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Inside Mercedes-Benz’s ‘Endless’ Digital Journey to Heighten Its Luxury Credentials

The German car giant Mercedes-Benz has been on a three-year journey of digital transformation since linking up with Publicis Groupe and now plans to reinforce both its luxury and sustainability credentials--while also adapting to the post-pandemic realities of car buying. Although it saw revenue decline 7.76% in 2020--dropping from about $128 billion to $118 billion--Mercedes...
Tags: Digital Transformation, Advertising, Automotive, Mercedes Benz, Publicis Groupe, Digital Journey, Adapting to Crisis

CarMax Wants You to Take a Trip to Dunkin’ During Your Next Test Drive

Buying a new car can be stressful--and pressure from family members or pushy salespeople doesn't help. To make sure your new ride checks off all your boxes, you might need to see if the speakers can handle your road trip playlist, the trunk can carry your groceries and the cupholder is the right size for...
Tags: Advertising, Automotive, CarMax, Experiential

David Beckham Makes His Debut as Maserati Brand Ambassador

Automotive brand Maserati has released a new campaign featuring its new global ambassador, David Beckham. Directed by Harmony Korine, the "Detour" spot from Droga5 London shows Beckham playfully driving in circles in one of the brand's SUVs. It aims to relay "the style, technology and exclusivity" of Maserati, the company said in a statement. BCW...
Tags: London, Advertising, Creative, Automotive, David Beckham, Beckham, Maserati, Harmony Korine

Sustainability Proves an Effective Way of Reaching Rideshare Passengers With Travel Ads

People riding in the back of an Uber or Lyft are a captive audience to ads being flashed across the tablet screens that hang over the backs of the seats. But captive doesn't equal engagement. And while it seems obvious that travel would appeal to rideshare hails, studies have shown that this is not the...
Tags: Advertising, Automotive, Travel & Transportation

Grey Launches a Global Campaign for Volvo Cars on the Biggest Safety Challenge We’ve Ever Faced

has created the Ultimate Safety Test campaign for Volvo Cars . After leading the industry in automotive safety for decades, Volvo Cars is now broadening its focus to make sure sustainability becomes as ingrained in the company culture as safety always has been. The global campaign, which covers TV, online video, social, digital, OOH and radio and print, is part of wider integrated and marketing efforts from Volvo Cars that reflect the company’s commitment to climate neutrality and el...
Tags: Europe, UK, Advertising, Automotive, Volvo, Arctic Circle, Grey, Bjorn, Volvo Cars, Ivan Zachariáš, Javier Campopiano, Mike Johnstone, Global Campaign for Volvo Cars, Central Marketing Brand

Lexus Can Change Your Mind About Texting and Driving in 4.6 Seconds

How long do you think it takes to glance at a text message when you’re driving? One second? Two seconds? You’re not alone. Most drivers believe that texting and driving creates only a momentary distraction. Today on April 6, or 4.6, has released a  new video  to shatter this common misconception. Th e average length of time it actually takes to send or receive a text message when you’re behind the wheel is 4.6 seconds, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration...
Tags: Advertising, Automotive, Lexus, Lexus Nx, Nhtsa, National Safety Council NSC, Team One, Vinay Shahani

Volvo’s Ad About the ‘Ultimate Safety Test’ Has a Dramatic Twist and a Vital Message

LONDON--When you think of Volvo, you probably think of it as a family car, thanks to all the ad dollars it has poured into messaging around safety. In its latest global ad, from agency Grey, the car brand goes on the hunt for "the ultimate safety test." The TV, online and digital spot, which has...
Tags: London, Climate Change, Advertising, Automotive, Volvo, AdFreak

Opel Teams Up With Defected Records In Virtual Dance Event to Drive Forward Electric Vehicles

German car brand Opel will promote its new electric vehicle under the "Less Normal, More Mokka" campaign by partnering with the British record label Defected in a new virtual dance event. The "A Less Normal Experience" event will take place on April 9. It will extend the 360-degree campaign, which kicked off this January on...
Tags: Advertising, Automotive, Opel, Drive Forward Electric Vehicles

Subaru Crosstrek Ad Highlights Importance of Caring for Others and Cats

Subaru of America, a now-17-time broadcast sponsor of the annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, has gone a little off-road with its new spot to promote the 2021 Crosstrek range by following siblings on a long drive to their sister's wedding. Created by Carmichael Lynch, the "Barn Wedding" spot follows the brother-sister duo as they travel...
Tags: Advertising, America, Automotive, Subaru, Carmichael Lynch

How Audi’s New Hotel Deal Might Replace the Dealership Test Drive

One of the many challenges facing automakers right now is acquainting potential buyers with the experience of driving or riding in their newest models. As early as 2014, a third of car buyers test drove only one model, and 17% skipped the test drive completely. With the pandemic having restricted the availability of many showrooms...
Tags: Advertising, Automotive, Audi

Nissan Taps Into Brand Heritage While Promising ‘Thrills’ During NCAA Tournament

While most major automakers are focusing their marketing efforts on their embrace of electric vehicles, Nissan is taking a look back at the brand's early EV development and showing what's to come. Nissan plans to roll out 10 new models over the next 20 months, but the goal goes beyond touting new lines of cars....
Tags: Advertising, Automotive, Nissan

Major League Baseball and Chevy Channel Field of Dreams in a Hopeful Opening Day Ad

To say the world of professional baseball has undergone a tumultuous year would be a huge understatement. Delays and cancelations were par for the course throughout 2020 for a nation reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic. In response to the increased need for safety, Major League Baseball (MLB) implemented new COVID-related procedures and now 2021 is...
Tags: Advertising, Automotive, Major League Baseball, Major League Baseball MLB, Sports Marketing, Chevy Channel Field of Dreams

Volkswagen’s April Fools’ Name Change Still Highlights Sustainability Commitment

One can't blame the skepticism that greeted the "accidental" release of news that Volkswagen Group of America would change its U.S. brand name to Voltswagen of America. That's what marketers get when they play around with April Fools' Day--in fact, the company confirmed to The Wall Street Journal it was all an early April Fools'...
Tags: Advertising, Automotive, Volkswagen, Volkswagen Group of America, Voltswagen of America

Volkswagen of America’s ‘Voltswagen’: Boldness? Bad April Fool’s Joke?—or Potential Brand Blunder?

One can't blame the skepticism that greeted the purported accidental company press release from Volkswagen Group of America on Monday, when it unveiled the official change of its U.S. brand name Voltswagen of America. That's what marketers get when they play around with April Fool's jokes too often. Still, a decisive break with its past...
Tags: Advertising, America, Automotive, Volkswagen, Volkswagen Group of America, Voltswagen, Voltswagen of America

Acura Tells the ‘Origin Story’ of the 2022 MDX

Acura kicked off its "Origin Story" campaign Monday to mark the automaker's 35th anniversary and introduce its new 2022 MDX three-row sport-utility vehicle. The campaign incorporates a series of videos released via Acura's social channels, spanning 15 seconds, 30 seconds and two minutes, looking at the brand's history as a challenger brand rooted in performance...
Tags: Advertising, Automotive, Acura, Social Pro Daily

As End of Lockdown Nears, eBay’s Puts Millions Into Ad Push

The role of the car in family life has been multifaceted during the pandemic, as driving for necessity has made it safer to run errands, but traveling for fun has often been nonexistent. With the end of lockdown in the U.K. seeming to draw near, there is a feeling of optimism to get out and...
Tags: Ecommerce, Advertising, Creative, Automotive, eBay 's Motors

Heartbeat is the New Campaign by AMV BBDO for Ford

AMV BBDO’s new pan-European campaign for FORD centres on a spellbinding film that draws a visually stunning analogy between the automaker’s FORDLiive vehicle maintenance service and the human circulatory system.     The film compares a business to the human heart and courier vans to the circulation of blood. When the red vans arrive on time the heart beats normally - when vans are reduced to a trickle, it slows and stops. But because FORDLiive keeps vans constantly on the road, th...
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Publicis Conseil Launches New campaign to Celebrate the Arrival of Dacia's Spring

New Dacia Spring, the electric revolution. Exclusive for everyone.   After having revolutionized the entry-level automotive market with Logan, Sandero, then the SUV segment with DUSTER, Dacia is now redefining the all-essential electric vehicle with the New Dacia Spring   Agile, robust, spacious, and equipped with a 100% fully electrified engine with an autonomy of 230 km WLTP (305 km for city driving), Dacia Spring unveils a new era: electric mobility accessible to ...
Tags: Advertising, Automotive, Madrid, Publicis, Dacia, Publicis Conseil, Dacia Renault, Marco Venturelli, Dacia Spring, Christopher Thiery, Publicis Conseil Launches New, Logan Sandero, James F Coton, Romulus Petcan, Gabriel Gherca, Corentin Salignat Copywriter

New Survey Asks: Should Jeep Rebrand Its Cherokee Vehicles?

A new Adweek-Morning Consult poll shows that American consumers are divided on whether Jeep should change the name of its Cherokee and Grand Cherokee models following calls from the Cherokee Nation to rebrand the SUVs that have used its name for more than 40 years. The poll found 30% of respondents either strongly or somewhat...
Tags: Advertising, Diversity, Automotive, Equity and Inclusion, Adweek Morning Consult

Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter Reunite (Again) for an 8-Minute Porsche Film

The latest vehicle manufacturer to join the electric vehicle "charge" is Porsche, which is preparing to roll out its first all-electric vehicle, the Porsche Taycan. To celebrate the announcement, Porsche offered an excellent adventure to two friends and Porsche aficionados, Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves. The two actors set aside their famous roles as Bill...
Tags: Advertising, Automotive, Porsche, Keanu Reeves, Alex, Alex Winter

Why Progressive’s Flo and Friends Trounce That Talking Lizard

Eleven years ago, actress Stephanie Courtney sat down for an interview with Atlanta's WSB-TV. Fresh off a stint with the Groundlings improvisational troupe in L.A., had recently been cast as Flo, the ever-smiling, retro-bobbed customer service rep for Progressive insurance. When the station asked her what she made of fans who considered Flo to be...
Tags: Advertising, Atlanta, Automotive, FLO, Branding, WSB TV, Groundlings, Stephanie Courtney

Progressive CMO Jeff Charney Explains Why Flo and Friends Trounce That Talking Lizard

Eleven years ago, actress Stephanie Courtney sat down for an interview with Atlanta's WSB-TV. Fresh off a stint with the Groundlings improvisational troupe in L.A., had recently been cast as Flo, the ever-smiling, retro-bobbed customer service rep for Progressive insurance. When the station asked her what she made of fans who considered Flo to be...
Tags: Advertising, CMO, Atlanta, Automotive, FLO, Branding, WSB TV, Groundlings, Jeff Charney, Stephanie Courtney

Dark Horses Helps Consumers Find a new Lease of Life in New Campaign for Vanarama

Dark Horses is launching a multi-million pound brand campaign for vehicle leasing broker Vanarama as the company expands beyond van leasing and into cars and electric vehicles.   The agency has created a new campaign and long term brand platform that Vanarama will use as the basis of all of its communications in the future, featuring the new endline: ‘Find your new lease of life with Vanarama’. The campaign is made up of three 30 second spots to run across TV, VOD and online, as well ...
Tags: Advertising, Dave, Automotive, Vanarama National League, Rosie, Mick, Tom Davis, Steve Howell, Andy Walsh, Gloria J, Saam Hodivala, Dark Horses, Vanarama, Lease of Life in New Campaign for Vanarama, Paul Cable CMO, Andew Gaynord

Pinterest Creators Find Creative Uses for Toyota Sienna Minivan

Toyota turned to creators on Pinterest to showcase creative uses for its redesigned 2021 Sienna minivan. Creators adventurer photographer Peter Amend, florist entrepreneur Mallory Browne, restaurateur Bricia Lopez and therapist turned interior designer Anita Yokota will use Story Pins to share tips and tricks and inspire Pinners to think of "Sienna life," and using the...
Tags: Pinterest, Advertising, Automotive, Toyota, Peter, Sienna, Pinners, Bricia Lopez, Social Pro Daily, Mallory Browne, Anita Yokota

Hyundai Elevates Former BMW Exec to Global CMO and Undergoes a Restructuring

As part of a broad organizational restructuring aimed at improving marketing coordination across its brands, Hyundai Motor Company has named a new global chief marketing officer, effective this month. Top line The South Korean automaker promoted Thomas Schemera, former evp and head of product division, to CMO and head of its customer service division. He's...
Tags: Advertising, CMO, Sustainability, Automotive, Hyundai, Hyundai Motor Company, Leadership & Talent, Thomas Schemera, Briefly, BMW Exec to Global CMO

Lexus Puts Gamers in the Driver’s Seat

Gamers, start your engines. Lexus is unveiling the Gamers’ IS, the first vehicle designed by and for the Twitch community as the ultimate gaming space. In a livestream hosted by popular streamer Fuslie, last month, more than 554,000 unique viewers watched and weighed in on their favorite features. They voted on modifications ranging from the gaming-themed exterior wrap to the custom controller to their “game fuel” beverage of choice. Lexus then worked with the fabrication experts at SCPS to bri...
Tags: Advertising, Los Angeles, Automotive, Lexus, Hud, Tokyo, Twitch, Team One, Vinay Shahani

NASCAR and St. John Overhaul Airport to Welcome and Delight Daytona 500 Visitors

Marketing agency St. John designed and implemented a unique takeover of Daytona Beach International Airport for client NASCAR to welcome visitors to this year’s Daytona 500 race. The highlight was a depiction of the race on baggage carousels. NASCAR wanted to create a welcoming environment at the airport for arriving fans and capture media attention much like a city hosting the Super Bowl might do. So, with three weeks turnaround, St. John created about a dozen eye-catching installati...
Tags: Featured, Advertising, Automotive, John, Nascar, Daytona Beach, St. John, Daytona International Speedway, Daytona, Daytona Beach Florida, Sylvia S, Daytona Beach International Airport, St John Overhaul Airport, Peter Herbst, Chip Wile Daytona International Speedway

Return to Sender: New USPS Delivery Trucks Receive Mixed Response

For the first time in 30 years, the U.S. Postal Service is upgrading its delivery trucks to run on electric power, but the new design has brought out trolls who are comparing the new look to Donald Duck and airport shuttles. Top line The USPS released images and details of the $482 million investment in...
Tags: Advertising, Automotive, Usps, Donald Duck, U S Postal Service, Briefly

Exclusive: Jeep’s Super Bowl Ad Is Back as DWI Charges Against Bruce Springsteen Are Dropped

Jeep's somewhat controversial call for unity during the Super Bowl will be unpaused after federal prosecutors in New Jersey dropped drunk driving charges against music legend Bruce Springsteen. Jeep pulled the 120-second ad--the longest of Super Bowl 55--just days after the Big Game, as reports emerged Springsteen was arrested for a DWI in November. At...
Tags: Bruce Springsteen, Advertising, Automotive, New Jersey, Springsteen, The Big Game, Bruce Springsteen Jeep

Could Jeep Cherokee Be Next to Rebrand as Tribe Calls for Change?

The Cherokee Nation, a sovereign tribal government in Oklahoma, has asked automaker Jeep to rebrand the SUV models that have used its name for more than 40 years. Car and Driver magazine was first to report the news, quoting Chuck Hoskin Jr., principal chief of the Cherokee Nation, as Jeep prepares to launch the 2022...
Tags: Advertising, Diversity, Automotive, Oklahoma, Driver, Cherokee Nation, Chuck Hoskin Jr, Equity and Inclusion

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