15 Foods that Pair Best with Coffee! Guest Post by Charles Vallena!

    15 Foods that Pair Best with Your Coffee!  By  Charles Vallena Founder and Managing  Editor of   Image by 12019 via   Coffee is a great versatile drink that is perfect any time of the day. It’s one of the drinks that instantly perks up the mood and just sets the […] The post 15 Foods that Pair Best with Coffee! Guest Post by Charles Vallena! first appeared on
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Reddit's Reportedly Cooking Up Its Own Clubhouse-Like Voice Chat Feature

Rumor has it the front page of the internet may be the latest online platform cooking up a social audio feature a la the voice-only chat app Clubhouse.Read more...
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The New Energy Crisis

Like all good energy crises, it's here because of how we think about value. Pricing and prioritization depend on it. In 2004, a family discovered a leak in their roof. While that needed attention, nobody noticed the large painting underneath the leak. Propped up near an old springbok and mattresses, it sat there. Two years later, burglars raided the attic. But they missed the painting. Then, the owners found it while clearing out the attic. The house had been in their family since 1871. After th...
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Cybercriminals Bought Facebook Ads for a Fake Clubhouse App That Was Riddled With Malware

Cybercriminals have been pushing Facebook users to download a Clubhouse app “for PC,” something that doesn’t exist. The app is actually a trojan designed to inject malware into your computer. The popular new invite-only chat app is only available on iPhone but worldwide interest in the platform has risen and users are…
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NEW Kate Somerville Products are on Sale at Sephora’s Spring Savings Event!

SEPHORA SAVINGS EVENT: April 9 – April 19 NEW Kate Somerville Products  on  SALE!   Here’s the deal on this sale: different levels of points (based on your purchases), will get you different levels of discounts DATE: Friday, April 9 – Monday, April 19  — DEAL: 10-20% off CODE: OMGSPRING Discount levels: Rouge:    20% […] The post NEW Kate Somerville Products are on Sale at Sephora’s Spring Savings Event! first appeared on
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kaboom and Director Jordan Brady Help Buick ‘Envision’ March Madness

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The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Working Backwards: Insights, Stories, and Secrets from Inside Amazon by Colin Bryar, Bill Carr

Working Backwards: Insights, Stories, and Secrets from Inside Amazon by Colin Bryar, Bill Carr Working Backwards is an insider’s breakdown of Amazon’s approach to culture, leadership, and best practices from two long-time Amazon executives. Colin started at Amazon in 1998; Bill joined in 1999. In Working Backwards, these two long-serving Amazon executives reveal and codify the principles and practices that drive the success of one of the most extraordinary companies the world has ever ...
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An NFT that's truly bananas and Virtue gets a new global chief growth officer: Agency Brief

This NFT is bananas Well, a banana. The duct tape has been replaced with a sharpie, but the latest fruit-forward critique of art-as-investment comes from Nathan Phillips, co-founder of creative agency Technology, Humans and Taste. He’s packaged his “creative identity” into a single image of a banana with an identity crisis. Scrawling the word “ORANGE” across it in permanent marker makes it art, he says. And if someone buys the NFT he created of it, that will officially make him an artist,...
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Litter-Robot and Todrick Hall Team Up for New Music Video “We Don’t Scoop”

When Litter-Robot designer, founder, and CEO Brad Baxter inherited two cats in 1999, he began formulating a device that would ultimately eliminate the often tedious task of scooping litter. After months of testing various prototypes, the design for Litter-Robot was finalized. The convenient contraption quickly became the highest-rated self-cleaning litter box on the market. It...
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How a new cable network dedicated to the Chicago Cubs is trying to gain fan loyalty

A new campaign focuses on the highs and heartaches of following the team.
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Don’t Blame the ACLU for Facebook's Ills

Earlier this week, folks in tech-savvy onlookers were utterly scandalized when a tweet thread from former Federal Trade Commission CTO Ashkan Soltani began being passed around. In it, Soltani calls out the American Civil Liberties Union for committing one of the cardinal sins of the tech privacy sphere: sharing data…Read more...
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The Twitter Boycott Isn’t Effective. We Need More Than ‘Intent’ to Support Women

On April 9, there is a boycott of Twitter. According to Amnesty International, every 30 seconds, a woman is abused on Twitter. That's horrifying, especially when one considers that there is a correlation between online behavior and what people do IRL. This has got to change, and certainly Twitter should step up and do something....
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Gartner Expands Its Definition of Customer Experience Management (CXM)

Photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash Every now and then, there comes a time to recognize that the world has changed. My peers and I at Gartner spent several months discussing, debating, and building consensus for a change to our definition of customer experience management (CXM). Given the increase in investment in and the growing maturity of CXM programs, we felt the time had come to advance and expand our definition.Our existing definition was, "The practice of designing and reacting to cus...
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Bustle Digital Group Launches Branded Content Arm in Partnership With Hero Collective

Bustle Digital Group, the publisher of nine titles including Bustle, Elite Daily, Input, Inverse, Mic, Nylon, Romper and The Zoe Report, has partnered with the Black-owned creative agency Hero Collective to launch a new production studio called Undercurrents. The new production group, which complements BDG's existing 65-person in-house production team BDG Studios, will develop branded...
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Holy shizz! Budweiser plugs Utah bottles—and Starbucks grapples with oat milk shortage: Trending

This week’s marketing winners, losers and newsmakers.  
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Chopped 420 Taps Into Cannabis Culinary Trend for Discovery+

Fans of the Food Network's long-running competition show, Chopped, are familiar with its celebrity story arcs. Martha Stewart will drop in for a handful of episodes this month and the show will offer cross-over kitchen battles--can anyone beat Bobby Flay? But an upcoming, limited-run series on the new Discovery+ streaming service aims to blow audiences...
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Labor Organizers Blame Heavy-Handed Corporate Tactics for Failed Amazon Union Bid

Amazon workers in Alabama have voted against unionizing, but the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU) is demanding a hearing to potentially throw out the results, as well as an investigation into Amazon's actions, which it says amounts to union busting. Of the reported 3215 ballots cast, 1,798 employees voted no while 738 voted...
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Mielle Organics Raises More Than $100 Million in Funding

Black-owned haircare brand Mielle Organics attracted a Series A investment of more than $100 million from private equity firm Berkshire Partners, whose prior investments include well-known brands such as CrossFit, Party City and Rockport. Top line The news from Mielle, also the fastest-growing Black-owned natural haircare brand in the U.S., follows announcements earlier this year...
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Watch the newest commercials on TV from Fellowes, AT&T, Goldfish and more

AT&T says it “keeps kids and teachers connected, so the learning never stops.”  
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Sustainability Proves an Effective Way of Reaching Rideshare Passengers With Travel Ads

People riding in the back of an Uber or Lyft are a captive audience to ads being flashed across the tablet screens that hang over the backs of the seats. But captive doesn't equal engagement. And while it seems obvious that travel would appeal to rideshare hails, studies have shown that this is not the...
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ITV skip all ads after Prince Philip's death to bring uninterrupted obituary coverage

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Addressing the biggest challenges in a privacy-centric world

  Truly Connected Presented by Verizon Media Across our industry ecosystem, advertisers and publishers are having to navigate ongoing and upcoming identity and consumer privacy headwinds. Some look at 2021 and beyond and see an impending identity crisis. Some see the potential for an identity revolution, one rooted in real connections with real people. Ad Age Studio 30 is partnering with Verizon Media to produce a series of short videos to highlight perspectives from thought ...
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Exclusive: Virtue Hires Ogilvy Alum as First Global Chief Growth Officer

Vice's in-house creative agency, Virtue, has brought in a veteran leader to lead global business efforts as it pursues further growth. Virtue has hired Suresh Raj as global chief growth officer, responsible for new global business efforts, as it reinvents its agency model. The appointment follows Vice Media Group's (VMG) acquisition of Pltfmr and cofounders...
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Generating More Solar Power Than You Need? This Brand Offers Free Beer as a Reward

There's no shortage of ways to help our environment, from volunteering for community cleanups to reducing our dependence on plastics. While we should adopt sustainable practices out of a desire to help our vulnerable planet, a little incentive rarely hurts matters. Beer brand Victoria Bitter has a cold, refreshing offer for fellow Aussies looking to...
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How the Pandemic Super-Charged Broadcast’s Interest in Women’s Sports

Lisa Baird became the commissioner of the National Women's Soccer League on March 10, 2020. Two days later, she suspended the season--and then plotted the league's careful June return from their quarantine bubble that would end up breaking sports rating records. "To be the first team sport to come back in a bubble was an...
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Nielsen, Networks Face Off Over Pandemic TV Audience Measurement

Ahead of this year's upfronts season, Nielsen and a major industry trade group representing the major television networks are butting heads over the measurement firm's metrics over the last year. The Video Advertising Bureau, which represents major networks including A+E Networks, Disney, Fox, NBCUniversal and ViacomCBS, this week accused Nielsen of "systemically under-counting" television viewership...
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3 Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Could Benefit from a Business Coach

With more people looking to take advantage of their own personal life, financial and professional future, the entrepreneurship industry is growing at a rapid pace, while also introducing some amazing new opportunities in the process. All of this is leading to one of the most economical and growth booms in history, while also making a lot of people rich in the process. However, as more individuals continue to enter the world of entrepreneurship and marketing, this also leads to more distractio...
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Digital Accessibility Enters The Spotlight As A Business Priority

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, in many cases making digital the only channel through which customers could interact with brands, Forrester saw a significant uptick in inquiries related to accessibility, mostly from companies getting serious about accessibility for the first time. The pandemic served as a wake-up call not just about the importance of digital […]
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Why 2021 Could Be a Big Year for Marcoms M&A

Marcoms Mergers & Acquisitions has seen a strong Q1, with transaction volumes up around 10% year-over-year vs. Q1 2020. Most predictions for 2021 centered around the ongoing market disruption and innovation, and Q1 hasn't disappointed. Networks have grabbed the headlines as speculated sellers rather than buyers (like Publicis). Consultancies have been busy, but are largely...
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WPP's Mark Read talks economic recovery, what clients want and how recent hires and restructurings fit its game plan

Leader of world's largest holding company says headcount will rise in 2021 and that skill sets are changing.
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