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Love USA Today or Hate it, the ‘McPaper’ Prefigured Internet Content

It was only a tiny story in Adweek's June 29, 1981 issue--"Gannett Releases Prototypes of National Daily"--but it flagged what would become one of the decade's biggest media stories. Al Neuharth, the gadfly Gannett mogul known for banging out copy on a manual typewriter while sitting in his treehouse--would be launching a newspaper called USA...
Tags: Advertising, Magazine, Usa Today, Gannett, Adweek, Al Neuharth, 40 Years Bold

Can an Ad Save a Doomed Plane?

Thirty-eight years ago, a major airline manufacturer was in serious trouble and hoped a bit of advertising would bail it out. Adweek's July 14, 1980, issue carried the news of a new campaign aimed at salvaging the reputation of the DC-10 jet--and with it, the fortunes of maker McDonnell Douglas. A little over a year...
Tags: Advertising, Magazine, Adweek, McDonnell Douglas, 40 Years Bold

How Infomercials Almost Ruined Cher’s Career

The early 1990s were tough years for Cher. Battling chronic fatigue syndrome and unsure of her next career move, she signed up for some easy dough by appearing in that most maligned of TV contrivances, the infomercial. In a three-part series for Lori Davis hair-care products, the statuesque chanteuse perched on a sofa and marveled...
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Infographic: Two-Thirds of Consumers Have Never Used an App to Send Money

Print hed: New Money Print dek: How apps are changing the way the world banks--and how they aren't. While smartphones have revolutionized the way we do most everything, from buying groceries to doing laundry, fewer people use apps to handle their finances than one might think, according to new research from software company Clarabridge. While...
Tags: Advertising, Magazine, Data Points

Infographic: A Whopping 63% of Consumers Have Never Used an App to Send Money

Print hed: New Money Print dek: How apps are changing the way the world banks--and how they aren't. While smartphones have revolutionized the way we do most everything, from buying groceries to doing laundry, fewer people use apps to handle their finances than one might think, according to new research from software company Clarabridge. While...
Tags: Advertising, Magazine, Data Points

How Telemedicine Companies Are Making Healthcare Faster and Cheaper, and Its Marketing Edgier

When Zachariah Reitano was a teenager, he suffered erectile dysfunction and--like many of the 30 million American men who experience ED--he was embarrassed by it. Unlike most of them, though, he has a father who's a doctor specializing in men's sexual health, so Reitano was comfortable asking for help. That decision wound up saving his...
Tags: Advertising, Magazine, Reitano, Zachariah Reitano, Brandweek

Infographic: What Shoppers Actually Think About the Hottest Direct-to-Consumer Trends

With a bevy of direct-to-consumer upstarts regularly entering the market, we wanted to find out not only how consumers shop but also how they perceive trends within the DTC brand space. That's why Brandweek partnered with YouGov to survey 2,494 adults across the U.S. on their preferences when it comes to online shopping, pop-up shops...
Tags: Advertising, Magazine, Yougov, Brandweek

Orangetheory and Mirror Execs Compare Notes on Marketing Fitness’ Buzziest Brands

Orangetheory and Mirror are two of the buzziest brands working to shake up the roughly $32 billion U.S. fitness industry, per Statista. Ahead of our inaugural Brandweek: Challenger Brands summit in New York, we asked Eric Mandell, vp of marketing for Mirror (a futuristic, interactive workout experience using, you guessed it, a mirror that you...
Tags: New York, Advertising, Magazine, Brandweek, Eric Mandell

Editor’s Letter: The Customer Experience Has Changed Drastically in the Past Decade (Thank Goodness)

Do you remember your first major purchase? Mine was a queen-size pillow-top mattress in a silvery brocade, and the experience of buying it was so soul-crushingly bad that it's stayed with me for 16 years. I walked into a major mattress store fresh out of college and full of excitement about furnishing my first apartment,...
Tags: Advertising, Magazine, Brandweek

Bed-in-a-Box Brand Casper Wants You to Have FOMO—About Sleeping

In 2014, Neil Parikh, Gabe Flateman and Luke Sherwin were living in Brooklyn with a roommate named Kasper, a lanky German man who had a tendency for tiredness and was so tall his feet dangled off his bed. At the time, the three men were working with two others--Philip Krim and Jeff Chapin--on the launch...
Tags: Advertising, Brooklyn, Magazine, Luke Sherwin, Kasper, Philip Krim, Jeff Chapin, Brandweek, Neil Parikh Gabe Flateman

How Teaching Dog Agility Helps This Creative Director Excel

Before she became a creative force in the advertising industry, Lisa Topol--now co-chief creative officer at DDB New York--was dead set on becoming a professor of religion and 19th century Victorian literature. But while the topic was fascinating to her, it became unfulfilling. "I just felt like I'd never be doing anything that engaged with...
Tags: Advertising, Magazine, DDB New York, Leadership & Talent, Lisa Topol

How 5G Could Change the Sports Broadcasting and Viewing Experience

Every year, Fox Sports temporarily installs 39 miles of fiber optic cable throughout the golf course hosting the U.S. Open Championship. The expensive rigging is the only way for the network to transmit live, high-definition video from far-flung holes to its central production trucks in a timely enough manner. Or it was, until last year,...
Tags: Advertising, Magazine, 5g, Fox Sports

As Businesses Prep for California’s Data Privacy Law, They’re Also Fighting to Change It

The California Consumer Protection Act doesn't go into effect until 2020, but that doesn't mean the 10,000-word law--passed in just five days last summer--won't be a big issue this year. Last month, the California attorney general's office--which is in charge of creating rules for the CCPA--began holding a series of hearings to gather feedback that...
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After 130 Years, the Flexible Flyer Is Still the Cadillac of Sleds

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the country is just now shaking itself off from the snowiest period of the year. That makes it peak season for sledding--an activity for which NOAA keeps no statistics, though it's a good bet that most kids in snowy regions (and a goodly percent of their parents)...
Tags: Advertising, Magazine, Noaa, Perspective, Cadillac, National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration

The Best Shots of Leaders and Innovators at the First Adweek Symposium

On Jan. 23 at Neuhouse in New York, the first Adweek Symposium (presented by Rakuten) brought together big brand CEOs and next-gen leaders. Check out the best shots from the day, as well as Adweek's upcoming events, if you want in on the action.
Tags: New York, Advertising, Magazine, Rakuten, Adweek, Neuhouse

Meet the Agency That’s Hiding Cadbury Eggs in Other Brands’ Ads

With just 60 on staff, Elvis certainly isn't the largest operation in the industry in terms of size, but the shop maintains that what it lacks in headcount, it makes up for in agility--and the ability of its creatives to deliver on big ideas. Headquartered in London, Elvis counts a host of notable international brands...
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Editor’s Letter: How Do Challenger Brands Scale and What Do They Want to Be When They Grow Up?

Well, it turns out that our hunch was right. As of last count on Friday, our inaugural Challenger Brand Summit, set for this Wednesday and Thursday in New York, has almost 500 registered attendees. For an entirely new franchise that sprung organically from the reintroduction of Brandweek last fall to have drawn so much interest...
Tags: New York, Advertising, Magazine, Challenger Brands, Brandweek

Infographic: Same-Sex Marriage Supporters Want Brands to Take a Stand

As recently as five years ago, taking a political stand was often far too much of a risk for many brands, but now, it seems to be more of a risk not to, according to new research from global media and marketing services company Mindshare in partnership with software provider Lightspeed. Focusing on respondents who...
Tags: Advertising, Magazine, Data Points, Lightspeed Focusing

More Agency Consolidation May Be Coming as Creative and Media Converge Again

Last June, a bizarre campaign known as "IHOb" had social media users buzzing about the possibility of the International House of Pancakes turning into the International House of Burgers ... or Bacon? Biscuits? That stunt garnered 1.2 million tweets and over 15,000 earned media stories in 10 days and was the result of a true...
Tags: Advertising, Magazine, International House of Pancakes, The Future of Agencies, International House of Burgers

How Bethenny Frankel Built the Skinnygirl Empire by Trusting Her Instincts and Staying ‘in the Grit’

Bethenny Frankel has never been afraid to get her hands dirty. In fact, she's actively sought out the opportunity, going back to one of her first gigs as an erstwhile club promoter: She'd throw house parties as a teenager, work at a bakery to help foot the bill and make an extra buck by charging...
Tags: Advertising, Magazine, Bethenny Frankel, Challenger Brands

Instilling Diversity Means Focusing on Nuances

I've spoken at dozens of events about diversity, inclusion and representation in the past three years. How far we've come! We're all quite proud of ourselves. I've certainly felt it myself. Allure won Adweek's Magazine of the Year in 2017, in large part because of the diverse subjects on our covers, ranging from Somali-American model...
Tags: Advertising, Magazine, Voice, Adweek

Will Paying With Actual Money Soon Become a Thing of the Past?

In his nearly 30 years in the restaurant business, having done every job from waiter to regional director, Michael Ryan has learned a good deal about running a profitable house. His operational savvy helped make a success of legendary New York City names like Shaw's Crab House and Blue Water Grill. Meanwhile, his watchful eye...
Tags: New York City, Advertising, Magazine, Michael Ryan, Shaw s Crab House, Challenger Brands

3 Standout Campaigns That Required Closer Media and Creative Collaborations

Clients are increasingly seeking more seamless ways to advertise to consumers, and therefore are asking their creative and media partners to work closer together on campaigns, if not consolidating all efforts with one agency or holding company. "Over the past few years, the biggest change in collaboration we're seeing in general [across all brands] is...
Tags: Advertising, Magazine, The Future of Agencies

For Consumers, Skinnygirl’s Appeal Is About More Than Thinking Thin

The name Skinnygirl makes perfect sense for sparkling water, fat-free salad dressing, zero-calorie mints and no-carb tangerine-flavored vodka. Does the same hold true for camisoles and jeans, when the average woman in the U.S. is a size 16? Bethenny Frankel and her partners, with the goal of building a lifestyle brand, say it does, though...
Tags: Advertising, Magazine, Bethenny Frankel, Challenger Brands

How the Mother of All Football Games Became the Most Vigilantly Guarded Brand Name in America

One of the most important plays in football history was made on March 7, 1969, though it didn't take place on a field anywhere. It happened at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, where the claims examiners received registration No. 882283 from an office at 345 Park Ave. in New York: The National Football League...
Tags: New York, Advertising, America, Magazine, Perspective, U S Patent and Trademark Office, Park Ave

Infographic: 43% of Americans Surveyed Don’t Plan on Watching the Super Bowl This Year

Advertiser spend for NFL games has been strong this season, though last year's Super Bowl was the lowest-rated Big Game telecast since 2009. And according to a new survey from consumer intelligence research platform CivicScience, fewer people are planning on tuning in this year than in years past as well. Just 33 percent of Americans...
Tags: Advertising, NFL, Magazine, Data Points

Brunner’s 2017 Super Bowl Ad for 84 Lumber About Immigration Is Just as Relevant Today

Launched in 1989 as a small design firm, Brunner credits a willingness to embrace technology for its rise from relatively unknown to national prominence. But a provocative ad for 84 Lumber during Super Bowl LI certainly didn't hurt. The ad focused on the hot-button topic of immigration, even referencing a wall (sound familiar?), and it...
Tags: Advertising, Magazine, Brunner

Why Brands Spend $5 Million (or More) on a Super Bowl Ad to Support a Cause

A beer brand touting its disaster relief efforts. A car brand supporting gender equality. A vacation rental company pushing for diversity. Recent years have seen a rise in the number of brands aligning themselves with causes, a trend that has found its way into advertising's biggest night--the Super Bowl. Brands backed a cause in just...
Tags: Advertising, Magazine, The Big Game, Super Bowl Brands

How Football Stadiums Are Implementing Tech to Lure Fans off Their Couches

There was a time when bone-crushing hits, acrobatic touchdowns and being the 12th man for the home team were enough to spur ticket sales, but the bar is much higher for sports fans today. That's in part because consumer electronics are so much better--you can sometimes even see blades of grass on high-definition TVs--but also...
Tags: Advertising, Magazine, The Big Game

Meet the MullenLowe Creative Director Who ‘Appreciates the Absurd’

Be smart about how you want to be dumb. That's the mantra Adam Calvert kept in mind while pitching last year's E*Trade Super Bowl commercial, "This Is Getting Old," which features a gang of retirement-ready folks still hustling as firefighters, DJs and Baywatch-inspired lifeguards. While many try to pull the heartstrings, Calvert, creative director Jeff...
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