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Don’t Look Now, but 146-Year-Old Levi’s Just Hired an Artificial Intelligence Officer

One factor Levi's has over all other jeans brands is heritage. Buy a pair of 501s, and you're essentially getting the rugged style first made for California gold-rush prospectors in 1873 and faithfully worn by icons from Marlon Brando to Kurt Cobain in the generations since. But heritage alone isn't enough to sustain a brand...
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Facebook Let Advertisers Target Users Interested in Nazis, According to Report

Facebook is allowing advertisers to target users based on their perceived interest in neo-Nazi terminology, musicians and Holocaust perpetrators, the Los Angeles Times reported today. According to the Times, which conducted an investigation into the company's targeting advertising keywords, the social media giant has allowed advertisers to target Facebook users based on the belief that...
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Amid Declining Sales, Victoria’s Secret Is Bringing Back a Once-Sure Thing: Swimwear

Less than three years after shuttering its swimsuit business, Victoria's Secret is bringing the category back to its stores. Today, Victoria's Secret announced the return of its its swimwear line, a longtime favorite for the brand before it discontinued the category along with its catalog to focus on its Victoria's Secret and PINK labels in...
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Bud Light Says Trolling Competitors Increased Transparency and Interest in Beer Ingredients

Bud Light had a big Super Bowl this year, running four spots, including one epic ad with HBO's Game of Thrones. While the brand's surprising partnership won the night, Bud Light says its trolling strategy with "Special Delivery," a 60-second ad that shamed Coors Light and Miller Lite for using corn syrup, is the one...
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As the AI Revolution Reshapes the Job Market, a Robot Very Well Could Take Your Job Someday

As retailers like Walmart, Target, Kroger and Giant Food Stores bring in robots to scan shelves and floors and to automate order fulfillment, there's a popular refrain: "These robots won't take jobs away from people but will rather free up our human employees to focus on enhancing the customer experience." Case in point: In an...
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Biddable Ads Are Coming to TikTok, Opening Up the Popular Platform to More Marketers

TikTok has told agency partners in the U.S. that it is working on a biddable advertising option on the platform, signaling it is looking to further open up to advertisers and their digital dollars. Two media buyers told Adweek that representatives from TikTok have told them that a biddable option, in which advertisers will be...
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YouTube Sends Memo to Major Brands and Holding Companies Regarding Latest Ad Safety Controversy

YouTube moved to address the newest in a string of "brand safety" controversies that could affect its advertising business late yesterday. According to several parties with direct knowledge of the matter, the Alphabet-owned company held a conference call with representatives from all major ad agency holding companies as well as several unnamed advertisers after Bloomberg...
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Beloved Carvel Ice Cream Monstrosity Cookie Puss Now Has Its Own Beer

Last year, Carvel teamed up with Captain Lawrence Brewing to create a Fudgie the Whale-inspired beer that completely sold out. Based off that success, Carvel again teamed up with the brewery to create a pair of Cookie Puss beers: a Cookie O'Puss Pastry Stout for St. Patrick's Day and a Cookie Puss Milkshake IPA to...
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Nike Stock Takes a Hit After Duke Star Player Zion Williamson’s Shoe Splits on the Court

Nike shares are down today following last night's matchup between Duke and UNC. Just seconds into the game, Duke star player and NBA prospect Zion Williamson suffered a knee injury after his Nike PG 2.5 shoe split on the court. As of this morning, the brand's stock is down about one percent, equating to roughly...
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Serena Williams Joins the Board of Directors of Poshmark, an Online Shopping Marketplace

Serena Williams, tennis champion and fashion enthusiast, is now adding one more achievement to her already packed resume, which also includes a fashion line dubbed "Serena." Today, Williams joins Poshmark's board of directors, her second time on a board, after already joining Survey Monkey's in 2017. Poshmark, an eight-year-old social commerce marketplace, where users can...
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Waze Partners With WPP to Make Delivering In-Car Ads to Drivers Easier for the Agency’s Retail Clients

Waze, the Google-owned social navigation app, has announced a partnership with WPP to make it easier for the holding company's retail clients to exclusively target drivers with their ads. The "in-car platform" is designed to direct drivers, of which more than 100 million access the app per month, to retail stores through "en route messaging,"...
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Apple Watch Defies Gravity in Latest Sky-High ‘Air Dancing’ Spot From Director Jonathan Glazer

Apple has chosen to dive headfirst into the health sector. The company's latest U.K. campaign makes its broadcast debut on tonight's Brit Awards, following a quarter that proved very disappointing for investors due to a marked drop in sales of its signature iPhone. At the same time, Apple announced all-time revenue records for wearables. The...
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Fortnite Publisher Pulls Pre-Roll Ads on YouTube Following Child Exploitation Controversy

Epic Games, the company behind the hit online game Fortnite, is suspending all of its pre-roll YouTube advertising after a report found that the brand was appearing on children's videos that serve as an online hub for pedophiles. The move comes after investigations from YouTuber Matt Watson and Wired found ads from major brands like...
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Investments in Diversity Hiring Aren’t Leading to Inclusivity in Advertising

The ANA Educational Foundation released a report this week detailing the challenges that the advertising industry still faces when it comes to hiring and retaining employees of color. "Charting a More Diverse Pathway to Growth" focused on three demographics: African-Americans, Hispanics and Asian-Americans. It was done in conjunction with a 2017 study from the Advertising...
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U.S. Digital Ad Spend Will Surpass Offline in 2019

Today, digital becomes king. eMarketer published today showing that total U.S. ad spend will hit $238.82 billion, with the amount spent on digital media buys surpassing that of traditional and accounting for 54.2 percent of the market. The research shows that digital ad spend will hit $129.34 billion in 2019, while traditional media buys will...
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Amazon Prime Video Is Promoting Good Omens at SXSW by Celebrating the Apocalypse

If someone at SXSW tries to convince you that the apocalypse is happening on May 31, don't fret--yet. What could easily be written off as a case of Austin weirdness is likely part of an elaborate activation by Amazon Prime Video to promote its upcoming Neil Gaiman show, Good Omens, based on the 1990 book...
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Calling All Champions: Adweek and Adcolor Seek Nominees for Champions Award

As we announced last fall, Adweek and Adcolor have expanded our long-term partnership by publishing and celebrating the inaugural Champions list, which will honor those in marketing, media and tech who are committed to mentoring junior talent by "reaching back." Honoree profiles will be published in print and online April 15, followed by a luncheon...
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Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel’s Iconic Creative Director, Was the Brand’s ‘Modern Era Personified’

Thirty-six years is a long time in any job, let alone at the helm of a major fashion house--particularly one that doesn't bear your name. But Karl Lagerfeld wasn't your average designer. Lagerfeld, who died earlier this week at age 85, served both as Chanel's creative director (since 1983) and Fendi's creative director (1965) until...
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Inside the Rise of Second-Party Data

Not all data is created equal, with marketers and media owners now demanding better quality data instead of the scale game that defined much of the nascent days of the big data era. One significant propellant of this trend is the ongoing push towards data privacy from both politicians and public interest groups alike. This...
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Hate Doing Laundry? No Sweat. Tide Just Announced It’ll Do It for You

It's probably no surprise that Americans generally don't like doing laundry very much. According to the Houston Chronicle, the average U.S. household slogs 7.4 loads (50 pounds) of laundry to the washing machine every week. A single load of laundry sucks just under 90 minutes from your day, according to home site The Spruce. And...
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Agency Owner Derek Walker Uses Social Media Accounts to Spotlight Talent of Color Each Day of Black History Month

Derek Walker, founder of Columbia, S.C. agency brown & browner, is hard to miss. Whether it's his Twitter, LinkedIn feed or some of his blog posts, Walker has carved out a significant niche as a steadfast voice on issues related to diversity, inclusion and race in advertising. During Black History Month this year, Walker decided...
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Burberry Apologizes for Sending Hoodie With Strings Resembling a Noose Down the Runway

Burberry is the latest fashion house under fire for a controversial design the brand sent down the runway: a hoodie with what looked identical to a noose hanging around the neck in place of strings. The brand stated the rope was meant to channel a marine theme used throughout the show, but people voiced objections...
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Why Budweiser Saved a Super Bowl Spot Starring Charlize Theron for the Oscars

Earlier this month, Budweiser was planning to air a 30-second spot starring Charlize Theron and touting its Reserve Copper Lager during the Super Bowl. Instead, the Anheuser-Busch brand held off, saving the ad for the Academy Awards as part of a strategy to let its other Super Bowl spot shine. Now the brand will air...
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On the Adweek Podcast: The Legacy of Lee Clow

On this week's episode of the Adweek podcast Yeah, That's Probably an Ad, we discuss the legacy of creative icon Lee Clow. Special guest Nancy Reyes, president, TBWA\Chiat\Day New York, joins editor at large Patrick Coffee and creative and innovation editor David Griner on the show to discuss Clow's impact on the world of advertising....
Tags: New York, General, Advertising, TBWA, Clow, David Griner, Lee Clow, Patrick Coffee, Nancy Reyes

Amazon Rekognition May Finally Be Audited and Ranked Alongside Other Vendors

Amazon is finally putting its money where its mouth is by collaborating with groups like the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the U.S. government lab with the existing industry benchmark for facial recognition, to develop standardized tests that remove bias and improve accuracy. Until now, unlike nearly 40 other companies in this space,...
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With New PSAs, Tarana Burke Seeks to Build the Next Chapters of #MeToo’s Future

In October 2017, actor Alyssa Milano's use of #MeToo on Twitter to draw attention to sexual assault and harassment took the movement, started by activist Tarana Burke in 2006, into the wider public consciousness. While the sheer volume of activity was a positive in many ways, much of the discussion and news focused on the...
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How to Become a Digital Minimalist—And Why It’s So Meaningful

Right now minimalism is all the rage. Which means you’ve likely come across a variety of minimalist-based tips and tricks on websites and podcasts—and possibly everywhere you look. When something becomes this trendy, it can quickly become meaningless, just another swiftly passing fad. But minimalism is everywhere for good reason. Minimalism encourages us to cut out the clutter and excess in our lives, which gives us more time (and energy and attention) to spend on the things that truly ...
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Coors Light Toasts Farmers in Response to Bud Light’s Super Bowl Campaign

Bud Light's Super Bowl campaign taking a swipe at competitors Miller Lite and Coors Light for using corn syrup sparked a conversation around brewing ingredients. American corn farmers were not pleased with the approach. Miller Lite subsequently shot back with a full-page ad in the The New York Times. Today, Coors Light is hosting a...
Tags: General, Advertising, Coors Light, Miller Lite, Coors Light Toasts Farmers, New York Times Today Coors Light

3 Key Advertising Takeaways From the IBM Think Conference

The 2019 IBM Think Conference in San Francisco offered several glimpses at how the venerable technology company and its partners envision the future of advertising. With blockchain, artificial intelligence and more, IBM expects a more efficient market as it becomes easier to track the flow of ad dollars from brands to consumers and as consumers...
Tags: General, Advertising, San Francisco, Ibm

Why Maybelline New York and New York Fashion Week’s Partnership Continues to Work, 10 Years On

New York Fashion Week seen quite a bit of change over the past decade. In 2010, the event fled its longtime home in Bryant Park, relocating to Lincoln Center. And then in January 2015, Mercedes-Benz, which had served as NYFW's title sponsor for eight years, announced its departure. Later that same year, Fashion Week relocated...
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