program for aspiring Black creatives

The eight-week initiative involves 10 independent creative shops and is sponsored by Procter & Gamble.
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Harley-Davidson Hardwires Five-Year Growth Plan

The bikes that made Milwaukee famous, Harley-Davidson, have rolled out Hardwire, their ambitious five-year plan to restore profitability and desirability to The Motor Company. Not to set the bar too high, Harley-Davidson is hoping to increase profits and low double-digit earnings per share (EPS) by 2025. How do they plan to do this, given the […] The post Harley-Davidson Hardwires Five-Year Growth Plan appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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P&G’s Chipso Detergent, Swept Up in Tide

Even large companies abandon brands in favor of something new. Proctor & Gamble had a predecessor brand to laundry soaps like Tide, Era and Gain, the behemoth detergent brands of today. The brand was Chipso, a flake brand in boxes that promoted the use of safe suds for washing. It was ubiquitous in the 1930s. Factories for Chipso were advertised in Ivorydale, Ohio; Kansas City and Port Ivory, N.Y. The latter factory was the supplier for soap for the East Coast, and P&G made soap there from 1907...
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IKEA: Room for Change

Quarantine made home messy and busy at times. But at Ikea we have home organization solutions that can give your life some room to evolve. ...
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Profiles in Black Creativity: Nina Austin Gives Valentine’s Day a Reality Check

To celebrate Black History Month, Adweek is partnering with agency owner Derek Walker on a series that puts a spotlight on the creative work, perspectives and successes of Black industry professionals. Today we're showcasing a campaign created by senior copywriter and content creator Nina Austin. To remind people that networks, just like Valentine's Day, should...
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Dr. Oetker / Momenti: Centaur

Super indulgent and under 450 calories – with no artificial colours or flavours – Momenti pizza is the best of both worlds. Naturally, we enlisted a centaur to convey the duality of our message. This legendary hybrid helped us break through the clutter of typical soft health messaging pushed to capitalize on New Year’s resolutions. As they say: one way to stand out is to do so on four legs.
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Black Profiles in Creativity: Nina Austin Gives Valentine’s Day a Reality Check

To celebrate Black History Month, Adweek is partnering with agency owner Derek Walker on a series that puts a spotlight on the creative work, perspectives and successes of Black industry professionals. Today we're showcasing a campaign created by senior copywriter and content creator Nina Austin. To remind people that networks, just like Valentine's Day, should...
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Loupedeck: Loupedeck Creative Tool

Loupedeck CT is a powerful, adaptable and custom console that puts the best of all your photo, video, design and music editing tools and software at your fingertips. Create and switch between as many customized workspaces as you need – all from one sleek user interface. And go from pen to brush, photo to video, or jump between software – all with a quick tap or turn of the finger.
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Microsoft / Xbox: Beyond Generations

Loneliness among the elderly is on the rise, with a million older people going over a month without speaking to anyone, according to Age UK. And during Covid-19, that sense of isolation has worsened. Yet the virtual worlds of gaming have become places where gamers can build and maintain real-world relationships ‘Beyond Generations’, an initiative by Xbox and McCann London, is aimed at bridging that generational divide in families, by showing elderly people the relationship-bui...
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Single Property Website Support: How Do I Add Agent Information?

To add an agent to your AgencyLogic single property Website PowerSite Pro, follow these steps. Step 1: Visit and login: Step 2: Click the “Agents” link: If you haven’t previously added an agent, you will see a blank page/list: Step 3: Click the “Add Agent” button: Step 4:Enter agent information to the fields shown, and click the “Save” button: If you have additional questions, email: [email protected] Or giv...
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JLO Beauty: JLO Beauty Train

We created a unique "carriage " only fit for Jennifer Lopez to escort JLO into Times Square to not only kick ...
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Clarifying Section Three of the Fourteenth Amendment

The Washington Post has a story out today that makes an error in describing the proposed use of Section Three against the former President. A Concurrent Resolution of Congress declaring Trump ineligible to serve again does not bar him from office. Such a resolution would only express Congress's view that he is ineligible, just as the Senate expressed its view in 2008 that John McCain was eligible to be President. In both cases, though, only a court can make the ultimate determination. A Concurre...
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Response to the Symposium on Abortion and the Law

For the Symposium on Mary Ziegler, Abortion and the Law in America: Roe v. Wade to the Present (Cambridge University Press, 2020). Mary Ziegler At what is undoubtedly a crucial point in the history of abortion law, I’m especially honored by the attention paid to my book, Abortion and the Law in America: Roe v. Wade to the Present(Cambridge 2020). Jack Balkin has brought together four brilliant contributors whose work in this field has influenced my own. I am grateful to Jack and to each of...
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The One Show: We'll Only Judge the Work

oneshow.jpg   oneshow2.jpg   oneshow3.jpg  
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AT&T: Superfan

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Harvey's: Burger Boss

While other fast-food chains enforce taste uniformity, that’s not how Harvey’s rolls. In fact, customizable toppings have long been a point of difference for the iconic fast-food chain, reserving that decision-making power for its patrons. And once you top your Harvey’s burger just the way you like it, you become a Burger Boss, who gets what they want, when they want it. Capitalizing on that feeling of being power hungry, this commercial depicts an underdog, in this case, a to...
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