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The Trade Desk, Magnite and Innovid Form CTV Pact

The Trade Desk, Magnite and Innovid have teamed up to form a one-stop shop to programmatically buy, create and serve interactive CTV ads to specific households. The alliance was launched by Innovid, which operates a commonly-used ad server, and aims to offer advertisers more interactive ads on connected TVs, whereby viewers can scan QR codes...
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Global Increases Programmatic Inventory By Adding the London Underground and National Rail

One of Britain's largest media and entertainment groups, Global, has increased its digital inventory for programmatic buyers by adding advertising space across the London Underground and National Rail. With the new inventory added to its digital advertising exchange (DAX) platform, the company now claims to reach 95 million people a week. Global owns over 253,000...
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Verizon Media Now Has a Way to Target People When No User ID Is Present

As the digital ad industry is working through its existential identity crisis, Verizon Media is introducing an ad targeting offering that won't require individual identifiers. Called Next-Gen Solutions, Verizon Media's new targeting and measurement offerings are like contextual advertising on steroids. The new product uses content and real-time signals like weather and device type to...
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Roku Expands Measurement Program to Track Ad Performance Across Screens

Roku is expanding its measurement program, leaning into advanced advertising metrics as the streaming giant gears up for upfront season. Advertisers see streaming, especially on connected TV, as a cross between the best of traditional linear TV and digital. CTV lets advertisers run linear-like brand awareness campaigns, and it ideally allows advertisers to target specific...
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Hinge Levels Up Virtual Dating With Launch of Video Prompts

Living in a pandemic may have changed most standard dating practices, but dating apps quickly adapted to the need for socially-distanced dating. Even after more than a year in lockdown, the "virtual date," while doubtlessly safer, still has its own awkward quirks. But dating app Hinge seeks to refine the process with its launch of...
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Advertisers’ Questions Persist as Google Opens FLoCs to External Trials

Everything seems to go into a frenzy when Google, the gatekeeper of online advertising, drops a blog post. The stock market swings, trade groups scramble and executives across the buy- and sell-side of the ad industry are left searching for answers. Tumult started in January 2020 when Google announced it will no longer support third-party...
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‘Sitting at the Next Wave of Programmatic:’ Gila Wilensky on Xaxis’ 10th Anniversary

Xaxis, the programmatic media buying platform for WPP's GroupM media agency network, is celebrating its tenth anniversary this June. The milestone comes almost two years after it increased its commitments to transparency and follows a year of pandemic layoffs. Adweek caught up with Xaxis U.S. president Gila Wilensky for an interview looking back on Xaxis'...
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When Apple’s IDFA Changes Hit “Nobody Really Knows” What To Expect

The industry is waiting with bated breath ahead of Apple's imminent iOS update, which will severely limit tracking and ad targeting across Apple's mobile devices--and impact the $105 billion U.S. mobile-ad industry. Apple's update will introduce App Tracking Transparency (ATT), a framework that requires publishers to ask users whether they want to be tracked across...
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A New Consortium is Here to Bring More Data to TV Ad Buying

A group of seven companies across television and ad tech--including ad platform Dish Media and credit reporting firm TransUnion--are joining forces to create the TV Data Initiative, which wants to help bring digital-like ways of ad targeting to TV. Programmers are pushing addressable ad offerings, more people are streaming content on their digital devices and...
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LiveRamp Is Integrating Its ID Products in Google Cloud

While Google is busy making identifying users harder within its ads business, the search giant is partnering with LiveRamp to bring the data company's identity products to the Google Cloud. Top line Customers of LiveRamp, which offers ubiquitous identity products like IdentityLink and Authenticated Traffic Solution ATS), can now access those solutions through an interface...
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Connected TV Saw Big Gains During the Pandemic

The online video marketplace is set for a drastic transition, catalyzed by the pandemic, as more consumers embrace streaming. This is leading marketers to increasingly flood dollars into connected TV and embrace the automation of ad buying that programmatic tools can offer. Top line In 2020, global CTV impressions saw a 60% year-over-year increase, according...
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Uber’s Digital Ad Displays Are Coming to New York City Yellow Cabs

Uber's digital ad display screens are coming to New York City--but they won't be on Uber vehicles. Current city regulations prohibit car-top advertising for rideshare vehicles, so the Uber OOH screens will outfit more than 3,000 taxicabs instead. Elsewhere, Uber OOH--a partnership with the out-of-home ad-tech firm Adomni and screen provider Cargo Systems--is active in...
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New Media Transparency Tools Are Coming to the Buy Side

The IAB has introduced two new specifications called buyers.json and DemandChain Object, ways for demand-side platforms (DSPs) to disclose their partners, as efforts to bring transparency to programmatic advertising are moving up the supply chain. First came ads.txt, a way for publishers to name the authorized sellers of its inventory, in 2017. Then came sellers.json,...
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What’s the 800-Pound Gorilla in the Privacy Landscape?

Panels should be shepherding in this new era of data transparency--while simultaneously providing the necessary layer of person-level metrics that will soon become table stakes across the industry. We're starting to get a good look at how high and precarious those stakes are. On Sunday, Rep. David Cicilline reportedly said he wants to "hit Big...
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Verizon Media Expands Its Third-Party Cookie Replacement With CafeMedia

Verizon Media's third-party cookie replacement, called ConnectID, is getting a lift from publisher CafeMedia, which will start supporting the email-based identifier. Top line Verizon Media, which owns publishers including Yahoo and TechCrunch as well as its own ad-tech stack, first introduced ConnectID in December 2020, with Newsweek as the first outside publisher on board. Adding...
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Mediaocean is Unifying All of Its Products Under a Single Platform

Mediaocean, a ubiquitous software provider within the advertising industry, is consolidating its product suite of disparate platforms into one core offering that covers media planning, workflow and accounting. Underpinning these unified products is a new omnichannel-data warehouse, which centralizes data gathered from various sources including publishers, social media platforms, data providers and demand-side platforms in...
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Why GroupM Values Supply Path Optimization

GroupM is continuing a years-long effort to consolidate its digital supply chain and work with fewer ad-tech intermediaries, a process known as supply path optimization (SPO). The media buying giant already has close ties with supply-side platforms (SSPs) like Index Exchange and SpotX. On Tuesday, it announced a global preferred relationship with another sell-side platform,...
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TV Networks Are Building Internal Ad Tech as They Dive Deeper Into Streaming

First, TV viewers ditched cable for streaming. Then, the ad dollars followed. Now, media companies are rapidly building tech to support and grow the $10 billion-plus connected TV advertising market. Last week, Disney unveiled its Disney Real-Time Ad Exchange (DRAX) platform, a solution to establish parity for all deal types in premium video. Discovery and...
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Big Networks Building Internal Ad Tech as They Dive Deeper Into Streaming

First, TV viewers ditched cable for streaming. Then, the ad dollars followed. Now, media companies are rapidly building tech to support and grow the $10 billion-plus connected TV advertising market. Last week, Disney unveiled its Disney Real-Time Ad Exchange (DRAX) platform, a solution to establish parity for all deal types in premium video. Discovery and...
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IAB Tech Lab Lays Out New Standards Despite Looming Questions From Google

Less than a week after Google's latest privacy bombshell, the IAB Tech Lab, a nonprofit focusing on solutions for brand safety and ad fraud, is releasing new foundational standards around digital ad targeting for public comment. The release of new specifications to establish best practices around using online identifiers and managing consumer privacy comes a...
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Sen. Ron Wyden Calls for ‘Tough Love’ on Ad Industry, Giving Control to Consumers

The advertising industry is already struggling to understand and comply with Google and Apple's tightening privacy guidelines. Now it faces potential national regulations aimed at cleaning up the industry's malpractices. Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., has two bills in the works that are meant to give consumers greater control of their online privacy and curtail the...
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Hey Google! So, What’s Next for Publishers?

Google's privacy gauntlet throwdown this week might have been expected, but that doesn't make it any less of a confusing shake-up for the industry. For publishers, there are benefits to the ongoing march toward a more privacy-focused future. But concerns linger over Google's ability to thwart competitors, increase its dominance and fragment the open internet,...
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Lucas Cridland, Former Dentsu Media Exec, Now Leads a New Group within MediaLink

Lucas Cridland, the former COO of U.S. media at Denstu, is now leading a newly launched group within MediaLink called Hudson Bridge. The new business will act mainly as an implementation service provider of Hudson MX, a media planning, billing and reconciliation platform. As managing director of Hudson Bridge, Cridland's remit is to help agencies...
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South China Morning Post’s Digital Revenue Fell 25% After Leaving the Open Exchange 

It takes a strong stomach for a publisher to pull inventory out of the programmatic open marketplace, especially after an erratic year. But news publisher South China Morning Post (SCMP) is starting to see the benefits of its decision to take more control of its advertising. After withdrawing from the programmatic open marketplace in Asia...
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Disney Shows Off Enhanced Programmatic, Addressable Platform Offerings Ahead of Upfront

For several years, media companies have paid lip service to increasing programmatic and addressability inventory in their upfront negotiations, but made little progress when it comes to actually transacting on those offerings. Disney, however, is serious about changing the way it does business with marketers, and it's making a serious effort to expand its advanced...
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Roku Buys Nielsen’s Advanced Video Advertising Business, Accelerating DAI Capabilities

Users of connected TV's most popular platform are about to see a major advertising upgrade. Roku and Nielsen are shaking up the connected TV advertising landscape with a landmark deal and strategic alliance: Roku is acquiring Nielsen's advanced video advertising (AVA) business, including the measurement company's automatic content recognition and dynamic ad insertion technologies. Terms...
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NBCU Expands Addressable Offerings Through Charter Partnership

NBCUniversal is expanding its addressable ad offerings in a partnership with Charter's Spectrum as both companies look to protect against the rise of streaming. Programmers and distributors have traditionally found themselves at odds fighting over carriage agreements. But the growth of streaming services, which typically offer advertisers better targeting and measurement capabilities, has led to...
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Magnite’s Tight Relationship with Disney Now Extends Beyond Hulu

Magnite, the sell-side advertising platform, is expanding its relationship with Disney to represent a broader range of the media giant's digital inventory. Disney now uses Magnite's technology to execute a large portion of its digital ad sales. Not only is Magnite renewing its contract with Disney's Hulu streaming service for an additional 18 months, but...
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PubMatic Posts Record Revenues in First Post-IPO Quarter

PubMatic, a supply-side platform, posted record high annual revenue of $148.7 million as its Q4 returns jumped 64% year-over-year. Top Line New to the public markets, PubMatic is enjoying the highs that its fellow ad-tech companies have been seeing. The Trade Desk and LiveRamp recently reported 48% and 17% growth in quarterly revenues, respectively. PubMatic's...
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Vizio Accelerates Its Streaming Ads Business as the CTV Arms Race Heats Up

To ride the streaming wave, Vizio propped up a small ad sales team of about a half dozen employees in late 2019. After a reorganization and further investments in areas such as programming for Vizio's ad-supported streaming service, WatchFree, the company's platform unit now stands at nearly 70 employees. Now, Vizio has introduced a product,...
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