4 Great Examples of Successful Affiliate Websites

To run a successful affiliate website, it is essential to understand how they operate and how they make money. Affiliate websites promote a product or service making compelling recommendations while linking the product, when a viewer visits the link and makes a purchase the company/retailer tracks back the purchase and pays the affiliate a commission on the sale.  The most popular affiliate program is Amazon Associates enabling millions of affiliate marketers to make fortunes. Let’s take a ...
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Baby Vision: not what you think

It’s just a result of this particular point in American pop culture history, but when I see this “Baby Vision” ad in Shanghai: …I immediately think of this “Baby Vision” instead: (Yes, that second photo is from WandaVision. The first one is an ad for an optometrist’s services in Shanghai.) Going more for meaning over sound, Marvel Vision’s name in Chinese is 幻视 (Huànshì). So, following the model of Baby Yoda ( 尤达宝宝 ), I guess it would be fair to call Marvel’s Baby Vision...
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Hiring a Logo Designer to Boost Business Exposure and Build a Brand

Employing a logo designer is a good idea for any company. The reason why is because it creates brand awareness. The more exposure your company gets the more potential customers you will have. As you may have noticed by now, a lot of companies are advertising their products in TV commercials and even on the radio. What happens after that? Just imagine if that is not enough to gain profit. You will then be faced with customers who have no clue about your company or the product you are selling. Do ...
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Facebook's Dream of Running a Giant Cable From California to Hong Kong Once Again Dashed

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again, the old maxim goes, and apparently, that advice counts double if you’re Facebook, a company that has at this point tried a cartoonish number of times to install a high-capacity internet conduit between California and Hong Kong only to be continually thwarted by the U.S.…Read more...
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Beware The Happy Idiot

 The Happy Idiot, as it’s known in professional naming circles, is a process used by naming agencies who view your naming project as a consensus building exercise only, and not a quest for a powerful name that consensus is then built aroundIt’s called The Happy Idiot because an agency deliberately delivers a name that’s a liability to a smiling client who’s happy with the result. It was designed to be the fastest, smoothest route to client buy-in on a name, with the least amount of effort by th...
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The Unsung Heroes Of Business Strategy

We are trained to be solution-finders. In school, we are given questions and graded on the quality of our solutions. As we develop in our careers, management examines the solutions that we propose, not the questions that we have asked. For annual reviews, “performance” is usually defined as creating and implementing solutions rather than finding the best problems to tackle. We become wonderfully efficient at solving problems, even if they are the wrong ones to solve. Few kudos come from asking ...
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St. Patrick’s Day Is in 7 Days! Celebrate Now at Dunkin Donut’s with Irish Crème Available in Most Beverages!

    Coffee lovers are in luck this March!  For a limited time, customers can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in true Dunkin’ style at participating locations throughout California.   Dunkin’s Irish Crème has a smooth velvety flavor featuring notes of sweet creme and vanilla, enhanced with the flavor (but not buzz!) of Irish Crème whiskey. […] The post St. Patrick’s Day Is in 7 Days! Celebrate Now at Dunkin Donut’s with Irish Crème Available in Most Beverages! first appeared on ...
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The Chris Voss Show Podcast – My Inner Sky: On Embracing Day, Night, and All the Times in Between by Mari Andrew

My Inner Sky: On Embracing Day, Night, and All the Times in Between by Mari Andrew From New York Times bestselling author Mari Andrew, a collection of essays and illustrations, divided into phases of the sky–twilight, golden hour, night, and dawn–that serves as a loyal companion for life’s curveballs A whole, beautiful life is only made possible by the wide spectrum of feelings that exist between joy and sorrow. In this insightful and warm book, writer and illustrator Mari Andrew explo...
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What is this 'hot pigeon'? Is it even real?

One of the main characters on Twitter today is the pink-necked green-pigeon, a photo of which went viral overnight. Yes, it’s real. Yes, it’s stunningSteph, there is an incredibly beautiful pigeon all over my Twitter and it doesn’t look real. Is it real?Lucy, yes, it is real and also extremely attractive. People are calling it “hot pigeon”. Continue reading...
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St. Patrick's Day Social Campaign from Tullamore D.E.W. and RTO+P

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The Science of Attention: Tips for Speakers

Does it seem like it’s harder than ever to gain and maintain your audience’s attention? If you think so, you aren’t alone. According to PEW Research Center, 87% of teachers believe that today’s technology is creating an “easily distracted generation with short attention spans.” And it’s true, we have more information and distractions coming at us than ever before. But we can’t be too quick to place all the blame on the audience. Some of the problem is that many speakers today haven’t adapted the...
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What Are the Prospects for a Spending Revival for Out-of-Home and Direct Mail Advertising?

Among performance-marketing categories, both out-of-home and direct-mail advertising experienced devastating declines in 2020. As the effects of the pandemic slowly diminishes, both are expected to recover. But there's one question marketers in those categories face: What should they base 2021 spending on? After all, 2020 is practically synonymous with the much-overused word "unprecedented." For Brian...
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A Retreat to Mindful Self-care

What is one of the best ways to incorporate the benefits of mindfulness into your life?By learning and then practicing the time-tested skills taught by a trained coach and in a safe, supportive environment for learning and growing together.Why do retreats make a huge difference in our ability to absorb and put into practice these skills?Because you are making a commitment to yourself by setting aside time to focus on both the learning AND the practice.Why a virtual retreat? On Zoom?Listen, there...
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Meet the top ad agency search consultants

Good morning and welcome to Insider Advertising for March 11. I'm senior advertising reporter Lauren Johnson, and here's what's going on:Meet the advertising consultants.Maria Bartiromo's Trump bet.Unilever moves to Publicis.If this email was forwarded to you, sign up here for your daily insider's guide to advertising and media.Tips, comments, suggestions? Drop me a line at [email protected] or on Twitter at @LaurenJohnson. Joanne Davis 13 top consulting firms ...
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Where the Buffalo Roam + Google Brand Studio Navigate the Pandemic in Italy with “The Bicycling Bookseller"

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Solve This Riddle

What is a cross between Twitter and YouTube and is also a newspaper and TV show and radio broadcast?Read more...
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Foster Farms picks Erich & Kallman as its creative agency

The West Coast poultry brand previously worked with Deutsch LA, and awarded the business to the independent shop without a review.
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Facebook Continues Efforts to Battle Covid-19 Vaccine Misinformation

Facebook revealed more steps it is taking to prevent the spread of misinformation about the Covid-19 vaccine via its platforms. The social network kicked off a new campaign across the European Union, Iceland, Norway and the U.K., as well as countries across Africa and the Middle East and Turkey, in partnership with the World Health...
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'This is the best time in publishing ever,' says Markus Dohle - Atlantic Council

'This is the best time in publishing ever,' says Markus Dohle   Atlantic Council
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WarnerMedia, CBS Gear Up for ‘Very Complex’ March Madness Tournament

Almost a year after the world shut down, Turner Sports and CBS are ready to bring back the first major sports event that was canceled because of Covid-19. For the 10th year, the two companies have partnered with the NCAA for the annual Division I Men's Basketball Championship. March Madness coverage kicks off with Selection...
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How To Build Great Digital Products

Back in 2014, my colleagues and I declared that “the future of business is digital.” Yet, to build a digital business, you must build digital products. And the most disruptive digital businesses — well, they build great digital products. How Do Disruptive Digital Leaders Build Great Digital Products? One of the keys to unlocking digital […]
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How to talk taxes with your young credit union members

As forms and schedules arrive in the mail for tax season, these materials are a great way to introduce basic taxation concepts to young credit union members. Our topic, "Let's Talk Taxes," focuses on one simple idea–paycheck deductions—which is usually the first real-world experience people have with taxes.A short (3:24) video is always a fun way to introduce a topic. ...
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How brands are approaching a very different March Madness

Marketers reveal their NCAA tournament plans as the college hoops tourney returns after it was canceled last year—but the pandemic is still forcing significant branding changes.
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Twitter Testing Non-Auto-Cropped Images, 4K on Android, iOS

Twitter is testing a different way of displaying images on its timeline on Android and iOS, foregoing auto-cropping except in cases where the image is particularly long or wide, in which case it will be center cropped. Now testing on Android and iOS: when you Tweet a single image, how the image appears in the...
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How Calm’s Quick Decision to Sponsor CNN Election Night Coverage Paid Off

Meditation app Calm's sponsorship of CNN's election night key race alert updates was the sponsorship heard 'round the country. On the high-stress night of Nov. 4, updates trickled in. Viewers across America sat at the edges of their seat to see who would be the winner of the presidential election--and were nudged toward a product...
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TheSkimm Has Signed Up 50,000 to Its Virtual Financial Literacy Program

Female-focused publisher theSkimm has seen an increased demand for its virtual learning courses. Since Feb. 25, 50,000 participants have registered for the free seminars, the first of which airs live on March 25 at 8 p.m. ET. These finance-focused seminars, run under the name SkimmU, are each 45 minutes long and will be interactive with...
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Your Future Of Work Requires More Creativity

It’s getting increasingly difficult to differentiate. Everybody reads the same Harvard Business Review articles and has access to the same try-before-you-buy cloud tools. But there is one lever of business success that is underutilized, and it’s one that you can improve by investing in what economists call “labor” but what you know simply as “people.” […]
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Instagram Lite Returns, Officially Debuting in Over 170 Countries

Instagram Lite is back, officially this time, rolling out in over 170 countries Wednesday. A slimmed-down Instagram Lite Android application was initially tested in 2018, and that version disappeared last year in favor of a revamped version that began testing in India last December and eventually became the app that debuted Wednesday. The new Instagram...
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