Discussing the Many Benefits of Having Incense at Home – An Overview

Home aromatherapy is a wonderful, relaxing way to indulge your senses. Incense can be used to scent the different rooms of your home or it can be used in your meditation room to help you become focused and relaxed. When you are doing meditation, relaxation is key, and what better way than to have that aroma that is relaxing in your home right before you begin. Many people use incense to get rid of negative energies that they may be carrying around in their home from the outside world. Others use...
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Carsales: Grandma's Hands

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WWF: Less noise, more life, bowhead whales

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Genesis crossover praised for protecting Tiger Woods in crash

Law enforcement officials said the crash integrity of the Genesis GV80 — and Woods' use of a seat belt — may have saved his life.
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Interactive Brokers (IB) Review Canada 2021

Comparing Interactive Brokers to Our #1 Discount Broker: Qtrade Is Interactive Brokers Safe and Secure? It’s Complicated Like other discount brokerages in the Great White North, Interactive Brokers Canada is regulated by the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) and the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF). BUT – and this is a massive BUT…
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How Associated Memorable Moments Drive Brands

  Let’s start by defining what we mean by ‘brand’? Brand is a term which is often used to describe a business. A brand is not the business. A brand is shaped in the minds of the consumer – through identity, meaning, and experience – so as such the brand is created and not the creator. Here on Branding Strategy Insider, I suggest that a brand is shaped through a series of moments which people remember & associate with one another. What I term Associated Memorable Moments. But let’s back up a l...
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Clubhouse: The Great, the Bad, and the Very Worrisome

Like many of you, I’ve been experimenting with the scorchingly-buzzy new social app Clubhouse. As I write this, Clubhouse is only available on the iPhone (Android is coming) and is currently invitation-only, however millions of people are on the platform. While Clubhouse has awesomeness, I’m worried about a number of aspects of the app.
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Agencies scramble for billions in ad dollars

Hi and welcome to this weekly edition of Insider Advertising, where we track the big stories in media and advertising.Remember you can sign up to get this newsletter daily here. This week: Ad billions in playMicrosoft, news savior?Trump's enablers Riccardo Savi/Getty Images for Concordia Summit Ad budgets up for grabs Billions in advertising will be up for grabs this year as brands that held back on changing their ad agencies last year restart the process, Lindsay Rittenhouse and Patr...
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Author/Poet DB Leighton Has Been Inspired! Leighton Shares Another Great Poem. #1 in a Series!

You might remember my author/poet DB Leighton’s previous poetic contributions. He’s been so busy writing since before Christmas that  he finally sent some poems and/or prose over to me for review.  He’s truly been inspired and his poems are amazing. I remember reading a couple that had me pretty much mesmerized.  I will be sharing […] The post first appeared on
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10 Trends #MarketingTwitter Thinks are the Most Exciting for 2021 and Beyond

The events of 2020 have fundamentally changed everything for marketers. Pivoting was no longer just an option; it was a necessity. But with rapid change also comes rapid innovation. For 2021 and beyond, marketers now play a much more elevated role in shaping the future of the marketing landscape. But don't just take our word...
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My 16th Anniversary Of Business Blogging

Two days ago I had a milestone with this blog. I have been officially blogging for 16 years, and since this was my first official blog I want to acknowledge that. It wasn’t the first time I was writing online, but it was the first time I owned what I was writing on. So, I’m […]
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Twitter Permanently Suspends 373 Accounts Tied to State-Linked Information Operations

Twitter permanently suspended a total of 373 accounts from four networks in Armenia, Iran and Russia (two) for violations of its platform manipulation policies and added those networks to its archive of state-linked information operations. Early access to the data revealed Tuesday was shared with the Stanford Internet Observatory. Twitter investigated and removed 35 accounts...
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Popeyes Trolls Taco Bell With ‘TikTurial’ for Turning Its Chicken Sammie Into a Taco

Do the trolls at Popeyes ever take a meal break? No, apparently they do not, especially when any of their competitors dare to enter their hallowed breaded-and-fried chicken space. Last week the target was McDonald's, which had launched a limited-release "exclusive" product preview for its new crispy chicken sandwich. Popeyes responded by buying up 50...
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Facebook Tests New Ways to Prevent Sharing of Content That Victimizes Children

Facebook is testing new tools aimed at preventing people from sharing content that victimizes children, as well as improvements to its detection and reporting tools. People on the flagship Facebook application who search for terms associated with child exploitation will see a popup that warns them of the consequences of viewing illegal content and suggests...
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After social-media sites booted Trump, Mexican leaders want to put 'clear limits' on what those companies can do

SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images President Donald Trump no longer has a social-media platform after several sites banned him in the wake of the January 6 riot on Capitol Hill. Those bans are cause for dismay in Mexico, where the president and other leaders want to exert more control over social-media sites' ability to restrict users. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. MEXICO - The removal of President Donald Trump's accounts by top social-media sites has sparked fear am...
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Volkswagen Reprises Blue Lagoon GLI for 2021 Show Car

Among water-cooled Volkswagen aficionados, the Mark 5 2004 Jetta GLI in a color called Blue Lagoon has become a unicorn. With this in mind, for 2021 Volkswagen rolled out a Jetta GLI concept car that reprises its sought-after predecessor.   Volkswagen limited the GTI 1337, a special edition made two years prior to the Blue […] The post Volkswagen Reprises Blue Lagoon GLI for 2021 Show Car appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Solutions to write off debt for entrepreneurs in the US and UK

As an entrepreneur, you have to take the highs with the lows, and taking risks in business is part of the game. Taking out loans or other lines of credit to launch a business, pay employees and grow as a company is inevitable if you don’t have a lot of spare capital lying around. However, if you can’t keep up with loan repayments, they can feel overwhelming and affect your entrepreneurial vision. The good news is, it’s very possible to write off debt as an entrepreneur, and keep your business...
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PubMatic Posts Record Revenues in First Post-IPO Quarter

PubMatic, a supply-side platform, posted record high annual revenue of $148.7 million as its Q4 returns jumped 64% year-over-year. Top Line New to the public markets, PubMatic is enjoying the highs that its fellow ad-tech companies have been seeing. The Trade Desk and LiveRamp recently reported 48% and 17% growth in quarterly revenues, respectively. PubMatic's...
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Zen & The Art Of Jaguar Racing: Scott Zacaroli Hits The Track With Canaan O’Connell

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Marketing Your Hotel in 2021: It’s Time To Take TikTok Seriously

You’ve heard of TikTok. But have you thought about using it for your hotel marketing?... The post Marketing Your Hotel in 2021: It’s Time To Take TikTok Seriously appeared first on Are Morch, Digital Marketing Coach.
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We Are Woot! A Low-Fi Campaign By The New Blank Welcomes Massive Views 

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The McBride Sisters Built a Wine Brand in Their Own Way

The fact that McBride Sisters Collection, a wine company founded in 2005, has achieved success is unlikely for a few reasons. First, new businesses often fail. Second, co-founders Robin McBride and Andr?a McBride John are women of color operating in an industry traditionally controlled by people who don't look like them. Third, the sisters grew...
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Director Julian Acosta Joins The Directors Bureau

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JPMorgan Chase Hires Linda Arrington as CMO for Commercial Banking Unit

Marketing veteran Linda Arrington is returning to her commercial banking roots, beginning her second stint at JPMorgan Chase as CMO of the company's commercial banking unit after serving as a communications strategist at major cosmetics and clothing brands. Top line In her new role, Arrington is charged with creating and running commercial banking marketing strategy,...
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Spanx’s Sara Blakely on Launching a Billion-Dollar Business During Tough Times

Sara Blakely, the founder of innovative shapewear brand Spanx, says difficult times can provide the most fertile ground for change. Indeed, Spanx was created during what the entrepreneur described as "the darkest time in my life." In a conversation with Heidi Palermo, Adweek's head of community, during our Challenger Brands summit, Blakely delved deeper into...
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How Nicole Richie Found House of Harlow’s True Customers

When Nicole Richie debuted her House of Harlow fashion brand in 2008, the focus was on being "everywhere." Now, the creative director and actress has scaled back and leaned into ecommerce to reach her actual customer. The brand started as a wholesale-driven business when Richie was in her 20s. "I was so young, and I...
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Burger King’s new look edges out McDonald’s, new poll shows

Ad Age-Harris surveys U.S. consumers on the updated packaging being introduced at the two largest hamburger chains.
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Snap stock jumps as much as 8% as the social media site sees delivering years of hefty revenue growth

Snap's CEO Evan Spiegel Getty Images for Snap, Inc. Snap stock jumped as much as 8% on Wednesday, hitting a 52-week high on the same day the social media site held its investors' day.  The company said work on its self-serve Ad Manager platform should drive years of revenue growth of more than 50%.  Snap said Ad Manager supports diversification advertisements.  Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Snap stock bulked up as much 8% Tuesday as the social media company sa...
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