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Google Turns On Assistant Calls For Local Businesses After Opting Out

The other week we reported that Google by default has opted in all Google My Business listings to receive calls via the Google Assistant with their Duplex technology. But get this, a local SEO said they went in, removed the opt in (manually opted out) of Google Assistant calls for 200 or so locations and then this week it was all opted in again by itself.
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Fake Google Maps Edits Cause Major Business Disruptions

Anyone can edit a business listings details on Google Maps and local. So if you have a competitor and you want to close them down, or shut their business hours, or change their web site address or worse, you can do that. The business owner may notice an email about the change, only after the change was implemented. Then they need to go in and update their listing and wait days for Google to update it in the search results.
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SearchCap: Google Assistant ads, Google Maps reply to reviews & waitlists

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article. [Author: Barry Schwartz]
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Google Local "Get in Line" Button

Sergey Alakov spotted Google testing or launching, I don't see it yet, a button in the local panel for "get in line." It is a waitlist feature that seems to be powered by DineTime for restaurants to enable people to put themselves on a wait list to be seated for a table.
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Business Owners Can Now Reply To Reviews On Google Maps Desktop

Google announced in the Google My Business Help forums that owners of businesses within Google My Business can now reply to reviews directly using Google Maps on desktop. Prior you could do it in Google My Business, in the Google My Business app and in some other forms. But now you can also do it right from Google Maps on desktop.
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Do Businesses Really Use Google My Business Posts? A Case Study

Posted by Ben_FisherGoogle My Business (GMB) is one of the most powerful ways to improve a business’ local search engine optimization and online visibility. If you’re a local business, claiming your Google My Business profile is one of the first steps you should take to increase your company’s online presence. As long as your local business meets Google’s guidelines, your Google My Business profile can help give your company FREE exposure on Google’s search engine. Not only can potential custome...
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Voice Search in 2019: Optimizing Your Content

Last updated on February 12, 2019 at 05:34 pm As the SEO industry continues to diversify, the future of search will lead to the rise mobile, visual, and voice as primary platforms for search queries. Along with more opportunities to rank, there are also new challenges when it comes to optimizing your content and keywords. Voice search, in particular, has been becoming more popular and widespread out of the aforementioned search platforms, with the likes of Google Assistant, Apple Siri and A...
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Google Posts Content Now In Some Google Local Listings

Dave DiGregorio posted screen shots of content from a local business's Google Posts content showing up in the local listings, including the local knowledge panel and local pack listings. This gives more exposure to the Google Posts content and possibly the listing.
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Google Auto Opting Businesses Into Google Assistant Calls Over Duplex

Google has a setting in Google My Business to allow or disallow hone calls from Google Assistant to your business. It launched as a beta last October and became a setting around then as well in the Google My Business dashboard. Now it seems that all old and new business have the setting checked on by default.
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Google Maps Adds Hotel Check-In & Check-Out Times

Google announced that hotels can now add their check-in and check-out times to their Google Local, Google Maps and Google Hotel listings. Brad Brewer shared a screen shot of one listing that already has theirs listed.
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Google+ APIs Shut Down Concerns Google My Business Developers

Yesterday, I and many developers received an email from Google Developers that had the subject line "[Action Required] Google+ APIs and OAuth requests are being shutdown on March 7, 2019." The issue is not specific with Google+ but some of those APIs in there are specific to Google My Business and they have no replacement or migration path.
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Now Google My Business Bulk Users Can Download/Upload Spreadsheets

Kara from Google announced a small update in the Google My Business Help forums saying "Now, bulk users can download and upload their locations to and from spreadsheets." "This feature enables bulk users to easily manage and organize their multiple locations...
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Google My Business Photo Bug Prevents Photos From Showing On Google Maps

Joy Hawkins posted in the Local Search Forums that a bug with Google My Business is causing photos that were recently uploaded via Google My Business by the owner not to be able to be seen in Google Maps by searchers. There is no ETA for a fix, but she suspects it will be fixed by the end of this week.
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Google Local Pack Defaults To Showing 4 Stars For Some Queries

If you do a search for [top soil] where I am and in some other locations, Google will show you a local pack but the local pack will be filtered to only show results with 4.0+ ratings or higher. If I do another search, like [barber shop] I do not get the 4+ rating filter in my location.
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Google My Business Helps Businesses Without Offices With New Sign Up Process

We saw this coming and now Google officially released a new sign up process for service area businesses, businesses that don't operate out of a specific location(s). Google now lets them specify the locations they service, instead of being stuck without any options.
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Google Patches The Open Date Google Local Edits Hack

Google has reportedly resolved the issue where anyone can change the open date of a business listing in the local Google results and ultimately hurt that business from ranking in the Google local results. Jason Brown via Nate Somsen noticed Google fixed the issue.
Tags: Google, Seo, Google Maps, Jason Brown, Nate Somsen

Google Spammers Using Open Date Edits To Hurt Local Businesses

In November, Google began supporting the option to specify when the business opens in the future. So if you are a new business and you want people to find you in Google local before you open, you can set a future open date for your business. But some are using this to hurt competitors, competitors that have been open for years and years already.
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How To Optimize Your Google Map Listing For Maximum Conversions

by Tim Brown, owner of Hook Agency and author of “Growthhackathon: Digital Marketing on a Budget“ Did you know that online purchases account for only 8.3% of all retail sales in the US ? This data is good news for brick and mortar businesses because it means that customers are still making their purchases in person. What has changed is how we discover businesses. Increasingly, we use our mobile devices to find what we need, which means that being findable online — specifically on Goog...
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Google Webhook For Google My Business Reviews Delayed, Working On A Fix

Kara from the Google My Business team confirmed Google is working on a fix for the delays in getting review data from the Google My Business API, specifically webhooks. Kara said "Our teams are working on the issue but they don't have an estimate for when the issue will be resolved."
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Google Local Listings Tests Your Match Scores

Google is testing a feature in the local listings, the local pack, that shows how closely the listings match you. It is a feature Google announced but did not launch back in May 2018 called "your match." Through machine learning Google shows "a number that suggests how likely you are to enjoy a place and reasons explaining why."
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Google My Business: Reconfirm Location Vs Verify Now

I am not sure what this is about but one local SEO is being asked to verify their business by clicking verify now or reconfirm location. I am not sure what the difference is and neither are any of the local SEOs in the Local Search Forums.
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Taking Local Inventory Online: An Interview with Pointy’s Mark Cummins

Posted by MiriamEllisLet’s go back in time 20 years so I can ask you the question, “How often do you look at a paper map every month?”Unless you were a cartographer or a frequent traveler, chances are good that your answer would be, “Hmm, maybe less than once a month. Maybe once or twice a year.”But in 2019, I’d wager there’s scarcely a day that goes by without you using Google Maps when planning to eat out, find a service provider, or find something fun to do. That web-based map in your hand ha...
Tags: Google, Amazon, California, US, Seo, Google Maps, Mark, San Mateo, Talbot, Miriam, Knowledge Panel, Toyland, Merchant Center, MiriamEllis, Local Service, Mark Cummins

Google Drops Unicode Hack In Local Panel

Earlier this week we reported how one Google My Business listing added unicode like text to their business name listing and it shows up all funky and cool in the local panel. Well, now it is gone - it no longer shows up as unicode. I guess Google didn't like it.
Tags: Google, Seo, Google Maps, Google Drops Unicode Hack In Local Panel

Google Local Asks For Food Or Other Photos From Local Guides

I cannot replicate this, but I suspect certain level Google Local Guides are being asked to upload specific photos to local businesses they are viewing. Here is a screen shot from Carrie Hill where she is being asked to upload a photo of food to this Starbucks local panel.
Tags: Google, Seo, Starbucks, Google Maps, Google Local Guides, Carrie Hill

Google Tests Larger Messaging Buttons In Local Panels

Joy Hawkins who follows the local SEO beat really closely spotted a new interface treatment that really calls out the messaging functionality within the Google local panels. The new button to message a local business, when available, is massive compared to when it first launched.
Tags: Google, Seo, Google Maps, Joy Hawkins

Google Moving Google Posts Back Up?

A few months ago, Google stopped showing Google Posts in the top location, somewhat above the fold, in the local panel for a business. That seemed to have led to Google Posts performance drastically dropping off. Now, Google may be testing moving the Google Posts back up.
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Unicode Works Within Google Local Listings

Andy Simpson spotted a local panel that was using unicode to make the business name stand out from the rest. Andy was doing a normal search for a barber shop and this listing came up in Google's local results, which caught his eye.
Tags: Google, Seo, Google Maps, Andy, Andy Simpson, Unicode Works Within Google

Google My Business Products Beta Gets Update Design

Kara from Google said in the Google My Business Help thread that they have done a user interface refresh of the relatively new Product Editor interface. This can be found on some Google My Business consoles under the Product beta link.
Tags: Google, Seo, Google Maps, Kara, Google My Business Help

Local SEOs Say Google Posts Traffic Significantly Declining

A group of local SEO experts are saying in the Local Search Forums that the Google Posts traffic has significantly declined over the past month or so. This specifically happened when Google moved the Google Posts to the bottom of the knowledge panel around October 1st.
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Google Hotel Highlight Overlays Now Live

A month ago, Google began testing putting the hotel highlight details in an overlay window instead of a normal web page window. Well, today Google is rolling out that change.
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