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8 Black American Technologists Who Changed the Future of MarTech

Computers permeate nearly every aspect of our existence. According to the , a computer is in 93.6% of white homes and 89.3% of Black homes in the United States. The prevalence of digital experiences has also created a significant increase in tech industry jobs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics collectively defines the tech industry as any industry in which at least 14.5% of jobs are in STEM occupations. STEM workers include engineers, IT, scientists, and the managers of those employees. In the 20...
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The SEO Trends Watchlist For 2019 – A Simplified Guide

Regardless of the niche, nature of commercial activity, budget and other concerns, websites will have to focus on SEO, or Search engine optimisation to remain visible and accessible to the target audience. When you want to generate revenue from your website, being positioned on SERPs is necessary, and that’s exactly what SEO is all about. In association with Moon Marketing, we are decoding the most important SEO trends you need to watch in 2019 and how to adapt to each like a pro. 1. Go mobile...
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Make Sense of Your Data with These Essential Keyword Segments

Posted by TheMozTeamThis blog post was originally published on the STAT blog. The first step to getting the most out of your SERP data is smart keyword segmentation — it surfaces targeted insights that will help you make data-driven decisions. But knowing what to segment can feel daunting, especially when you’re working with thousands of keywords. That’s why we’re arming you with a handful of must-have tags. Follow along as we walk through the different kinds of segments in STAT, how to crea...
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Google is Letting All Online Retailers Upload Product Data to Search Results by @MattGSouthern

Google announced it is expanding Merchant Center capabilities to all online retailers allowing them to directly provide up-to-date product information.The post Google is Letting All Online Retailers Upload Product Data to Search Results by @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
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Search Buzz Video Recap: Google & Bing Search Ranking Changes, Query Dependent Rankings, CTR & More

This week, we covered both a possible Google search and Bing search algorithm update. Bing said only a few people at Bing really understand how core ranking works there...
Tags: Google, Seo, Bing, Search Buzz Video Round Recap

Google Advises Against Using Tag Manager to Implement Structured Data by @MattGSouthern

Google's John Mueller advises SEOs not to implement structured data using Google Tag Manager.The post Google Advises Against Using Tag Manager to Implement Structured Data by @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
Tags: Google, News, Seo, John Mueller

Elevate Your Brand: Rethink Your Top of Funnel Measurement Approach

When it comes to marketing via top-of-funnel channels like paid social and programmatic display, many marketers are still fixated on the immediate value of conversion. While getting the conversion is critical, today’s smart marketer also looks to these channels to boost the brand long-term. Think about it: Each interaction with a prospect, every eyeball, every click creates a brief touchpoint for the brand as a whole. So does it make sense to do some brand-specific pushes in social, even if they...
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WIRTW #543 (the “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day at the office” edition)

What was your worst day at work? Does it top the day that Cleveland criminal defense attorney Aaron Brockler had this past Tuesday? I'll let explain what happened: A Warrensville Heights man shocked a courtroom full of spectators Tuesday when he sucker-punched his own defense attorney after a judge sentenced him to 45 years in prison…. Cuyahoga County sheriff's deputies took down David Chislton after the 42-year-old struck lawyer Aaron Brockler in the face with both of his han...
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Google Introduces 3 New Features for Responsive Display Ads by @MattGSouthern

Google is rolling out three new features for responsive display ads that are designed to improve functionality and reporting capabilities.The post appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
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What a Two-Tiered SERP Means for Content Strategy - Whiteboard Friday

Posted by willcritchlowIf you're a big site competing to rank for popular head terms, where's the best place to focus your content strategy? According to a hypothesis by the good folks at Distilled, the answer may lie in perfectly satisfying searcher intent. Click on the whiteboard image above to open a high resolution version in a new tab! If you haven't heard the news, the Domain Authority metric discussed in this episode will be updated on March 5th, 2019 to better correlate ...
Tags: Google, London, Seo, Domain Authority, Tom, Will Critchlow, Willcritchlow, Tom Capper, DA Video Transcription Hi Whiteboard, Speechpad com Learn

Not just for auto anymore: Google tests giant image search ads in new verticals.

The ads feature a carousel of images. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article. [Author: Ginny Marvin]
Tags: Google, Seo, Ginny Marvin

Google Q&A: More than 90 percent of questions unanswered by business owners

The answers that are there are mostly coming from Local Guides, who may or may not provide accurate information. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article. [Author: Greg Sterling]
Tags: Google, Seo, Greg Sterling

Nope. Google Does Not Use CTR For Core Search Rankings

I am so so so tired of covering this topic, we've covered it for well over a dozen years and I just covered it a week or so ago. Google doesn't use CTR, click through data, to rank their search results. But of course, Google posted something that is driving huge confusion again around the topic.
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Study: Google Featured Snippets Are More Consistent Than I Thought

The folks at RankRanger came out with a study around Google's featured snippets that shows that on average a featured snippet from a specific site will only be swapped out with a different site but it is rare for it to be swapped out to a third site. Even more, the dominant URL will show 77% of the time, as opposed to the second URL. This all means to me that featured snippets and their placements are more consistent than I thought.
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Google Adjusts Algorithms For Categories Of Queries But Not For Industries

Google's John Mueller addressed a long time topic of interest in the SEO industry around does Google have specialized ranking algorithms for different industries, niches, categories and so on or not. So for the adult industry, or pharmaceuticals, health, finance, etc - does the algorithm work differently. John said Google doesn't think about it that way, they look from the query - not the industry.
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Google Updates Hotel Reviews Experience

Kara from Google announced in the Google My Business Help forums that they've updated how reviews work for hotels within the desktop search results. "We've updated how Reviews look for hotels on Desktop Google Maps. Now, Desktop Google Maps displays reviews from both Google users and third-party providers (from TrustYou)," she said.
Tags: Google, Seo, Google Maps, Kara, TrustYou, Google My Business Help

3 Tips for Refining YouTube Placements

While it is something often forgotten about and neglected for more important things, placements and are an important piece of making sure you’re allocating spend in the best possible way and steering clear of irrelevant or harmful surroundings. With the rollout of larger responsive Display ads on Google, we now have the ability to add […] Read more at
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Digital Marketing News: HubSpot’s Email Lead Capture Report, Adobe’s Content Survey, Facebook & Google Tops for Mobile Ads

The post Digital Marketing News: HubSpot’s Email Lead Capture Report, Adobe’s Content Survey, Facebook & Google Tops for Mobile Ads appeared first on Online Marketing Blog - TopRank®.
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Video comes to Google responsive display ads

Along with video options, Google introduced two new reporting options to help advertisers better evaluate their responsive display ads. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article. [Author: Ginny Marvin]
Tags: Google, Seo, Ginny Marvin

Bank of America® Travel Rewards Credit Card Review

Travel rewards credit cards seem to be the type of card we want most. The upper-tier of travel rewards cards cost a lot of money in annual fees but seem to give amazing signup bonuses and perks. Find out what you’ll get with the Bank of America® Travel Rewards credit card in our review below. Bank of America Travel Rewards Credit Card Chris Muller's rating 9.6 Rewards ...
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Google doc rekindles myth that click-through rate affects rankings

Despite repeatedly saying they do not use click data for search ranking purposes, a fresh document triggers confusion around the topic again. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article. [Author: Barry Schwartz]
Tags: Google, Seo, Barry Schwartz

Avoid These SEO Mistakes to Improve Your Law Firm’s Search Ranking [Infographic]

Getting on the first page of Google is every law firm marketer’s mission.  That’s because current research shows that most people — 94%! — won’t look beyond the first page of their Google search results.  So acquiring that piece of rare real estate is key if you want to build a strong online presence for your law firm. Competition is fierce in the legal category and you need to use every weapon available to fight your way to the first page. Many of these are technical issues that are easily reme...
Tags: Google, Law, Seo, UCSD, SEO PPC, Michael Veinbergs, Local Marketing Geeks Michael, SEO for law firms, Seo For Lawyers, Seo For Law Firm Websites

The Influence of Voice Search on Featured Snippets

Posted by TheMozTeamThis post was originally published on the STAT blog. We all know that featured snippets provide easy-to-read, authoritative answers and that digital assistants love to say them out loud when asked questions. This means that featured snippets have an impact on voice search — bad snippets, or no snippets at all, and digital assistants struggle. By that logic: Create a lot of awesome snippets and win the voice search race. Right? Right, but there’s actually a far more interestin...
Tags: Google, Seo, Canada, TheMozTeam, TheMozTeamThis

How to Leverage Local SEO to Help your Tourism and Hospitality Business Succeed

Source: Pikwizard Although tourism has always been popular, it has experienced a real expansion in the last 20 or so years. Nowadays, lots of people have the means to travel to faraway destinations and the world now seems significantly smaller than it did in the past. As a result, the whole industry has become much more competitive. Among other things, travel companies are paying much more attention to their internet marketing. Lots of visitors are browsing the web before planning the...
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3 Possible Solutions to the Most Common Corporate Blogging Problems

The task of writing a corporate blog can be a massive beast to tackle. Corporate blogs require flawless information, a signature voice, and messaging that resonates with target readers on a personal level. That said, you need to have a granular understanding of the company’s branding elements and how to leverage them to accomplish desired goals.  Many writers approach the corporate blogging process with a misconception of what truly defines a “good corporate blog.” At the core level, bl...
Tags: Google, Advertising, Tesla, Business Blogging, Neil Patel, Possible Solutions, Blog Tips, Corporate blogging, Voice Voice

How to Foster Trust and Engagement with Website Visitors

One of the values my family has is to make our home a safe place. We want our home to be safe place where Jennifer, our 3 kids and I can be ourselves, talk about anything, and bring our friends. A place where everyone understands they won’t be insulted, judged, or mistreated. It’s in this kind of a safe environment that people thrive and love flourishes. The same is true with websites. When a person visits a website that has a big, glaring “Not Secure” notice at the top, they are not going to w...
Tags: Google, Security, Religion, Trust, Web Hosting, Seo, SSL, Search Marketing, SSL Certificate, Jennifer, Facebook Twitter Google Pinterest, Dan Carroll

What Your Marketing Team Can Get Out of Hero Conf [+Program Guides]

Hero Conf is a mecca for paid search. That means that the topics covered are exclusive to paid advertising, whether it be Google ads, Facebook ads, Youtube, programmatic, display, mobile, app marketing, remarketing, etc. But the thing is, even if only a small part of your job (for anyone on your team) includes managing your […] Read more at
Tags: Google, Facebook, Seo, Hero Conf

Fortnite maker pulls ads over YouTube 'paedophile ring' claims

Epic Games joins Nestlé in abandoning video site over comments section scandalAdverts for Fortnite have been pulled from YouTube amid concerns that promotions for the video game were appearing alongside comments posted by paedophiles.Epic Games, the maker of Fortnite which is popular with children, confirmed it had pulled its adverts from the Google-owned site, joining the likes of Nestlé in temporarily abandoning it due to the latest scandal over inappropriate content.
Tags: Google, Games, Technology, Media, Youtube, Advertising, Culture, Fortnite

Best Brands 2019: Adidas, Lego, Lillet and Amazon Receive Coveted Brand Awards at Ceremony in Munich

Since its inauguration in 2004, the annual Best Brands event has become an influential industry fixture, and the 16th edition of the awards gala recognized Germany's best brands in Munich on 20 February. Best Brands is the only marketing award to measure the strength of a brand on the basis of two criteria based on extensive representative GfK studies: actual economic market success and the attractiveness of the brand in the perception of consumers.The evening gala at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof i...
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