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3 ‘Outdated’ Marketing Tactics That Still Work

By James Lintzer Marketing tactics are constantly evolving—what works today, might not work tomorrow. The business landscape is always changing, as new platforms emerge, more competition arises, and new marketing strategies are implemented. Customers change, too. Their priorities, the devices they use, and their expectations for brand values are constantly adapting to new environments and opportunities. Many marketing tactics that used to be popular are now considered outdated in the face of new...
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Will John Wick 3 Mark the Moment Movie Marketers Became Comfortable With Reddit?

The choice of which off-domain social media profiles to link from a movie's official website offers a clear indication of where the studio marketer's priorities lie. Years ago, they added MySpace links. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are the norm these days, with some occasionally adding Snapchat or WhatsApp buttons. The site for this week's John...
Tags: Advertising, Reddit, Twitter Facebook, John Wick, AdFreak

Remembering Grumpy Cat's prolific advertising career—from Friskies to Grumppuccino

The internet has lost one of its most insatiable stars. Grumpy Cat, known for her permanent grim expression of contempt, passed away Tuesday at the age of seven. The official Grumpy Cat Twitter account announced that she had died due to complications from a urinary tract infection. The famous kitty, whose appearance comes from feline dwarfism and whose real name is Tardar Sauce, prompted the rise of influencer pets online. Her perpetual scowl helped her go viral on Reddit in 2012, and she ...
Tags: Facebook, Instagram, Advertising, Reddit, Grumpy Cat, Tardar Sauce, Sxsw, Petsmart, Honey Nut Cheerios, Nestle Purina PetCare, Saatchi Saatchi New York, Tabatha Bundesen, Grumppuccino, Random House Children 's Books, Grumpy Cat Twitter

CJR Audit Claims Google Shows Limited Number Of News Sources

The Columbia Journalism Review posted an audit that showed that just 20 news sources account for more than half of article impressions in the Top Stories section of Google. This was posted on Reddit and one person posted about a far right news source named The Gateway Pundit not showing up, the Googler said it seems like a bug.
Tags: Google, Seo, Reddit, Google Search Engine, Columbia Journalism Review, CJR Audit Claims Google

10 Basic SEO Tips to Index + Rank New Content Faster - Whiteboard Friday

Posted by Cyrus-ShepardIn SEO, speed is a competitive advantage. When you publish new content, you want users to find it ranking in search results as fast as possible. Fortunately, there are a number of tips and tricks in the SEO toolbox to help you accomplish this goal. Sit back, turn up your volume, and let Cyrus Shepard show you exactly how in this week's Whiteboard Friday. [Note: #3 isn't covered in the video, but we've included in the post below. Enjoy!] Click on the whit...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, Seo, New York Times, Reddit, Toyota, Bing, YOAST, Hacker News, Google Google, Cyrus Shepard, Speechpad, Richard Baxter, SEO WordPress, David Sottimano

Nintendo Handing Over User Info to Facebook

A Nintendo fan recently realized that Nintendo has been sharing their information with Facebook, bound to have many concerned for their privacy. According to a Reddit user, the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo UK Store Facebook accounts were present on the Ad Preferences page of their account (providing users with a list of their interests, which […]
Tags: Facebook, Business, Games, Privacy, Marketing, Reddit, Nintendo, Anime, Bethesda, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo UK Store Facebook

Three Biggest Mistakes Redditors Make When Writing Their Resume

The following post is by ESI from ESI Money , a blog about achieving financial independence through earning, saving, and investing (ESI). It’s written by an early 50’s retiree who achieved financial independence, shares what’s worked for him, and details how others can implement those successes in their lives. He is also the author of a free ebook titled Three Steps to Financial Independence and spends a lot of his time interviewing millionaires . Several months ago, a friend recommended I gi...
Tags: Marketing, Reddit, Forbes, ESI, NA, Career 2011

F8: What Facebook’s focus on Groups means for marketers

It’s been a tough year for Facebook, facing one controversy after another. This year’s F8 conference was going to be an important one for them to reassure developers, users and businesses that they are fully committed to operating more ethically. And that was the overriding emphasis of CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s opening remarks, reiterating comments he made earlier this year that privacy will be a defining pillar for the social behemoth, moving away from a focus on the News Feed in favour of a “priva...
Tags: Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Social Media, Seo, Facebook Messenger, Reddit, Groups, Facebook Groups, Halifax, F8, Thought Leadership, Deftones, Facebooks

Give Google Feedback On The Future Of The Disavow Link Tool

Last week we reported that Google is still undecided on the future of the disavow link tool. This came up on Reddit and John Mueller from Google asked Reddit users for feedback on how they see the future version of the disavow link tool would look like in the new Google Search Console.
Tags: Google, Seo, Reddit, Google Search Engine Optimization, John Mueller

Geek out for premieres or get lost in related threads with Reddit’s new tools

Can't find the Game of Thrones thread until after the episode already aired? Reddit's new event tool allows users to get alerts when an event is about to start, such as a premiere. The collections tool also helps organize related posts. The post Geek out for premieres or get lost in related threads with Reddit’s new tools appeared first on Digital Trends.
Tags: News, Trends, Social Media, Web, Current Events, Reddit, Reddit Moderator

On Reddit, brands choose when to start—and end—the conversation

When Garrett Gillas started running Reddit ads for Stackery, a cloud computing service, the comments appeared quickly and often. They ranged from irrelevant to inappropriate to just plain weird. “After two weeks, you just have to shut [the comments] down,” says Gillas, growth marketing lead at Stackery. “You can’t spend all day waiting for comments to come and delete them.” As Reddit expands its ad offerings, brands such as Stackery are still figuring out how and when to engage u...
Tags: Advertising, Samsung, San Francisco, Reddit, Stryker, Bay Area, DDB, Cady, Azher Ahmed, Crosby Marketing Communications, Stackery, Garrett Gillas, Gillas, Will Cady Reddit, James McNally, Insense

Serena Williams announces her VC firm via Instagram

Serena Williams, tennis pro, mom, influencer and entrepreneur, is out to conquer another world: investing. On Wednesday morning, the tennis champ took to Instagram to announce her own venture capital firm — Serena Ventures. Williams wrote in a post to her 10.9 million Instagram followers that she's been quietly investing in a variety of start-ups through the firm since 2014. The firm's website lists the 30 start-ups in the VC’s portfolio, so far. The offerings range from food delivery a...
Tags: Instagram, Advertising, Williams, Reddit, Alexis Ohanian, Serena Williams, Initialized Capital, Forbes, Serena, Ohanian, Bumble Fund, Serena Ventures, Serena Ventures Williams, Coinbase Williams, Alison J Rapaport, Morgan Rapaport

Got a minute? Global attention span is narrowing, study reveals

Research combed from everything from movie tickets to social media finds more to focus on but less time to do soIt’s just as you suspected; the information age has changed the general attention span. A recently published study from researchers at the Technical University of Denmark suggests the collective global attention span is narrowing due to the amount of information that is presented to the public. Released Monday in Nature Communications Scientific Journal, the study shows people now have...
Tags: Psychology, Google, Science, Technology, Media, Wikipedia, Social Media, Society, Ireland, Digital Media, Reddit, Technical University of Denmark, University College Cork, Nature Communications Scientific Journal, Philipp Hövel

Google: More Crawling Doesn't Mean Things Are Better (i.e. Rankings)

Google's John Mueller had to reiterate what he said a couple times now, this time on Reddit - saying "More crawling doesn't mean things (like rankings) are better." He said it is a common misconception but he did add "it just means Google is able to see changes a little bit faster."
Tags: Google, Seo, Reddit, Google Search Engine Optimization, John Mueller

Gabe Newell Models Underwear for China

A post on Reddit’s /r/pcmasterrace has revealed the Chinese underwear manufacturer Long Dian has been using the face of Valve president Gabe Newell on one of their branded underwear products. The image marketing the size 4XL “Large Brief” underwear starring Gabe Newell: Redditors in the thread were quick to make all kinds of jokes at the expense […]
Tags: Fashion, China, Marketing, International, Bizarre, Reddit, Valve, Anime, Gabe Newell, Pantsu, Long Dian

Google's Ranking Algorithm Allows SEOs To Be Unique

Google's John Mueller responded to a Reddit thread where the webmaster didn't understand why a competitor of his was outranking his site when the competitor had a page speed score of F. John Mueller responded saying "The nice part about using so many factors for crawling, indexing, and ranking is that you don't have to do everything exactly the same way as all of the other sites are doing."
Tags: Google, Seo, Reddit, Google Search Engine Optimization, John Mueller

Telegram web domain blocked on Jio and Hathway

After reports of Reddit and being blocked, it appears that Telegram Web ( has been blocked in multiple states on Jio and Hathway connections, as per user reports to MediaNama. Neither service provider has specified a reasons for the block yet, or cited an order... ...
Tags: Travel, Mobile, News, Net Neutrality, Internet, Messaging, Social Media, Reddit, Telegram, Blocking, Jio, IndiaBlocks, Hathway, Indiankanoon

Alexa, let’s talk the internet in 2019: YouTube, gaming, and voice search

Earlier this year, we launched our latest suite of Global Digital Reports – a full digest of which can be found here. Now, as part of our deep-dive series, Communications Manager Ryan Dubras examines how we in the UK are spending our time online; and the trends brands need to be aware of when it comes to capturing audience attention. In 2018, global internet users grew at a rate of more than 11 new users per second. That’s an impressive one million new users every day. In the UK, 95 per cent of...
Tags: Google, Amazon, Facebook, Japan, UK, Internet, Youtube, India, Social Media, Seo, Britain, Premier League, Netherlands, Reddit, Chelsea FC, Alexa

Here Are the Brands and Organizations Finalists for the 11th Annual Shorty Awards

The 11th Annual Shorty Awards will be handed out in New York May 5, and the finalists for brands and organizations were revealed Tuesday. Categories are adjusted every season, and the six new ones that were added this year were: Best Use of Localization; Best Use of Reddit; Best Use of IGTV; Best Use of...
Tags: New York, Advertising, Reddit, Social Pro Daily, Are the Brands

“It is unacceptable to treat the internet as an ungoverned space,” Australian PM calls for global tech scrutiny

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called for a global crackdown on social media after the New Zealand mosque shooting was live-streamed on Facebook last week. “It is unacceptable to treat the internet as an ungoverned space,” Morrison wrote in a letter to Japan’s prime... ...
Tags: Travel, Google, Mobile, Facebook, Twitter, Japan, Technology, News, Internet, Australia, Youtube, Social Media, Regulation, Terrorism, New Zealand, Reddit

Digital in the UK: data and learnings for 2019

Earlier this year, we launched our latest suite of Global Digital Reports which, among other mind-blowing headlines, revealed that more than one million people came online for the first time each day since January 2018. A full digest of the global statistics can be found here, and in this post, our Communications Manager Ryan Dubras delves into one country in particular – the UK. Where does the UK fit into the ever-changing digital landscape? Globally, we’re seeing significant growth in the num...
Tags: Facebook, UK, Pinterest, Marketing, Digital, Social Media, Seo, Philippines, Reddit, Facebook YouTube, YouTube Facebook, Special Reports, Global Digital, Global Digital Report, Ryan Dubras, Digital Stats

The fork in the road for social media and our society

The horror from Christchurch, New Zealand, that exploded across newspaper pages and television, computer and smartphone screens this weekend captured imaginations in ways that no one could possibly have imagined beforehand. The fact that one individual armed with a semi-automatic rifle could visit such an outrage upon people worshipping in a place of religion isn’t the worst of it, awful and distressing though this event is with at least 50 people shot dead and scores wounded, some in cr...
Tags: Facebook, Politics, UK, Technology, Social Networks, America, Social Media, Communication, Society, Blogging, Web, New Zealand, Reddit, Christchurch, Facebook Live, Online Media

Google Says All Separate Mobile URL Sites Should Move To Responsive

Google's John Mueller said on Reddit this morning that he believes that all sites running a separate mobile URL for their mobile site solution should work on moving those implementations to a responsive site design instead. He said that mostly because it makes it easier to maintain, not because of any SEO benefit.
Tags: Google, Seo, Reddit, Google Search Engine Optimization, John Mueller

Clix Marketing Blog’s #PPC News & Views: Friday, March 8, 2019

Happy Friday, friends, and welcome to this week’s edition of the Clix Marketing Blog’s PPC News & Views! From the Experts Seer Interactive How to Create a Custom Report in Google Analytics: Step-by-step instructions for Explorer, Flat Table, Map Overlay Reports in this helpful post. Disruptive Media Ghosted By Your Audience? Try These Facebook Engagement Tactics: Feeling unseen and unheard? 10 Facebook engagement tactics to better connect and create engaging relationships with your target...
Tags: Google, Amazon, Facebook, Sem, Ppc, Google Analytics, Reddit, Facebook Ads, Bing, Bing Ads, Ppc News And Views, Google Remarketing, Don, PPC News amp, Pinterest Ads, Amazon Advertising

You Ask, I Answer: Best Social Media Listening Tools?

Hannah asks, “What do you recommend for the best social media listening tools?” The tool is dependent on the use-case. I have a suite of tools I use depending on what the need is. – For your own stuff: Agorapulse – For a list of known competitors on Tw/Fb/Reddit/IG: Crowdtangle – For traditional media and […] The post You Ask, I Answer: Best Social Media Listening Tools? appeared first on Christopher S. Penn Marketing Blog.
Tags: Social Networks, Marketing, Social Media, Seo, Analytics, Google Analytics, Reddit, Christopher, HANNAH, Marketing Technology

Photographer finds camera that fell

Losing a camera filled with pictures of a trip is devastating, but for Sarah Salik, things turned out okay. Salik and her sister had been hiking Angels Landing in Zion National Park, Utah, in September 2015, when the pair stopped for lunch atop a rock formation, and accidentally knocked the camera over the edge. The camera dropped 1,488 feet to the bottom. Luckily for Sarah, three years later Luke Riding, a New Zealand photographer, was hiking at the bottom of Angels Landing when he found the...
Tags: Travel, Instagram, Social Media, New Zealand, Reddit, Fujifilm, Sarah, All, Zion National Park, Horne, Salik, Zion National Park Utah, Ben Horne, Sarah Salik, Angels Landing, Luke Riding

John Mueller's Greatest SEO Success Story Was...

A Reddit thread is asking folks to share their greatest SEO success story and there are some good ones. But Google's John Mueller chimed in and said his was as simple as instructing someone to remove the noindex from their site. He said "sometimes good things come in small checkboxes."
Tags: Google, Seo, Reddit, Google Search Engine Optimization, John Mueller

What Just Happened in Social Media and What it Means for Hotels

Social media never stops, and neither do the updates that shape the platforms our guests are frequently engaging with. In the past two weeks, we've seen exciting new developments from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Reddit that are all working to change the game just a bit. Let's take a look at all these updates and how they'll affect hotels and resorts.
Tags: Travel, Social Media, Reddit, Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn

Polis, the door-to-door marketer, raises another $2.5 million

Polis founder Kendall Tucker began her professional life as a campaign organizer in local Democratic politics, but — seeing an opportunity in her one-on-one conversations with everyday folks — has built a business taking that shoe leather approach to political campaigns to the business world. Now the company she founded to test her thesis that Americans would welcome back the return of the door-to-door salesperson three years ago, is $2.5 million richer thanks to a new round of financing from In...
Tags: Startups, TC, Business, Texas, Pinterest, Boston, Marketing, Sales, Reddit, Alexis Ohanian, Api, NRG Energy, Sean Parker, Garry Tan, Digital Advertising, Initialized Capital

‘The Gyllenhaal Experiment’ shows where redditors go wrong in spelling celebrity names

In more than 600,000 attempts at spelling actress Scarlett Johansson’s name, fewer than one-in-three were successful. In terms of absolute certainty, all we can be sure of is that most would get the first five letters correct. Called “The Gyllenhaal Experiment,” after both Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal — both actors with hard-to-spell names — the study sheds light on some of the most common spelling errors on Reddit. The data gets pulled any time a redditor uses “(sp?)” — a common method used to in...
Tags: Startups, Social Media, Reddit, Scarlett Johansson, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jake

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