15+ Poses For Taking the Best Instagram Photos

There's no better way to show off your outfit.
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Backward about coming forward

If your comment is helpful to anyone else, then it’s generous indeed. Holding back is selfish, because it deprives the group of your insight at the same time that it normalizes non-participation. If you’re wondering, so is someone else.
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An investment puzzle and speculation as to why some think its hard

 This is a Guest Post by David Marcus. He gives a puzzle and its solution, which is interesting, and then speculates as to why some people get it wrong. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------THE PROBLEM:Investing Puzzle or Arithmetic Can Be UsefulThe following is an example of investment results that I saw in aninvestment newsletter. There are two portfolios that use differentstrategies. Both portfolios start with $1 million twenty years ago andwithdraw 5% ea...
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4 Steps on How to Demystify Goal Setting

"It's time for annual goal setting." Does this sentence cause a sense of anxiety or dread? Goal setting can feel like a chore for many, but it's actually critically important for team engagement and motivation. From a recent survey of 250+ U.S. marketing professionals, we found that goal setting came up repeatedly as a key...
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Burnout hits ad agencies

Hello and welcome to Insider Advertising for April 19. I'm senior advertising reporter Lauren Johnson, and here's what's going on:Ad agency burnout.Netflix cancellations.Top social brands.If this email was forwarded to you, sign up here for your daily insider's guide to advertising and media.Tips, comments, suggestions? Drop me a line at [email protected] or on Twitter at @LaurenJohnson. Advertising professionals say the pandemic has led to increased workloads that are c...
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The Week Ahead: Brands mark 4/20 and Earth Day, Omnicom posts earnings, and the Oscars are finally here

Taking a look at some key happenings over the next seven days.
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Global Value-Added Resellers (VARs) software Market Research Report Covers, Future Trends, Past, Present Data and Deep Analysis 2020-2026 – The Courier - The Courier

Global Value-Added Resellers (VARs) software Market Research Report Covers, Future Trends, Past, Present Data and Deep Analysis 2020-2026 – The Courier   The Courie
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Clubhouse Is Now a $4 Billion Company

Clubhouse just announced it has closed its Series C funding round, which values the company at $4 billion. The round was led by the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz with investors Tiger Global and DST Global joining for the first time. Co-founder and CEO Paul Davidson confirmed the news in Sunday's town hall with users....
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Clubhouse Closes Its Series C Funding

Clubhouse just announced it has closed its Series C funding. The round was led by the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz with new investors Tiger Global and DST Global joining the round. Co-founder and CEO Paul Davidson confirmed the news in Sunday's town hall with users, but did not immediately disclose the financials behind the...
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SINoALICE Re:Zero Crossover Event Brings Familiar Faces From Another Grim World

Yoko Taro’s smartphone RPG SINoALICE has revealed the crossover event details with the popular isekai franchise Re:Zero, adding plenty of new characters to the game. Players will be able to acquire multiple new characters from the Re:Zero franchise, including Natsuki Subaru, Emilia, Rem, Ram, and Reinhard van Astrea, and experience a brand new story involving […]
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customer experience friction

Market research firm Statista reported that the global shopping cart abandonment rate for online retailers in 2020 was 88%.   This is driven by a number of factors, but friction in customer experience plays a big role.  One study pegged that a quarter of people abandoned shopping carts because the checkout process was too complicated. That friction happens sometimes by design and good reasons — such as legitimate efforts to deter bots.  But I think we have to continually evaluate whether ...
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Trofolastin: Skin without bad memories

trofolastin_scars.jpg   trofolastin_pregnacy.jpg   trofolastin-_lose_weight.jpg  
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Where To Get Real Estate Humor, Technology, Marketing and News

Twitter may not be the monster social network of days gone by but it is still a much loved way to share news, commentary, content and opinion. For a real estate perspective there’s no better place to go than the AgencyLogic Twitter account. Simply follow @AgencyLogic and enjoy!
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Mapping the territory – Design and Economics

A few weeks ago, I had a conversation with Simon Gough about a submission I’d made to host a talk at the first Design and Economics Unconference. It was one of those things that had flown past my eyes, and I’d leapt at without *that* much thinking. Basically because I studied Economics at Uni, and feel that it’s informed my practice in various ways ever since. So after a good session with Simon, I put together a little tour around some thoughts on a Miro Board, talked about that fairly br...
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Kodansha: Taking Flight

Japanese publishing giant Kodansha today unveils a new brand film, Taking Flight, directed by Juan Cabral and devised by New York-based design and branding studio Gretel. The film heralds an evolving era for Kodansha as it launches a new global brand identity, also by Gretel. With its core business evolving across platforms and markets, including Kodansha...
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Nicholas Bloom is America's best work-from-home expert. He says the remote work revolution is 'only halfway through.'

Hello! Welcome to this weekly roundup of stories from Insider's Business co-Editor in Chief Matt Turner. Subscribe here to get this newsletter in your inbox every Sunday.What we're going over today: America's best work-from-home expert is bracing for turmoil.We spoke with 21 of Matt Gaetz's high-school classmates. Some say they could have predicted the congressman's sex scandal.Some Lululemon retail employees say there is an environment of "toxic positivity," where workers fe...
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Dom Pérignon: Creative Freedom is Power

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Pony Malta: Timeless Bullying

"A lot of people consider bullying to be the new trend. But unfortunately, bullying has been happening across school’s halls, classrooms, and sport spaces for a very long time. our new print campaign "Timeless Bullying". has an important message for both parents and teenagers: Bullying shouldn't be timeless. tape_2.jpg   ...
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3 Ways You Can Show That You Value Your Employees

It’s a common saying: the customer is always right. It’s not hard to see why this expression became popular. Saying the customer is always right seems to emphasize the high standards of any company that would follow this motto. Contradicting this idea seems to imply that businesses should focus on themselves over those they are supposed to be serving. But some would argue that any company making it a habit to listen to its customers over its employees has misplaced its priorities: Of course ...
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AMJ Campbell: Moving Moments

While times have been challenging, Canadians have kept moving with new dreams and new hopes in town. We know, because over the past years we've helped move a lot of you to new places to continue your life stories. If you were one of the many who trusted AMJ Campbell with your move, we want to say thank you. You've helped us weather these challenging times by learning better ways of working and always remembering to give back to the communities where we work. For the thousands ...
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The magazine publishing market has the potential to grow by USD 3.43 billion during 2021-2025, and the market's growth momentum will decelerate at a CAGR of 1%. - Los Hijos de la Malinche

The magazine publishing market has the potential to grow by USD 3.43 billion during 2021-2025, and the market's growth momentum will decelerate at a CAGR of 1%.   Los Hijos de la Malinche
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Young Hoteliers representing The World of Hospitality 2021

Are you ready to learn how to become the next young hotelier representing the World... The post Young Hoteliers representing The World of Hospitality 2021 appeared first on Are Morch, Digital Marketing Coach.
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Google: Be kind to your mind

During lockdown, Google Search data showed that people were searching for ways to help others but few were asking for help on their own mental health. ‘I need help’ are the three hardest words to say out loud and the stigma existed even on Google Search. Google wanted to break the cycle and started looking for solutions to make mental health help accessible across regions. By working together with psychologists, a toolkit of self-care skills were...
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Council for Safe Traffic: Keep Focus

In Denmark most traffic accidents towards cyclists happens because of people being on their phone while biking. 1._fb.jpg   2._snapchat.jpg   3.twitter_.jpg  
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A day in the life of a 23-year-old, 6-figure-earning marketing entrepreneur who started as a waitress at Steak-n-Shake

Sherane Chen Sherane Chen Sherane Chen started off as a waitress but now owns a six-figure marketing firm. She specializes in restaurant marketing and also works as a marketing lead for a business coaching company. To Insider, she breaks down a typical day. See more stories on Insider's business page. At 16, Sherane Chen started her first job at Steak-n-Shake as a waitress. By the age of 21, she'd launched a business specializing in restaurant marketing. Today it earns six figur...
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Rossini: Ready to Work

To do a great job you need clothing that knows how to do the job. Rossini is the workwear made in Italy that dresses thousands of professional workers, with superior quality and hard-wearing fabrics, without ever foregoing wearability. Rossini is the real workwear that get hooked to your professionalism with maximum efficiency, safety, comfort and style. rossini_pant.jpg ...
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CIN: Backgrounds

It's been more than a year since we're all working from home. CIN, the largest Iberian coatings company, wants you to stop hiding your walls with those ridiculous backgrounds. It's time to be proud of those walls. Let's paint.
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Trebor: 100 Years Strong

Trebor, the Mondelēz International-owned confectionery brand, is bringing back its iconic “minty bit stronger” jingle in a new campaign to mark its 100th anniversary. The push was developed in partnership with creative agency ELVIS. In order to build brand love and drive consideration, the campaign aims to rekindle the emotional connection that people had to Trebor in the past, in a way that celebrates its longevity but also resonates with a new, younger audience. ELVIS and Tr...
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Dermablend: Mythiligo

Vitiligo is a chronic skin disease that affects almost 2% of the world´s population. There are a lot of myths related to this condition, which attempt directly against people self-esteem. We came up with a new disease to take over and own of these myths: Mythíligo. #BreakTheMyth mythiligo_02.jpg   ...
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Playful Promises: Feel playful, even when you shouldn't

This lingerie campaign goes against the category norms because Playful Promises is for women who choose not to fit into pre-defined boxes. This campaign aims to empower women and echo their playful personalities in a way that's true to the experience of wearing lingerie, rather than serving up the same old tired performative tropes. playful_promis...
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