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Apple Enables Subscription Podcasts

Apple unveiled a new option for podcast creators at its Spring Loaded event on Tuesday: Paid subscriptions. While Apple Podcasts will continue to offer ad-supported audio, this move signals new consumer revenue for the tech giant and a direct challenge to Spotify. Podcast publishers that wish to enable subscriptions have to pay $19.99 to enroll...
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Facebook Makes Its Foray Into Different Types of Audio

Ever since the Mark Zuckerberg popped up on Clubhouse two months ago, there has been little doubt that he had something up his sleeve. The social media company unveiled new audio projects, partnerships and creator tools on Monday, signaling that it wants to be a serious player in social audio and podcasting. In an interview...
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Reddit Previews Reddit Talk, Its Take on Clubhouse

Reddit opted for simplicity in naming its Clubhouse clone feature, sharing a sneak preview Monday of Reddit Talk. Redditors can sign up for the waitlist here. Reddit Talk enables moderators to host live audio conversations in their communities. During early tests of the feature, only moderators will be able to start a Reddit Talk, and...
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Brazil’s Answer to Amazon Develops a Mobile Feature to Shop Inside Songs

Shopping for musical instruments online is about to become a little easier for Brazilian consumers. Magazine Lu?za (also known as Magalu), a major retailer often compared to Amazon, teamed up with music streaming service Deezer to develop Decifrei (Shopping Inside Songs), a shoppable option within Deezer's app that lets consumers shop for musical instruments inside...
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Facebook NPE Team Begins Testing Hotline, Its Take on Clubhouse

What would it look like if you combined Instagram Live with Clubhouse? It's a safe bet that it would look a little something like Hotline, the latest experimental application from the Facebook NPE Team. Facebook confirmed that Hotline is currently in a small, early test phase, and it does not represent a larger effort by...
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Spotify Adds to Feature Deck for Promo Cards

Spotify introduced several updates to the Promo Cards feature it rolled out last fall. Promo Cards are customizable graphics that can be shared with fans to promote an artist, song, album or when the artist has been featured on some of the audio streaming platform's most popular playlists, and thousands of them have been created...
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How Does Your Brand Sound? MassiveBASS Turns Data Into Sonic Branding

A shiny logo and a famous face can only get a brand so far. In the end, effective marketing is a sensory experience, one where sound can be just as integral to an identity as any visual component. Sonic branding has the power to convey a company's core values and objectives better than mere words....
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Clubhouse Is at an Inflection Point

Clubhouse, the social audio app that's taken the internet by storm, is worth a lot of money. But with concerns mounting over its posterity post pandemic, how much time marketers should invest in it is still a question mark. The company could be valued at $4 billion through an upcoming funding round, according to a...
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On Repeat Becomes Second Spotify Personalized Playlist Available for Sponsorship

Spotify's On Repeat playlist is now available for sponsorship and, with April 15 looming, TurboTax became the first U.S. brand to jump in. On Repeat debuted in September 2019, comprised of the tracks that the audio streaming platforms users have streamed the most over the past 30 days. Since its debut, it has tailed some...
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Can Spotify Beat Clubhouse at Its Own Game?

Spotify wants to be all things audio. That means leveling a charge at popular social audio-platform Clubhouse this week through its purchase of sports-focused audio app Locker Room and its parent company, Betty Labs. The acquisition cost between $50 and $80 million, a price range reported by The Wall Street Journal. Already a giant in...
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IAB Announces Latest Podcast Upfront Schedule as Listenership Continues to Grow

The IAB will hold its sixth annual Podcast Upfronts presentation in mid-May after a year in which the format continued to grow despite quarantine conditions. Top line The three-day event comes after the trade group announced that it would switch the date from fall to spring in order to move the showcase closer to the...
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Discord Rolls Out Stage Channels, Its Take on Clubhouse

The latest Clubhouse clone comes courtesy of Discord, which introduced Stage Channels Wednesday. Discord is a chat application that supports audio, text and video, and it has 140 million monthly active users. Its servers are invite-based chat rooms on various topics, and it is popular among the gaming set. The platform does not sell advertising,...
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How an Agency’s Algorithm Helped Turn Popular Music Into Speech-Therapy Playlists

For many young people, speech therapy is a vitally important resource--but one that can sometimes get a bit monotonous. A new agency-led initiative, however, hopes to make the process more fun by creating musical playlists that help kids along. Top line One in 12 children in the U.K. experiences some form of speech sound disorder,...
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Spotify Unveils a New Look for Its Desktop, Web Apps

Spotify Thursday introduced a cleaner, more intuitive look for its applications on desktop and the web. The redesign will be rolled out to all users worldwide over the coming weeks. PC users can download the updated Spotify desktop app via the Windows Store or Epic Game Store, while Mac users can get it here. As...
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Spotify Begins Expanding Access to Its Marquee Tool for Promoting New Releases

Spotify said Thursday that it will begin extending access to its Marquee advertising option to more artists and their teams in the U.S. in the coming months. The audio streaming platform introduced Marquee in October 2019 as a way for artists to promote their new releases to Spotify Free and Premium listeners who have shown...
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4 Trends Shaping the Future of Audio

It's fair to say that audio is having more than a moment. But as the medium goes mainstream, there are a number of factors at play that will determine how its adoption and use play out in the coming months and years. Let's take a closer look at some of the forces at play. The...
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Ikea Just Turned Its 2021 Catalog Into a 4-Hour Podcast

For Ikea fans, options are limited these days for browsing its newest collections of home goods. The retailer suspended printing its catalog in late 2020 after 70 years, and not everyone feels safe roaming its expansive stores in person. So the brand--alongside agency Ogilvy New York--decided to create a new way to explore Ikea's digital...
Tags: Advertising, Ikea, Retailing, Ogilvy New York, Digital Storytelling, Audio & Podcasting

Musical Artists Are Putting the Audio in Audio Feature Twitter Spaces

As audio feature Twitter Spaces continues to gain traction, the music community is taking notice and taking the "audio" element to heart. Twitter shared some examples of artists taking advantage of its Clubhouse clone this week: 5 Seconds of Summer hosted its first Twitter Space to "chat shit in real time" Thursday. Finneas held the...
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‘Stand for Sonic Diversity’ Pledge Aims for BIPOC Talent to Make Up 50% of Ad Voices

"The sonic color line" is a phrase coined in a 2016 book of the same title, in which Binghamton University professor Jennifer Lynn Stoever examines how race shapes the audio we consume each day, from our favorite streaming shows to the advertising that airs between songs. She described a hierarchal divide created by industry standards...
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Don’t Forget to Tip Your Twitter Spaces Host

Twitter confirmed that it is experimenting with a Tip Jar feature for its Twitter Spaces audio feature, but it did not have further details to share. Blogger and developer Jane Manchun Wong shared screenshots of the feature in a tweet, noting that it enables creators of Twitter Spaces to enter their usernames on payment platforms...
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Spotify Equal Initiative Kicks Off on International Women’s Day

Spotify marked International Women's Day Monday with its kickoff of Spotify Equal, an initiative to highlight women artists and podcast creators locally, regionally and internationally via activations, new content experiences, on- and off-platform support and partnerships. The streaming service introduced its Equal Hub, a dedicated space to highlight women creators and enable fans to stream...
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Twitter Brings Spaces to Android, Beating Out Clubhouse

Clubhouse may be generating more buzz than Twitter Spaces of late, but the latter won the race to debut for Android, albeit in a slightly limited form. Twitter said in a tweet from the Twitter Spaces account Tuesday that Android users can now join and participate in Spaces, but they do not yet have the...
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It’s a World of ‘Earbud Moments.’ Are Marketers Listening?

Indian audio streaming service JioSaavn has seen tremendous growth in recent years after going beyond its initial Bollywood focus and expanding into original content, but the company says there's still huge room for expansion. Top line Virginia Sharma, vp of brand solutions for Mumbai-based JioSaavn, spoke on Adweek's Challenger Brands Worldwide virtual stage this week...
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Spotify Audience Network Audio Ads Marketplace Is On Its Way

Spotify is in the early stages of developing audio advertising marketplace Spotify Audience Network. The streaming platform introduced the offering at its Stream On event Monday, saying further details will emerge in the coming months. Once Spotify Audience Network is up and running, advertisers of all sizes will be able to connect with listeners consuming...
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Scripps Sells Triton Digital to iHeartMedia for $230 Million

The E.W. Scripps Company is selling Triton Digital to iHeartRadio for $230 million, the companies announced today. The deal is expected to close in the first quarter. Top line: Scripps, which bought Triton Digital in December 2018 for $150 million from private equity firm Vector Capital, is looking to shift its focus to its burgeoning...
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Podcasts Give Advertisers a Unique, Direct Line to Consumers

Life at home with family can be hard--especially for people who need their alone time. For those looking for an escape, plugging in headphones, canceling out the background noise and tuning into a podcast has become a popular escape. Ad spend on podcasts jumped 11% year over year in Q4 of 2020, according to data...
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TikTok Features Creators on New For You Podcast

Creator and TikTok star Brittany Tomlinson, also known as Brittany Broski, will host For You Podcast, a weekly interview show featuring some of the most successful and innovative creators on the video creation platform. Frankie Jonas is the guest on the debut episode, with Boman Martinez-Reid and Jason Rodelo set to participate in future installments....
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Audio-Only Platform Clubhouse Is the App for People Who Miss Conferences

People on Clubhouse love talking about Clubhouse. Early on Monday morning, a group hosted a Clubhouse for Beginners session, offering a roadmap for users new to the app: "On Clubhouse, you are able to be yourself," one male entrepreneur said, confidently addressing the 50-person crowd. "You're not a keyboard warrior like on some of these...
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