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Senators criticize a potential—relatively cheap—fine for Facebook

Two senators slammed the Federal Trade Commission for the prospect that it might fine Facebook Inc. no more than $5 billion over multiple privacy violations and called for the agency to impose "sweeping changes" on the beleaguered social media company. Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut and Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri said in a letter dated Monday that the estimated sum, which the company released in financial disclosures last month, would represent a "bargain...
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Twitter to offer report option for misleading election tweets

Twitter is adding a dedicated report option that enables users to tell it about misleading tweets related to voting — starting with elections taking place in India and the European Union . From tomorrow users in India can report tweets they believe are trying to mislead voters — such as disinformation related to the date or location of polling stations; or fake claims about identity requirements for being able to vote — by tapping on the arrow menu of the suspicious tweet and selecting the ...
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Inside The World Of Fake Amazon Reviews: AS HEARD ON: WTAG: [04-23-19]

Inside The World Of Fake Amazon Reviews: AS HEARD ON: WTAG: [04-23-19] DOWNLOAD TRANSCRIPT Subscribe to iTunes ...
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Weekend reading: There’s no silver bullet to finish off Brexit

Warning: Brexit. My house, my opinion. Feel free to skip. A nd so one of the finest dark comedies ever created has come to an end. But sadly, while we’ll see no more of Fleabag, we’ll get yet another season of Brexit Badly. At least the schedulers are in on the joke. The new cliffhanger is set for 31 October – Halloween. Talk about comic noir. You can’t make this stuff up. The last episode culminated with patriotic Brexiteers blaming the Queen for the dire state of Brexit. Nothing would surpri...
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Facebook agrees to clearer T&Cs in Europe

Facebook has agreed to amend its terms and conditions under pressure from EU lawmakers. The new terms will make it plain that free access to its service is contingent on users’ data being used to profile them to target with ads, the European Commission said today. “The new terms detail what services, Facebook sells to third parties that are based on the use of their user’s data, how consumers can close their accounts and under what reasons accounts can be disabled,” it writes. Although the...
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TD Ameritrade Commission-Free ETF List + Up to $2,500 Account Transfer Bonuses

Updated 2019 with new transfer bonus links. TD Ameritrade has made several changes to their commission-free ETF trading program over the years. I am not an active trader, so that is the focus of this post. Most recently, they made an important shift from offering fewer, popular ETFs to offering a higher number of niche ETFs. In addition, TDA also has various promotions if you do decide to move over some assets. Commission-free ETFs. Here is the current list of 300+ commission-free ET...
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Facebook urged to offer an API for political ad transparency research

Facebook has been called upon to provide good faith researchers with an API to enable them to study how political ads are spreading and being amplified on its platform. A coalition of European academics, technologists and human and digital rights groups, led by Mozilla, has signed an open letter to the company demanding far greater transparency about how Facebook’s platform distributes and amplifies political ads ahead of elections to the European parliament which will take place in May. W...
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Up against a reduced-fee commission model? Here’s how to win

How do you compete against what seems to consumers like a better deal? Become the premium agent who provides better tools, top-notch negotiation skills and concierge-level service. Here’s how to do that.
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Online platforms still not clear enough about hate speech takedowns: EC

In its latest monitoring report of a voluntary Code of Conduct on illegal hate speech, which platforms including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube signed up to in Europe back in 2016, the European Commission has said progress is being made on speeding up takedowns but tech firms are still lagging when it comes to providing feedback and transparency around their decisions. Tech companies are now assessing 89% of flagged content within 24 hours, with 72% of content deemed to be illegal hate speech bei...
Tags: Google, Social, Facebook, Twitter, Europe, UK, Instagram, Youtube, Germany, Censorship, Social Media, Tech, Eu, European Union, Snapchat, Artificial Intelligence

Facebook, Google and Twitter told to do more to fight fake news ahead of European elections

A first batch of monthly progress reports from tech giants and advertising companies on what they’re doing to help fight online disinformation have been published by the European Commission. Platforms including Facebook, Google and Twitter signed up to a voluntary EU code of practice on the issue last year. The first reports cover measures taken by platforms up to December 31, 2018. The implementation reports are intended to detail progress towards the goal of putting the squeeze on disinform...
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Europe dials up pressure on tech giants over election security

The European Union has announced a package of measures intended to step up efforts and pressure on tech giants to combat democracy-denting disinformation ahead of the EU parliament elections next May. The European Commission Action Plan, which was presented at a press briefing earlier today, has four areas of focus: 1) Improving detection of disinformation; 2) Greater co-ordination across EU Member States, including by sharing alerts about threats; 3) Increased pressure on online platforms, i...
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Restricting Competitive Keyword Ads Is Anti-Competitive–FTC v. 1-800 Contacts

Starting in 2002 and continuing for about a decade, 1-800 Contacts systematically locked up many of its online contact lenses retail competitors into settlement agreements that prohibited the parties from bidding on each other’s trademarks at the search engines. Perhaps not coincidentally (this was the subject of some back-and-forth among experts), 1-800 Contacts unapologetically and consistently charges higher prices than its online retailer competitors. In 2016, the FTC filed an administrativ...
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How to buy and sell ETFs

O kay, so you know how to open an online broker account. The next step on your road to fully-fledged investor status is to actually purchase some investments. In this article we’ll look at how to buy an ETF (Exchange Traded Fund). What is an ETF? Before we get giddy with over-excitement, a quick reminder as to what an ETF is. ETFs are funds traded on a stock exchange, as the full-fat version of their name suggests. As investors buy and sell the ETF throughout the day, their price will vary. S...
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Fake news ‘threat to democracy’ report gets back-burner response from UK gov’t

The UK government has rejected a parliamentary committee’s call for a levy on social media firms to fund digital literacy lessons to combat the impact of disinformation online. The recommendation of a levy on social media platforms was made by the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport committee three months ago, in a preliminary report following a multi-month investigation into the impact of so-called ‘fake news’ on democratic processes. Though it has suggested the terms ‘misinformation’ and ‘disinf...
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European Competition Commission Looks at Amazon

European Union antitrust regulators are asking retailers and manufacturers whether Amazon’s sales of its private brand products have negatively impacted their business, a question which could lead to a formal investigation and fines of the US-based e-commerce giant. European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said last week she was looking into whether Amazon is using sales data illegally. The European Commission’s focus is on Amazon’s role as a retailer selling manufacturers, and as a...
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Europe is drawing fresh battle lines around the ethics of big data

It’s been just over four months since Europe’s tough new privacy framework came into force. You might believe that little of substance has changed for big tech’s data-hungry smooth operators since then — beyond firing out a wave of privacy policy update spam, and putting up a fresh cluster of consent pop-ups that are just as aggressively keen for your data. But don’t be fooled. This is the calm before the storm, according to the European Union’s data protection supervisor, Giovanni Buttarelli...
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Saying ‘No’ to the Boss: Building Your Ethics Portfolio

In its recently released report, the Commission on Public Relations Education recommended adding a course in ethics to the core PR curriculum. According to the Commission, ethics is “more essential than ever in our current age of disinformation, alternative facts and ‘fake news.’” Of course, ethics has always been essential to professional success in public relations — just as ethics is essential to successful practice in all professions. Nonetheless, as one who has been teaching, writing and sp...
Tags: Pr, Ethics, Commission, Code Of Ethics, American University, School of Communication, PRSA, Ethics Month, PRSA Code of Ethics, Ethical Challenges, Commission on Public Relations Education, Kathy Fitzpatrick

Europe to push for one-hour takedown law for terrorist content

The European Union’s executive body is doubling down on its push for platforms to pre-filter the Internet, publishing a proposal today for all websites to monitor uploads in order to be able to quickly remove terrorist uploads. The Commission handed platforms an informal one-hour rule for removing terrorist content back in March. It’s now proposing turning that into a law to prevent such content spreading its violent propaganda over the Internet. For now the ‘rule of thumb’ regime continues t...
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Ally Invest Commission-Free ETF List Review

Ally Invest (formerly TradeKing) has rolled out their own commission-free ETF list to augment their $4.95 trades and no account minimums. As an existing customer, they sent a short e-mail with the following paragraph: We’re excited to announce that you can now trade some of our most popular ETFs commission free. We made sure to handpick a variety of funds that may fit your investment style, whatever that may be. They’re a great way to diversify and another way we strive to be a better ally. Y...
Tags: Marketing, Investing, Commission, Deals & Offers, WisdomTree, Firstrade, Ally Invest Commission Free ETF List Review, iShares Core S P Total U S Stock Market ETF ITOT, Core MSCI International Developed Markets ETF IDEV, MSCI EM ESG Optimized ESGE, USRT, ISTB, ILTB, IMTB, National Muni Bond ETF MUB, ESG ETFs

Ally Invest Commission-Free ETF List Review (+ New Account Cash Bonus)

Ally Invest (formerly TradeKing) has rolled out their own commission-free ETF list to augment their $4.95 trades and no account minimums. As an existing customer, they sent a short e-mail with the following paragraph: We’re excited to announce that you can now trade some of our most popular ETFs commission free. We made sure to handpick a variety of funds that may fit your investment style, whatever that may be. They’re a great way to diversify and another way we strive to be a better ally. Y...
Tags: Marketing, Investing, Commission, Deals & Offers, WisdomTree, Firstrade, iShares Core S P Total U S Stock Market ETF ITOT, Core MSCI International Developed Markets ETF IDEV, MSCI EM ESG Optimized ESGE, USRT, ISTB, ILTB, IMTB, National Muni Bond ETF MUB, ESG ETFs, Ally Invest

San Antonio’s Brokerage Engine Plans Funding Round After First Sales

San Antonio—Brokerage Engine, a tech company building software that helps real estate brokerages manage operations, says it should soon close on its first round of funding since its launch a year ago.The founders of the software-as-a-service businesses aren’t revealing yet who the investors are or how much in funding they will raise, but say they plan to consider the investment as seed capital. The company has been self-funded since it formed in 2017, when it started developing software to sell...
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Terrorist Speech and Global Platform Governance

Hannah Bloch-WehbaEarly this week, Julian King, the European Union’s commissioner for security, told the Financial Times that Brussels was drawing up draft legislation to require online platforms to remove terrorist speech from their services within an hour after it is posted. Since the European Commission has been ramping up pressures on platforms to “voluntarily” participate in a range of content-removal frameworks over the last several years, its move to make those arrangements compulsory co...
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Fake news inquiry calls for social media levy to defend democracy

A UK parliamentary committee which has been running a multi-month investigation into the impact of online disinformation on political campaigning — and on democracy itself — has published a preliminary report highlighting what it describes as “significant concerns” over the risks to “shared values and the integrity of our democratic institutions”. It’s calling for “urgent action” from government and regulatory bodies to “build resilience against misinformation and disinformation into our democra...
Tags: Social, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Europe, UK, Instagram, Advertising Tech, Government, Time, US, Social Media, Tech, Eu, European Union, Turkey, Artificial Intelligence

It’s official: Brexit campaign broke the law — with social media’s help

The UK’s Electoral Commission has published the results of a near nine-month-long investigation into Brexit referendum spending and has found that the official Vote Leave campaign broke the law by breaching election campaign spending limits. Vote Leave broke the law including by channeling money to a Canadian data firm, AggregateIQ, to use for targeting political advertising on Facebook’s platform, via undeclared joint working with another Brexit campaign, BeLeave, it found. Aggregate IQ remains...
Tags: Social, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Europe, UK, Privacy, Government, US, Social Media, Tech, Eu, European Union, Policy, Canada, Britain, Eu Referendum

Top 10 affiliate networks of 2018

The best affiliate networks have plenty of different offers and products for you to promote, whilst also paying a good rate of commission. Signing up to these networks should be straightforward, and payments should be automated and regular. Here are 10 of the best affiliate networks in 2018. 1. Shareasale is one of the largest affiliate networks and has been around since the year 2000. While a lot has changed in internet marketing since then, Shareasale have remained a constant, and now work...
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The 3 best IRAs to open in 2018

I got this question from a reader named Kelsey a while back: “I haven’t started a Roth IRA yet, but I intend to once I graduate from college. Where should I begin looking for the best one, and how can I tell that they are good?” Great question. Not only is it important to start investing early, but you should also make sure that you pick the right accounts to do it in. That’s why I’m going to show you how to evaluate a good brokerage as well as give you my recommendations for which ones you sho...
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Maine Bar on use of social media evidence for litigation

Here is a recent Daily Record column. My past Daily Record articles can be accessed here. ***** Maine Bar on use of social media evidence for litigation The phenomenon of social media has infiltrated all aspects of our lives, so it’s not surprise that social media evidence is now a pivotal tool in litigation. Juror use of social media has resulted in mistrials across the country for more than a decade now. And trial attorneys are increasingly mining social media for evidence and researching...
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A Masterpiece Cakeshop Puzzle?

According to Justice Kennedy in Masterpiece Cakeshop, the baker was "entitled to ... neutral and respectful consideration of his claims." But, in light of Smith, why? Consider a hypothetical opinion  by the Colorado Commission that said, "We are deeply sympathetic to your claims, but -- in our view unfortunately -- the Colorado legislature has denied us the power to make an exception from the general rule that all business owners may not discriminate, and Smith informs us that such a blanket rul...
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The Solicitor General's Baffling Brief in Lucia v. SEC

In a series of recent posts (most recent here), I’ve been sharply critical of filings by the Solicitor General in the Hargan v. Garza abortion litigation, involving HHS’s efforts to deny minors in their de facto custody the ability to exercise their constitutional rights.   Last month, for example, I wrote that the Solicitor General’s nominal “Petition for Certiorari” in No. 17-654 “[i]n many respects . . . departs, sometimes dramatically, from the justly lauded, traditional standar...
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Clean California Living 101

California is the self-proclaimed “State of Resistance”. However, the state has forged one path that everyone in the United States can get behind: their clean energy initiative. California has made leaps and bounds in their effort to produce energy from renewable resources, and residents stand to benefit from an abundant amount of incentives for participating. Whether you’re a Cali resident who wants to learn how to take advantage of these programs, or are curious as to how a state who prides it...
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