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Q&A: Comscore’s President on Tackling the Hurdle That Is Cross-Channel Measurement

With media companies urgently seeking more accurate methods of measurement across all platforms, Sarah Hofstetter clearly has her work cut out for her. The Comscore president oversees commercial strategy, direct sales and marketing efforts at the cross-platform measurement company. She joined nearly a year ago from 360i, where she had worked for more than a...
Tags: Advertising, Comscore, Sarah Hofstetter, Challenger Brands, Cross Channel Measurement

How Challenger Brands Are Bridging the Gap Between Ecommerce and Brick and Mortar

During our Brandweek: Challenger Brands summit Feb. 6-7, the "Bricks and Clicks" session featured panels from Away's vp, brand marketing, Selena Kalvaria, and Harry's vp, marketing, Lorna Sommerville, with moderator Robert Klara and Untuckit's CEO and co-founder, Aaron Sanandres, with moderator Jameson Fleming. The challenger brands spoke about how they're bridging the gap between ecommerce...
Tags: Advertising, Harry, Challenger Brands, Robert Klara, Selena Kalvaria, Aaron Sanandres, Jameson Fleming, Lorna Sommerville

Kraft-Heinz CMO Reveals Strategic Thinking Behind That Free-Grocery Store in D.C.

Even in a town as shockproof as Washington, D.C., the store that opened at 1287 4th St. NE on Jan. 16 was an eyebrow-raiser--not just because it was set to close a mere four days later, but also because everything in it was free of charge. The store--a grocery--was the contrivance of Kraft-Heinz, and the...
Tags: Washington, Advertising, Kraft Heinz, Challenger Brands, Kraft Heinz CMO

How Organic Valley Has Kept Farmers at the Core of Its Business

Leslie Kruempel has a unique title to represent a unique brand. As mission executive of Organic Valley, she has grown the company's marketing presence substantially in the years she's been at the company. Adweek caught up with Kruempel at the Brandweek: Challenger Brands event earlier this month, where she chatted about working with farmers to...
Tags: Advertising, Adweek, Organic Valley, Challenger Brands, Leslie Kruempel, Kruempel

What Successful Organizations Do to Create Diverse Workforces and Inclusive Cultures

Porter Braswell and Ryan Williams co-founded Jopwell--a diversity hiring platform focused on matching Black, Latinx and Native American students with major companies--after spending a few years buying and selling currencies at Goldman Sachs. The two converted their Wall Street experiences into a technology platform designed at helping underrepresented groups of job seekers, and through that...
Tags: Advertising, Goldman Sachs, Jopwell, Porter Braswell, Ryan Williams, Challenger Brands

This Is How Bethenny Frankel Learned to Trust Her Instincts

From The Apprentice: Martha Stewart to Real Housewives to her Skinnygirl empire, Bethenny Frankel's road to riches has been paved with an intense entrepreneurial drive. But while she's always had the ambition, she still had a lot to learn about running a business. "I don't think I knew what the word entrepreneur meant, or the...
Tags: Martha Stewart, Advertising, Bethenny Frankel, Challenger Brands

An ‘Overwhelming’ Underwear Aisle Inspired This Challenger Brand

It describes itself has having "the world's most comfortable undies." But startup undergarment maker MeUndies says the inspiration for the colorful and cozy underwear doesn't come solely from in-house designers, but from its "tribal-based community." At the recent Brandweek: Challenger Brands event, Adweek tech reporter Lisa Lacy sat down with MeUndies founder and CEO Jonathan...
Tags: Advertising, Adweek, Meundies, Challenger Brands, Brandweek, Lisa Lacy

Pandora’s Approach to Podcasting Is What Sets It Apart in the Industry

Podcasting has developed into an incredibly big market with lots of potential, but even the largest players are still evolving their approach. While Spotify is dominating the conversation with moves like its recent acquisition of Gimlet Media and Anchor, two major podcasting companies, Pandora is also asserting itself in this space. In this video, Alex...
Tags: Spotify, Advertising, Pandora, Gimlet Media, Challenger Brands

How Plans to Compete With Both Online and Traditional Retailers

How does a startup like compete against juggernauts like Amazon and Costco? The New York-based wholesale retailer has come a long way since Chieh Huang started the company from his garage in 2013, but he still remembers single-handedly fulfilling toilet paper roll orders in those early days, long before bringing in nine figures in...
Tags: Amazon, New York, Advertising, Costco, Challenger Brands, Chieh Huang

Giphy Wants Brands to Advertise in Private Messages

Alex Chung thinks online advertising "totally sucks." The CEO of Giphy didn't mince words when bemoaning the current state of digital media in front of an audience of brand marketers during the Brandweek: Challenger Brands summit on Feb. 6 in New York. "Advertising is something we tolerate," Chung said during a keynote presentation at the...
Tags: General, Advertising, Chung, Alex Chung, Challenger Brands, New York Advertising, Giphy Wants Brands

SmartyPants Vitamins Never Tried to Be Cool—and That’s How It Found Success

Many new brands hitting the market these days make a splash with trendy ad campaigns and dreamy packaging and design. That may initially catch a consumer's attention, but SmartyPants Vitamins co-founder and co-CEO Courtney Nichols Gould believes building a successful, growing business takes more than cool branding and a direct-to-consumer (DTC) strategy to come out...
Tags: Advertising, Challenger Brands, SmartyPants Vitamins, Courtney Nichols Gould

On the Adweek Podcast: Lessons From Challenger Brands

Last week at our Brandweek: Challenger Brands event, founders and CMOs from some of today's hottest companies came together to talk shop. C-suite execs from big names like Peloton, Levi's and Skinnygirl were in attendance, educating the audience on how their brands disrupted their respective industries. On this week's episode of the Adweek podcast Yeah,...
Tags: General, Advertising, Challenger Brands, Peloton Levi

MiQ’s VP of Revenue Talks About How AI Is Only Effective When Backed by Human Intelligence

At the recent Brandweek: Challenger Brands summit, marketers learned how artificial intelligence is shaping how brands sell and consumers buy. Marketing intelligence platform MiQ is at the forefront of connecting data and providing positive outcomes for their clients. Charlie Neer, vp of revenue at MiQ, talked about how AI can only be effective when it's...
Tags: Advertising, Human Intelligence, Challenger Brands, Brandweek, Charlie Neer

This Cannabis Company’s First 6-Figure Order Came Through Instagram

Papa & Barkley, a California-based cannabis company, is shaking up the traditional retail industry with its digital-first approach. The company, which includes celebrities and athletes in its customer base, had its first six-figure sale via Instagram. At the recent Brandweek: Challenger Brands event, Papa & Barkley CMO Kimberly Dillon talked about what works and what...
Tags: Instagram, California, Advertising, Barkley, Challenger Brands, Brandweek, Papa Barkley, Kimberly Dillon

How Legacy Brands Like Kraft Heinz and IHOP Channel Their Inner Challenger Brand

Being nimble, taking risks and working creatively, collaboratively and under budget are the hallmarks of marketing a challenger brand. But as we found out at our Brandweek: Challenger Brands summit last week, some of the biggest legacy brands increasingly see themselves as challengers. It's all part of doing business alongside startups that are trying to...
Tags: Advertising, Ihop, Kraft Heinz, Challenger Brands

Here’s Why Luxury Shoe Brand M.Gemi Releases New Shoes Every Monday

As days of the week go, Monday has a pretty bad reputation, but customers of Italian footwear company M.Gemi have at least one reason to look forward to it: At 10 a.m. ET each Monday, the luxury shoe brand releases something new. On Monday, Feb. 11, for example, M.Gemi released its sixth style of 2019,...
Tags: Advertising, Challenger Brands

Here’s What Hulu Learned From Its ‘Better Ruins Everything’ Campaign

To get better insights into its community, and in an effort to add subscribers, streaming service Hulu created Culture Lab. The lab helps inform Hulu's marketing campaigns, including "Better Ruins Everything," which featured Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello, among others. Kelly Campbell, CMO of Hulu, took to the Brandweek: Challenger Brands stage last week and...
Tags: Sofia Vergara, Joe Manganiello, Advertising, Hulu, Challenger Brands, Brandweek, Better Ruins Everything, Kelly Campbell CMO

Jopwell and &Pizza Talk Creating a Workforce That’s Passionate About Your Brand

Developing brand loyalty is important--and perhaps nowhere more so than within a company itself. During last week's Brandweek: Challenger Brands event in New York, leaders from career advancement platform Jopwell and pizza chain &Pizza spoke about the power of building up a workforce that's passionate about your brand. Michael Lastoria, co-founder, CEO and creative director...
Tags: New York, General, Advertising, Jopwell, Challenger Brands, Michael Lastoria

How Bark Is Using Social Media to Market Itself to Future Dog Owners

Adweek reporter Diana Pearl had a tricky question for Bark vp of brand reach and affinity Allison Stadd at Wednesday's Brandweek: Challenger Brands summit. Pearl--who's 26 years old, on the younger side of the millennial generation--said she can't foresee herself getting a dog anytime soon because it feels "too adult." So if some millennials don't...
Tags: General, Advertising, Adweek, Challenger Brands, Brandweek, Diana Pearl, Allison Stadd

The 3 Keys to Thriving in a Challenger Brand Market

As a platform that helps companies better understand their customers, Resonate has some advice for all brands: create unbreakable connections across your ecosystem. Far easier said than done. So at Brandweek: Challenger Brands last week, Resonate presented a keynote by chief revenue officer Jason Schneider and Michael Horn, chief data officer of Resonate client Huge,...
Tags: Advertising, Resonate, Michael Horn, Jason Schneider, Challenger Brands, Brandweek

Pinterest’s CMO on the Company’s Unique Approach to Growth and Burgeoning Ad Business

Pinterest just might be the internet's most undervalued platform. The company, once grouped together with other social media giants like Facebook and Twitter, has managed to forge its own path and remain a place where people go to be inspired. While other platforms are plagued by ongoing harassment or data breach issues, Pinterest isn't--which the...
Tags: Facebook, Advertising, CMO, Challenger Brands, Company 's Unique Approach

What Tim Armstrong’s Past in Media Is Teaching Him About a Future in Commerce

Tim Armstrong is taking 25 years of learnings from leading jobs at Google and AOL and adapting them to his new venture, the dtx company, which funds commerce brands. During a Brandweek keynote, Armstrong talked about why he's investing in two of those business, cashierless outlet The Drug Store and beverage company Dirty Lemon. Adweek...
Tags: Google, Advertising, Aol, Tim Armstrong, Armstrong, Challenger Brands, The Drug Store

Marketing Leaders Share Their Takeaways From Brandweek: Challenger Brands

Here at Adweek, we're reviewing hours of video footage gathered at the inaugural Brandweek: Challenger Brands. In the coming days and weeks, we'll be sharing full sessions to learn from leading CMOs at some of the most innovative brands today, from Hulu to Casper to IHOP to Kraft Heinz. In between those sessions, we caught...
Tags: Advertising, Hulu, Adweek, Ihop, Kraft Heinz, Challenger Brands

Why Tim Armstrong Invested in Dirty Lemon to Launch His DTC Company

Before former Oath CEO Tim Armstrong officially launched his new venture, the dtx company, he showed off his first investment--an unmanned store for healthy beverages that relies on text message payments--to a fellow investor, the investor was left bewilderingly asking, "This is your first investment?" How could a company that relies on the honor system...
Tags: Advertising, Tim Armstrong, Challenger Brands

How to Thrive in Our Current Transforming Direct Brand Economy

We are deep in the midst of the direct brand revolution, but where exactly are we? Everyone--publishers, tech, brands, agencies--is wondering the same thing. The direct brand revolution and the fundamental shift that it has brought is just beginning. There are hundreds of these innovative companies emerging, taking share from incumbent brands while contributing to...
Tags: Advertising, Voice, Challenger Brands

‘B’ Is for Brilliant: How IHOP’s Stunt Success Started With a Better Burger

The numbers for IHOP's wildly successful IHOb campaign--touting its burgers by temporarily changing its brand name--are undeniable. 42.6 billion impressions, 1.2 million tweets in the first 10 days of the campaign and over 27,000 earned media articles remain eye-watering. It's one thing to read the coverage, but it's quite another to actually hear from the...
Tags: Advertising, Ihop, Challenger Brands, Better Burger

3 Secrets to Peloton’s Astonishing Success

When Tom Cortese and his four co-founders started Peloton in 2012, they were faced with an industry that hadn't seen change in "40-plus years." They set out to shift the fitness landscape--not just where fitness happens, but how people think about it, said Cortese in a keynote today at Brandweek: Challenger Brands. Their main goal...
Tags: Advertising, Cortese, Peloton, Challenger Brands, Tom Cortese, Brandweek

Prowess in Storytelling Is What Makes a Challenger Brand, and More Insights From New Adweek Survey

Challenger brands are changing the world, but these cutting-edge companies still have challenges to overcome in their path towards category domination. Ahead of Brandweek's Challenger Brands event, Adweek surveyed over 200 brand marketers--half of whom work for a challenger brand; the other half, a legacy or "establishment" brand--on challenger brands' place in business today, the...
Tags: Advertising, Adweek, Challenger Brands, Brandweek

Bethenny Frankel on Making Mistakes, Her Trademark Candor and the Value of Real Housewives

Bethenny Frankel has come a long way since her first season of The Real Housewives of New York in 2008--specifically, from reality star to full-blown business mogul with a multimillion-dollar food and beverage empire, Skinnygirl, to her name. On Wednesday at Brandweek Challenger Brands in New York, Frankel opened up about how she grew her...
Tags: New York, General, Advertising, Frankel, Bethenny Frankel, Real Housewives Of New York, Challenger Brands, Brandweek Challenger Brands

Levi’s CMO Explains Why It’s Worth Taking the Risk to Be Political

With the American political scene about as raucous and contentious as it's ever been, a brand can be forgiven for wanting to steer clear of politics in any way. But Levi Strauss & Co. is willing to wade into that morass--most notably with last year's "Use Your Vote" campaign. The featured spot, along with its...
Tags: Advertising, CMO, Levi, Levi Strauss Co, Challenger Brands

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