Online Magazine market growth expected to see next level : Pearson, McGraw Hill, Sybex, Beacon Press, John Wiley & Sons – NeighborWebSJ - NeighborWebSJ

Online Magazine market growth expected to see next level : Pearson, McGraw Hill, Sybex, Beacon Press, John Wiley & Sons – NeighborWebSJ   NeighborWebSJ
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Bots Reportedly Helped Fuel GameStonks Hype on Facebook, Twitter, and Other Platforms

The s0-called GameStonks saga had some help from automated bots hyping up “meme” stocks on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, according to an analysis by the cybersecurity firm PiiQ Media reviewed by Reuters.Read more...
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The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Cinemeet App & CEO/Founder John Corcoran Interview Cinemeet App & CEO/Founder John Corcoran Interview The post The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Cinemeet App & CEO/Founder John Corcoran Interview appeared first on The Chris Voss Show.
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Hey millennials, stop ruining emoji for Gen Z

When I saw the news that Apple would be releasing 217 new emojis into the world, I did what I always do: I asked my undergraduates what it meant to them. “We barely use them anymore,” they scoffed. To them, many emojis are like overenthusiastic dance moves at weddings: reserved for awkward millennials. “And they use them all wrong anyway,” my cohort from generation Z added earnestly. My work focuses on how people use technology, and I’ve been following the rise of emoji for a decade. With 3,353 ...
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Zenko Mapping, Inception and Pace Layers #WIAD2021

I was honoured to give a talk on Zenko Mapping as part of this year’s virtual Word Information Architecture Day. Thanks to Mike and Mari for the invitation, and help in planning. As per the last talk I gave, I made a film to do it, using some of the previous ideas I’d used in the last Zenko Mapping film, and crucially some new parts more relevant to the You can watch it here: Additionally, some resources for you if you were at the talk (or just interested after watching t...
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Judge approves $650 million settlement of Facebook privacy lawsuit linked to facial photo tagging

The class-action case against Facebook was first filed in Illinois in 2015. Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images The $650 million settlement is one of the largest-ever from a privacy lawsuit in the US. The suit claimed Facebook violated an Illinois law prohibiting collection of biometric data without consent. About 1.6 million claimants will receive a payout of at least $345, the lawsuit said.  Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. A federal judge has approved a settl...
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Profiles in Black Creativity: Monty Browne Helps AT&T Do Good During the Holidays

Throughout Black History Month, we're partnering with agency owner Derek Walker on a series that highlights the ideas, perspectives and successes of Black advertising professionals. Today we're spotlighting creative director Monty Browne and a campaign he recently worked on for AT&T. The "Selfless Selfie" encouraged people to post a photo of themselves in one of...
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TikTok with the Best Writing Advice (No Really)

Image Cred: Getty Images A version of this story appeared in Total Annarchy, my fortnightly newsletter that helps you be a better writer, storyteller, marketer. Get it in your inbox; you’ll love it. * * * I sense I’m being watched. Followed. Stalked, almost. He’s quiet as a ninja. And like a ninja, he seems everywhere at once. Often I sense him before I see him. I think I’ve entered a room alone but then turn suddenly, and—yep—there he is: his silhouette in the doorway, backlit by the yellow ...
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Genesys Celebrates Super Human Service in Joyous New Campaign Created by ONLYCH1LD

ONLYCH1LD, the San Francisco and Paris-based production company, creates an infectiously joyous campaign for telecommunications company Genesys. The new commercial puts the brand’s key differentiator front and center: what Genesys provides goes beyond customer experience and call center technology, beyond cloud-based and on-premises software. What Genesys brings to its customers is  Super Human Service .    ONLYCH1LD also served as the creative agency, working directl...
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[PODCAST] Epicor – Using Experiential Data To Manage Recruitment Operations with Nicole Keller

Epicor – Using Experiential Data To Manage Recruitment Operations with Nicole Keller On today’s show, we have Nicole from Epicor. She’s here to discuss using experiential data to manage recruitment operations. I love this topic and can’t wait to get into it. I’ve always had a fascination with recruitment operations, so to know and learn more […]
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The One Club Announces Fusion Juries For The One Show 2021 and ADC 100th Annual Awards

The One Club for Creativity   has announced the first group of creative leaders who will serve on juries for the inaugural   One Show 2021 Fusion Pencil   and   ADC 100th Annual Awards Fusion Cube   awards, the advertising and design industry’s first global awards to recognize great work that best incorporates diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) principles, and underrepresented groups in both creative content and the team that made it. Initial   Fusion Pencil judges   f...
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Fun Things to Do with College Friends While Traveling

Are you a college student and you would like to create lifetime memories with friends?... The post Fun Things to Do with College Friends While Traveling appeared first on Are Morch, Digital Marketing Coach.
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Adventures in Consumer Financial Protection

My family took out a mortgage from CitiMortgage to buy our house and at various times we have been prepaying some of the outstanding balance.  A few weeks ago, we decided we wanted to pay off the entire loan.  Cenlar is the administrator for the loan and there are several potential legal problems with their platform and business practices: 1.      Their site offers no ready option to pay off a loan or to generate a payoff statement that tell you how much you would need to pay or how to pa...
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Tilting at windmills

The windmills aren’t the problem, it’s the tilting. In Cervantes’ day, ’tilting’ was a word for jousting. You tilted your lance at an enemy and attacked. Don Quijote was noted for believing that the windmills in the distance were giants, and he spent his days on attack. Change can look like a windmill. When we say, “the transition to a new place is making me uncomfortable,” we’ve expressed something truthful. But when we attack a windmill, we’ve wasted our time and missed an opportun...
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Weekend reading: A rocky week, Monevator email is changing, and we’re up for an award

What caught my eye this week. B it of a higgledy-piggledy digest this Saturday, which is right in keeping with a week in the markets that was all over the place. If you sensibly follow The Accumulator’s advice to watch your paint drying and wash you’re hair a third time before you check out how your portfolio is doing again, you might not know things have gotten a little tasty. As Merryn Somerset-Webb put it in the Financial Times: Bonds are supposed to be boring. When they are not, you should...
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