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Why conducting a website audit is important

‘They said content is the king and we could not agree more’ But creating high-quality content isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. As a business, you need to be able to create content that your target audiences love reading. No matter how well-researched your blogpost is, if you haven’t written it in accordance with the tastes and preferences of your audience, then it’s redundant. In most cases, the website happens to be the first point of contact between the consumer and the company. In order...
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10 critical ecommerce email marketing mistakes to avoid

Email marketing is a valuable tool, allowing the opportunity to send targeted content directly to someone who has expressed interest or who has already engaged with your company. It’s so common place these days that a lot of companies forget just how valuable a tool it is when done right. However, when done wrong, it’s a total waste of time. And, getting it wrong only requires one mistake. So, let’s take a look at some ecommerce email marketing mistakes you need to avoid. 1.Forgetting abo...
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Creating Quality Content in 2019 (For Search Engines and People)

Posted by jchamp86Think back to the last question you typed into Google. Did you find a blog post on the search engine result page that attracted your attention? Did you find the content on the page helpful? Did the page offer a relevant next step to continue learning and engaging with your brand? If you answered “yes” to all of these questions, then the author who wrote this piece of content did their job very well: They created a piece of content that fulfilled your intent. In 2019, that’s wha...
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CES restores innovation prize to sex toy maker it once snubbed

The Consumer Electronics Show is finally giving sex tech its due. The organization that runs the Las Vegas conference restored an innovation prize to an adult products company that had been unceremoniously stripped of the award. On Wednesday, the Consumer Technology Association, which runs CES, reinstated an award for Lora DiCarlo’s sex toy, the Osé Robotic Massager. The adult toy company won the CES Innovation Award at the event in January, but organizers later reneged and prevented the comp...
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15 Content Secrets to Boost Social Media Engagement

Whether it's your band/artist profile or your own personal page, the goal of most social media is to engage others in some form of communication, and to generate enough interesting content to keep them coming back. So how do you keep users engaged? Once again here content is king, so in this piece we look at fifteen content secrets that will help keep your social media channels firing on all cylinders. ___________________________ Guest post by Josh Carlyle The goal of any pages in ...
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How to Promote Your B2B Podcast

Over 1/4th of the entire population of the United States listens to podcasts at least monthly. That's over 81 million people. What's more, the most avid listeners log six and a half hours a week of listening time. Eighty percent finish every episode in its entirety. There's enormous potential here for engaging an audience. Think about how long someone might stick with a 1,000 word blog post (like this one). Five minutes? Ten? But they might listen to a 25-30 minute podcast on the s...
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5 Ways a Blog Can Help Your Business Grow

“Blogging is crucial to building your business.” You’ve heard this sentence over and over again and now you have finally decided to start a blog. Indeed, running a blog can have an incredible impact on your business. As much as 47% of consumers view three to five pieces of content before they actually make a buying decision. Numbers don’t lie and nor do content marketing experts when they say that blogging is a cornerstone of their content marketing strategies. Below are listed the five...
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The 7 deadly sins of ecommerce UX

According to Statista, there were 1.79 billion global online buyers in 2018, and in 2021, the number is expected to rise to over 2.14 billion. And if you’re reading this and haven’t shopped online — especially on a mobile device — what’s your secret? My wallet wants to know. If you’re one of the millions of retailers running an ecommerce site, it’s essential to make sure your users have an optimal experience that makes shopping easy and keeps them coming back to shop again.  Yes, your prod...
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Use This SEO Strategy for Your Next Website Redesign

Redesigning your website presents a significant risk from an SEO standpoint if not managed appropriately. What can be years of optimizations to your infrastructure, design, and content are going to be overwritten, and it’s hard to predict if the organic rankings you’ve earned are going to be swept away. If your redesign strategy includes taking SEO into account post-launch, you’ll probably end up in for a world of hurt. Here’s a look at organic traffic from a brand that came to us after launch...
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Event Marketers Are Ignoring the Power of Video—Here’s How to Catch Up

Video ads are one of the most potent tools in a marketing arsenal. So why do so many event marketers ignore it? According to a 2018 Animoto report on social video trends, 93% of business score new customers from video marketing on social media. Eventbrite research shows that 94% of event creators who use video say it’s effective. While both reports highlight the power of video marketing, they also note that less than half of event marketers actually use this effective tool. That’s a lot of busin...
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Facebook Competitor Research Just Got Easier

In the past year or so, Facebook has been on a mission to increase transparency. One of their big pushes has been to show what ads an advertiser is running and who those ads are targeting. They just took that effort and turned it up to 11 with the launch of the Facebook Ads Library. Introducing The Facebook Ad Library This resource is available to anyone, with or without a Facebook account. With a simple search you can see all ads, from May 2018-today, that were related to politics or “issue...
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Here’s how to up your email marketing game right now

This post is a part of our digital audits series – a closer look at what it takes to improve your digital strategy. There’s no question about it – email marketing is a game changer . Not only are email subscribers some of your most valuable audience members , but sending out regular email communications is also a great way to bring visitors to your website and meet your organization’s digital goals. Unlike social media posts, you don’t have to worry about algorithms hiding you...
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Musician’s Guide To Growing A Massive Email List

 As old school as it may sound, email is still the most effective and consistent way to communicate with and monetize your fans.  Here, Ariel Hyatt and the CyberPR offer a step by step guide to building a massive email list. By Ariel Hyatt of CyberPR You probably have some interest in making money from your music yes? The only way I know how to do this is by Building A Massive Email List. The number two main arguments I’ve heard from countless artists about why they don’t wa...
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A CTA is not a call to action. It’s a call to advance.

‘Have you followed up on that lead, yet? The one that clicked on our new call-to-action?’ Said the long-suffering marketing manager, painfully aware of a pile of leads gathering dust in the database. ‘Yeah, I’ll action that tomorrow.’ Said the sales rep, painfully unaware that he’s forgotten how to speak like a normal human being. (Really? Has anyone EVER ‘actioned’ anything?) CTAs lead the way Marketing and sales teams are often found bickering about the quality of le...
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How to Include Video Content In Your Marketing Articles

by Robert Clough By 2021, 82% of consumer internet traffic will be video. Will your business have enough video marketing to keep up? If you aren't sure if video marketing is worth it, think about this. Using video grows revenue 49% faster than when a marketing strategy doesn't include video. Who would want to pass up a boost in revenue? We know you don't.  Read on to learn how to combine your video strategy into your existing marketing articles.  Figure out the Kinds of Videos You Need ...
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4 Online Business Starting Tips You Simply Can’t Skip

By Michael Zhou Starting an online business is easier than ever. There are a long list of platforms and online how-tos that can help get you moving in the right direction, taking you from ideation to online business owner in as little as a week. And starting a new business can be pretty fun and exciting. “The beauty of the internet is that you can quite literally launch a business and make money online with very little to no capital,” R. L. Adams of Entrepreneur explained. “If you understand the...
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5 Easy Strategies For A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Digital Marketers can’t get enough of email marketing, and for good reason too. Reports valued the ROI of email marketing at 44:1 in 2016 – $44 dollars of value for every $1 spent. While the ROI has slightly decreased in 2018 to 38:1, it is still arguably the leading digital marketing strategy and an important focus of every successful business. Getting started with an email marketing campaign is quite simple. With all of the different email marketing services on the market, you can easily find...
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10 SMS Marketing Best Practices for Small Businesses

One of the biggest reasons that small business needs to look at SMS marketing is the effectiveness. According to information supplied from EZ Texting ,  text messaging has a 98% percent open rate. The response rate is 45% compared to 6% for email. There are other good reasons why text messages are a good choice. Small business owners don’t have a lot of time or resources to put into marketing, so they need a way to reach their customers directly but also have a tool that helps them automate th...
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7 Tips On Writing Impactful Onboarding Emails

Onboarding customers isn't something that belongs just on your website. Email, as one of the most effective marketing tools is an excellent place for this too. However, you have to know how to make the right kind of impact with your customers. Here are some tips you might find useful: Understand the customers The first step to anything is research - in this case, of your customers. For one, start paying attention to what people are already doing with your software. Use metrics to track the...
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9 Reasons Why Your Small Business Should use SMS marketing

As the businesses are growing leaps and bounds,  marketing techniques have to be used in an effective way. There are various marketing techniques. Each has its own benefits and disadvantages. SMS marketing technique is one such technique used to achieve the desired result. If there is a proper SMS campaign, then there will be much traction to this. Want to communicate with people and sustain in this competitive world? SMS marketing is the sure technique for this. What is an SMS marketing ca...
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Startup SEO: 5 Tips to Get More Organic Traffic

Many startup businesses believe that SEO is both time-consuming and too inefficient to provide traffic fast — but this is simply wrong! Search engine optimization can quickly turn around traffic to your site and provide a huge number of benefits, including free leads and garnering trust and credibility within your niche. Here are 5 tips on how to get more organic traffic: Crawl your website and gain insights into your technical SEO level Using an audit tool to gain more information on the tech...
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Are Readers Reaching Your Call To Action?

Business blogs are goal oriented. The aim is to get a point across from your reader, and in many cases, the emphasis is on getting the reader to use your service or buy your product, a point typically driven home by the call to action (CTA) at the end of the post. But what happens when readers don’t get to the end? If you can’t carry them through to your CTA, then your blog post isn’t doing its job. To keep readers on the page and carry them all the way to the end, you need to be strategic. T...
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Crucial A/B Testings to Hike your CRO

By Charles Richards Every business needs to expand their website traffic by using most effective strategies. After getting done with the SEO and content marketing along with the paid advertising, comes the main thing which is “Conversion”. High revenue earnings and more customer acquisition require successful conversion rate. To figure this out, one needs to take the help of an effective A/B testing. Why you need A/B testing? A/B testing is often known as Split testing which is helpful in anal...
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Do Businesses Really Use Google My Business Posts? A Case Study

Posted by Ben_FisherGoogle My Business (GMB) is one of the most powerful ways to improve a business’ local search engine optimization and online visibility. If you’re a local business, claiming your Google My Business profile is one of the first steps you should take to increase your company’s online presence. As long as your local business meets Google’s guidelines, your Google My Business profile can help give your company FREE exposure on Google’s search engine. Not only can potential custome...
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Best Practices To Maximize Cold Email Responses

by Lucy Literado, VP of Marketing at Reply Cold email is a massively popular way of reaching out to potential customers and clients. It costs very little but can bring great results. However, because of its popularity, it’s getting harder to stand out from all the other emails. At Reply we help people automate their email while still keeping them personal. Over the years, we’ve seen first hand what goes into a successful campaign and picked up some cold email tips to help you out. Here are the ...
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5 Call to Action Examples to Boost Blog Conversions

Surely, you already have signed up to different websites before. (And just so you know, I’m not calling you Shirley!) Have you downloaded Dropbox, PayPal, or Spotify? You might have even followed a YouTube subscriber after visiting their website. If that’s the case, then that’s the result of a well-made call-to-action (CTA). Think about this; you would be using a lot fewer apps or sites if it weren’t for CTAs. The same goes for blogs. In fact, call-to-actions are vital for blog ow...
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How to Audit Your Website for SEO and Higher Conversions

Failing to regularly audit your website for SEO and Higher Conversions is not an option! According to only 2% of website owners are happy with their conversion rates, and 77% of online businesses are neutral or unhappy. Another interesting stat from their report and one that we emphasis here is that: Companies that are improving their conversions typically use 35% more methods than their counterparts who are not seeing conversion rates change positively. Put another way – it pay...
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How to Prevent Your Emails from Getting Marked as Spam

If someone were to ask me my biggest nightmare as an email marketer, I would say spam complaints by the subscribers. Getting marked as spam directly hampers your email deliverability as these emails will not land in the subscriber’s inbox. Such emails get blocked by the Internet Service Provider, and this in turn will lead to increase in the bounce rate. It will also spoil the email sender reputation.  So, how do you prevent this blasphemy of emails getting marked as spam? Here a...
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How to Optimize Your Conversion Funnel, from ToFu to BoFu

Posted by OliviaRossNo matter who your customer is or what you’re selling, it’s more likely than not that your customer will have to go through several steps before choosing to buy your product or service. Think about your own shopping habits: you don’t just buy the first thing you see. The first thing you do is note that you have a problem or a need, and then you research a solution online. Once you find that solution, which could be a product or service, you then decide which manufacturer or c...
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2019 SEO Tips From The Internet Marketing Podcast

With every year, nay every day, things are changing in the field of SEO. From Google’s behavioural shifts, ensuring your website is mobile first and the importance of conducting log file analysis to creating a Google My Business Strategy we had a ton of expert marketing guests on our Internet Marketing Podcast in 2018 sharing their knowledge and experience concerning all of the above and more. Read on to discover their top SEO tips, advice and predictions for 2019 ahead. We’ve also added each po...
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