The Chris Voss Show Podcast 243 Rebecca Walser, JD, LLM, CFP of Walser Wealth

Rebecca Walser, JD, LLM, CFP of Walser Wealth
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Dove Men+Care is bringing Dads+Kids together

Whether we realize it or not, haircuts are a big part of the holiday season for many. Whether it's for holiday parties or family, it's nice to take a moment for yourself and freshen up your look. and transforming it into a way for Dads and their kids to spend some time together during the busy holiday season. As part of this #HolidayShear campaign, they have partnered with Bishops Cuts/Color, a national chain, to give free washes and haircuts to Dads and their kids, and creating interactive ex...
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Update: “Square Donuts” Dispute Headed to Settlement

Earlier this year I posted about a trademark dispute regarding the use of the term “Square Donuts” for square-shaped donuts. The case involved proceedings both in federal court and at the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB), between the Square Donuts cafe in Indiana (which claimed decades of prior use and a trademark registration); and the Family Express convenience-store chain (which sold square-shaped donuts called “square donuts,” claiming the term is generic). As we discussed, the case r...
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4 Tips For Ensuring Your Live Music VIP Experience A Smash Hit

VIP experiences are on the rise in the music industry, giving cash-laden fans premium access and a variety of perks, and while organizers and attendees both seem to win out on the face of it, getting VIP ticketing right is easier said than done. Here we look at four tips for ensuring both customers and venues come out on top. ___________________________ Guest post by Chris Zaldua for Eventbrite One of the fastest growing trends in the live music business, particularly within music f...
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This Agency’s Holiday Card is an Auction of Award Show Bling

Every year, Toronto-based independent agency Bensimon Byrne and its divisions Narrative andOneMethod hold a holiday charity drive. This year they decided to go all in on Casey House, Canada’s first and only stand-alone hospital for people living with HIV/AIDS—not just doing their recent campaign pro-bono, but also trying to raise as much money for them as possible. The agencies began their fundraising with an in-house holiday drive, which raised $20,000, but they wanted to do something bi...
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3 Big Lessons from Interviewing John Mueller at SearchLove London - Whiteboard Friday

Posted by willcritchlowWhen you've got one of Google's most helpful and empathetic voices willing to answer your most pressing SEO questions, what do you ask? Will Critchlow recently had the honor of interviewing Google's John Mueller at SearchLove London, and in this week's edition of Whiteboard Friday he shares his best lessons from that session, covering the concept of Domain Authority, the great subdomain versus subfolder debate, and a view into the technical workings of noindex/nofollow. ...
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Grow your social presence: The role of a social media manager

Did you know that there are active social media users in the UK? This represents 66 percent of the total population of our island. With this many people congregated in only a few places online, these social arenas represent a massive opportunity for your marketing. [Author: [email protected] (Paul Morton)]
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Instagram Best Practices For Artists

Instagram: currently the fastest growing social media platform, it's one of the most important tools when it comes to making a splash on social media, and variety of new perks and features mean it's become easier than ever to connect with your fans and stoke the growth of you fanbase, provided you follow these practices. _______________________ Guest post by Tarryn Meyers of the Symphonic Blog With over a billion monthly users, Instagram has become the fastest growing social...
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New LinkedIn Features Aim to Drive Engagement

In the last few months, you may have noticed some changes to the LinkedIn platform. Recently, LinkedIn has introduced some new engagement features with the goal of improving user experience and encouraging engagements. One of the biggest changes was an algorithm adjustment. According to LinkedIn, viral actions such as likes, comments and shares are increasing more than 50% YOY, but those gains are attributed almost exclusively to the top content creators. In an effort to help out the little guy,...
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IPC Sponsorship Deal: 5 Questions With Citi Managing Director Tina Davis

In addition to being one of the world’s leading banks, Citi is also well known for its many sports sponsorships, most notably with the New York Mets and their Citi Field ballpark. And today, Citi announced its newest partnership agreement with the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) to become an international partner through 2020 and to support National Paralympic Committees (NPCs) in 18 countries as they prepare for upcoming world and regional championships, as well as the Tokyo 2020 Para...
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How Brands Compete And Win

Competitive brand battles can be drawn out affairs, outlasting the tenures of several management teams. They can also be very expensive, often requiring outlays in the hundreds of millions of dollars. In some cases, billions of dollars are involved. It’s not just Coke versus Pepsi. These battles occur in every industry and practically every product category. Visa versus Mastercard. Nike versus Adidas. Colgate versus Crest. Airbus versus Boeing. Caterpillar versus Komatsu. Dell versus Lenovo v...
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Innovation Roundup: Global Brands Tackle Social Issues

Brands are increasingly innovating for a new bottom line: doing well by doing good. From New Zealand to Indonesia to Brazil, companies are plying their trade and products with an eye toward alleviating social problems and bettering the quality of life. In today’s edition, we shed a spotlight brands solving social issues through creativity and innovation. Bus Tickets for Recycled Plastic In Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia, a bus service takes no money. In exchange for two hours of travel, passen...
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New Data: When, Where To Send Your Event Invitation Emails

While emails certainly do a lot for driving ticket sales, it's easy to wonder if they could be doing more, and artists frequently vacillate between sending too few emails, and bombarding their market base and over-saturating them. Here we look at new data on how to get it right. ___________________________ Guest post by Rachel Grate of Eventbrite You know your emails are effective at driving ticket sales, but you’re not certain whether they could be doing more. On one hand, you don’t...
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Measuring Content Marketing Success: Analytics Advice & Insight from the Experts

Welcome to the seventh installment in our “Collective Wisdom” series of content marketing strategy and tactics articles. Previously we’ve covered planning ahead for content marketing success, the art of crafting powerful content, and an array of strong promotion tactics. So, what’s up next? Measurement and analytics. Measuring and analyzing your content’s performance is critical so you can uncover new opportunities, make improvements, and determine whether you’re meeting your goals. Here we...
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Why It Is Better To Deal With SEO Resellers Than SEO Providers

If you or your company has clients that are asking for SEO services, then you’re going to try to meet this need. Chances are, you may not have enough SEO expertise on your own. Hence, taking on the task by yourself can be a steep learning curve. Instead, many people are considering using SEO providers or SEO resellers. If you’re not sure which is better, here are a few reasons why a reseller program will be easier in the long run. Catering to the Client. If you decide to use SEO provider serv...
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20 Best WordPress Plugins Going Into 2019

WordPress plugins are an essential element for any blog owner running a WordPress installation because they add plenty of great options with just a few clicks of your mouse. From SEO optimization to visitor management to monetization, plugins have so much to offer. As 2019 kicks off, consider checking out the best WordPress plugins available and see what they might add to your blog. We’re not including the usual suspects like Jetpack and Akismet. They’re great plugins but there are plenty of...
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Why You Need to Prepare Yourself for Financial Emergencies

Life is full of surprises and sometimes those surprises are expensive. You don’t want to get caught unawares by a pricey problem that pops up out of the blue, especially if you’re waiting for your next paycheck to come in. The best solution that people can have tucked in their back pockets is an emergency fund, so they can deal with these complications right away.  What is an emergency fund? An emergency fund is a must-have for people looking to have economic stability and security — experts rat...
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Hershey’s “Heartwarming the World” Campaign featuring “Bells”

  Hershey’s has always warmed hearts. Now through the “Heartwarming the World” campaign, the Hershey’s brand is on a mission, melting boundaries and dissolving distances--all to create a better, sweeter world. This holiday season, the company is leveraging the iconic “Bells” TV commercial—beloved for nearly 30 years—into an active experience via broadcast, digital and social. Instead of just watching the commercial, for the first time ever, people get ...
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How social media leads to a loss of creativity

I use social media.  Specifically, I use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  In the beginning, I did so for utilitarian purposes.  As a columnist and aspiring writer of books, these were (and indeed are) useful marketing tools. I have, in the past, carried around a note-pad to jot down ideas.  I was never without my note-pad. […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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Really Large Google Ad Credit

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3 Can’t Miss Private Brand Events in 2019

2018 has been a great year for My Private Brand and for private brand around the world. Retailer-owned brands have been the hottest trend of 2018 and 2019 is poised to be the year of Private Brand. Retailers around the world are investing in private brand to deliver innovation and differentiation. We are excited to tell you about our three marquee events, The Vertex Awards, Velocity: the My Private Brand Conference and for the first time Velocity Europe. Each is infused with a fresh modern appro...
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5 Social Media Trends To Watch In 2019

by Rachel Strella, founder of Strella Social Media As 2018 nears its conclusion, business owners and marketers should be thinking about what they can do to make their companies more successful in the New Year. Hopefully somewhere near the top of their priorities list is finding ways to leverage their social media channels more effectively. Gone are the days when companies can treat social media as an afterthought or a supplemental marketing channel. Today, social media platforms are where a bus...
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How to find and share your top Instagram posts from 2018

Welcome to TNW Basics, a collection of tips, tricks, guides, and advice on how to get the most out of your gadgets, apps, and other stuff. Since there’s only two weeks until the end of year, there’s no better time to sit back, relax, and reflect on what was probably the worst year ever — filled with terrible political decisions.  To commemorate your 2018, what better way is there than looking back at your year on Instagram and seeing your top nine best performing posts? How to see your 9 most po...
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Wawa Releases Unique Seasonal Beer Collaboration

Just in time for the snow iconic convenience store retailer Wawa announced a private brand collaboration with 2SP Brewing Company. The new seasonal Winter Reserve Coffee Stout, is an oatmeal stout steeped with Wawa’s new limited edition Winter Blend private brand coffee. Brewed by award-winning Head Brewer, Bob Barrar, in partnership with Wawa’s Manager of Concept Development and “coffee guru” Michael McLaughlin, the brew boasts flavors of sweet clove, dark chocolate, and graham crackers. Now a...
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CHERRY DC 2000 Corded Business Desktop Combo Review The CHERRY DC 2000 is focussed on the core business office work. With durability, precision and reliability, this wired desktop set is equipped for all tasks in the demanding day-to-day office environment. Optimised for professional use in the office (GS approval) Wired mouse with 3 keys and scroll wheel Symmetrical design in standard size – suitable for left- and right-handed users Resolution 1,200 dpi Flat, corded keyboard with abrasion-resistant labelling 4 hotkeys (ca...
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My interview with Bob Woodward about President Trump’s Tweets

Last night I had an opportunity to speak with Bob Woodward about President Trump’s use of Twitter. Both Woodward and I work with the amazing Tony D’Amelio to manage our speaking engagements, so with Woodward in Boston for book tour event at The Wilbur Theater, I seized the opportunity to speak with the icon of journalism.
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Bank of America Cash Rewards Card Review: Choose Your 3%-5.25% Cash Back Category

Updated. Bank of America announced some new changes that will take effect January 14th, 2019. Cardholders will be able to choose their 3% cash back category from one of these 6 options: gas, online shopping, dining, travel, drug stores, or home improvement and furnishings. Before it was only gas. You can change your category once each calendar month in-app or online. Do nothing and it will stay the same. Stays the same: The fixed 2% cash back on grocery and wholesale clubs and the limit...
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End Of Year Links

A random collection of links I didn’t use in any posts this year but were worth a bookmark or I thought so at the time. Not necessarily advertising-related:OldysseyOldyssey showcases elderly all over the world and highlights initiatives that deepen the link between generations.Old friend Bayard Presse is a partner.HomesRenewed™ CoalitionOur MISSION is to join forces to significantly increase the number of American homes prepared for residents to live throughout the modern lifespan by promoting c...
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Boston Bruins Tap Fuseideas For Winter Classic Promotion

BOSTON — In anticipation of the upcoming 2019 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic, the Boston Bruins turned to Fuseideas to help promote and drive sales of their limited series Winter Classic jersey at The ProShop at TD Garden, according to Dennis Franczak, CEO of the full-service advertising firm. Fuseideas, who has worked with the Bruins since 2007, has created a variety of frozen and eye-catching work that will appear as an in-arena promotion with video displayed on Garden HDX, New England Sports ...
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