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Want to rise above your competition? Try these 5 pro moves

In real estate, showcasing your professionalism is how you get business. It’s how you convince buyers and sellers to work with you over the plethora of other agents out there. What can you do to exhibit competence and display your skillset to past and future clients? Here are five pro moves that’ll set you apart from the rest of the pack.
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3 essential social media platforms for newbie agents

When it comes to social media, it’s a bit of a jungle out there. To help new agents suss out what’s crucial, here are the top three platforms and some tips for how to make it all work with your marketing plan.
Tags: Facebook, Technology, Instagram, Opinion, Marketing, Radio, Agent, B2b, Nextdoor, Select, Back To Basics, Andrew Helling

Why don’t we think about clients’ specific needs?

Other than that narrow exception that agents make for first-time homebuyers, agents don’t think of clients as having specialized needs that require customized solutions. Instead, agents provide a cookie-cutter approach to standardized service with the same scripts, the same materials, the same programs. That needs to change. Here's how.
Tags: Customization, Opinion, Marketing, Service, Radio, Agent, Zillow, B2b, Trulia, Select, Back To Basics, Joe Rand

Make it about them: How to win trust and more clients

When meeting with new clients, take a page from other service industries, and focus on their needs first before you launch into a pitch. That way, you can tailor it to clients' specific needs and win their trust along the way.
Tags: Trust, Marketing, Radio, Agent, Select, Joe Rand

The Inman Weekender: 7 tips for post-inspection negotiation

Need something to occupy your spare moments between running errands and open houses this weekend? Check out our "Back to Basics" series and this week's top news.
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Should agents work with friends? It depends who you ask

A crucial part of any real estate agent’s business comes from referrals within their own sphere. But what happens when a close friend or family member opts to transact alone or with another agent?
Tags: Family, Friends, Listings, Marketing, Radio, Agent, Realtor, Referrals, Select, Dawn Elle Richardson, Debbie Wenzel, Greg Ernst, Isabel C. Diaz, Lab Coat Agents

How a spirit of generosity will win you new business

Follow the advice of your grandma, and never arrive at a party empty-handed. Contribute to any given situation by giving prospective clients useful information, advice and comfort. They'll thank you with new business.
Tags: Marketing, Radio, Agent, B2b, Lead Generation, Select, Back To Basics, Joe Rand

5 steps for getting more social media ‘likes’

Generally speaking, likes beget likes, and engagement encourages engagement. Here are five steps for getting more social media “likes” on your real estate content. It’s not as hard as you think.
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Dear Marketing Mastermind: How do I make my open house more effective?

In this monthly advice column, the Marketing Mastermind answers three burning questions. This month’s topic: all things open house.
Tags: Marketing, Radio, Agent, Lead Generation, Open House, Digital Marketing, Select, Print Marketing, Christy Murdock Edgar, Dear Marketing Mastermind, Mega Open House, Open House Marketing

Why you should treat everyone like a client from the moment you meet

Successful real estate agents foster a relationship dynamic in which clients and potential clients start thinking of them like their other service providers, such as their accountants, their dentists and their hair stylists.
Tags: Marketing, Radio, Agent, Zillow, B2b, Select, Build Relationships, Back To Basics, Joe Rand

Voice-activated home search available through GSAR

Greater Syracuse Association of Realtors partners with VoiceterPro to provide home shoppers with voice search in central New York.
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The Inman Weekender: Put your first-time buyers at ease

Need something to occupy your spare moments between running errands and sitting open houses this weekend? Check out our "Back to basics" series and this week's top news.
Tags: Headlines, Marketing, Collection, Radio, Agent, Recap, Weekend, Industry News, Brokerage

How to create an unforgettable showing experience for buyers

Here are a few ways to make sure your listing is an unforgettable showing experience for potential buyers, one that'll stand out in the sea of inventory and stay on buyers' minds. 
Tags: Video, Marketing, Radio, Agent, B2b, Select, Staging, Home Staging, Back To Basics, Professional Photography, David Stroh, Unforgettable Showing Experience

Why indie brokers should take back the search

Until recently, regular Inman contributor and indie broker Troy Palmquist thought using a branded app was a luxury. But after a conversation and some research, he’s opened his eyes to the possibility of white-labeled tech and the benefits that far outweigh the costs. Here’s why this is a reasonable option for indies competing with big-box brokerages and behemoth portals.
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5 apps to level up your social media storytelling mojo

These five apps will help you to manage and schedule your visual presence on Instagram and Facebook.
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Tired of losing business? 6 ways to build client loyalty

Did you know that even a 5 percent increase in client retention can increase your profitability by 75 percent? Here are six ways to build loyalty and keep your clients for life.
Tags: Marketing, Radio, Agent, B2b, Building Relationships, Client Loyalty, Client Retention, Select, Kayla Matthews, Back To Basics

Florida indie brokerage unveils agent tech platform, plans expansion

Automated Back End provides agents with automation and collaboration tools, e-signing software and one-click marketing. It is designed to work on all of an agent's electronic devices.
Tags: Florida, Technology, Marketing, Software, Platform, Radio, Mls, Agent, Compass, CRM, Industry News, Keller Williams, Realogy, Brokerage, Select, News Brief

5 tips for taking your up-and-coming listing from ‘for sale’ to ‘sold’

As the listing agent of a property in an up-and-coming neighborhood, you have so much opportunity to capitalize on a trending location. Here are five tips for moving your listing by tapping into what the buyer is looking for.
Tags: Marketing, Radio, Listing, Agent, Neighborhood, B2b, Select, Back To Basics, Kathleen Kuhn, Up And Coming Listing, Up-and-coming

Do your clients tell their friends about you?

Ideally, your clients should think of you in the same way they think of their regular service providers like their hair stylists, accountants and dentists. Everyone needs a great agent. Here’s what you need to do to shift that mindset in your clients.
Tags: Marketing, Radio, Agent, B2b, Select, Back To Basics, Joseph Rand

AgencyLogic Support Series – What Is Included in a Single Property Website?

A single property Website helps agents, brokers, home owners and others involved in real estate to market a single home using the highest form of personalized marketing. The Websites are used in listing presentations and serve as the single richest source of information about one home online. Each single property Website is accessible via a unique domain name that traditionally reflects the properties street address, a feature that is included with the product. Also included: Custom Domain Nam...
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The Inman Weekender: Is a deal worth going to prison?

Need something to occupy your spare moments between running errands and sitting open houses this weekend? Check out our "Back to basics" series and this week's top news.
Tags: Headlines, Marketing, Collection, Radio, Agent, Recap, Weekend, Industry News, Brokerage

6 tips for pricing your listing to move

How do you set a proper list price that will both satisfy your seller and attract qualified buyers? You find that magic number in these six tips for pricing a new listing.
Tags: Opinion, Marketing, Radio, Agent, Pricing, B2b, Select, Back To Basics, Spyro Kemble, Pricing To Move

Social media made simple: How to source, share and schedule

The best way to avoid being overwhelmed, wasting time and getting sucked into the addictive nature of social media is to have a plan, similar to an editorial calendar. Here are five tips for sourcing real estate content as well as how and when to schedule social media posts to become the local expert in your area.
Tags: Technology, Marketing, Social Media, Radio, Agent, B2b, Lead Generation, Select, Editorial Calendar, Real Estate Blogging, Back To Basics, Real Estate Content, Matt Kaestner, Social Media Calendar

How to build a niche to survive in real estate

As real estate professionals navigate the change that comes with technological disruption, one thing is certain — agents who do not focus on specialization will not survive.
Tags: Instagram, Opinion, Marketing, Radio, Agent, B2b, Select, Back To Basics, Anthony Hitt, Niche Marketing, Engel & Völkers Americas

3 tips for crafting a solid brand message

Have you noticed that your real estate business has been slowing down lately? Are you putting out content to the sound of crickets? If so, it is likely that your brand is missing the mark! Here's how to hit the refresh button on your real estate branding and make sure it's perfectly tailored to deliver the results you've been wishing for.
Tags: Radio, Agent, B2b, Branding, Select, Back To Basics, Sarah Layton

How does your listing presentation stack up?

When was the last time you critiqued your listing presentation? Regular Inman columnist Bernice Ross details an experience her colleague had hiring an agent and what the winning agent did right.
Tags: Listings, Marketing, Radio, Agent, B2b, Select, Listing Presentation, Back To Basics, Bernice Ross

Let’s talk about real estate: 8 simple conversation-starters

If you're intimidated by the prospect of walking up to complete strangers and talking about your job, try one of these natural conversation-starters to get the ball rolling.
Tags: Opinion, Marketing, Conversation, Radio, Agent, B2b, Select, Conversation Starters, Back To Basics, Dorothy Schrager

The Inman Weekender: What kind of agent are you?

Getting back to basics, plus this week's top news.
Tags: Headlines, Marketing, Collection, Radio, Agent, Recap, Weekend, Industry News, Brokerage

HomeSmart’s new website serves up listings from wherever you go is a desktop and mobile site developed in-house that serves up multiple listing service listings from 96 markets nationwide. Users see listings based on proximity, so they can see the properties closest to them without having to search or know addresses.
Tags: Mobile, Technology, Listings, Marketing, Radio, Agent, Select, News Brief, HomeSmart, Matt Widdows, Wendy Forsythe, Home Search,, Listing Search, Realsmartagent

3D imaging companies say Zillow’s app is not true 3D

Inman has interacted with imagery from all of these providers, and the three-dimensional spaces created by Matterport and GeoCV do have more features and are more immersive than those produced by Zillow's 3D Home.
Tags: Technology, Marketing, Radio, Agent, Zillow, Matterport, Inman, Select, Jonathan Klein, Ricoh Theta V, Geocv, Buyers Tools, 360 Home Tours, 3d Floor Plans, 3d Home Tour, Anton Yakubenko

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