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San Francisco Is Right: Facial Recognition Must Be Put On Hold

The technology is unregulated and rife with error. We shouldn’t deploy it without strong privacy rules.
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Cop in Viral Video Acquitted of Assault Charge That Attorney Calls a 'Facebook Misdemeanor'

Former Miami police officer Mario Figueroa was acquitted of assault yesterday despite a viral video that appeared to show the officer kicking a handcuffed suspect in the head. Figueroa’s attorney argued that the attention around the case made this a “Facebook misdemeanor.”Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Twitter, Science, Youtube, Police, Social Media, Viral Videos, Miami, Viral Video, Police Brutality, Figueroa, Miami Police, Philando Castile, Mario Figueroa, Robert Buschel, Antwon Rose II

Jazmine Headley, Whose Child Was Torn From Her Arms at a City Office, Gets a Public Apology

The mother whose chaotic arrest was captured on video as security officers attempted to extract her son from her arms tearfully spoke to to the City Council today.
Tags: News, Parenting, Social Media, Police Brutality, Johnson, Apologies, Corey, Department of Social Services, Jazmine, Headley, Misconduct and Shootings, Brooklyn (NYC, City Councils, Jazmine Headley, Cumbo, Laurie A

Days Later, Mayor Apologizes to Woman Whose Child Was Torn From Her Arms

Mayor de Blasio apologized to Jazmine Headley, who was arrested on Friday at a Brooklyn social services center for refusing to get up from the floor.
Tags: News, New York City, Social Media, Brooklyn, Bill, Police Brutality, Mayors, Ny, De Blasio, Apologies, Jazmine, Headley, Politics And Government, Misconduct and Shootings, Police Department (NYC, Bushwick (Brooklyn

Video Shows Police Officer Firing Stun Gun at Unarmed Man Sitting on Curb

A widely shared video captured the encounter in which a Lancaster, Pa., police officer asked the man to straighten his legs before stunning him.
Tags: News, Police, Social Media, Police Brutality, Stun Guns, Brown, Lancaster (Pa, TASER International Inc, Downloads and Streaming, Video Recordings, Misconduct and Shootings, Sterling D (1995-

Video of Police Officer Knocking Down Woman and Child Incenses China

A street altercation in Shanghai has renewed a national discussion about the powers of the police to push back against irate residents.
Tags: News, China, Social Media, Shanghai, Police Brutality, Misconduct and Shootings, Shanghai (China

With Social Media, Vietnam’s Dissidents Grow Bolder Despite Crackdown

Facebook and other online forums have become the connecting tissue for Vietnam’s increasingly public dissident voices. And the government is fighting back.
Tags: Facebook, Twitter, News, Social Media, Police Brutality, Vietnam, Demonstrations, Human Rights Watch, Facebook Inc, Nguyen, Computers and the Internet, Protests and Riots, Misconduct and Shootings, Human Rights and Human Rights Violations,, Quynh

Instagram Posts May Have Escalated Fatal Standoff, Police Say

Korryn Gaines of Randallstown, Md., was killed after pointing a shotgun at the police, who say she may have been encouraged by online followers to defy their orders.
Tags: Maryland, Social Media, Police Brutality, Gaines, Facebook Inc, Downloads and Streaming, Video Recordings

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