How to Build Your Personal Brand as a Freelancer

This article has been contributed by Diana Adjadj. Have you checked the latest figures on the freelance workforce? It’s getting very crowded out there. According to the latest figures by Statista, there are almost 60 million independent workers in the U.S. alone. This is impressive considering that the gig economy was virtually non-existent just a decade ago. Now, the number of freelancers is projected to reach more than 90 million in less than a decade. On top of that, the annual increase in th...
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Shadow-IT: Employees putting Business at Risk

Shadow-IT: Employees putting Business at Risk There are robust computers in every employee’s possession.  And they carry them everywhere. Yes, I am talking about their cellphones.  On these devices, they can download 1000’s of apps. These apps allow them to create accounts that are external to you...
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Ransomware rings adapt to business declarations by Revealing Stolen Data

Ransomware rings adapt to business declarations by Revealing Stolen Data Did you know that backups may no longer help you recover from Ransomware? Ransomware is rapidly infecting businesses across the world.  Even the most prepared organization have found themselves victimized.  Having good back...
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Chupa Chups: The Love Pop

Chupa Chups’ positioning of ‘Forever Fun’ is rooted in the philosophy that fun is for every life-stage, and not just for kids. This iconic brand’s love for spontaneous, uninhibited fun had to be dialed up through its cheeky personality. For Valentine’s Day, a two-sided lollipop with a short stem, cheekily implied an opportunity to kiss while enjoying the lollipop with the love of your life. Part of Collection ...
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Remembrance: Dr V.G. Phansalkar, Palaeontologist

In the February 2020 issue of the Journal of Geological Society of India, Anand Kale has written a very nice tribute to his mentor Dr. V.G. Phansalkar who passed away earlier in December 2019.  It captures very well both the professional aspects of Dr. Phansalkar's career and his endearing personal nature. Dr. Phansalkar was a paleontologist and a stratigrapher who taught with distinction at Banaras Hindu University, University of Pune (now Savitribai Phule Pune University) and Sholapur Univers...
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Raiffeisen: Respect

Earning money is not always easy. Raiffeisenbank understands and appreciates this fact very well and that's why Raiffeisenbank treats their clients and their finances with a great care and RESPECT. In particular, RESPECT is the main theme for the new communication campaign on the Czech market. The creative concept is primarily based on respect to the bank clients, their financials and their everyday effort put into earning money.
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What is Social Commerce?

If the past holiday season was any indication, social commerce is set to surge in the 2020s. According to research from, a social media advertising automation platform, consumers are now shopping via social media. And social advertising influences their purchases. So, what exactly does social commerce include? A Simple Definition Social commerce is the term for the buying and selling of items and services on social media networks. Back in 2015, Small Business Trends noticed the gro...
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Stamma: Stamma Valentine's Day Dating Cards

The charming and tongue-in-cheek illustrations reveal that the individual has a stammer in a way the charity feels will empower individuals. Illustrations can be downloaded from where there will also be articles on dating, love and romance, from the perspective of people who stammer. slide_1_title_resized.jpg   slide_...
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Show Rural Coopavel: Reinvent Your Life in the Countryside

Marcio is a family farmer who lives in a small county in the interior of the state of Parana, in Brazil. In his routine, Marcio takes care of the farm work only by himself, facing the inherent difficulties in rural life, like any typical farmer. I mean, not that typical, because he has been blind for 10 years. In a process of reinvention, the protagonist has overcome barriers and has the responsibility to take care of his rural property alone. This inspiring and reinvention st...
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Mitch&Me: Dirty Valentine

Mitch&Me is a brand of dog's shampoo who in each new edition of shampoos uses amateur photos belonging to real consumers on its packaging signed on its Instagram. Now it made a limited edition package on Valentine's day, where dogs "loves" everything they can catch - a your leg, Pippi Longstocking and even a car tire. All photo of course is real and belong to real customers. ...
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Phenix: The circular calendar

For its 2020 wishes, we made a hip French startup send 1992 calendars.
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Hiersun: The Story of 90 Coins

'The Story of 90 Coins' unfolds through a special promise of love and happiness made by one male passionate lover to a seemingly reluctant girl. Ninety coins symbolize ninety days the guy gives himself to convince the girl to marry him by showing her his true color and prove his intentions. Everything seems to go quite well as the two, in fact, fall in love. But time passes and the romance bubble deflates as reality breaks in with its daily routine, ambiguity, and incomprehens...
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McDonald's: Nocturnal Animals

Vietnam's night life continues to boom. However, people were not considering McDonald's as an option to satisfy their hunger pangs late at night, and instead they were opting to eat street food and at hawker food stalls. The problem was that deep in the Vietnamese psyche when we think late night meal, we think street food. So, we needed to remind the night owls that their favourite restaurant McDonald's is open all nig...
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British Heart Foundation: Swear Jar

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McDonald's: Lovin' it

mcd1_resized_1.jpg   mcd2_resized_1.jpg   mcd3_resized_1.jpg  
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State Farm: Not The One

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Vattenfall: The first fossil-free produced bedstead in the world

This particular crib cost $28,885 to make – the high price is because it’s been made completely without the use of fossil fuels. Today it is almost impossible to manufacture items that fit the everyday needs of a household without the use of fossil-fuels. The way in which the everyday objects that we buy and use are created plays a huge role in the search for green solutions. The crib is a proof of concept to start a conversation on the current challenges around fossil free manu...
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The American Institute: Good Riddance

A billboard advertises English courses in Zagreb, Croatia, using the words of that country's E.U. ambassador, Irena Andrassy - as she said "Good riddance" to the UK ambassador. ai_boris_billboard_resized.jpg   screenshot_2020-02-14_at_13.41.56_copy_resized.jpg  
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8 Creative Ways To Improve Your SEO (Search Rankings)

This article has been contributed by Adam Petty. It’s 2020. The online world is bigger than ever. With so much information out there it can be hard for your customers to find you, let alone spend their precious time engaging with your content. The top result on Google has a 33% chance of getting clicked. The second? A mere 15% and it only gets worse as your page ranking falls. It is for this reason that companies invest heavily on improving their SEO, competing for the top page rankings on Googl...
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Philisa Abafazi Bethu: What Is Love?

Valentine's Day is a day for love and roses and all things nice. But in SA, women are more likely to receive a black eye rather than roses, as 2 in 5 women are abused by their male partners. The v in "love" doesn't stand for "violence".
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Synchrony: Pay Day

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Nivea: The month of December to combat skin cancer

December is the month to fight skin cancer. To raise awareness of the importance of protection against sunlight, an alarming fact was highlighted in the advertisement. mote_resized.jpg  
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KFC: Lonely Valentine Specials

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Scooterson: A Scooterson story

The Sommelier of San Francisco. The Scout of Los Angeles. A Scooterson Story. #RideScooterson Video of The Scout
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Raymond's: Love Notes

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E.Leclerc: It's not that easy to change your habits

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IKEA: Everybody needs a place where they rule

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Coronavirus bringing out opportunistic Hackers

Coronavirus bringing out opportunistic Hackers Whenever there is something in the news we find cybercriminals willing to exploit it in some way. Currently, the big news is the Coronavirus that is spreading from Wuhan, China. We have seen email malware being spread from Japan that is purporting to ...
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Should You Use YouTube Pre-Roll Advertising?

This article has been contributed by Seth Winterer. In the evolving world of digital marketing, video advertising is the trend for 2020. Marketers are including video in their content marketing strategies at an increasing rate. I’m hear to tell you whether businesses should shift budgets to YouTube pre-roll advertising. But what exactly are YouTube pre-roll ads? And, why is this ad type essential to modern marketing strategies? What Are Pre-Roll Ads? Odds are, even if you aren’t completely sur...
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