Facebook faces US investigation for 'systemic' racial bias in hiring

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission indicates it suspects company policies may fuel broad discriminationA US agency investigating Facebook for racial bias in hiring and promotions has designated its inquiry as “systemic”, meaning it suspects company policies may be contributing to widespread discrimination.Attorneys for three job applicants and a manager who claim the company discriminated against them told Reuters of the news on Friday.The the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) ...
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Celebrity Hairstylist Tony Medina Shares Tips on Andra Day’s Golden Globes Beauty Breakdown!

78th Golden Globe Awards: Best Actress in a Movie: ANDRA DAY!! Andra Day photo from  Tony Medina’s Instagram WHO: Andra Day   Styled by Schwarzkopf Professional-sponsored stylist Tony Medina (@hisvintagetouch) INSPIRATION: “Andra’s current look is all about looking fresh and pretty.”– Tony Medina     TIPS + TECHNIQUES 1. First, Tony brushed through Andra’s natural […] The post first appeared on
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Twitter's Birdwatch feature hopes to combat misinformation. Here's how it works and how to sign up for it

Twitter's Birdwatch site allows approved users to fact-check tweets, and any user can view those fact-checks. Westend61/Getty Images Twitter's Birdwatch feature lets users flag tweets they believe are misleading or need additional context.  The Birdwatch feature is in pilot mode and is only available to select users in the US.  Birdwatch is Twitter's latest method of cracking down on the rapid spread of misinformation on the platform.  Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more st...
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Definition 6 Welcomes Jeff Licciardi As SVP, Strategic Partnerships

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Chipotle cosmetics are back, and Elmo cleans up for SC Johnson: Trending

The week’s biggest moves, hits and misses.
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Client-side job opening: Digital Experience Marketing Manager

Evoca, a Boise-based startup offering “a reliable, high quality alternative to traditional cable, satellite, and streaming services” is looking for a Digital Experience Marketing Manager to join their team. From the job description on their website: As Evoca’s digital experience manager, you will be responsible for creating a successful digital experience for customers and prospects, ensuring that each touchpoint of the customer journey is not only effective but engaging as well. In th...
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What is Telegram?

With a focus on security and privacy, Telegram offers an encrypted messaging app platform to chat with friends and family; here’s everything we know about it.
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Snapchat to Stay the Course With iOS 14

Snapchat will continue to collect IDFA (Identifier for Advertising) data for opt-in events on iOS 14, showing Apple's permission system to users to enable them to opt in to tracking and websites owned by third parties. At some point this spring, Apple will implement ATT (AppTrackingTransparency), the modal that applications must use to secure those...
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How to create a poll on Facebook

Want to get the opinion of your friends on Facebook? You can easily create a poll within Facebook Groups or your own Facebook Story. Here’s how.
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Weekend reading: Budget 2021 might not be the end of it

What caught my eye this week. R ishi Sunak didn’t hike capital gains tax in the Budget. I took it a little personally after I’d voluntarily conjured up a five-figure tax charge, partly fearing he’d double the rate I’d pay. However I’m not too miffed. For one thing, the unsheltered shares I sold were mostly of the MAD GAINZ variety that did ridiculously well in the pandemic. And these growth stocks have continued to be hammered since I sold. Indeed at one point on Friday my former highest-flyer...
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'Women Come First' for International Women's Day, and Deutsch L.A. backs Black entrepreneurs: Agency Brief

Also, big hires at OKRP, Translation and more; plus an agency exec gets a role advising the Federal Reserve Bank.
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8 Salary Negotiation Tips Based on Trailblazers’ Real-Life Experiences

From challenging societal norms to fighting for equal rights, women are consistently at the forefront championing for change amongst underrepresented communities. Then why is it so difficult to advocate for oneself, especially when it could also lead to meaningful change in a woman's own quality of life? "Women tend to shy away from the more...
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Forecasting the Unforecastable: Less Data, More Knowledge

How do you forecast anything after a year like 2020? Traditional forecasting and planning – using prior years’ data to predict the next 12 months –­ is well-established. But in 2020 it has been tough. Impossible, even. If the impact of  COVID-19 wasn’t enough, Brexit uncertainty added to the doubt. For many, 2020’s data is too skewed to be of much use in 2021. If you’ve had a bad year then maybe this one will be better, especially if you’re in hospitality because, at the least, you might be able...
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Can-sell culture? Dr. Seuss sales soar. Plus, good news for ad industry employment: Datacenter Weekly

And revealed: the apps that share the most personal data.
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Stop Letting Google Get Away With It

After spending more than a decade building up massive profits off targeted advertising, Google on Wednesday that it’s planning to do away with any sort of individual tracking and targeting once the cookie is out of the picture. Read more...
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Opinion: It’s time for CMOs to recraft their agendas

As marketing becomes more complex, they need a more concrete and mutually understood mission.
Tags: Advertising to Create Social Sports Betting Content for FanDuel entered into a partnership with FanDuel under which the sports media company will create in-depth sports betting content and share it across all major social platforms. The partnership actually began in conjunction with Super Bowl 2021, and it encompasses branded content and personality-driven segments. said the goal is to use its nearly 75...
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Time to Shine — Announcing the 2021 Adobe Experience Maker Awards

At Adobe, we know that when exceptional customer experiences shine, they did not happen without a spark. They are the result of talented individuals, teams, and entire companies reimagining customer journeys through digital transformation to realize new business opportunities and drive results. The 2021 Experience Maker Awards will shine a spotlight on those companies and individuals who went above and beyond to deliver amazing experiences around the world. New this year is the Illuminator categ...
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These Images Accurately Portray What Women Look Like in Leadership Roles

A quick Google search of the term "women in leadership" brings up endless variations of this image: a woman wearing a blazer with her arms crossed or hands on her hips and a smile on her face. When Rebecca Swift, global head of creative insights at Getty Images, first entered photography in the '90s, that...
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U.S. advertising employment rebounds with gain of 3,500 jobs in February

U.S. advertising employment rebounded with gain of 3,500 jobs in February. Lagging figures for ad agencies show sharp decline in January, but internet media employment is at a record high.
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Director Visionnaire Adrian De Sa Garces Arrives at Eleanor

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Clorox becomes official cleaner for NBA and WNBA

Marketer of pandemic staple Clorox Wipes extends prior collaboration amid growing array of cleaning deals that include rival Lysol's pact with MLB.
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Here’s What Brands Are Doing for Women’s History Month 2021

While International Women's Day and Women's History Month initiatives can start to feel a little bit repetitive and performative year after year, the pandemic has revealed how deeply entrenched gender discrimination and inequities remain--despite the progress we've made. Some brands are using this largely ceremonial month to directly address the disparities that have been exacerbated...
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Not All Data Types Are Equally Useful

Big Data is big, in part, because no one throws anything away. It's also worth noting that "big" doesn't always spell "better" (it may spell "clunky" though). That's why the concept of Data Lake, a system for storing raw information, came about some time ago, just to keep "useful" data handy. However, determining usefulness of...
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Rudy Giuliani, Frequent Purveyor Of Misinformation, Warns Of The Dangers Of Misinformation

News you can apparently use from the Minister of Misinformation himself.
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Comprehensive Observability

I had the pleasure of producing my first analyst report in one of the hottest categories for GigaOm—cloud observability. Here are my thoughts on the research process, the technology space, and the vendors, as well as some advice for IT decision-makers. For those who have been living under the rock, who have never heard of observability, here’s a helpful excerpt from my report: Observability is an emerging set of practices, platforms, and tools that goes beyond monitoring to provide insight into ...
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Channeling Growth in 2021

In August 2020, Growth Channel joined Sputnik ATX’s Summer 2020 cohort where she grew her userbase 20% weekly on average. We all know what happened in March of 2020. Austin, Texas was no exception. SXSW was canceled, leaving scores of commuters frustrated as the travel ban took effect. In that group of newly trapped travelers were Maryna Burushkina, her husband, and young son. They had no choice but to stay.Although it was unexpected, Burushkina was no stranger to new environments. Originally f...
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What to Make of Google’s Privacy Bomb: A Town Hall

Publishers, ad tech, media buyers and brands have been bracing for game-changing privacy updates for some time. And on Wednesday they got news that--while declarative--also invited many new questions. Google's market-leading browser Chrome, which is used by more than 60% of web users, has chosen not to support alternate identifiers that help marketers target customers....
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Piggyback Listbuilding On An Affiliate Product or Launch

Gotta love a good piggyback ride. I bet you are wondering what this has to do with marketing your business and making money online… There is a strategy I teach that was worked extremely well for me over the years…I call it piggybacking. But we are not giving each other piggyback rides (fun as that […] The post Piggyback Listbuilding On An Affiliate Product or Launch appeared first on MLM Blog - Network Marketing Blog.
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