Is Home Brewing Worth the Investment?

Walk into any liquor store and you’ll find an endless number of commercially brewed beers. Dark, light, sour, mass produced and craft beers line the shelves at just about any price point. As an alternative, beer lovers can also brew their own beer at home. Many times it’s less expensive to do something yourself, but is it cheaper to brew your own beer? Is home brewing worth the investment? One can brew your own beer at many price points depending upon the quality of brewing equipment and the in...
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Stage Manager Caskey Hunsader Launches Home Fragrance Line Inspired by Broadway Musicals: StageDoor Candle Co.

  I am always a big fan of someone who gets really creative and launches a  product line that really captures attention… and I learned about Caskey Hunsader, a NYC stage manager who like many people who worked on Broadway shows in New York, found that the shutdown due to Covid-19 meant he needed to […] The post Stage Manager Caskey Hunsader Launches Home Fragrance Line Inspired by Broadway Musicals: StageDoor Candle Co. first appeared on
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How Brand Extensions Strengthen Brands

During a pandemic might not seem to be a good time to create a brand extension. However, creating a brand extension in uncertain times is a smart move. Some say that brand extensions weaken brands. This is wrong. Well-managed brand extensions strengthen brands. A really good brand extension shares character with its parent brand. At the same time, brand extensions provide a relevant and differentiated benefit from the parent. A really good brand extension will extend the frequency with which ...
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Bad Seeds and Tips of the Iceberg

Constitutional remedies for presidential misconduct must account for two broad types: bad seeds and tips of the iceberg. Bad seeds flout widely shared norms accepted across party lines. Tips of the iceberg engage in similar conduct but enjoy the enthusiastic support of their party, not despite but because of their pathological character. As this description implies, the distinction lies more in political context than in the two types of presidents themselves.Bad seeds pose a serious but relative...
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Everything You Wanted to Know about the drafting of Section 3

 And the problems with translating 19th century concerns into solutions to contemporary problems.Over at Just Security [Author: Mark Graber]
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Finding A Unique Voice For Your New Business

MacKenzie Scott shares three key strategies for defining and refining your business’s voice across multiple channels. The post Finding A Unique Voice For Your New Business appeared first on Young Upstarts.
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COVID “Immunity Bubble” for Small In-Person Event Goes Wrong

The Abundance 360 Conference run by Peter Diamandis (named by Fortune as one of the “World’s 50 Greatest Leaders” and the founder of the XPRIZE) went ahead with a hybrid event in January, 2021. Despite a very strict COVID protocol, 25% of the people who were a part of the “immunity bubble” they created tested positive for the coronavirus - including Peter.
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Finnish Ad Says Your Thumbs (Probably) Scroll 9 Kilometers a Year and Could Use a Break

Your thumbs probably need a break. Hell, you might even be reading this article on your phone--letting your thumbs do all the scrolling work--but have you ever paused to think how they feel? A new ad TV, digital and social campaign from Finnish energy saving app V?ppi reimagines thumbs as conscious beings that want to...
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Why Burger King France Handed Out a Free Bag of Potatoes to Every Customer Who Wanted One

The pandemic has fundamentally changed our consumption habits and, with many restaurants closed for dining in, suppliers around the world are feeling the pinch as their usual customer base shrinks. To help farmers in France, Burger King snapped up an extra 200 tons of potatoes that otherwise would not have been sold. But what was...
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Mike’s Hard Lemonade Dug Up ‘Unreleased Footage’ of the Texas Cat Lawyer

Can't get enough of the memetastic cat lawyer? You're in luck because there's "unreleased footage" from last week's virtual court hearing where Texas attorney Rod Ponton was stuck inside an adorable kitten filter. The new video shows Ponton alone on Zoom, struggling to be a consummate purr-fessional. He still hasn't managed to turn off the...
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Future scenarios for the COVID-19 pandemic - The Lancet

Future scenarios for the COVID-19 pandemic   The Lancet
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Facebook Audience Network Rolls Out Information, Resources for App Developers, Publishers

Monetization platform Facebook Audience Network released a host of new information and resources Tuesday to help application developers and publishers grow their businesses. The new resources include: Gaming app monetization guides, aimed at helping developers unlock new sources of revenue for their games, monetize users properly and expand worldwide. Learning tools, including a glossary with...
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People Seeking Distraction in Quarantine Turn to the World’s Bestselling Card Game: Uno

When the NBA put its players in a Covid-19 bubble in advance of the playoffs this summer, Milwaukee Bucks power forward Giannis Antetokounmpo found himself quarantined in Disney's plush Gran Destino hotel in Orlando, Fla., with his NBA player brothers Thanasis and Kostas Antetokounmpo. For weeks, this "troika of Greek studs," as sports publication ClutchPoints...
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Spark Foundry Hires Industry Vet Jason DaWayne Smith

Publicis Media agency Spark Foundry is investing in optimizing its client service and media investment offering, hiring industry veteran Jason DaWayne Smith as president, diversified investments. In the role, Smith will be tasked with overseeing the optimization of Spark Foundry's client services and media optimization, helping the agency develop the right methodology to provide clients...
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TikTok Fashion Month Kicks Off, Runs Through March 18

TikTok Fashion Month is back, with celebrities, creators, fashion houses and the video creation platform's community walking its virtual runway through March 18 via hashtags, livestreams and other initiatives. IMG is the official editorial partner of TikTok Fashion Month, and premium editorial content will be featured across the IMG network throughout fall and winter 2021...
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22squared Promotes Erica Hoholick to President and COO

Erica Hoholick is taking on two new roles at Atlanta-based independent agency 22squared. The shop has promoted Hoholick, who joined 22squared a year ago as chief client officer, to president and the newly created role of chief operating officer. "Since being there [a year], I'm even more excited about what the potential is of the...
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Is it time to double down on influencer marketing?

There is no doubt that the global pandemic has impacted our marketing and growth plans. Indeed, it has forced a step-change in everything – from the way and how we work, to the where we work … so it is little wonder that marketers are feeling the strain. Add to this the massive shifts around business accountability, increasing expectations of brand authenticity and respect for social license, and 2020-21 can easily be seen as a turning point for the often fraught relationship between bra...
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Popeyes Keeps Mardi Gras Afloat in the Face of Covid Parade Cancellations

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is trying to fill the gap left by canceled Mardi Gras parades in its hometown of New Orleans by festooning its locations to resemble the event's famous floats. The pall cast by the coronavirus pandemic and its incumbent social distancing measures loomed over plans for this year's Mardi Gras, threatening to squelch...
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Univision Latest Presenter to Rejoin Upfronts Week in May

May's upfronts week--which Covid-19 wiped out last year--is almost back at full capacity for 2021. Univision is the latest presenter to confirm that it will return to the annual tradition for TV advertisers and buyers. The company has set a virtual event for marketers on Tuesday, May 18--the same time that it would normally have...
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WW Chief Brand Officer On Why Taking Career Steps Back is A Good Thing

When you think about the line of work Gail Tifford is in, it comes as no surprise that her persona is rich with positivity, authenticity, and raw human emotion. In our industry, displaying emotions can often be seen as an unfavorable trait. But on the contrary, it's Gail's superpower and the driving force behind her...
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Former pro baseball player sues McDonald's, alleging systemic racial discrimination

The fast-food giant allegedly steered Black owners into restaurants in impoverished neighborhoods, according to the lawsuit, filed in Ohio federal court.
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Reddit Removes 85M Pieces of Content in 2020, Up 62% Year Over Year

Reddit removed some 85 million pieces of content in 2020, up 62% compared with 2019, mostly for spam and content manipulation and not counting legal or copyright removals, which are tracked separately. The platform released its Transparency Report 2020 Tuesday, detailing changes to its policy that took effect last year and actions that were taken...
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Road to Challenger Brands: Roblox Is Pushing the Evolution of the Internet

While building the Metaverse--an always-on virtual world where people work, play, learn and interact--is a daunting project, Roblox is doing just that. Every day, more than 36 million people around the globe log onto the platform to do a variety of activities, from attending a concert to skiing with friends and designing their own clothing...
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Profiles in Black Creativity: Dotun Bello Shares a Message of Unity, Love and Home

Continuing Adweek's Black History Month project with agency owner Derek Walker, highlighting the creative perspectives and successes of Black industry professionals, we look at the work of Forsman & Bodenfors creative Dotun Bello. His 2020 Black History Month project, "Descendants of Gods," was designed to "share a very special sentiment with the African-American community: one...
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Marketing execs won’t return to travel until at least June: ANA study

Survey reveals that business trips are still months away.
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Uploading files in Spring Boot application

Uploading files is one of the most common operations in a web application. In this article we will look at how to upload file from an HTML page and copy it to […]
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Watch live Feb. 25 at 1:30 p.m. EST: How to close the gaps and win at customer data management

Watch the live broadcast here on February 25 at 1:30 p.m. Eastern—and join the conversation on Facebook, Periscope, LinkedIn, Twitch and Twitter. To RSVP, click here. The privacy wars have started. In the latest hit to marketing as we've known it, Apple shared a fast-approaching deadline of "early spring" for when it will impose new restrictions on how tech companies, publishers, and brands can collect data using its Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA). Getting customer data management right...
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Meet The New Analyst Covering SecOps: Allie Mellen

Tell Us About You I have a background in computer engineering, and over the past 10 years I’ve been in engineering and consulting roles at organizations like MIT and a variety of startups. I live in New York City and love to read, do yoga, and learn new languages. In normal, non-pandemic times, I’m an avid traveler, though that has obviously […]
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Crest reconsiders using 'Bachelor' TV host in Whitening Emulsions ad following controversy

Procter & Gamble 'deeply disappointed' as Chris Harrison steps aside after comments excusing contestant photographed at 2018 antebellum party.
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