A Simple Index Investing Guide for Americans

For a large portion of May, we were fortunate to be able to vacation in a nice warm location. Ok, you may have guessed it, it was Florida again. It seems to be the go-to spot for families from the east coast of Canada who get very little Spring weather. Or at least that’s our excuse for our once a year indulgence. During our vacation, we met some really great people that we consider good friends – for the sake of this article and anonymity, we’ll call them Mr. and Mrs. Orlando (original right?)...
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Movistar: Love Story

Love Story - ENGLISH version Love Story - ENGLISH version Video of Love Story - ENGLISH version
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Sana Sana: Brain

3_brain.png 3_brain.png  
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How Google Plans to Kill 'Last Click Attribution'

Google says it wants to rid marketers of their obsession with the last click before consumers buy things. Instead it aims to provide insights about how earlier ad dollars perform in areas like TV, digital video, store visits and search.The tech titan separately said it's capable of showing local store hours, directions and inventory levels immediately after commericals on YouTube. A test last year, Google claimed, motivated nearly a million people to visit Wendy's and place an order for a square...
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Amazon TV Service Helps Starz, HBO Stand Out in Netflix Era

Media companies hoping to challenge Netflix and YouTube with their own online services are getting a huge boost from an unexpected source: Amazon.For about a year and a half, Amazon's Prime membership service has been promoting subscriptions ranging from the well-known HBO and Starz to niche services like Gaia and Acorn TV, along with its own offerings including the award-winning comedy "Transparent." On Monday, the world's largest online retailer said the effort will expand to the U.K., Germany...
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Gearing Up For Bath And Body Works’ Semi Annual Sale June 2017

I am gearing up for Bath and Body Works’ semi annual sale. This sale is happening next month and I simply can’t wait. ( If you are not reading this post at or in your feed reader, it may have been stolen from my site. ) I know that I will not be saving any money because I will be spending at the sale. There will be ‘saving’ since I am buying items at a reduced price though. Candles I absolutely love their candles and always treat myself to the scents I really like. I h...
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What Makes a Story Relatable [Video]

Storytelling is the crux of evangelism, sermon writing, and teaching. It is how we communicate this message of Jesus from 2,000 years ago to being relevant now. The question is, what makes a story relatable. If you had to think of one person/company that understood making storytelling better, who/what would you think of? For me, it is absolutely Pixar. Think about their record with films and how well they share stories. Here is a quote from the video below about why Pixar does it so well: “Pixar...
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GoDaddy Wants to Help College Grads Find That First Job

GoDaddy powers the world’s largest cloud platform for small, independent ventures—and now, the flood of college and university graduates about to enter the workforce. In a smart extension of the brand’s core business, GoDaddy is to help new graduates fine-tune their digital presence to boost their personal brands and increase their job prospects by using its GoCentral platform to build a great resume website. GoDaddy’s GoCentral tool helps in the daunting matter of finding and securing a d...
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Can Your HSA Contribution Amount Be Changed During The Year?

Life doesn’t usually give the courtesy of telling you when it’s about to change drastically. It doesn’t provide a crystal ball. If it did, that ball certainly would come in handy late in the year during the medical insurance enrollment period when we pick our medical coverage and set our health savings account (HSA) contribution amount for the following year. While you likely can’t switch your medical plan, you have a little more wiggle room when it comes to your HSA contributions. We’ve had an...
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HearLife Clinic: Crickets

Lost Frequency - Crickets Created by HearLife Clinic and FP7/McCann in Dubai, “Lost Frequency” is a series of self-diagnosing radio adverts for hearing loss. With 500,000 people affected with hearing loss in the UAE, the challenge for HearLife was to get the 35% of sufferers unaware they have a problem, to take a hearing test. The early symptoms of hearing loss are difficulties hearing high frequency and low sounds, often only discovered in an audiology exa...
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Why Artists Shouldn't Trust Their Online Presence To Social Networks

While many artists are content to let their Facebook or Tumblr represent them online, doing so carries with it certain risks. In this excerpt from his book, Bobby Owsinski looks at why musicians should avoid limiting the scope of their online presence to social networks. ______________________ Guest post by Bobby Oswinski on Music 3.0 Many artists are tempted to just rely on a Facebook or Tumblr page as the main online point of contact, but that strategy can have a number of unfores...
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Drink or Salute? Bud Makes Patriotic Play With Camo Bottles

Summer is coming -- and so are Budweiser's patriotic beer pitches.The brew is getting particularly aggressive this year with limited-edition aluminum bottles draped in a camouflage design. The brand is also bringing back its "America" branded bottles and cans that debuted last summer drawing cheers and jeers.Bud is positioning its camouflage bottles as a tribute to veterans and military personnel. Bud replaced its regular brand credo on the bottles with what it described as a letter of gratitude...
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Amid Plummeting Sales, JC Penney Taps New CMO With 'Broad Retail Expertise'

After two months without a top marketer, JC Penney has named a new CMO. The Texas-based retailer has tapped Marci Grebstein as exec VP-chief marketing officer, filling the position left vacant by Mary Beth West, who left for Hershey in March. Grebstein, who was most recently CMO at home improvement retailer Lowe's, will join the 1,000-unit chain in June.Marvin Ellison, CEO of JC Penney, touted Grebstein's digital capabilities and use of data. On a recent conference call, Ellison noted that the b...
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Google Offers 7,000 Developers Free Home Devices in Pursuit of Amazon Alexa

Here is Google's vision for the future of computing: As you drive home from work, you tell your car, "Ok, Google," triggering the company's Assistant. You order food, the digital helper handles the transaction and makes sure it's ready when you arrive.Right now, Amazon and its Alexa digital assistant are closer to realizing that goal, having cut a deal this year with Ford Motor Co. to let drivers search, shop and control other devices by voice from their vehicles.That's just one of the ways Amaz...
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Barbarian: The Antipinky Pint

Barbarian: The Antipinky Pint Barbarian, the craft beer inspired by the rudeness of ancestral warriors, could not allow a pinky finger will shame some men. We created the Antipinky Pint, a glass with a ring in iron and testosterone to prevent that little finger from rising up against men. Barbarian: The Antipinky Pint Video of Barbarian: The Antipinky Pint
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AIA: Open Aiya

Open Aiya. The first voice led panic system For the first time ever a person can now call for help even if they can no longer reach for their phone. By shouting “Hey Siri, Open AIYA.”, the app will automatically send an SMS and warn your family, friends and emergency services. Including your exact GPS location. No buttons to push. No apps to open. Just your voice. Open Aiya. The first...
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How to start

Quite a few years ago I found myself in a situation where I wanted to start my own business. I was sick of working at the places I was working at, and I wanted to get out on my own. Problem was… I had no idea what that was. I didn’t have any obvious breakout ideas. The experimental ideas I did have seemed impossible to market, as in, I had no idea how to sell anything. The thought occurred to me to try to raise money to build something, but I didn’t even know where to begin.It was an awful unmot...
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How Much Does A Single Property Website Cost?

We are often asked: “How much does an AgencyLogic single property Website cost?” Here is the answer and your options – remember once you buy a single property Website from AgencyLogic they do not expire, ever! Let us know if you have questions by clicking here.
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Freddo: Virtual Reality, 3

freddo_final3.jpg freddo_final3.jpg  
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Dubai Health Authority: Geeta M Patel

geeta_m_patel.jpg Alzheimer's Disease is often associated with the old but what many people don't realize is it can affect those much younger than 65. At this stage it's classified as Early-Onset Alzheimer's and can be easily mistaken as a temporary, stress-related condition. While there is no cure for any form of Alzheimer's, expert care and counseling can help make a difference. This initiative by Dubai Health Authority aims to raise awareness of this conditio...
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HearLife Clinic: Lost Frequency

Lost Frequency Created by HearLife Clinic and FP7/McCann in Dubai, “Lost Frequency” is a series of self-diagnosing radio adverts for hearing loss. With 500,000 people affected with hearing loss in the UAE, the challenge for HearLife was to get the 35% of sufferers unaware they have a problem, to take a hearing test. The early symptoms of hearing loss are difficulties hearing high frequency and low sounds, often only discovered in an audiology exam. In the e...
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A Serial Success, Special K Brings Female-Empowering “Own It” to US

Kellogg’s is urging American women to “Own In” in a new campaign that launched in Canada and then Australia. The brand has been selling joy, independence and wellness, rather than diet-focused messages, for two years. Bringing the “Own It” tagline stateside shows that Kellogg’s appreciates that great ideas can come from any of its markets. The theme is promoting and encouraging women’s confidence in their daily lives and owning their choices when it comes to what they eat, mentioning the health...
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Machine Learning: Beware the Bias

In the past year or so, I've been struck by how we tend to anthropomorphize the machines and mechanize the human beings whose data we rely on. The machines are "ingesting," "consuming," and "learning," while people's life stories, videos and loved-ones photos --the meaningful moments of their lives -- are flattened into consumable "documents" or "transactions."This observation is not an excuse to rant against artificial intelligence. On the contrary, the more I work with machine learning, the mo...
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Huünen: Goodbye bad times, 5

be998852442267.5911141e24602.jpg be998852442267.5911141e24602.jpg  
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Tramontina: Hammers

an_tramontina_mobile_02.jpg an_tramontina_mobile_02.jpg  
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Trump's first budget favors defense over domestic programs Opposition from all sides; Mnuchin to discuss proposal at upcoming Ways & Means hearing

Mick Mulvaney, the Trump Administration's Office of Management and Budget Director, met the press this morning to discuss the 45th president's fiscal year 2018 budget proposal. (Screenshot of C-SPAN broadcast; click image to watch the full event) It's official. The amount of money going to the Internal Revenue Service under Donald J. Trump's first federal budget gets cut yet again. The White house today released its fiscal year 2018 budget. As expected from the Administration's so-called ...
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Google Attribution is a free and easy way to evaluate marketing efforts

 At Google’s Marketing Next conference, the company is announcing a new beta for Google Attribution, a free tool for examining the role that different marketing strategies play in customer purchasing decisions. Regardless of device or marketing channel, Google wants Attribution to be a home for evaluating marketing campaigns. By creating a tight loop between strategy, ad spend and… Read More
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5 Ways to Win More Customers with Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing generates 55% more leads than traditional and outgoing marketing and costs 62% less per lead. Inbound is even more effective for smaller businesses with limited marketing budgets—86% of small businesses focus primarily on inbound marketing.A Brief Introduction to Inbound Marketing:Inbound marketing is a technique of attracting customers towards the products and services via content marketing, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. Inbound Marketing Techniques...
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Learn to Achieve Your Goals with 5 Secrets of Great Bloggers

Dreams can become reality if you’re willing to work hard and take risks. Sometimes that means walking away and leaving your comfortable life behind for a time while you adjust to your new circumstances. Other times, it means starting to work harder now while you wait for the day when you can break from your routine and start living the way you imagine. One of the best ways to create your own course for success is to listen to the advice of successful bloggers who already blazed the trail. Their ...
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Google Addresses One of the Flaws in Its Paid & Organic Report, Others Remain

that its paid and organic report can now be downloaded by device, a marked upgrade in allowing marketers to analyze ad and organic link performance by query more granularly. Both paid and organic ranking and peformance can vary by device type, making this segmentation crucial for understanding both channels’ performance as well as assessing results of tests such as brand ad holdouts. However, the report is still limited in a couple of critical ways in that it does not include data from Goog...
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