Lineup Leads the Charge in Programmatic Integration with New OMS Feature

Lineup Systems Announces New Feature to Increase Efficiency of Programmatic Booking The rise of programmatic has helped publishers keep pace with digital transformation, but the process hasn’t always been efficient or easy. Reconciling supply-side platform (SSP) data with your order management system (OMS) has been a tedious process of double entry, until now. Lineup System […] The post appeared first on Ad Tech Daily.
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Take a Ride on the Pinterest Ads Carousel

Last November, Pinterest announced a new ad format. In addition to promoted pins, and promoted app pins, promoted carousel pins were made available in limited markets but are now available to all business accounts in all available markets. Why Use Promoted Carousel Pins? Carousel Pins are a great way to showcase more of your brand, a specific product or group of products. There are countless ways you can use them to demonstrate particulars of one product, such as the products features or n...
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Freckled Model In Zara Ad Sparks Outcry On Chinese Social Media

Her unretouched face set off a heated debate about beauty standards — and whether freckles are uglifying.(Image credit: Zara)
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Create Your Own Dank Memes With These Meme Template Accounts

Angel Olson once sang “they made a meme out of my legacy darling,” but I have never found a meme that fully encompassed my lasting effect on the world. Luckily, I can now (easily) make my own bespoke memes, with a little help from template accounts on Instagram.Read more...
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Betfair and Leo Burnett Showcase What it Means to ‘Play Smart’ with Global Football Superstars

Online gambling company Betfair and creative agency Leo Burnett London have launched an integrated campaign called ‘Betfair Play Smart’ targeted at new and existing customers and using world-renowned sports legends to show them how to ‘Play Smart’. Leo Burnett London were tasked to create a campaign that highlights Betfair’s position in the market as the go-to place for smart betting by leveraging their sponsorship contracts with Arsenal F.C, FC Barcelona and Juventus F.C.Using Betfair’s access ...
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Why Every Business Needs a Style Guide

Photo by from Pexels Whether you’re a big believer in marketing, or you think that if you build it people will buy it, the fact is that your business is a brand. Your brand is like your business card, and it’s what people will experience long before they actually do business with you. It precedes you, and it’s something that you need to fine-tune constantly if you want to be able to stand out from the crowd.   To give you plenty of food for thought, we’ve put together a simple 5 m...
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The Chris Voss Show Podcast 269 KurtzPel Launches Beta! KOG Games V.P. Danny Noss Interview

KurtzPel Launches Beta! KOG Games V.P. Danny Noss Interview
Tags: Gaming, Podcast, News, Seo, Chris Voss, Danny Noss

Startup BizCast #102 – Giving Free Advice

Have you ever gotten yourself in a long conversation with someone you thought could end up being a client, and they asked question after question about how you would handle certain situations?  Have you wondered whether you should really be giving out that information for free?  In this episode, host Steve Mullen talks about when it’s okay to give out free advice. To ensure you don’t miss a single episode of Startup BizCast, subscribe via iTunes, Google Play, or Stitcher.  Also, be sure to like...
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Frugal Travel Tips From Frequent Flyers

For those of us who travel infrequently, taking a flight can be a budget minefield. It’s not just the constantly rising price of airline tickets, either. If you don’t plan ahead the next time you fly to Aunt Sylvia’s for the holidays, you may find that the associated costs of flying — from checked luggage to parking to food — may just put a big hole in your travel budget. Here are the ways frequent flyers keep their costs low: 1. Travel light. Airlines charging for checked bags are nothing new ...
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Trader Joe’s Chocolate Turns Ruby

Ruby is a gemstone, a person’s name, and the subject of numerous well-known songs… but would you be surprised that Ruby is also a new kind of “chocolate”? Trader Joe’s Ruby Cacao Wafers are a limited time offer for Valentine’s season. Trader Joe’s Belgian supplier takes cacao beans especially suited to their proprietary process and turns them into what some are calling “the fourth chocolate”—though it hasn’t yet been officially recognized as such. Of course, Ruby Cacao has a red-pink hue; a roma...
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Target Pours $9.99 New Premium Wine

First came Target’s award-winning  Wine Cube, followed by the best-selling line of $5 wines California Roots. And now The Collection: a new range of premium California wines for $9.99. The line includes five varietals and debuts March 3. In addition to The Collection, Target’s introducing the seventh varietal in the California Roots roster, Sauvignon Blanc. Also making its debut? Four-pack cans of Wine Cube in Sparkling White Wine and sparkling Rosé. The retailer is also introducing the new priv...
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Best Brands 2019: Adidas, Lego, Lillet and Amazon Receive Coveted Brand Awards at Ceremony in Munich

Since its inauguration in 2004, the annual Best Brands event has become an influential industry fixture, and the 16th edition of the awards gala recognized Germany's best brands in Munich on 20 February. Best Brands is the only marketing award to measure the strength of a brand on the basis of two criteria based on extensive representative GfK studies: actual economic market success and the attractiveness of the brand in the perception of consumers.The evening gala at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof i...
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How Swisscom lost its “head” to create a unified commerce experience

As Switzerland’s largest telecommunications agency in business since 1851, Swisscom had been running operations on a monolithic commerce platform for some time. By the mid-2010s the outdated system had run its course and the lack of flexibility were negatively impacting customer experiences and expectations.  Swisscom started out in the telegraph line business in the 19thcentury before making the move to telephones – it now serves over 1.5 million TV customers, 2 million broadband customers a...
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RTB House Launches Creatives Lab

NEW YORK  — RTB House, a global company that provides state-of-the-art marketing technologies for top brands worldwide is opening a new division – Creatives Lab. The unit will develop solutions to offer clients a wider range of better performing dynamic banners for both display and video that will also be better suited to clients’ branding […] The post RTB House Launches Creatives Lab appeared first on Ad Tech Daily.
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Voyager Crypto Trading App: $25 Free Bitcoin Each For New Users (Now Live in 9 States)

Update: Voyager has launched trading in Arizona, California, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. You can now download their Invest Voyager iOS app and create a new account (with the same email address you used to sign up for this bonus!), which I believe should then trigger this $25 bonus if you live in an eligible state. They will continue rollout in additional states throughout 2019. Original post: Update: Referral program has ended, but it ...
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Freshworks launches a load balancer for handling customer inquiries

Customer engagement service Freshworks, which was valued at about $1.5 billion in its last funding round, today launched Omniroute, the latest product in its portfolio of tools for customer service agents. Omniroute is essentially a load-balancer for routing multi-channel customer inquiries. Freshworks argues that earlier customer support solutions made it hard for agents to switch between inquiry types and for managers to efficiently route traffic. “Modern consumers are able to reach out to ...
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Book Review: Wise Guy, by Guy Kawasaki

If you’ve spent any time in marketing or business development, you’ve certainly heard of Guy Kawasaki. You might think of him as the ex-Apple guy, or perhaps the first person you ever knew to hold the title “Chief Evangelist” as a professional job. You might have seen him speak at an event, or heard about his famous 10-20-30 pitch rule: “no more than 10 slides, not using anything smaller than a 30-point font, and keeping presentation time to 20 minutes.” But do you know anything about his journe...
Tags: Steve Jobs, Marketing, Hawaii, Branding, Rosemary, Guy Kawasaki, Guy, Wise Guy, Rosemary O'Neill, Business Book, Brenda Ueland, Guy Kawasaki You, Penguin Group USA LLC

How to Bank Online With Chime Bank

How to Bank Online With Chime Bank is a post originally published on: Everything Finance - Everything Finance - Its all about Money!Have you ever thought about banking online? I switched to an online bank a few years ago and never looked back. Online banking is convenient and it’s often more affordable.Most online banks don’t charge nearly as many fees that brick and mortar banks do. They can also offer better rates and terms to customers since they don’t have to pay for expenses like branch loc...
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H&K: “A fresh batch of M27 rifles leaving Georgia headed to the Devil Dogs”

Heckler & Koch are on fire on their Facebook Social Media. Their post about “A fresh batch of M27 rifles leaving Georgia headed to the Devil Dogs” currently has over 6,000 comments and 15,000 shares. That’s quite a lot for anything related to firearms, especially after only 11 hours and still developing. The start-up post […] Read More … The post H&K: “A fresh batch of M27 rifles leaving Georgia headed to the Devil Dogs” appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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SEO Channel Context: An Analysis of Growth Opportunities

Posted by BrankoKToo often do you see SEO analyses and decisions being made without considering the context of the marketing channel mix. Equally as often do you see large budgets being poured into paid ads in ways that seem to forget there's a whole lot to gain from catering to popular search demand. Both instances can lead to leaky conversion funnels and missed opportunity for long term traffic flows. But this article will show you a case of an SEO context analysis we used to determine the imp...
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Empathy For The CMO

Customer empathy is a widely discussed topic for building brands today. It’s clear that Chief Marketing Officers need our empathy as well. That’s the conclusion we came to after speaking with 20 different CMO’s to better understand what is top of mind for them and their organizations. Of the many insights, two really stood out. 1. A Pronounced Focus On Accountability And ROI At The Expense Of Brand Building This isn’t a new concept, nor did hearing this surprise us; however, the intensity wit...
Tags: CMO, Branding, Chief Marketing Officer, Jonathan La Greca Hotspex

Avoid These SEO Mistakes to Improve Your Law Firm’s Search Ranking [Infographic]

Getting on the first page of Google is every law firm marketer’s mission.  That’s because current research shows that most people — 94%! — won’t look beyond the first page of their Google search results.  So acquiring that piece of rare real estate is key if you want to build a strong online presence for your law firm. Competition is fierce in the legal category and you need to use every weapon available to fight your way to the first page. Many of these are technical issues that are easily reme...
Tags: Google, Law, Seo, UCSD, SEO PPC, Michael Veinbergs, Local Marketing Geeks Michael, SEO for law firms, Seo For Lawyers, Seo For Law Firm Websites

AT&T and Hasbro Become Latest Companies to Yank Ads From YouTube Over Pedophilia Content

Amid reports that a pervasive network of pedophiles is of YouTube videos of children, several major companies have paused their ad campaigns. AT&T and toy maker Hasbro have now become the latest advertisers to follow suit, reported Thursday.
Tags: Science, Youtube, Advertising, Att, Hasbro, AT T

Will Daenerys or Sansa Sit on The Iron Throne?

Does Sanas Health Practice Ltd. (“Sanas Health”) think that Daenerys or Sansa will win at the end of the wildly popular Game Of Thrones series and ultimately sit on the Iron Throne?  Sanas Health filed two applications for the mark “QUEEN OF THRONES” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”). Interestingly, the Applicant’s name Sanas is extremely similar to the Game of Thrones show leading character Sansa Stark. This may be merely a coincidence but could be argued to enhance c...
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Rik van der Kooi of Microsoft Advertising Elected Chairman of the IAB Board of Directors

Troy Young of Hearst Magazines to Serve as Vice Chair New Slate Includes First Brand Board Member—Jesse Horwitz of Hubble, Alongside Leaders from Google, NBC Universal, Snap, Verizon, Tremor Video and The New York Times PHOENIX — IAB announced it has elected Rik van der Kooi, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft Advertising, as Chairman of the […] The post Rik van der Kooi of Microsoft Advertising Elected Chairman of the IAB Board of Directors appeared first on Ad Tech Daily.
Tags: Microsoft, Advertising, Press Releases, Interactive Advertising Bureau, Online Media, Iab, Ad & Media Strategies, Online Advertising Challenges, Digital Intelligence, People in Ad Tech, Hearst Magazines, Microsoft Advertising, Jesse Horwitz, Troy Young, Rik Van Der Kooi, IAB Board of Directors

Applying for a business loan? Do your math first!

If you are a business owner you know that investing is the best way to grow your company and gain new clients. The real challenge is knowing where to obtain the funding that allows you to invest in your business. If you want to apply for a business loan you need to make sure the terms are convenient for you, but you should also research as much as you can in order to make the best choice. Investment, interest, and gains When considering a business loan you should ask yourself how much you are ...
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Continente Grows Healthy Private Brand

Portuguese grocer Continente has expanded the range of private brand healthy snacks and convenience foods. New products include three Riced Veggies SKUs: Riced Veggies Tricolor (cauliflower, carrot, and broccoli); Riced Veggies Cauliflower, Parsley and Garlic; and Riced Veggies Quinoa and Cauliflower. Continente has also extended its organic private brand Bio range, with the introduction of vegan organic snack bars without gluten and lactose. New products include a raw coconut and chia bar, as w...
Tags: Featured, Global, Branding, Continente, Continente Grows Healthy Private Brand, Cauliflower Continente, Continente Grows Healthy Private Brand Consider

Hurricane Electric Taps EdgeConneX for Expansion

Hurricane Electric unveiled a new network expansion yesterday across a broad North American front. The international backbone operator has tapped EdgeConneX to get it closer to, you guessed it, the edge. ... [visit site to read more]
Tags: Advertising, Hurricane Electric, Internet Backbones, Datacenter, Interconnection

Six Vertical Recommends Tim Peter & Associates Weekly Podcast

Digital consulting firm Six Vertical put together a list of ten podcasts worth following to stay up to date on all the best digital commerce news and strategies, and Tim Peter’s podcast Thinks Out Loud: E-commerce and Digital Strategy was included. About Tim and the show, Six Vertical said this: This weekly podcast explores how e-commerce and digital trends shape business and marketing strategies. Host Tim Peter is an expert in online marketing and e-commerce strategy who helps business owners p...
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IAB Report Illustrates How Direct-to-Consumer Disruptors Are Transforming the Marketing Landscape and Uncovers Core Lessons for Success in the Direct Brand Economy

Findings Are Driven by Detailed Research into Business Practices and the Market Forces Propelling Strong Performance PHOENIX — IAB, the national trade association for the digital media and marketing industries, today released a comprehensive research report entitled “How to Build a 21st Century Brand: 2019,” an in-depth analysis of how direct brands are driving tremendous […] The post IAB Report Illustrates How Direct-to-Consumer Disruptors Are Transforming the Marketing Landscape and Uncovers C...
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