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Facebook is expanding Spotify partnership with new ‘Boombox’ project

Facebook is deepening its relationship with music company Spotify and will allow users to listen to music hosted on Spotify while browsing through its apps as part of a new initiative called “Project Boombox,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Monday. Facebook is building an in-line audio player that will allow users to listen to songs or playlists being shared on the platforms without being externally linked to Spotify’s app or website. Zuckerberg highlighted the feature as another product desi...
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Horseshoe Theory, Now on the Blockchain

Republicans whining about how social media moderators are violating their inalienable right to lucrative follower counts have found an ally in Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.Read more...
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You Can Finally Flag Bad Takes Directly to Facebook's Oversight Board

If you have problems with any hate speech, harassment, or generally bad takes that appear on your Facebook feed, good news! On Tuesday, the (supposedly) independent Oversight Board announced that users can appeal directly to it directly regarding questionable content that’s been left up on Facebook and Instagram. Read more...
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Cybercriminals Bought Facebook Ads for a Fake Clubhouse App That Was Riddled With Malware

Cybercriminals have been pushing Facebook users to download a Clubhouse app “for PC,” something that doesn’t exist. The app is actually a trojan designed to inject malware into your computer. The popular new invite-only chat app is only available on iPhone but worldwide interest in the platform has risen and users are…
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Uninstall This Android App, Which Gave You Malware Instead of Netflix

In what is becoming a recurring ritual, Google has removed a scammy Android malware app from the Google Play Store. This time, the offending culprit is FlixOnline, a malware app that roped people in by pretending to offer them free Netflix access. Its banishment from the Play Store is great, but the onus is on you to…Read more...
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Twitter said to have held acquisition talks with Clubhouse on potential $4B deal

Twitter held talks with Clubhouse around a potential acquisition of the live drop-in audio networking platform, with a deal value somewhere around $4 billion, according to a report from Bloomberg. TechCrunch has also confirmed the discussions took place from a source familiar with the conversations. While the talks occurred over the past several months, they’re no longer taking place, though the reason they ended isn’t known according to the report. It’s also worth noting that just a few days ag...
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Clubhouse Reportedly Thinks It's Worth $4 Billion Now

Clubhouse, which led a round of investment in January at a reported valuation of around $1 billion, now believes it is worth four times that, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday.Read more...
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Facebook Sure Seems Desperate To Pass This Latest Data Breach Off As Old News For Some Reason

In the aftermath of bombshell reports of a massive data breach that may have compromised the personal information of as many as 533 million users, Facebook has committed absolutely to trying to spin the leak as old news, no big deal, definitely nothing to see here, no need to even think about this too much at all,…Read more...
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How to Check if Your Phone Number Is in the Huge Facebook Data Leak

Hacked data on over 553 million Facebook users was leaked online over the weekend, including names, birthdates, a Facebook user’s relationship status, the city where they live, their workplace, and sometimes even email addresses. But the most sensitive data included in the leak is arguably the phone numbers, which are…Read more...
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Hacker Publishes Phone Numbers and Other Data of 533 Million Facebook Users for Free

If you have a Facebook account, you should probably be keeping your guard up in the near future. A new report states that a hacker has posted the private information, including phone numbers, birthdays, and locations, of more than 533 million Facebook users from 106 countries online for free. Read more...
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Health Official in Papua New Guinea Explains How Facebook Spreads Misinformation

Papua New Guinea’s health minister, Jelta Wong, spoke with an Australian think tank over videochat on Thursday about challenges PNG faces in combatting the covid-19 pandemic. PNG is seeing a resurgence of the disease along with a growing wave of misinformation being spread online about vaccines, and the talk is an…Read more...
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Facebook Lets Users Restrict Commenting to a Small Circle of Friends

Facebook users will soon get more control over who can comment on their public posts, according to an announcement by the social media giant on Wednesday.Read more...
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Apple invests $50M into music distributor UnitedMasters alongside A16z and Alphabet

Independent music distribution platform and tool factory UnitedMasters has raised a $50M series B round led by Apple. A16z and Alphabet are participating again in this raise. United Masters is also entering a strategic partnership with Apple alongside this investment.  If you’re unfamiliar with UnitedMasters, it’s a distribution company launched in 2017 by Steve Stoute, a former Interscope and Sony Music executive. The focus of UnitedMasters is to provide artists with a direct pipeline to...
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LinkedIn Also Has a Clubhouse Rival in the Works Now

The latest platform dipping its toes into the tepid waters of the “social audio experience” is LinkedIn, which confirmed on Tuesday that it’s developing an audio networking integration for its app that will rival the existing voice-only chat app Clubhouse.Read more...
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Dangerous Android App Pretends to Be a System Update to Steal Your Data

Beware a newly discovered malicious app that pretends to update your phone but, in reality, is just a giant spyware application that can steal pretty much all your data while also monitoring your movements and online search history. Read more...
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How to Celebrate a Friend With More Than Another Social Media Shoutout

When a friend accomplishes something noteworthy, it often comes with a formulaic response: a congrats with a text message or FaceTime call, accompanied by a social media post. It’s a kind show of support, but deep down, you might feel that you can—and should—do better.Read more...
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New Cross-Company Slack DMs Are Cool, But They Aren't Private

Slack has launched a new direct-messaging feature that allows people from different companies to talk to one another. No problems there, right? The service is opt-in, in that you’ll have to approve anyone attempting to bother you on your work Slack before their messages appear—thank god. But that’s not the only quirk…Read more...
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Marjorie Taylor Greene Temporarily Suspended by Twitter as Congress Considers Expulsion

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, commonly known as the QAnon Congresswoman, was temporarily suspended from Twitter on Friday. The social media crackdown coincided with the introduction of a resolution to expel the congresswoman from Georgia from the House, but Twitter claims its enforcement was an error. Read more...
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Facebook Working on Instagram Product for Children Under 13 Years Old

Facebook, the social media behemoth that owns Instagram, is developing a new Instagram product for children under 13 years of age, according to leaked documents obtained by BuzzFeed. Instagram users must currently click a button declaring that they’re at least 13 years old, or that the account featuring a kid under…Read more...
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Social Media Execs Fuel Extremist Violence Globally, Report Finds

Under the pretext of “newsworthiness,” U.S. tech leaders have, for years, aided political leaders in spreading extremist views underpinned by racial animus and all other forms of prejudice, in turn giving rise to an explosion of violence and persecution targeting vulnerable communities worldwide.Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter, Science, Narendra Modi, Articles, Social Media, Software, Donald Trump, Operating Systems, Sheryl Sandberg, Rodrigo Duterte, QAnon, Social Information Processing, Universal Windows Platform Apps, Internet Manipulation And Propaganda

Facebook Launches Tool to Help Users Get Covid-19 Vaccine

Facebook has launched a tool in partnership with Boston Children’s Hospital to help people find covid-19 vaccine appointments, according to a press release from the social media company early Monday. The tool only works in the U.S. right now, but Facebook says it hopes to roll out the vaccine finder in more regions as…Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Science, Social Media, Software, Medical Research, Computing, Vaccine, Operating Systems, Zuck, Boston Children 's Hospital, the Facebook, Social Information Processing, Covid 19 Vaccine, Technology Internet, Health Medical Pharma

No, Mark Zuckerberg, Virtual Reality Goggles Won't Solve the Climate Crisis

The billionaires are once again claiming that tech will save us. In an interview published Monday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that by the end of this decade, he expects we’ll all have access to virtual reality goggles that will allow us to feel like we’re teleporting into other people’s houses and hanging out.…Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Science, Environment, Articles, Social Media, Software, Virtual Reality, Climate Change Policy, Operating Systems, Jonathan Koomey, Climate Change Denial, Social Information Processing

Facebook Is Reportedly Under Investigation for 'Systemic' Racial Bias in Its Workplace

Facebook’s hiring practices and promotions are under federal scrutiny following reports of widespread racial bias, according to Reuters. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has launched a “systemic” investigation into the social media giant, indicating that it suspects internal policies may be contributing to…Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Science, Labor, Articles, Social Media, Software, Social Issues, Gizmodo, Operating Systems, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Workplace Bullying, Mark Luckie, Employment Discrimination, Second Wave Feminism, Andy Stone, Oscar Veneszee Jr

How to Make WhatsApp Voice and Video Calls on Desktop

WhatsApp is finally letting you make voice and video calls to and from the desktop app. The feature works on Windows 10 version 1903 and newer and macOS 10.13 and newer, and lets you call any of your contacts as long as they’re online and using a compatible smartphone, tablet, or computer.Read more...
Tags: Social Media, Smartphone, Whatsapp, Software, Windows 10, Lifehacks, Operating Systems, Mobile Applications, Communication Software, Computer Architecture, Instant Messaging Clients, macOS, Cross Platform Software, Technology Internet

How Do I Restore Access to a Hacked Facebook Account?

No need to say “quit Facebook” in the comments on this one. For those sticking around on the social service—and there are many of you, it seems, considering the company’s total number of active users ain’t exactly trending down—there’s a lot you can and should do to secure your account. However, if someone breaks…Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Twitter, Social Media, Software, Password, Computing, Oculus, Lifehacks, Operating Systems, Social Information Processing, Universal Windows Platform Apps, Technology Internet, S Tech, Password Notification Email, Privacy Concerns Of Facebook

WhatsApp Can Now Do the Same Thing as Google Meet and Zoom and FaceTime

WhatsApp on Thursday announced the introduction of voice and video calls on its desktop apps for Mac and PC, expanding the ways in which you can create the illusion of meaningful human interaction in this moment of crushing isolation. Read more...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Science, Social Media, Whatsapp, Walgreens, Software, Facetime, Operating Systems, Zoom, Communication Software, Instant Messaging Clients, Cross Platform Software, Videotelephony

How to Make Your Hashtags More Reader-Friendly

Communicating in the language of hashtags is an annoyingly universal aspect of social media. But if you’re using hashtags on your Instagram posts, tweets, or Facebook status updates, you should make sure they’re readable for people with visual and cognitive disabilities.Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Social Media, Hashtag, Software, Reference, Computing, Lifehacks, Operating Systems, Chris Messina, Collective Intelligence, Web 20, Computer Jargon

Instagram Rolls Out New Way to Say Something Stupid in Public

Instagram is expanding its livestreaming offerings with a new feature dubbed Live Rooms, which is just like Instagram Live but with up to three more people haphazardly broadcasting their thoughts into the world simultaneously. Read more...
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How to Automatically Delete All Telegram Messages

ASetting your messages to “auto-delete” is great, because it kills two birds with one stone: your various apps and social networks won’t get clogged up with conversations that no longer matter, and you won’t have to worry about the privacy concerns that come with leaving your messages sitting around forever. I …Read more...
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