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Resident Evil 2 × PUBG Mobile

Battle royale title PUBG has been graced with the presence of the Resident Evil 2 remake in the form of a collaborative crossover, though unfortunately the developer has decided to hold the event for the mobile form of the game instead of PC and console (the only platforms in which the Resident Evil 2 remake […]
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Catherine Sells 60,000 in Four Days, Second to Jump Force in Japanese Charts

The remake of infidelity simulator Catherine has sold 60,000 physical copies in its first four days, coming second on the Japanese game charts for most sold title of last week. Media Create has published sales figures for the last week, showing that libertine puzzle game Catherine: Fully Body has sold 61,065 physical copies on PlayStation […]
Tags: Games, Marketing, Sales, Rankings, Anime, Atlus, Catherine, Media Create, Catherine Sells

Winter Wonder Festival 2019 Ero-Figures All so Lewd

The naughtier items present at the winter Wonder Festival 2019 may surely have been the prized pieces that many attendees were hoping to ogle, as all the figurines depicted anime and game girls baring their breasts and performing all sorts of perverted activities that would make any avid collector sweat. Potential must-have figures that enthusiasts […]
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Fabulous Figures Galore at Winter Wonder Festival 2019

Figure collectors will be overjoyed to know that winter Wonder Festival 2019 is finally here, the event showcasing a seemingly infinite supply of both available and upcoming figurines to aid enthusiasts in determining which item they can look forward to purchasing. Anime girls from numerous different franchises can be seen posing in all sorts of […]
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Japanese Sunblock Prints Labels Backwards for Better Selfies

A Japanese cosmetics producer has decided to aid women in their endless pursuit of perfect selfies by printing the labels on their products backward. The Rohto Pharmaceutical’s “Skin Aqua” sunblock (sporting an “Alice in Wonderland” theme) is helping Japanese women take excellent selfie photos by printing the labels on their products backward so that they show […]
Tags: Japan, Marketing, Anime, Cosmetics, Image Gallery, Rohto Pharmaceutical

Ijiranaide Nagatoro-san’s Heroine Voiced in Celebration of 500,000 Sales

In celebration of Ijiranaide Nagatoro-san managing to sell over 500,000 copies of its manga, a video has emerged featuring seiyuu Kurosawa Tomoyo voice-acting as the manga’s titular tan Nagatoro – surely an absolute dream for those obsessed with the smug girl. Nagatoro can be heard making numerous cute sounds as well as her most revered […]
Tags: Marketing, Sales, Anime, Manga, PV, Seiyuu, Kurosawa Tomoyo, Ijiranaide Nagatoro-san, Nagatoro

Re:Zero Themed Pachislots Emerge

The creators of Re:Zero have apparently been searching for a way to keep the franchise relevant as a new pachislots machine has been announced, with the PV naturally attempting to lure in fans by showcasing scenes from the anime along with pretty lights. The PV goes out of its way to try and make the […]
Tags: Gambling, Marketing, Anime, PV, Pachinko, Re:Zero

Sapporo Snow Festival 2019 a Truly Magical Display

The 70th Sapporo Snow Festival has wholesomely welcomed the winter season as the event has once again been populated by hundreds of captivating snow sculptures, providing a gallery that will induce amazement in visitors whilst likely lining the pockets of the event holders. Only a portion of the glamorous sculptures and projection mapping shows on […]
Tags: Japan, Winter, Marketing, Events, Anime, Sapporo, Sculptures, Image Gallery

Meitetsu Department Store’s Model Creepily Advertises Love Live Movie

Love Live’s official Twitter account has made fans aware of the existence of the Meitetsu Department store head office and its lanky, terrifying model “Nana-chan”, as it has dressed up as Love Live Sunshine idol Takami Chika in the promotion of the recently debuted movie. The tweet mentions that Nana-chan can be seen at the […]
Tags: Movies, Marketing, Bizarre, Statues, Anime, Nagoya, Nana, Love Live, Takami Chika, Meitetsu Department Store, Meitetsu Department

Live Action One Piece CMs Return

More live action CMs of One Piece have been unleashed to advertise job search website Indeed, this time involving the actors singing and a little bit of humor (something that hardcore fans will likely still find shameful). The handful of new CMs: Interviews with the actors serving as Zoro and Usopp: Enthusiasts will no doubt […]
Tags: Marketing, Anime, Live Action, One Piece, Video Gallery, CM, Zoro

Nutaku’s Oppai-Shaped Game Consoles All Sold Out

Nutaku’s personal delve into the console market has been met with overwhelmingly positive results as their unnamed console has already managed to sell out, the appeal of its resemblance to a breast surely helping leaps and bounds. The console focuses specifically on providing consumers with access to sexy eroge, as the Windows-based platform comes pre-loaded […]
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New Nintendo Switch Ads Appeal to the Dads

Nintendo has continued to try and prove that they’re all about family connections as their latest series of advertisements focuses on dads, with all the videos containing fathers enjoying Nintendo titles with their families. The (at times) corny Nintendo videos: Many may at least be impressed by Nintendo’s attempts at trying to appeal to all […]
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Wendy’s Now Livestreaming Overwatch

Wendy’s, which has been accruing notoriety over the smug nature of their Twitter account, now recently live-streamed Overwatch on their own Twitch account, a surprise that likely few saw coming and will probably only boost their reputation further. According to their video archives on Twitch, the individual in control of Wendy’s Twitch account live-streamed Overwatch […]
Tags: Games, Marketing, Overwatch, Bizarre, Anime, Livestream, Wendy's, Wendy

League of Legends Goes Full Anime

League of Legends released a promotional video in honor of their upcoming 2019 season, with the animated short receiving significant praise due to possessing anime-style visuals and action. The enthusing minute-long video: The director of the creation was Shingo Yamashita and Yoshihiro Watanabe served as producer (the man possibly being best known for his work […]
Tags: Games, Marketing, Anime, League Of Legends, Riot Games, Online Gaming, Yoshihiro Watanabe, Shingo Yamashita

Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san Collab Cafe Surprisingly Gory

Moe vampire girl anime Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san has yet another cafe collaboration currently going on, offering up all sorts of food and drinks themed to the anime, though some may be surprised at how graphic a few of the dishes are (considering how cute and friendly the anime is). The food and drink menus: Those […]
Tags: Food, Marketing, Events, Shinjuku, Anime, Cafe, Moe, Image Gallery, Anime Goods, Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san

Fate/Grand Order Goes On US Tour

Aniplex of America has announced via their official website that Fate/Grand Order will be getting its own U.S.A. Tour event meant to promote the popular mobile game. The opening event in Los Angeles will include voice actors Kana Ueda (Rin Tohsaka, Ishtar) and Satoshi Tsuruoka (Arash, Gilles de Rais, Caligula Spartacus) as well as Fate/Grand Order producer Yousuke Shiokawa as panelists. The […]
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Gillette Ad Despises Their Main Male Demographic

Male-focused razor company Gillette has decided they need to do more than just sell razors as their latest ad has delved into politics, leading to them being bombarded with hate for painting a perspective that straight white men are the only ones capable of wrongdoings. The current count of dislikes on the video: The reviled […]
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Dx2 Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation × Bayonetta

Black-haired beauty Bayonetta will be gracing the gacha-laden smartphone game in the SMT series, “Dx2 Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation“, a turn of events that will likely lead to players praying to the RNG gods in hopes of acquiring the new content. The uninformative teaser video: Further details on the collaboration will be divulged in the […]
Tags: Games, Marketing, Smartphones, Anime, Atlus, Bayonetta, Shin Megami Tensei

1.3 Million Play Resident Evil 2 ‘1-Shot Demo’

Capcom’s Resident page has been tracking official player stats for every person that took a swing at the Resident Evil 2 remake “1-Shot Demo”. According to the website, almost 1.4 million players have given the demo a try. Despite the impressive number of demo players, only 28% have fully completed the time-limited version. It’s […]
Tags: Games, Horror, Marketing, Statistics, Anime, Remakes, Capcom, Resident Evil

Gris Ad Actually Rejected Over Instagram Butt

A Facebook spokesperson provided insight on the ad rejection debacle surrounding Devolver Digital’s game “Gris”, with the accused image of a woman not being the source of the “sexually suggestive” content but actually the publisher’s link to their Instagram account. Devolver Digital had mentioned that an advertisement they sent to Facebook ended up being rejected […]
Tags: Facebook, Games, Instagram, Censorship, Marketing, Anime, Devolver Digital

Tokyo Auto Salon 2019 Companions A Glorious Spectacle

Vehicle-centric event Tokyo Auto Salon 2019 has once again put numerous automobiles on display to seduce attendees into making future purchases, though perhaps the many sultry companions present were been doing the most seducing given their tempting attire. Photographs of the event and its gorgeous companions:
Tags: Japan, Marketing, Cars, Events, Tokyo, Anime, Cosplay, Tokyo Auto Salon, Image Gallery, Race Queens

Virtual YouTubers Joining Smartphone “Walking RPG”

Of all the things to collaborate with, numerous virtual YouTubers have enlisted into “Teku-Teku Teku-Teku”, a smartphone RPG that revolves around players walking about in the real world, which at least guarantees fitness to those who wouldn’t go outside of their own accord. Along with Kizuna Ai, multiple other virtual YouTubers will be making an […]
Tags: Games, Marketing, Smartphones, Anime, RPG, Kizuna Ai, Casuals, Virtual YouTubers

Anime News Network “Supporting Cult” With Paid Movie Ad

Politically-driven anime news source Anime News Network has been criticized for uploading an “advertorial” for “The Laws of the Universe-Part I”, with commenters labeling the film as propaganda for the Japanese “Happy Science” cult and naturally condemning the site for indirectly supporting the cult. The paid advertisement described the movie’s premise and outlined its positive […]
Tags: Movies, Internet, Marketing, International, Anime, Cults, Anime News Network

In-Game Ads Expunged From Street Fighter V

Capcom has demonstrated that they sometimes listen to player feedback after all as they have at last decided to remove the absurd in-game advertisements from Street Fighter V, a decision likely brought on by the huge negative backlash. “Sponsored content” in the form of in-game advertisements appeared within Street Fighter V on December 11th, Capcom […]
Tags: Games, Marketing, Anime, Street Fighter, Capcom, Fighting Games, V. Capcom

Live Action One Piece Ad Perhaps “Too” Real

A recent advertisement for job search website Indeed has involved live actors cosplaying as One Piece‘s main heroes, sure to snag the site way more attention due to One Piece’s high level of notoriety, though some may find the live-action depiction of one particular character to perhaps be too real… The brief advertisement: One Piece […]
Tags: Marketing, Anime, Live Action, One Piece

Lotte’s Chocolate Treats Become Anime Characters

In celebration of their 70th anniversary, Lotte Confectionery has released an animated CM which anthropomorphizes several of their sweets brands. The CM features the musical talents of popular rock band Bump of Chicken with their newest song “Shinsekai”. The short anime has been produced by Studio Bones. The 4-minute video tells the story of a […]
Tags: Food, Marketing, Christmas, Anniversaries, Anime, Lotte, CM, Bump of Chicken, Lotte Confectionery

Super Meat Boy Forever Ad Rejected For Being “Sexually Explicit”

The hunks of sentient meat serving as characters in Super Meat Boy Forever were labeled too sexy by Facebook as they have rejected an ad for the upcoming game, their pronounced meaty backsides likely attributing to this turn of events. According to a tweet from the developer, the ad was denied due to being “sexually […]
Tags: Facebook, Games, Censorship, Marketing, Anime, Oshiri, Meat Boy

Sony Accidentally Leaks Player Numbers For PS4 Games

Sony has made a rather vital blunder with its “My PS4 Life” promotion, as statistics generated by the site along with other public information has made it possible for users to calculate how many players there are for countless Sony titles. Sony’s “My PS4 Life” promotion, which allowed PlayStation users to generate statistics for their […]
Tags: Games, Marketing, Sales, Leak, Sony, Statistics, Anime, Ps4

Yabuki Kentarou’s Miku Smart Car Collab Design So Precious

Hatsune Miku‘s official design for the Dwango and Honda smart car collaboration has finally been unveiled, with the virtual diva being dressed in a rather cute outfit designed by To Love-Ru artist Yabuki Kentarou. Involving numerous different mediums – from vehicles to smartphone apps – the project will be put on display at Tokyo Auto […]
Tags: Marketing, Cars, Illustration, Artists, Anime, Honda, Hatsune Miku, Dwango, Character Design, Yabuki Kentarou, Tokyo Auto

Street Fighter V Ads “To Stay”

The recent introduction of ads to Street Fighter V has not been taken very well by its community, with executive producer Yoshinori Ono perhaps making matters worse by stating that they will use player criticism to improve the sponsored content feature – rather than pull it as everyone is telling him to. Advertisements made their […]
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