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US health data in ‘closed’ groups: FB says it isn’t an ‘anon platform, users should know this’

US Congress Members would like to meet Facebook representatives over allegations that it misled users who discussed their medical conditions in “closed” groups, reports Gizmodo. These users believed that their discussions were private and anonymous. However, Facebook, told the users that they... ...
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Twitter to verify political advertisers and launch an ad log in India

Following Google and Facebook’s suit, Twitter is launching advertiser verification and an ‘Ads Transparency Center’ in India to increase election transparency around advertising. The policy will come into effect on March 11. Political advertisers have to verify themselves to run ads on... ...
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Bombay HC election transparency case: Google and FB submit ad policies

In response to a petition in the Bombay HC, Facebook and Google have submitted that they will make changes (more on these changes below*) to their advertising policy ahead of the Lok Sabha elections 2019, as reported by LiveLaw. Google and Facebook’s affidavits were submitted before the bench of... ...
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Facebook roundup: UK Parliament, location tracking, content takedown and more

Facebook tracks location data of users as potential threats Facebook is able to track the user data of individuals who may pose a threat to the company or its executives, reports CNBC, citing several former Facebook employees. The company maintains a log of who Facebook’s security team must be “on... ...
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In 1999, David Bowie knew the internet would change the world

David Bowie was well known as a rock star, but somehow his other interests and accomplishments remain obscure. In this 1999 interview, he explains why he knows the internet is more than just a tool and why it was destined to change the world.He launched his own internet service provider in 1998, BowieNet. It ceased operations in 2006.When you think of the brilliant minds who understood what a game changer the internet was going to be back in the '90s, you probably don't think of David Bowie. Thi...
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Developments in the digital ecosystem today

By Trisha Jalan and Sneha Johari A quick roundup of the developments in the Indian and international digital, tech and business ecosystem: ACT Fibernet has expanded to Lucknow, Jaipur and Ahmedabad. T-Series will start producing web series and web films, this venture will be headed by Vinod... ...
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I reported the news in print and online. Here’s the difference.

Jill Abramson, former executive editor of The New York Times, describes what life was like for a journalist in the 1980s – a "stone age" when news was governed by the printing press schedule.Today, many journalists will break stories on Twitter before writing it, eliminating nuance and increasing the chance of error.Social media in particular has added a fatal speed to journalism. Errors erode public trust in the media, and allow those in power to undermine the free press. ...
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Q4FY19: Google’s ad revenues rose 16.5% to $32.6B, rising expenses

Google parent Alphabet Inc’s reported a 22% year-on-year increase in revenues to $39.2 billion in quarter ended December 31, 2018 (Q4FY19). Revenues stood at $32.3 billion a year ago in Q4FY18, and at $33.74 billion in the preceding quarter. The company reported a net income of $8.9 billion, up... ...
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The Essential Tools for Programmers

This is a list of essential tools and services from my coding workflow that I think should be part of every web programmer’s toolkit. Whether you a building a simple “Hello World” app or a complex web application, these tools should make your coding easier and increase productivity. The Web Developer’s Toolkit 1. — API documentation for all popular programming languages and frameworks. Includes instant search and works offline too.2. — create your own web apps in the brows...
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Facebook appoints Natasha Jog as election integrity head for India

Facebook has appointed former journalist Natasha Jog as its election integrity head for India, along with two other public policy professionals for politics and government roles, reports the Economic Times. This three-member team will oversee Facebook’s election integrity efforts in India.... ...
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Twitter reports $909M in revenues in Q4FY19, MAUs fall by 9M to 321M

Twitter’s monthly active user base decreased by 9 million to 321 million in Q4FY19. Of these, 66 million were US users, while 255 million users were from other countries. MAUs also fell 5% over the preceding quarter from 326 million users. Revenues increased by 24% year-on-year to $909... ...
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Facebook: 5 new fact-checkers for India, Regulation in Germany, Canada and startup acquisition

Facebook adds five IFCN-certified fact-checkers in India, now in 6 languages  Ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, Facebook has added 5 new third-party fact-checkers in India – India Today Group,, Factly, Newsmobile, Fact Crescendo, the company said in a statement. The checkers are... ...
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Twitter explains its ‘impartiality’; Officials to not attend IT committee meeting

Twitter said that political ideology did not shape its policies, days after accusations of bias against right wing users in India. Right-wingers have accused Twitter of limiting the reach of their accounts, banning or suspending accounts which support the Indian government, manipulating the... ...
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Government’s secret post-Brexit plan must rule out the Singapore model

Whitehall should publish the findings of ‘Project After’ to clarify the direction of UK industrial strategy in the case of no-dealThere are plans under discussion in Whitehall to cope with the long-term consequences of a no-deal Brexit. Dubbed Project After, these plans involve Whitehall officials poring over the government’s entire portfolio of tax and spending commitments and how they might be adjusted once the UK tumbles out of the European Union’s single market and tariff-free customs area.C...
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Facebook’s external content review board: How it will be formed and what will it do

In November 2018, Facebook had announced that it would form a new external oversight board in 2019 to handle some of its content policy decisions. The board was meant to make decisions on how to handle misinformation, hate speech, harassment, and other problematic content circulating on Facebook.... ...
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WhatsApp deletes 2M accounts per month to curb fake news; outlines how

WhatsApp is deleting 2 million accounts per month to arrest the spread of fake news and misinformation, the company revealed in a white paper titled ‘Stopping Abuse’ released in India earlier this week. WhatsApp is deleting these accounts for bulk or automated behaviour, over 75% of the... ...
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Twitter shares fall amid concern over falling user numbers

Company reports 321 million active monthly users in fourth quarter, a drop of 5 millionTwitter’s share price fell more than 8% in early Wall Street trading as record fourth quarter revenues and the milestone of achieving its first full year of profitability failed to allay investor concerns over a drop in user numbers and a weak revenue forecast.The social media company reported 321 million monthly active users in the fourth quarter, a decrease of 9 million year-on-year and 5 million lower than ...
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Twitter India to meet the Parliamentary Standing Committee on IT after bias accusations

Twitter is being summoned to a Parliamentary Standing Committee on Information Technology to examine ‘how to safeguard citizens rights on social/online news media platforms’ on 11 February. Representatives of MeitY will also attend the meeting. This meeting was called a day after there... ...
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15 Meilleurs Modèles de CV 2019 à Télécharger PSD/AI/Word (gratuit)

Pour bien commencer la semaine, je vous propose de mettre à jour votre curriculum vitae pour lui donner une touche plus moderne et tendance en téléchargeant un ou plusieurs des 15 plus beaux modèles de CV de ce début d’année 2019. A chaque modèle de CV son style Si pour bon nombre de personnes la mise en page d’un CV n’a pas grande importance, pour la grande majorité des employeurs elle est souvent déterminante dans le choix d’un candidat. Il est donc primordial de soigner son image comme on le ...
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Instagram: beware of bad influencers…

The picture-sharing site and its ilk are full of celebs peddling products and not being open about what they get in return. Will regulation help?The sun-drenched beaches of Exuma gleamed as brightly as the skin of the world-famous supermodels stretched out on yachts or dancing around flickering fires in the promotional video for Fyre, the glamorous music festival turned shambles turned scam that became the subject of the Netflix documentary Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened.The likes ...
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A new antitrust frontier – the issue closing partisan divides in the name of policing big tech

The left and the right are united in the pursuit of greater accountability and transparency from Silicon Valley’s power playersThe new head of a congressional antitrust panel has vowed to take on big technology companies that “threaten our democracy”, the latest sign of a growing cross-party Washington consensus that Silicon Valley has grown too powerful.Democratic congressman David Cicilline is set to spearhead efforts to check the influence of Amazon, Facebook, Google and other “big tech” firm...
Tags: Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Technology, Social Networking, Internet, Washington, Elizabeth Warren, Social Media, US news, Whatsapp, Silicon Valley, US domestic policy, Donald Trump

Closure of Google+: everything you need to know

Social network’s demise has confused many Google users. We answer the key questionsGoogle is finally closing the social network it set up in an ill-fated attempt to take on Facebook, the company has confirmed. Google+ will be shut down for good on 2 April, with all profiles and pages to be deleted on that day. Related: Google to shut down Google+ after failing to disclose user data leak Continue reading...
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Who is getting rich off you? The insidious big data economy.

Your day to day actions on the Internet give businesses personal data that turns you into an ad target – or the opposite. Facebook, for example, allowed landlords to block demographic groups such as African Americans, LGBTQ, or disabled people from seeing housing ads – a violation of the 1968 Fair Housing Act. Data brokers have crossed a line, but the laws that should regulate them are outdated; just look at the billion-dollar data deal between 23andMe and Big Pharma. Is it ethical? ...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Business, Technology, Money, Privacy, Internet, Advertising, Social Media, Data, Ethics, Innovation, Big Pharma

Facebook’s 1.5B daily user growth was driven by India, Indonesia, and Philippines in Q4FY19

Facebook reported a 30% year-on-year increase in revenues to $16.91 billion, of which ad revenue was $16.6 billion (or 98%), while revenue from payments and other fees was $2.7 billion for the quarter ended December 31, 2018. Mobile ad revenues accounted for 93% of ad revenues, up from 89% in... ...
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The internet is emotionally abusing us. And we can't quit it.

We invest trillions in companies that develop algorithms designed to play us for the sake of profits.Facebook algorithms, for instance, show us content that will provoke emotional responses. The algorithms look for "exploits" in humans, find how we establish rapport with others, and leverage it for marketing.
Tags: Facebook, Technology, Internet, Marketing, Innovation, Propaganda

The internet is emotionally abusing us

We're investing trillions of dollars in companies that are developing algorithms specifically designed to play us, abuse us, and even compromise our humanity for the sake of profits.Facebook algorithms do this, for instance, by slipping in content that will provoke responses from us. Even if it's photos of our exes.The algorithms are looking for "exploits" in humans. That is, they will try anything and everything to find what things we use to establish rapport with others, and then leverage thos...
Tags: Facebook, Technology, Internet, Marketing, Innovation, Propaganda

Norwest VC Eyes Waves of Change in A.I., Marketing, Cloud for 2019

Venture capital firms invest in potentially disruptive technologies with the hope of profit, then keep watch for further advances that could overtake their existing portfolio companies. All this is done while they guide startups through other external challenges such as fundraising droughts and overall market downturns.Scott Beechuk, a partner at Norwest Venture Partners, is one of the tech industry observers invited by Xconomy to look back at the technology developments of 2018, and also forec...
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How to Create Forms that allow File Uploads to Google Drive

With File Upload Forms (demo) for Google Sheets, you can receive large files from anyone directly in your Google Drive. You can automatically send email confirmations to the notify the form respondent. The forms can be created inside Google Sheets using the built-in drag-n-drop form builder and the forms can CAPTCHAs, e-signature and more. A school teacher may want to build forms for students to upload assignments and the files are automatically saved to her Google Drive but in separate student ...
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NAMA Digest: Developments at Ola, IIT-Madras, Facebook, Google and more

Transport The Bangalore Transport Department has issued notices to Ola and Uber for not disabling child-lock on their cabs, pointing out that only 20% of the city’s 100,000 cabs have disabled child-lock, according to the Economic Times. The transport department has disabled the feature in... ...
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Zimbabwe’s government faces off against its tech community over internet restrictions

Jake Bright Contributor Jake Bright is a writer and author in New York City. He is co-author of The Next Africa. More posts by this contributor Harley Davidson reveals more about its push into electric vehicles Venture capital, global expansion, blockchain and drones characterize African tech in 2018 After days of intermittent blackouts at the order of the Zimbabwe’s Minister of State for National Security, ISPs have restored conn...
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