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How to build a brand that elevates your business

Building a brand is often synonymous with building a business. Your brand communicates what do and what you stand for, and it helps build trust with potential clients. Here are a few tips for building a brand that'll ultimately boost your business.
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10 secret Instagram and Facebook features most agents miss

Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular and effective platforms for brand-building, promoting listings and generating leads. Did you know there are hidden features agents don't know about? Here are some of our favorite little-known gems.
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9 listing presentation mistakes you can’t afford to make

Today’s tight inventory environment means that agents can’t afford not to win a listing. Here are nine mistakes agents commonly make and how to avoid them.
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Put branding first! How to build a business that attracts growth

If you want to recruit better talent and more clients who want to with your team, focus on building your master brand first. Here’s how to do that.
Tags: Marketing, Brand, Recruiting, Service, Radio, Teams, Agent, Columns, Branding, Select, Back To Basics, Kris Lindahl, Theme-month-202104, Brand-first Business

3 reasons Instagram isn’t working for you (and what to do)

To effectively increase your brand awareness and position yourself as the go-to authority in your market, watch out for these common Instagram turn-offs and avoid them yourself.
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Consumers read 10 reviews first! What’s your review strategy?

Consumers increasingly write, read and follow online web assessments. So, have you accepted reviews as a part of your communication with the market? Here are a few compelling reasons why you should.
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Work smarter! 10 creative ways to reuse and repurpose your evergreen content

Creating fresh and unique content is not easy, and it can be quite time-consuming. Recycling content reduces the effort required; allows you to expand your reach across multiple platforms; and gives consumers, prospects, and search engines what they're looking for.
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8 ways to rank higher on Google — and improve your website traffic

Getting your website to rank on Google is like putting together pieces of a puzzle. All of your efforts across various channels come together to build your website’s authority. Here are few tips to help drum up more traffic for your business.
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Why hiring a PR team is the best marketing decision you can make

A constant presence in major media outlets is a valuable way to promote and grow your real estate business on all levels. Here's how a strong public relations strategy can elevate your brand and what you should keep in mind when hiring a PR team.
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Your profiles matter! Take time to perfect them

Why are some profiles disasters while others are marketing masterpieces? Whatever the reasons for subpar online profiles, now is the time to give your web presence a second look. Follow these steps to create a profile potential buyers will gravitate toward.
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3 showing ideas for today (open houses need not apply)

Here are three initiatives that are a far departure from the ordinary showing that we now use to launch and show our listings in today's environment.
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Are your business cards bad? 8 design mistakes to avoid

As we're all spending a lot more time contemplating what our marketing looks like in the future, you should definitely take some time to look at your business card design with fresh eyes and avoid making these mistakes.  
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Stop already! 12 things agents shouldn’t be doing right now

This unique moment is a time to rise up and be better. So if you're doing these not-so-professional things, can you please cut it out? 
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Looking for a CRM? 15 features you should know

Real estate customer relationship management solutions are more advanced and plentiful than ever. When it comes time to choose your next CRM, hopefully this shortlist of baseline features can help make your due diligence a little easier.
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Want to ramp up new business? Leverage these digital platforms

As traditional, face-to-face methods of generating new business aren't an option, now is the time to leverage digital marketing instead, using both simple organic strategies and paid traffic.
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How to become the go-to team in your area

When David Parnes and James Harris started, they decided to focus on Bel Air. They didn’t have any contracts or leads, but by following these four steps — paired with a lot of hard work and dedication — they soon became the go-to leaders in the market.
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Wondering how to stay focused on both life and work? Here’s a plan

The changes brought on by COVID-19 have turned most people's days upside down. But by establishing structure, creating a checklist and placing a divide between work and life, you can find calm in chaos.
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How to support your business — and your community — today

If you're pivoting your business to connect with others and serve now — you're already building a stronger base for future business. Here are a few more ways to strengthen your strategies and plant seeds of kindness in your community.
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4 basics to remember in the era of virtual business

Even though the world is shifting, people still need the services of real estate agents during this time. Here are a few things to keep in mind when migrating your team's business to the virtual world.
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How to build your pipeline through social media advertising

With the right strategy in place, social media is a powerful marketing tool for your business. Here's how to build a social media marketing funnel to continually develop meaningful connections and find leads.
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5 ways to engage your community on Instagram

Social media can come in handy during times like this, especially when used correctly. By posting fun, engaging content and daily motivation, you can spread positivity while boosting your business.
Tags: Instagram, Marketing, Social Media, Service, Radio, Agent, Sweepstakes, Lead Generation, Select, Back To Basics, Instagram Live, Daily Motivation, Instagram Polls, Theme-month-202004, Andrew Jevin

How to be the expert your clients need right now

With a sea of agents conducting business online, how can you stand out from the crowd? Rise above fear, build community, and be the leader your clients need. Here's how.
Tags: Advertising, Marketing, Communication, Service, Radio, Agent, Clarity, Lead Generation, Solutions, Victoria Kennedy, Select, Back To Basics, Stimulus Package, Theme-month-202004, Cold Email Campaigns

Start Back to Basics Month by getting comfortable on camera

Agents are more dependent on video than ever before. We’re creating virtual tours in place of open houses and using video conferencing as a substitute for face-to-face interactions. Like it or not, it’s time to get comfortable on camera. Here are 10 tips to help you look like a natural.
Tags: Video, Marketing, Service, Camera, Radio, Teams, Agent, Body Language, Columns, Lead Generation, Select, Back To Basics, Nicole Solari, Theme Months, Coronavirus, Theme-month-202004

IDX websites: Worth the investment?

These days, real estate professionals have a host of marketing tools available to them, including custom websites, lead generation tools, customer relationship management and more. However, are these tools worth the cost? Find out here.
Tags: Technology, Opinion, Marketing, Radio, Agent, B2b, Brokerage, Select, Back To Basics, Idx Feed, Idx Websites, Andrew Helling

60+ homeowner content ideas that’ll keep ’em coming back for more

Looking for seller leads? Trying to stay top-of-mind with past clients? Content marketing, regardless of the delivery method, is imperative in positioning yourself as the local expert and providing value that attracts clients and keeps them coming back again and again. Here are 60-plus content topics for homeowners.
Tags: Marketing, Blog, Content Marketing, Blogging, Radio, Agent, B2b, Lead Generation, Select, Jay Thompson, Back To Basics, Content Marketing Ideas, Content Marketing Ideas For Homeowners

‘Millennials should not buy homes’ and other lies consumers fall for

There’s a lot of misinformation about down payments and loans that is spread to and believed by consumers. Here’s how we can help change the false narratives at an agent level.
Tags: Opinion, Marketing, Social Media, Radio, Agent, B2b, Lead Generation, Select, Housing Programs, Back To Basics, Down Payment, Lee Davenport, Down Payment Programs

10 proven ways to boost your team’s profitability

Watch and learn what some of our industry’s most profitable teams are doing to keep their margins healthy in good markets and in bad.
Tags: Video, Marketing, Radio, Agent, Team, B2b, Lead Generation, Profitability, Brokerage, Select, Back To Basics, Pat Hiban, Boosting Your Team's Profitability

5 quick Memorial Day marketing ideas for agents

Looking for a marketing plan to tie to Memorial Day? It’s not too late! Here are a handful of things you can do — all under three hours — to promote your business.
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Want to rise above your competition? Try these 5 pro moves

In real estate, showcasing your professionalism is how you get business. It’s how you convince buyers and sellers to work with you over the plethora of other agents out there. What can you do to exhibit competence and display your skillset to past and future clients? Here are five pro moves that’ll set you apart from the rest of the pack.
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3 essential social media platforms for newbie agents

When it comes to social media, it’s a bit of a jungle out there. To help new agents suss out what’s crucial, here are the top three platforms and some tips for how to make it all work with your marketing plan.
Tags: Facebook, Technology, Instagram, Opinion, Marketing, Radio, Agent, B2b, Nextdoor, Select, Back To Basics, Andrew Helling

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