Adweek Podcast: Performance Marketing Awards & #StopAAPIHate

What exactly is performance marketing? How has it evolved? And who are some of the big winners of this year's Adweek Performance Marketing Awards? Adweek's interim brand and performance marketing editor David Kaplan joins us to discuss performance marketing. Stream the new episode below, listen and subscribe on Apple Podcasts or find it on Spotify.
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These Innovative Campaigns and Execs Delivered Results and Accountability When It Mattered Most

Last year was an exciting one for performance marketers, in part because they got hyped about what scared so many professionals during the pandemic: accountability. Measurable results proved their ideas worked, and worked well. So, there's perhaps no better year for Adweek's Performance Marketing Awards to debut than in 2021. These 24 honorees represent a...
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P&G’s Marc Pritchard Is Using ‘Constructive Disruption’ to Reinvent Brand Building

The demand for consumer-packaged goods in the wake of Covid-19 continues to upend the regular patterns that connect commerce and performance. From March 2020 through February 2021, both in-store and online CPG sales rose 14% compared to the previous 12-month period, according to data from NCSolutions. But with new opportunities come new challenges, and Marc...
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Streaming With the Enemy: How Connected TV Rivals Learned to Work Together

Amazon Fire and Roku are connected TV rivals, with the two platforms taking a combined 50% share of big screen CTV viewing last year. That's why it has been a surprise to see the two become partners in recent months. Amazon's IMDb TV channel was added to Roku in January, three months after The Roku...
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Infographic: Unprepared Brands Caught With Hands in Soon-to-Be-Empty Cookie Jar

With the recent announcement from Google that it will not use alternate identifiers to track data in its products, even after third-party cookies are phased out, brands and publishers are feeling the heat. Ad-tech company Adform and market research firm Dynata conducted a survey across 12 markets in Europe and the U.S. between Sept. 1-30...
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From User IDs to Cohorts, the Future of Ad Tech Is Now Clear

Ad-tech executives and product designers should be breathing a sigh of relief now that Google has announced it will not support a cross domain identifier when Chrome deprecates the third-party cookie by 2022. Until now, the industry has been focused on finding backward compatible work-arounds, such as redesigning device graphs to work in the first...
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Brands drop David Dobrik

Hello and welcome to Insider Advertising for March 22. I'm senior advertising reporter Lauren Johnson, and here's what's going on:Brands drop David Dobrik.Inside Ryan Reynolds' ad agency.Cision mulls spinning off PR Newswire.If this email was forwarded to you, sign up here for your daily insider's guide to advertising and media.Tips, comments, suggestions? Drop me a line at [email protected] or on Twitter at @LaurenJohnson. Steven Ferdman/Getty Images YouTube...
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The Week Ahead: Big Tech CEOs return to Congress and ‘Equal Pay Day’ is here

Looking at some key happenings in the next seven days.
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State Legislator Doesn’t Understand That He Works for the Government–Attwood v. Clemons

Florida Rep. Chuck Clemons has a Twitter account. A constituent, Attwood, tweeted at him that he opposed Clemons’ position on a gun reform bill. Clemons felt the tweet was aggressive. Clemons reviewed Attwood’s tweets, saw profane tweets directed at other politicians, and blocked Attwood’s Twitter account. Attwood complained about the Twitter block on Clemons’ Facebook page. Clemons blocked Attwood at Facebook too. Attwood sued Clemons for violations of the First and Fourteenth Amendments. In r...
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Trump is planning to launch his own social-media platform in the next few months, aide Jason Miller says

Photo showing the suspended Twitter account of Donald Trump on a smartphone outside the White House on January 8, 2021. Joshua Roberts/Reuters Former President Donald Trump is reportedly planning to launch his own social media platform in the coming months. Longtime Trump adviser Jason Miller said the former president would return to "completely redefine the game," during a Fox News appearance Sunday. Trump was booted off most social-media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, follow...
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DoorDash, EA Sports, and Dollar Shave Club have dropped YouTube star David Dobrik after a rape allegation against a former member of his Vlog Squad

Hello everyone!Welcome to this weekly roundup of stories from Insider's Business co-Editor in Chief Matt Turner. Subscribe here to get this newsletter in your inbox every Sunday.What we're going over today:A woman featured on YouTube star David Dobrik's channel says she was raped by a Vlog Squad member in 2018. After Insider's reporting, Dobrik was dropped by brands like DoorDash, EA Sports, and Dollar Shave Club.Apollo's hard-driving culture is extreme even by Wall Street st...
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Bethesda / Xbox: Bethesda Joins the Xbox Family

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Acura: Working Mom

The campaign was developed around the importance of family to Hispanic car buyers, especially female drivers who make up 40 percent of MDX sales in the Hispanic market. Of course, the campaign also touts the premium performance of the all-new MDX, along with features that a family looks for in a luxury SUV, including MDX’s bold new exterior design, spacious and sophisticated interior, and technology like MDX’s new Precision Cockpit all-digital instrument display, Amazon Alexa ...
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Celebrate National Cocktail Day (3/24) with Cocktails from KÖE Kombucha and De La Calle!

        Raise a glass because next Wednesday March 24 is National Cocktail Day! When you have the right ingredients, premium cocktails can be made easily right at home. Here are some great cocktails that you can mix up easily at home.   Two brands that are probiotic kombuchas —De La Calle and KÖE […] The post Celebrate National Cocktail Day (3/24) with Cocktails from KÖE Kombucha and De La Calle! first appeared on
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reinventing the marketing 4Ps

There’s a constant tendency in the marketing community to throw out long-established marketing concepts in favor of something new.   The classic “4Ps” (Product, Price, Promotion, Place) is often in the crosshairs, sometimes with new Ps like “Purpose”, “People”, “Process”, “Performance”, or “Personalization” thrown haphazardly into the marketing mix. Mark Ritson recently mocked this behavior by launching a “Four P Regenerator” that randomly creates new jargon starting with the letter P so ...
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Protecting Your Hospitality Business in a Post-Pandemic World

Is your hospitality business prepared for a post-pandemic world? The past year or so has... The post Protecting Your Hospitality Business in a Post-Pandemic World appeared first on Are Morch, Digital Marketing Coach.
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AgencyLogic Support Video – How to Take Your Single Property Website Offline

In the following video, part of the AgencyLogic single property Website technical support series, we learn how to take a listing Website offline, temporarily or permanently.
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Lincoln: Ivory Steps

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Mini Cooper: Launched by

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IKEA: The IKEA ScrapsBook

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Arcelevn: Kaamos

In filmmaking, CGI locations, characters and clothing are becoming more and more common. Arcelevn’s lead designer Eetu Räisänen believes that the same will happen in the fashion industry. To promote their Fall/Winter 2021 collection, the brand created a fashion show without any real life models or clothing. ...
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What is Kik Messenger?

The easy-to-use Kik app has the look and feel of an SMS text messenger, but with plenty of appealing perks.
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What is Bitmoji?

Create a Bitmoji that looks just like you, with loads of stickers to share across all your favorite apps.
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“Perfect or we’re not going”

When does this rule apply? It doesn’t apply to anyone we’ve ever hired. It doesn’t apply to anything we’ve ever purchased. It doesn’t apply to any project we’ve sponsored. Or anyone we’ve ever voted for, dated or befriended, either. In fact, it’s a great excuse for the things we’re afraid to do, or where our inclination is to say no anyway. If you’re hoping for inaction, look for perfect.
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Sherry Turkle: 'The pandemic has shown us that people need relationships'

The acclaimed writer on technology and its effect on our mental health talks about her memoir and the insights Covid has given herSherry Turkle, 72, is professor of the social studies of science and technology at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She was one of the first academics to examine the impact of technology on human psychology and society. She has published a series of acclaimed books: her latest, The Empathy Diaries, is an enthralling memoir taking in her time growing up in Brookl...
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Same-sex parenthood draws unexpected support in Hungary - The Japan Times

Same-sex parenthood draws unexpected support in Hungary   The Japan Times
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Zoflora: Kills Germs Beautifully

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