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Phantasy Star Online 2 × KonoSuba

Phantasy Star Online 2‘s 2019 “Stars: EPISODE 6” Part 2 update has rolled out, providing players with tons of new content and additions, though anime fans might be more intrigued by the assortment of KonoSuba collab goods. The collaboration event is in promotion of KonoSuba’s upcoming movie, with costumes and hairstyles for several characters from […]
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Tokyo Evangelion Bar the Perfect Pilgrimage Site

The Tokyo Evangelion Sakaba bar has reopened in Ikebukuro on the 20th of April and now serves up even more Evangelion-themed food and drink items discounted during its special “Angel Hour”. A lucky few managed to visit the bar directly and tried such delicacies as Misato Beer, Edamame from Ryoji Kaji’s plantation, Sachiel Chicken Wings and Nerv Headquarters Fried […]
Tags: Food, Alcohol, Marketing, Tokyo, Anime, Ikebukuro, Image Gallery, Evangelion, Tokyo Evangelion Sakaba, Ryoji Kaji, Sachiel Chicken Wings

Toranoana Golden Week Event Littered with Lewdness

Photos for the 2019 Golden Week Toranoana Belle Salle Site event have made their way online, showcasing the various illustration exhibits and doujins that were present and bound to instill jealousy in otaku and Western barbarians who were unable to attend. The event took place for the first time at the Belle Salle Akihabara building, […]
Tags: Japan, Marketing, Events, Illustration, Artists, Anime, Akihabara, H, Image Gallery, Belle Salle Akihabara

Kanpani Girls Collab Cafe Sounding Sweet

Another special collaboration cafe for a money-draining smartphone game has opened, gifting fans the opportunity to acquire limited edition goods and ingest food and drinks themed after the title’s many cute girls. The cafe in question is promoting DMM Games’ RPG “Kanpani Girls” and will be selling an assortment of collab goods such as button […]
Tags: Food, Games, Marketing, Anime, Cafe, Shibuya, Image Gallery, DMM

Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Small Shield Bag Can Carry All Burdens

Official character goods and apparel seller Cospa has unveiled a special Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari themed bag, replicating the appearance of Naofumi’s trusty shield and even allowing buyers to wield it like one. Being referred to as the “Small Shield Bag“, the item contains an inner pocket capable of holding small items such as […]
Tags: Marketing, Anime, Tate, Image Gallery, Anime Goods, COSPA, Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari, Naofumi

Evangelion Bar Lets You Drink Rei & Asuka’s Sour Fluids

Tokyo’s Evangelion Bar is reopening, allowing fans of the philosophical franchise a second opportunity to gorge themselves on Eva-themed cuisine. The Evangelion Bar at 46 Shokudo in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro neighborhood is to reopen, giving otaku a second chance to sample the various snacks and drinks based on the popular anime and manga franchise. Among the […]
Tags: Food, Alcohol, Marketing, Tokyo, Anime, Eva, Ikebukuro, Image Gallery, Anime Goods, Evangelion, Asuka, Evangelion Bar

Anime Japan 2019 Cosplay a Marvelous Spectacle

Aside from a surplus of PVs for upcoming shows, a legion of talented cosplayers and booth babes served as another glorious attraction at Anime Japan 2019, who demonstrated their passion for the medium by way of immaculate costumes and irreplaceable spirit. Cosplayers could be seen wearing the familiar outfits of characters from several different franchises, […]
Tags: Japan, Marketing, Events, Anime, Cosplay, Image Gallery, Anime Japan, Booth Babes

Become a Real Servant with Fate/stay night Heaven’s Feel Lingerie

Capitalizing off the success of the profitable Fate/stay night Heaven’s Feel film, Super Groupies has produced some special lingerie themed around three Fate/stay night characters, perfect for real-world maidens seeking to impress a mate or for males simply wanting new avenues to explore. Lingerie sets for Matou Sakura, Saber and Tohsaka Rin will be available […]
Tags: Anime, Anime Goods, Fashion, Fate/stay night, Image Gallery, Lingerie, Marketing

Delectable LoveR Cafe Opening Alongside the Game’s Launch

Love simulation and photography title LoveR will be opening a special cafe coinciding with the game’s launch, another opportunity for otaku to make a pilgrimage to Tokyo and share their joy for not only the game but maid cafes in general. Customers who order at the cafe will be gifted a limited postcard: Some of […]
Tags: Food, Games, Marketing, Tokyo, Anime, Cafe, Image Gallery, Lover

Winter Wonder Festival 2019 Ero-Figures All so Lewd

The naughtier items present at the winter Wonder Festival 2019 may surely have been the prized pieces that many attendees were hoping to ogle, as all the figurines depicted anime and game girls baring their breasts and performing all sorts of perverted activities that would make any avid collector sweat. Potential must-have figures that enthusiasts […]
Tags: Japan, Winter, Marketing, Events, Anime, Oppai, H, Image Gallery, Anime Goods, Wonder Festival, Ero-figures

Fabulous Figures Galore at Winter Wonder Festival 2019

Figure collectors will be overjoyed to know that winter Wonder Festival 2019 is finally here, the event showcasing a seemingly infinite supply of both available and upcoming figurines to aid enthusiasts in determining which item they can look forward to purchasing. Anime girls from numerous different franchises can be seen posing in all sorts of […]
Tags: Japan, Winter, Marketing, Events, Anime, Anime Figures, Image Gallery, Anime Goods, Wonder Festival

Japanese Sunblock Prints Labels Backwards for Better Selfies

A Japanese cosmetics producer has decided to aid women in their endless pursuit of perfect selfies by printing the labels on their products backward. The Rohto Pharmaceutical’s “Skin Aqua” sunblock (sporting an “Alice in Wonderland” theme) is helping Japanese women take excellent selfie photos by printing the labels on their products backward so that they show […]
Tags: Japan, Marketing, Anime, Cosmetics, Image Gallery, Rohto Pharmaceutical

Sapporo Snow Festival 2019 a Truly Magical Display

The 70th Sapporo Snow Festival has wholesomely welcomed the winter season as the event has once again been populated by hundreds of captivating snow sculptures, providing a gallery that will induce amazement in visitors whilst likely lining the pockets of the event holders. Only a portion of the glamorous sculptures and projection mapping shows on […]
Tags: Japan, Winter, Marketing, Events, Anime, Sapporo, Sculptures, Image Gallery

Nutaku’s Oppai-Shaped Game Consoles All Sold Out

Nutaku’s personal delve into the console market has been met with overwhelmingly positive results as their unnamed console has already managed to sell out, the appeal of its resemblance to a breast surely helping leaps and bounds. The console focuses specifically on providing consumers with access to sexy eroge, as the Windows-based platform comes pre-loaded […]
Tags: Games, Marketing, Sales, Anime, Announcements, Oppai, H, Image Gallery, Eroge, Nutaku

Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san Collab Cafe Surprisingly Gory

Moe vampire girl anime Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san has yet another cafe collaboration currently going on, offering up all sorts of food and drinks themed to the anime, though some may be surprised at how graphic a few of the dishes are (considering how cute and friendly the anime is). The food and drink menus: Those […]
Tags: Food, Marketing, Events, Shinjuku, Anime, Cafe, Moe, Image Gallery, Anime Goods, Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san

Tokyo Auto Salon 2019 Companions A Glorious Spectacle

Vehicle-centric event Tokyo Auto Salon 2019 has once again put numerous automobiles on display to seduce attendees into making future purchases, though perhaps the many sultry companions present were been doing the most seducing given their tempting attire. Photographs of the event and its gorgeous companions:
Tags: Japan, Marketing, Cars, Events, Tokyo, Anime, Cosplay, Tokyo Auto Salon, Image Gallery, Race Queens

Dress the Dead or Alive Maidens in Haruhi’s Seifuku

The previously announced collaborations between Sneaker Bunko and several titles made by DMM Games have started to surface, with Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation gifting players the opportunity to dress up the girls in the seifuku from the Haruhi series. A PV showcasing the Dead or Alive girls suited up in the stylish seifuku: […]
Tags: Games, Marketing, Anime, Tecmo Koei, PV, Image Gallery, Haruhi, Dead or Alive

Goblin Slayer Descends Upon Akihabara For Hand-Out Event

Rape happy fantasy series Goblin Slayer has had an Akihabara-based hand-out event accompanied by a cosplayer dressed as the one and only Goblin Slayer, who was handing out paper masks of himself so that even passersby can imagine what it is like to be powerful. The hand-out event promoting the release of Goblin Slayer’s BD […]
Tags: Marketing, Events, Anime, Cosplay, Manga, Akihabara, Image Gallery, Anime Goods, Goblin Slayer

On All Media, Ever: Gundam Now on Woodblock Prints

Bandai is producing special handmade Gundam woodblock prints presenting iconic scenes from the first anime series. The prints emulating the famous The Dragon of Smoke Escaping From Mount Fuji and One Hundred Views of the Moon are priced at 50,000 and 27,000 yen respectively and now be ordered via the Premium Bandai store. You can watch Bandai’s […]
Tags: Marketing, Fine Art, Anime, Bandai, Mount Fuji, Gundam, Image Gallery, Premium Bandai

Overwatch Lego Sets Cashing In

Blizzard Entertainment, clearly not getting enough monetary mileage out of Overwatch loot boxes, has decided to collaborate with colorful plastic brick maker Lego to bring their popular competitive FPS title to the world of assembled miniatures. While not officially yet revealed by Blizzard themselves, a few Lego enthusiasts have found out what the upcoming sets […]
Tags: Toys, Games, Marketing, Blizzard, Overwatch, Lego, Anime, Announcements, Image Gallery

Nekomusume & Kitarou Hand Out Fans At Event

A fan event took place in celebration of the release of Gegege no Kitarou‘s first BD volume, with the head office of “Gamers” distributing fans laden with the “face” of Medama Oyaji by way of Nekomusume and Kitarou cosplayers. Photos of the cosplay and kigurumi, which was apparently popular with younger fans as well:
Tags: Marketing, Events, Anime, Cosplay, Akihabara, Image Gallery, BD, Gegege no Kitarou, Kitarou, Nekomusume, Medama Oyaji

Tokyo Game Show 2018 Cosplay A Gorgeous Spectacle

Tokyo Game Show 2018 has been earning the usual accolades not just for its vast selection of game trailers and stage events but for the tasteful cosplay and booth babes as well, a staple of any such event that photographers use as a means of bolstering their collections. Cosplayers, booth babes and all the cute […]
Tags: Games, Marketing, Events, Anime, Cosplay, Image Gallery, Booth Babes, Tokyo Game Show

Enako: “I Made ¥10 Million A Day At Comiket!”

Famed cosplayer Enako has revealed that she made ¥10 million (nearly $100,000) in one day at this year’s summer Comiket. Enako, frequently referred to by the nation’s media as Japan’s favourite cosplayer, recently announced during a TV variety show that she made ¥10 million from merchandise sales in a single day at the 2018 summer […]
Tags: Japan, Money, Marketing, Anime, Cosplay, Image Gallery, Comiket, Ariyoshi Japon, Enako

Seiyuu Basketball League Formed

Japan now has a “professional” basketball league in which the teams are comprised entirely of seiyuu. The Seiyuu Junior Three-on-Three (SJ3) league has now been officially recognised by the Japan Basketball Association, allowing sporty seiyuu to moonlight as basketball players in between their voice acting work. The league will consist of eight teams, one of […]
Tags: Japan, Marketing, Sports, Basketball, Anime, Japan Basketball Association, Image Gallery, Seiyuu, Seiyuu Basketball League Formed

Atlus To Release Persona 3 Character Perfumes

Atlus has taken the unusual step of teaming up with a perfume company to creat a line of Persona 3-themed fragrances, with all but one playable characters getting their own scent. Perfume producers Primaniacs are teaming up with Atlus to create a line of Persona 3 fragrances, with nine distinct scents, each representing one of […]
Tags: Games, Marketing, Sales, Perfume, Anime, Atlus, Persona, Image Gallery, Atlus To Release Persona

Harukana Receive Akihabara Event All Bikinis

Harukana Receive has had a rather sexy event at the Animate Akihabara store, with illustrations and key frame art lining the walls, bikini-clad standees being erected and goods sales and ticket lotteries being held – though neglecting to have cute cosplayers running about in swimsuits may have been one missed opportunity… Photos of the store […]
Tags: Marketing, Events, Anime, Akihabara, Image Gallery, Mizugi, Harukana Receive, Animate Akihabara

FigureX Life-Sized Figure Exhibit An Otaku Fantasy

FigureX (known for its many breath-taking life-sized anime figures) has at last begun its special exhibit, showcasing a myriad of its works all in one place and sure to have otaku ecstatic to see all their fictional wives standing together in one place. Photographs of the impressive exhibit:
Tags: Marketing, Events, Anime, Anime Figures, Pantsu, Image Gallery, Anime Goods, FigureX

Summer Wonder Festival 2018 Too Hot To Handle

The hottest figurines both new and upcoming have appeared at the Summer Wonder Festival 2018, an event that will likely have any collector salivating at all the quality items to empty their wallets on (among other things, for the sexier figurines). Only a portion of the sublime figures on display:
Tags: Marketing, Summer, Events, Anime, Otaku, Anime Figures, Image Gallery, Anime Goods, Wonder Festival

GOG Japanese Sale Offers All The Anime For Cheap

Game platform GOG has announced its “Japanese Sale“, putting various games with anime-style graphics on sale for up to 80% off and even advertising the event with a new anime mascot, which artists have quickly started drawing fan-art of in order to acquire attention. All titles that are on sale (with some being up to […]
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Fate/Grand Order Duel Event Pure Ota-Fuel

Fate/Grand Order Duel, an upcoming board game spin-off to the popular smartphone game Fate/Grand Order, recently held an event at Akihabara showing off how its played, additionally showcasing the board game’s various collectible mini-figurines that were clearly inspired by the grossly popular Amiibos… Exhibits revealing the game’s mini-figurines, standees of the franchise’s characters and more […]
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