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Twitter Kicks Off Companywide Responsible Machine Learning Initiative

Twitter is reining in the machines. The social network detailed its companywide Responsible Machine Learning initiative last week, saying that it is based on the following pillars: Taking responsibility for algorithmic decisions. Equity and fairness of outcomes. Transparency about decisions and how Twitter arrived at them. Enabling agency and algorithmic choice. Director of software engineering...
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AI for Marketers, Third Edition, Available Now!

Is AI still a mystery shrouded in an aura of mystique? Have you read report after report, article after article proclaiming its magical powers and wondered what exactly the big deal is? With every software vendor and services provider proclaiming that they too are an AI-powered company, it’s more difficult to demystify artificial intelligence and […]
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Old Spice Teams Up With Snap on AR Experiences for Its ‘Wild Collection’

Old Spice teamed up with Snap Inc. to create seven unique augmented reality experiences--one for each of the seven characters in the deodorant brand's recently redesigned "Wild Collection." The redesign is part of Old Spice's "Smell Ready for Anything" campaign, which kicked off earlier this year with the aim of helping men manifest their own...
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Sony’s New Recipe AI Aims to Find Cutting-Edge Flavor Combinations

Can deep learning give us any insight into what makes the perfect meal? Researchers at Sony and Korea University are the latest to put this question to the test with a new AI system that pairs ingredients based on molecular composition and millions of recipes. Their ingredient mapping tool is called "FlavorGraph," and it's trained...
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Sales scheduling platform Chili Piper raises $33M Series B funding led by Tiger Global

Chili Piper, which has a sophisticated SaaS appointment scheduling platform for sales teams, has raised a $33 million B round led by Tiger Global. Existing investors Base10 Partners and Gradient Ventures (Google’s AI-focused VC) also participated. This brings the company’s total financing to $54 million. The company will use the capital raised to accelerate product development. The previous $18M A round was led by Base10 and Google’s Gradient Ventures 9 months ago. It’s main competitor is Calend...
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Snap, LACMA Unveil First 5 Monumental Perspectives AR Monuments

The first collection of the Monumental Perspectives project, detailed last December by Snap Inc. and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, was released Tuesday. The multiyear program from Snap and LACMA is bringing Los Angeles-based artists and Snapchat Lens Creators together to create augmented reality monuments and murals celebrating diverse histories and perspectives from...
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Marchex AI-Fueled Products Win 2021 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award

SEATTLE — Marchex (NASDAQ: MCHX), a leading conversational analytics and solutions company that connects the voice of the customer to your business, today announced that The Business Intelligence Group has named Marchex a winner in its inaugural Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards program. “We are so proud to name Marchex as a winner in our inaugural Artificial Intelligence Excellence […] The post Marchex AI-Fueled Products Win 2021 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award appeared first o...
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Gucci Beauty Rolls Out Snapchat Try-On Lens to Back Its New Line

Gucci Beauty released a new lens Monday that enables Snapchatters to try on Rouge De Beaut? Brillant, its new hybrid lipstick. Alessandro Michele provided creative direction on the project. The lens, available via Lens Carousel and Snapcode, kicks off the augmented reality experience by placing a sleep mask over the user's eyes, which features the...
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Google Used a Secret Program Called ‘Project Bernanke’ to Benefit Clients Using Its Ad-Buying System

Google used a secret program called “Project Bernanke” for years to increase its clients’ chances of winning bids for competitive ad space, the Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday, citing court documents filed in the Texas-led antitrust suit against Google. The state argues that the program gave Google an unfair…Read more...
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Alyce, an AI-based personalised corporate gifting startup, raises $30M

Swag has a long and patchy history in the world of business. For every hip pair of plaid socks, there are five t-shirts you may never wear, an itchy scarf, a notepad your kids might use, and an ugly mug; and most of all, likely thousands of dollars and lots of time invested to make those presents a reality. Now, a startup that has built a service to rethink the concept behind corporate gifts and make them more effective is today announcing a round of funding to continue expanding its business — ...
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How Hulu’s Head of Social and Brand Embraces Disruptive, Earth-Shattering Moments

Streaming service Hulu has Live Sports, your favorite shows and movies --and great leaders. Meet Tatiana Holifield, Hulu's Head of Social Media, Brand and Adweek's Social Media Council co-chair, who has found herself at the crossroads of innovation and social media. Discover why Tatiana says we haven't seen it all when it comes to artificial...
Tags: Advertising, Social Media, Artificial Intelligence, Hulu, Tatiana, Innovators, Leadership & Talent, Social Media Brand, Tatiana Holifield Hulu, Adweek s Social Media Council

Researchers Create Tool To Raise Awareness About Emotional Recognition AI

The use of AI to detect your emotions is a $20 billion industry that encompasses everything from focus grouping ads to assessing the faces of job candidates in interviews. But scientists claim the premise behind this tech--that one's emotions can be read directly from the contours of one's facial expressions--doesn't actually hold up to scrutiny....
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More Than Half of Companies Are Overestimating How Responsible Their AI Is, Report Finds

As companies face pressure to show their data and machine-learning operations are transparent and accountable, a new report from Boston Consulting Group (BCG) finds more than half of large businesses may be overselling their progress in this arena. Top line The consultancy collected data from executives at more than 1,000 large organizations and evaluated their...
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Google’s Eerily Lifelike AI Reservation Service Is Now Available in Almost Every State

Google has expanded its AI-powered reservations service into every state except Louisiana after more than two years of technical improvements and adjustments to accommodate local laws. The search giant's Duplex tool is able to call businesses, such as restaurants and hair salons, and book appointments on behalf of a user. It does so in a...
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Google AI Takes on the Great British Bake Off Winner in a Cake Competition

Artificial intelligence has bested humans at chess, quiz shows and the Chinese game of Go, but does it have the kitchen chops to take on a star baker? A recent campaign for Mars-owned candy brand Maltesers pitted The Great British Bake Off winner Peter Sawkins against an AI designed by the Google Cloud team in...
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Facebook’s feckless ‘Fairness Flow’ won’t fix its broken AI

Facebook today posted a blog post detailing a three-year-old solution to its modern AI problems: an algorithm inspector that only works on some of the company’s systems. Up front: Called Fairness Flow, the new diagnostic tool allows machine learning developers at Facebook to determine whether certain kinds of machine learning systems contain bias against or towards specific groups of people. It works by inspecting the data flow for a given model. Per a company blog post: To measure the performan...
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Winnie Lee, Appier cofounder and COO, explains how AI and predictive technologies are powering the future of business

Winnie Lee, COO and cofounder of Appier Appier The global AI market is expected to reach US $733.7 billion by 2027. Winnie Lee, Appier's cofounder and COO, believes the shift toward predictive AI will be the next big thing for marketers. Because of her work, Insider named Lee to our annual list of the 10 leaders transforming enterprise tech in Asia. Visit Insider's Transforming Business homepage for more stories. According to a 2020 report from Grand View Research, ...
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Facebook gets a C – Startup rates the ‘ethics’ of social media platforms, targets asset managers

By now you’ve probably heard of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) ratings for companies, or ratings for their carbon footprint. Well, now a UK company has come up with a way of rating the ‘ethics’ social media companies.     EthicsGrade is an ESG ratings agency, focusing on AI governance. Headed up Charles Radclyffe, the former head of AI at Fidelity, it uses AI-driven models to create a more complete picture of the ESG of organizations, harnessing Natural Language Processing to automate t...
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Full Funnel Marketing Solutions from RTB House Win Prestigious AI Excellence Award

NEW YORK —  RTB House, a global company that provides state-of-the-art marketing solutions for top brands and agencies worldwide, has been named the winner of the 2021 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards for its Full Funnel Marketing Solution. The awards, run by the Business Intelligence Group, recognize organizations and products that bring AI to life and […] The post Full Funnel Marketing Solutions from RTB House Win Prestigious AI Excellence Award appeared first on Ad Tech Daily.
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PetSmart Turns to Snapchat Lens to Dress Up Pets for Easter

PetSmart wants to make sure pets aren't left out of this year's Easter festivities. The retailer released a Snapchat lens in Canada, Puerto Rico and the rest of the U.S. that enables people to dress their pets up for Easter without risking life and limb doing so. Easter falls on April 4 this year.
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Jose Cuervo Sent 2 Chatbots on a Date, and Sadly Humans Might Find It All Too Relatable

Two robots walk into a bar. One robot says, "Sup?" The other says, "I am single and ready to mingle." If you're waiting for the punch line, you'll just have to watch the whole video starring two artificially intelligent beings on an awkward first date, where the chatter is painful, the laughter is forced and...
Tags: Advertising, Artificial Intelligence, Beer, Jose Cuervo, Spirits & Cannabis

How the Trevor Project Is Using AI to Train Crisis Counselors For Teens

For the Trevor Project, a nonprofit dedicated to preventing suicides among LGBTQ+ youth, efficiently preparing volunteer counselors for the unpredictable twists and turns they might encounter in the course of their field work can be a constant challenge. That's why the group has turned to one of the most sophisticated AI language generators in the...
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How the Trevor Project Is Using AI to Train Teen Crisis Counselors

For the Trevor Project, a nonprofit dedicated to preventing suicides among LGBTQ+ youth, efficiently preparing volunteer counselors for the unpredictable twists and turns they might encounter in the course of their field work can be a constant challenge. That's why the group has turned to one of the most sophisticated AI language generators in the...
Tags: Advertising, Artificial Intelligence, Emerging Tech

IAB Releases AR Buyer’s Guide for Marketers

Saying that 97% of brands on Forbes' Most Valuable Brands list are currently using augmented reality in their advertising, the IAB Monday released its AR Buyer's Guide to help pave the way for mid-level and senior-level marketers. The guide highlights the benefits of AR marketing, the types of experiences available to brands, recommended measurement criteria...
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Lay’s Lets Fans Send Personalized Video Messages From Lionel Messi With Deepfake Tech

Lay's is using artificial intelligence to let fans create Cameo-like personalized video messages in the words of one of the world's biggest soccer stars. The Frito-Lay brand recently unveiled a new web app called Messi Messages, which uses deepfake tech like facial mapping and lip-syncing to make it appear as if Lionel Messi is speaking...
Tags: Advertising, Artificial Intelligence, Lionel Messi, Emerging Tech, Frito Lay

Marketing AI: Interpretability and Explainability

One of the most important core concepts in understanding marketing AI is the difference between interpretability and explainability. When we want to understand how a piece of software arrived at the outcome, we’ll choose between these two methods. Why Does This Matter? These two concepts are vital to our ability to audit AI and prove […]
Tags: Law, Marketing, Seo, Artificial Intelligence, Ai, Marketing Technology, Marketing Data Science

Amazon Challenges Developers To Create Chatbots That Can Multitask

As voice device usage ticks upwards during the pandemic, Amazon is introducing a new competition challenging developers to create voice apps that can handle complex tasks with multiple steps. The Alexa Prize TaskBot Challenge is the latest in a series of contests the tech giant has held since 2016 to improve various aspects of its...
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IAB Releases New Guidelines for AI’s Use in Digital Advertising

As ad-tech companies consider AI alternatives to cookies and other third-party trackers, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) is releasing new guidelines and best practices for the use of machine learning at every level of digital advertising production. The guide draws on experiences from various publishers, agencies and ad-tech companies to outline nine uses ranging from...
Tags: Advertising, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Advertising, Iab, Interactive Advertising Bureau IAB, 2021 Outlook

GRAMMY Debates with IBM Watson

This week, I had the pleasure of sitting down with IBM Project Debater system lead Yoav Katz for an in-depth chat about how Project Debater has evolved since its debut at IBM THINK 2019 and how it’s being used for the GRAMMY Debates with Watson. What is IBM Project Debater For those unfamiliar, Project Debater […]
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How a Genealogy Site Used Deepfake Tech and Old Family Photos to Create a Viral App

A genealogy site tool that lets people digitally animate old family photographs has become a viral sensation on social media this week--in the latest example of brands putting AI-powered deepfake technology to creative use. The feature, released by Israel-based company MyHeritage in web platform and app form, is able to recognize faces in any photograph...
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