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Infographic: Two-Thirds of Consumers Have Never Used an App to Send Money

Print hed: New Money Print dek: How apps are changing the way the world banks--and how they aren't. While smartphones have revolutionized the way we do most everything, from buying groceries to doing laundry, fewer people use apps to handle their finances than one might think, according to new research from software company Clarabridge. While...
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Infographic: A Whopping 63% of Consumers Have Never Used an App to Send Money

Print hed: New Money Print dek: How apps are changing the way the world banks--and how they aren't. While smartphones have revolutionized the way we do most everything, from buying groceries to doing laundry, fewer people use apps to handle their finances than one might think, according to new research from software company Clarabridge. While...
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Infographic: Same-Sex Marriage Supporters Want Brands to Take a Stand

As recently as five years ago, taking a political stand was often far too much of a risk for many brands, but now, it seems to be more of a risk not to, according to new research from global media and marketing services company Mindshare in partnership with software provider Lightspeed. Focusing on respondents who...
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Infographic: 43% of Americans Surveyed Don’t Plan on Watching the Super Bowl This Year

Advertiser spend for NFL games has been strong this season, though last year's Super Bowl was the lowest-rated Big Game telecast since 2009. And according to a new survey from consumer intelligence research platform CivicScience, fewer people are planning on tuning in this year than in years past as well. Just 33 percent of Americans...
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Infographic: Influencers Are Getting Brands More Sales Than Celebrities Are

Influencers have been a hot topic among marketers for years now, but using them has translated to more than just social engagement for brands, according to new data from consumer intelligence research platform CivicScience. In fact, 22 percent of respondents said they had purchased something because an influencer recommended it on social media. That's compared...
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Infographic: How Brands Can Make the Most of Their Subscription Services

From beauty boxes to streaming platforms, subscription services are becoming part of the norm. But with more services to choose from, how can brands make their subscription offerings stand out? New research from digital marketing company Digitas sheds light on what keeps subscribers around (49 percent said access to a large selection) and what makes...
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Infographic: Over Two-Thirds of Marketers Have Influencer Experience

A few years ago, influencers may have seemed like they'd just be a flash in the pan, but the marketing approach is becoming an established technique that only continues to increase among advertisers, according to new research from IZEA's 2018 U.S. State of the Creator Economy Study. The report found that influencer marketing is becoming...
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Infographic: Most Consumers Don’t Even Notice Store Closures

As online shopping skyrockets, brick-and-mortar stores continue to close. And most consumers don't even notice, according to new research from Sailthru. While nearly 40 percent of consumers didn't notice the 200 percent increase in store closures in 2017 and 36 percent said they don't miss any of the retailers that closed, 51.7 percent said they...
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Infographic: The Impact of the 2018 Midterms on Local TV Inventory

Election Day is Tuesday, and as millions of Americans get ready to head to the polls, political ads have been pouring in to local markets. New research from independent planning and buying firm Mercury Media found that the hotly contested 2018 midterm elections will have a huge impact on local TV inventory. Mercury added up...
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Infographic: How Brands Can Target Millennial Women During the Holidays

Brands that want to capitalize on millennial holiday shopping need to focus on becoming a hot topic of conversation. According to new research from PopSugar Insights, 40 percent of millennial women cite talking with friends and family as a top influence when it comes to shopping for the holidays, compared with less than 10 percent...
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Infographic: The Top Brands That Are Truly Capitalizing on Influencer Marketing

Anyone with an Instagram account can see that brands are utilizing influencer marketing, but which brands are really capitalizing on it? Influencer marketing platform Mavrck analyzed the categories and brands dominating the trend as well as the growth of the influencer industry overall since 2014. Fashion and apparel is the most common category--or, as Mavrck...
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Infographic: How Agencies Use Color in Their Logos

The dominant color in an agency's logo may seem like a trivial matter compared with the shop's mission, goals and ideal clientele, but make no mistake: It matters. Global creative platform 99designs analyzed thousands of logos created on its site, as well as the logos of industry leaders, to break down prioritized brand traits and...
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Infographic: How to Cater Your Marketing Messages to Your Consumers

Consumers across all age groups strongly prefer email over any other marketing medium, and they consider irrelevance and oversaturation to be the two worst elements of bad marketing messaging. Those are two of the key findings from Toluna and Movable Ink's new research analyzing the effectiveness of marketing messages by age group. "While shoppers are...
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Here’s What Consumers Hate Most About Your Emails

Half of U.S. consumers in a recent survey said their preferred channel for contact from brands is email--but there's a lot they don't like about it. Adobe's 2018 Consumer Email Survey found that email is the most popular channel by far--followed by direct mail (20 percent); brand app, social media and text message (7 percent...
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Infographic: How Women Want Tech to Shape the Shopping Experience

Women are embracing more personalized, speedy and seamless customer experiences. New research from PopSugar found that while in-store shopping is still king in some areas--90 percent of women still purchase their groceries in-store, for example--online is steadily gaining traction in others, including apparel and accessories (63 percent of women make these purchases online), beauty and...
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Infographic: Measuring Brands’ Digital Performance Against Their Rivals

Savvy marketers know that while having a high-quality product is important, it's not the only aspect a brand needs to be successful. Brands now have access to more data than ever before, which is exactly why it's important they benchmark their digital performance against rivals. In the 2018 Digital Analytics Benchmark report, internet marketing service...
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Infographic: Why Sports Brands Need to Start Paying Attention to Female Fans

Female sports fans have long known that even if the community still acts like a boys' club, women are some of the most passionate sports junkies out there. And the numbers prove it: Sports brands need to start paying attention to women if they don't want to lose crucial engagement. New data from social intelligence...
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Infographic: Marketers Need to Stop Pandering to Millennials

With all the stereotypes surrounding millennials, marketers may find it tempting to fall into easy traps. But millennials will not be put into a box, and pandering to them will hurt your brand's image, according to new research from Fuse Media, whose audience is comprised of multicultural millennials. The majority of millennials (77 percent) are...
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Infographic: Influencers Are Bigger Than Ever, and They’re Just Getting Started

It's no secret influencers are a hot commodity for brands, and according to new research, influencer marketing is not a trend that's likely to die down anytime soon. Over 50 percent of influencers started producing content for brands within the past two years, while about a third started just last year. And influencers are going...
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20 Takeaways From Mary Meeker’s 2018 Internet Trends Report

It's the most wonderful time of the year: Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers Partner Mary Meeker's 2018 Internet Trends Report is out. Big themes in the 294 slides this year: Privacy, ecommerce, China and work. Here's a closer look at the year, according to Meeker: We're living in the midst of a privacy paradox. Usability...
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Infographic: TV Is Steadily Sinking as OTT Skyrockets

There's been plenty of hype surrounding the shift from traditional TV to over-the-top media services like Netflix and Hulu. However, new research cuts through the noise and shifts the focus to numbers, making it clear that no matter what advertisers say, the future favors OTT. Since 2016, the number of TV subscribers in the U.S....
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Infographic: Why ‘Transformists’ Are the Demographic Brands Should Be Targeting

While millennials may be the hottest demographic for marketers to target, research by Insider Inc. and Digitas says they're not the most powerful influencers--and that we shouldn't be focusing so much on generations in the first place. A recent study identifies a new group of people cutting across age groups and backgrounds that brands should...
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Infographic: How Video on Demand and Time-Shifting Are Changing Television

With OTT services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon providing hundreds of TV show options, marketers may be worrying about how to switch up their advertising strategy. But new research from the Video Advertising Bureau (VAB) shows that live TV is still king, with the majority of viewers watching their favorite programs live, rather than time-shifting,...
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Infographic: The Importance of Using Data Effectively and Creatively

Marketers are awash in all different types of data, but often have a hard time making heads or tails of what to do with it. And in an increasingly personalized world, consumers expect their customer experiences to be customized--and that's where an effective data strategy comes in. According to stats compiled by Accenture Research, the...
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Infographic: How to Make a Mobile Ad That Consumers Won’t Hate

Mobile ads may be small in size, but done the right way they can be impactful. The key is for marketers to avoid making them obtrusive and obnoxious. And according to research from IPG Media Lab and Magna Global, there are certain mobile ad formats that tend to be more favorable than others. While slightly...
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Infographic: How the NewFronts Influence the Way Advertisers Approach Digital Video

When the Digital Content NewFronts launched in 2008, no one could have predicted the issues digital video would one day face, such as brand safety, misleading political ads and conspiracy videos. However, the Interactive Advertising Bureau, which operates the NewFronts, says that hasn't deterred advertisers--and it has the research to back that claim up. IAB...
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Infographic: How Streaming Is Changing TV as We Know It

It's no secret that streaming services from Netflix to YouTube have been causing trouble for traditional networks, but new data shows that they've been morphing the way we think about television as we know it, from cable subscriptions to binge-watching. Market research company GfK MRI found that about 62 percent of the population regularly binge-watches...
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