AT&T, Cigna abandon promises to stop financing Republicans who voted to overturn the election

Erin Schaff/Getty Images AT&T and Cigna have resumed funding GOP election objectors, Popular Information reported Friday. Some companies paused PAC contributions after GOP efforts to overturn Biden's victory led to violence. Here's how much each S&P 500 corporate PAC had given - and if they've paused or resumed contributions. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. AT&T and Cigna both gave money last month to groups overseen by Republican lawmakers who sought t...
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Group IASO: AΩ

Simply by highlighting two of the letters that exist in the brand’s name “ΙΑΣΩ”, the letters alpha (A) and omega (Ω), we created the ancient Greek expression “the alpha and omega” to state that our patients’ health is our most important mission, just like the meaning of this phrase suggests.  
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Make Sure National Beer Day -April 7- Is on Your Calendar + Try Partake’s Range of Beers!

If you’re a craft beer lover, then National Beer Day (April 7)  should be on your calendar. For those seeking exceptional flavor, high-quality ingredients, and variety, Partake is the brew for you. It also happens to be a non-alcoholic beer (NAB). Don’t worry, this beer isn’t lacking in anything.       On top of being only 10-30 […] The post Make Sure National Beer Day -April 7- Is on Your Calendar + Try Partake’s Range of Beers! first appeared on
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Following Up on a Prior Post

The University of Kansas announced today that its University Press will not be shut down. The Press will instead proceed under new leadership and make various changes to its business model. Thanks to all of you who spoke out in favor of the Press.  [Author: Gerard N. Magliocca]
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Animal chairs / N’ont-ils pas un peu singé la créa originale?

THE ORIGINAL? Don de Hacer –  2014 “If you kill a tree, you’ll kill more than one life” Click the image to enlarge Source : Ad Forum, Act Responsible, Agency : Room 23, Buenos Aires (Argentina) LESS ORIGINAL Living Forest Institute – 2021 “We’re logging more than our old-grown trees” Click the image to enlarge Source : Agency : One Twenty Three West (Canada) [Author: Joe La Pompe]
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5 Ways To Save Money By Going Green

People don’t often think of going green as being a way to save money, but some ecofriendly lifestyle changes can help you save or earn significant sums of money. 1. Recycle Old Phones When it’s time to replace your cell phone, you can recycle your old phone at ecoatms near me. What is ecoatm? These machines allow you to exchange old phones for cash. The phones are then reused or recycled. Some of the materials used in cell phones are difficult to acquire or toxic to the environment. By recyc...
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When Sedona Prince Called Out the NCAA for Unequal Facilities, Orangetheory Stepped Up

A college athlete's call for the NCAA to offer more equitable training facilities for women was heard by millions in social media--including a brand willing to step in and help fill the gap. Workout studio chain Orangetheory Fitness noticed a video from Sedona Prince, who plays for the Oregon Ducks women's basketball team. In the...
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Senate Considering Hauling in Facebook, Twitter CEOs so They Can All Ramble for Hours About Whatever BS Gripe They Have This Time

If you thought last year’s clusterf*ck of a Senate hearing on social media was a good use of everyone’s time, congrats! The Senate is considering calling Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, and the rest of the gang back together for another hearing, this time before the Judiciary Committee.Read more...
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Weekend reading: Who will win the platform consolidation prize?

What caught my eye this week. A reminder that platform consolidation continues apace. Monevator readers have noticed a Legal & General statement on logging into their accounts stating they’re set to be transferred to Fidelity. Meanwhile EQi has emailed me – and I presume others, unless it thinks I smell – to confirm my account is to be spirited away to Interactive Investor. The L&G move is the result of a £5.8bn deal struck last October. After the handover, Fidelity will administer the 300,00...
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7-Eleven Sells Limited-Edition Pajamas to Promote All-Day Breakfast

While pandemic-era rules remain in effect, any time can be breakfast time--and the window for wearing pajamas is 24 hours long. To mark that fact, and promote its own new offering of all-day breakfast, convenience store 7-Eleven in Sweden is advertising a line of branded pajamas. Priced at 299 Swedish krona, or about $35, the...
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Here’s What the VR Experience at SXSW Looks Like

Without in-person experiences, brands have seen success in the past year by hosting activations in virtual worlds--accessible using VR headsets like the Oculus Quest, or simply through a phone or laptop. South by Southwest (SXSW), the Austin, Texas-based conglomeration of music, film and interactive festivals, is being held entirely online this week. Known among marketers...
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Digital OOH Exhibition Highlights Black Land Ownership From 400 Years Ago

As out of home ad spending began its slow recovery in early January, the Westfield World Trade Center sought to turn space typically devoted to marketing messages into one that reflects upon the area's centuries-long connection to the Black community. The real estate company partnered with Black Gotham Experience (BGX) to create a digital installation...
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Ogilvy wins Absolut and Accenture's Brian Whipple goes mad: Agency Brief

Also, DNA gets new blood, David&Goliath loads its slingshot, and an ad thriller is on the way.
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How to Handle Presentation Transcripts

There’s a story from the March on Washington that few have heard. It involves John Lewis’ speech and revisions being made behind Lincoln’s statue with a typewriter minutes before he spoke. And it all centered around his speech. Before we get into this fascinating story though, let’s talk about the difference between scripts and transcripts. A script is generally regarded as the written version of what a speaker plans to say. A transcript, however, is the written or printed version of a speech af...
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Pringles Is the Latest Brand to Jump on the NFT Bandwagon

Pringles is adding a new "flavor," of sorts, available to anyone who has roughly $600 to spare on an animated image of a gold-plated chip tube. The Kellogg's-owned snack brand is auctioning off 50 limited-edition pieces of animated artwork as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), a digital form of collectible bought and sold with cryptocurrency that are...
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How to Haggle, Even at a Major Retailer

A lot of people aren’t comfortable haggling, but there’s really no need to be intimidated—the best case scenario is that you’ll save money, and the worst-case scenario is that you’ll be told “no,” which merely confirms the seller’s stated price. To help you land a bargain, here are some common tips to keep in mind…Read more...
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Researchers Have Figured Out a Way to Stop People From Sharing Misinformation

A new study in Nature suggests that shifting reader attention online can help combat the spread of inaccurate information. The study, published on March 17, 2021, found that while people prefer to share accurate information, it is difficult to convince the average social media user to seek it out before sharing.…Read more...
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Xandr Shares Comprehensive Approach to Identity

Xandr today shared insight into its multi-faceted approach to identity solutions, to facilitate high-value transactions for buyers and sellers following the deprecation of third-party cookies and device IDs. Xandr is laying the groundwork for agnostic interoperability for identifiers, so its clients can work flexibly with first-party data, including authenticated user data, and industry identity solutions, […] The post appeared first on Ad Tech Daily.
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What is Snapchat Spotlight? How to promote your videos on the TikTok-like feature of the app

Snapchat's Spotlight feature is a tool for promoting videos on the platform. Tim Robberts/Getty Images Snapchat's Spotlight feature is a TikTok-like component for promoting viral videos from the Snapchat community. Anyone can submit videos to Spotlight from the top of the "Send To" page. Here's everything you need to know about Spotlight on Snapchat, including tips for getting your snaps accepted. Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. One way to know wh...
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New Tequila Brand Lobos 1707 Built Diversity and Inclusion Into Its Mission

While every brand seems eager to discuss diversity, equity and inclusion throughout February and March, far fewer have built their entire company's identity around those concepts. Lobos 1707, a new line of tequila launched last year, is doing just that. Rooted in the concept of "building a bigger table" to make room for a diverse...
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Verizon commits $10 million in donations and ad inventory to AAPI community

Verizon Media will advocate for Asian rights, mental health and promote Asian-owned and run small businesses.
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Verizon commits $15 million in donations and ad inventory to AAPI community

Verizon Media will advocate for Asian rights, mental health and promote Asian-owned and run small businesses.
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The Week of Driving Autonomously in an Xpeng

XPeng, a Chinese maker of EVs, sent a fleet of XPeng P7s on a 2,284-mile, weeklong autonomous driving jaunt across six provinces, the longest by any mass-produced vehicles in the country. A demonstration of XPeng’s navigation-guided pilot (NGP) autonomous driving capabilities is taking place right now on highways in China. Developed in-house, NGP is going […] The post The Week of Driving Autonomously in an Xpeng appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Rit Tie-Dye Went From Bankruptcy 5 Years Ago to a Pandemic-Fueled Resurgence

Two kinds of cultural history were made in Bethel, N.Y., at 2:00 a.m. on Aug. 16, 1969. The first was Janis Joplin, barefoot and a bit stewed from partying. She strode onto Woodstock's plywood stage and faced the half-million crowd as a solo act, having quit Big Brother and the Holding Company several months earlier....
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Twitter Seeks Users’ Input on How to Handle Content From World Leaders

Twitter kicked off a public survey Friday aimed at learning how its users believe it should craft its approach to treatment of world leaders. The social network said the questionnaire will be available in the coming days in 14 languages--Arabic, Chinese, English, Farsi, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog and Urdu--and it...
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Time's stunning cover confronts the anti-Asian violence plaguing the country

Artist Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya's "With Softness and Power" debuts in wake of Atlanta shootings.
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The NFL is up, Ascential is down, Tubi races into Nascar and Chris Singleton sings for Ram: Trending

The week’s biggest moves, hits and misses and newsmakers.
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Ava DuVernay Hopes Her Array Crew Database Is Obsolete in 10 Years

Filmmaker and screenwriter Ava DuVernay became used to being the only Black person on set when she started working in Hollywood. But with a database she built and rolled out last month to help get underrepresented groups hired in the industry, she is hoping to make her experience a thing of the past. In a...
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Exclusive: Johnson & Johnson Created a Parent’s Guide to Discussing Racism With Kids

When it comes to a complex topic like race, children are much more receptive to new information than they often get credited for. In fact, according to some studies, a child a can begin to recognize race as early as six months old. Still, it can be rather difficult to find the right language that...
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