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Comedy Central Takes Another 11:30 P.M. Swing With a New David Spade Late-Night Show

Ever since Stephen Colbert left for CBS in 2014, Comedy Central has struggled to find a suitable lead-out program to The Daily Show. After two short-lived efforts, the network is hoping the third time is the charm, signing David Spade to star in a new 11:30 p.m. late-night series. In the new show, Spade will...
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Chris Pratt Slams Ellen Pages Claim That His Church Is Anti-LGBTQ

Chris Pratt is setting the record straight on his beliefs. The Guardians of the Galaxy actor took to Instagram on Monday, February 11, to defend his church after Ellen Page claimed it is against the LGBTQ community. Celebrity Feuds: The Biggest Ever! “It has recently been suggested that i belong to a church which ‘hates people’ and is ‘infamously anti-LGBTQ,’” Pratt, 39, wrote in a lengthy Instagram Story post. “Nothing could be further from the truth. I go to a church that opens the...
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Don't know Football but still want bet on the Superb Owl?

(Suberp Owl is not a typo. I've heard (and it could be wrong) that the  NFL guards their copyright so you can't even say `Buy Beer here for the YOU KNOW WHATl' but instead `Buy Beer here for the big game''. Stephen Colbert a long time ago go around this by calling the game Superb Owl.) If I knew more about football  I might place a bet related to the Superb Owl. What kind of bets can I place? 1) Bet the point spread: Last time I looked the Patriots were a 2.5 point favorite. So eit...
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Crip-a-Cola: From Gang to Brand?

Can a gang become a brand? This is a question asked in the new Netflix show, Trigger Warning,  produced by and starring Michael Render, AKA Killer Mike, one half of the Grammy-winning rap group Run the Jewels. Killer Mike of Run the Jewels performing at Pitchfork Chicago on July 19, 2015 (Photo Credit: Me) In Episode three, “White Gang Privilege,” Mike explores America’s love of the Outlaw, real and imaginary, and typically white: Al Capone, Tony Soprano, Tony Montana, Michael Corleone, John...
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Colbert Snags a Slot on CBS After the Super Bowl, Just Not Right After

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert will air after Super Bowl LIII on Feb. 3, though the time slot immediately after the Big Game is devoted to a new competition series from CBS. Colbert's show will broadcast from 11:35 p.m. ET to 12:37 a.m., right after local news. Guests have not yet been announced. Colbert...
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‘Tough As Grapes’: 5 Questions With Welch’s President US Lesya Lysyj

Welch’s, the world’s leading seller of Concord and Niagara grape-based products, is out to disrupt the juice category with a new campaign “Tough as Grapes.” The target: Gen X men. Turns out that 59% of Gen X men report they are the primary grocery shopper; 73% of Gen X men drink juice with breakfast; 60% of Gen X men like the flavor grape. Welch’s Grape Juice is made with the world’s toughest antioxidants, and the brand is leveraging that strength to appeal to Gen X men with a tough and gritty ...
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Yes, Mr. President. So Revealing Indeed, Mr. President

Big alert from the president: SICKO HOLLYWOOD LIBS have BANNED his Stephen Colbert interview because of something something something!!! Read more...
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‘Grinch’ Snacks: Q&A With Wonderful Pistachios CMO Adam Cooper

Wonderful Pistachios just keeps on crackin’ new ceilings for the brand that helped make nut snacking fashionable, not just habitual and nutritious. Breaking later this month will be a holiday campaign for America’s fastest-growing snack brand that partners with the new film Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch. The campaign will consist of two TV commercials, an online digital campaign, in-store point of sale including bins and standees, and a Times Square billboard in New York City. “Wonderful Pistachios is ...
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Watch Colbert deconstruct Trump's Puerto Rico death-toll conspiracy theory

During his opening "Late Show" monologue Thursday night, Stephen Colbert took on President Trump's astonishingeven by Trump standardstweets about the 2017 hurricane-related death toll in Puerto Rico. (The clip abovetitled "This Tweet Trumps All Other Horrible Trump Tweets" for the show's YouTube channelshould automatically start at that portion of the monologue, but if not you can manually skip ahead to the 1:28 mark.)"Now, you know, folks, if you watch the show," Colbert says, "we kid the presi...
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Stephen Colbert Spoofs Intel’s Bunny People in Emmy Program Ad for His Tech Company

Stephen Colbert will star in a new ad during Monday night's Emmy Awards, but it will only be seen by ceremony attendees at L.A.'s Microsoft Theater, not the TV audience that will be watching on NBC. Instead, The Late Show With Stephen Colbert host, who emceed last year's Emmy ceremony when it aired on CBS,...
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Watch Colbert issue 'a rare correkshun' and sorta-apology

On Wednesday night's "Late Show," Stephen Colbert sat at his desk and delivered a "rare correkshun" (as the segment was labeled on-screen). It seems that on Tuesday night's show, Colbert called conservative columnist Jonah Goldberg a Trump ally. Goldberg took umbrage, objecting to the label in a post at the National Review, where he's a senior editor. Colbert took notice and last night noted that,He's not actually a Trump ally. He is, in fact, a very staunch Never Trumper. He's been very public ...
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Brand News: 10 Things You Need to Know For Tuesday July 31

Starbucks is partnering with Alibaba to deliver coffee in China as McDonald’s taps foodpanda for delivery in Malaysia. Under Armour CMO departs—reportedly for Nike—as UA names new head of global brand management. Chipotle food safety issues return ahead of free guac day. Diageo campaign reacts to time and weather. Reuters relaunches app with new KPIs. Tim Hortons gets back to its Canadian roots with key hire. Uber kills its self-driving truck initiative. Van Heusen taps UFC fighters for new cam...
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Watch Colbert's take on the White House hiring a 'disgraced Fox News boss'

On Wednesday night's "Late Show," Stephen Colbert served up a sort of second monologuethis one while seated at his deskto riff on Bill Shine, the former Fox News co-president who, Colbert points out, "resigned amid the Roger Ailes harassment scandal after he was named in lawsuits for not taking action and trying to cover up allegations of sexual harassment. ... In fact, Shine was so toxic after leaving Fox News that he was considered untouchable by many other prospective employers." Colbert then...
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Late-Night Rivals Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon and Conan O’Brien Team Up to Take On Trump

Every weeknight, Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon battle each other for the bigger piece of the late-night audience. But on Tuesday, the 11:30 rivals united to take on a common opponent who has been attacking them both: President Donald Trump. Colbert, Fallon and fellow late-night host Conan O'Brien appeared via videochat on a "cold open"...
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Celebrity Protects His and His Son’s IP

DJ Kahled and his son’s company sued an online retailer named Curtis Bordenave and his company, Business Moves Consulting, Inc., alleging that they are illegally using he and his son Asahd’s intellectual property. Most of you likely know who DJ Kahled is, but I had not heard of him before reading about this dispute.  When I asked my friend Friday night about him, she said “I know he is famous but I can’t tell you why.”  In looking at the Complaint, I found that “Kahled has enjoyed tremendous su...
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Watch: NYT, Colbert made amazing remakes of Trump's Kim Jong-un fake movie trailer

President Trump, as you've probably heard by now, brought a fake movie trailer (on an iPad) to his summit meeting with Kim Jong-un in an attempt to dazzle the North Korean despot with ... stock footage and a breathless voiceover about how the two heroic leaders could change the course of history. If you haven't seen it yet, Stephen Colbert plays excerpts from the surreal production in the segment below from last night's "Late Show"which helpfully decided to one-up the Trump Adminstration by maki...
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Watch Colbert deconstruct Trump's surreal, rambling 'Fox & Friends' call

Are you still reeling from President Trump's disturbing Thursday morning call-in appearance on Fox News' "Fox & Friends"? Of did you manage to miss it entirely?Either way, you'll want to watch Stephen Colbert's helpful deconstruction of the surreal, rambling performanceincluding the billionaire's revelation that he got his wife Melanie "a beautiful card" for her birthday (Colbert suggests a shopping spree to the tune of $130,000 would be a more appropriate gift), his professed ignorance about hi...
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Watch Colbert's blissed-out reaction to the Hannity scandal

On last night's "Late Show," Stephen Colbert graciously ceded Monday's big reveal, for viewers who might have been a little behind the curve, regarding Fox News anchor Sean Hannity: "CNN, you've earned this," Colbert said as he cut to a clip from the Fox News rival reporting that Hannity secretly shares a lawyer, Michael Cohen, with President Trump. When the brief video ended, Colbert was nowhere to be founduntil the camera panned over and found him leaning back in a leather chair, eyes closed a...
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Colbert Introduces 'Doing Her Best Barbie' as an Alternative to Mattel's Shero Barbies

In his "Late Show" monologue Thursday night, Stephen Colbert celebrated International Women's Day and noted that Mattel marked the occasion by releasing a line of Shero (women hero) "role model" Barbies modeled after iconic, history-making female artists, athletes, scientists and morean arguably intimidating line-up for little girls just looking to chill out with their dollies."Now, I believe in empowering women and girls and celebrating," Colbert said. "But there has to be a middle ground where...
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Colbert on Hope Hicks' 'White Lies' Admission: 'Well, Duh. Telling Lies to White People Is What Got Trump Elected'

In his monologue last night, CBS "Late Show" host Stephen Colbert bid a not-fond farewell to White House Communications Director Hope Hicks, who announced yesterday that she'll be leaving the Trump Administration. But first he dissected her reported admission to the House Intelligence Committee that her job required her to tell white lies for the president. (See The New York Times story about her testimony, which is shown in the "Late Show" segment above, here.) Colbert's response to that admiss...
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Using Improv To Build Brands

With an abundance of data at their fingertips marketers try to analyze and optimize everything, from consumer journey touchpoints to media placements through clicks, page views and store visits. Trying to decipher millions of data points can be mind-numbing and misleading, because your dataset is likely riddled with bad data. Too often considered as the ultimate source of truth, big data and analytics distract marketers from what matters most: the big idea. Once you finished reading this arti...
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What If John Oliver Didn't Have That Accent? Watch Colbert's Overly Intimate 'Personal Space' Interview

ICYMI from Friday night's "Late Show" on CBS: John Oliver, host of HBO's "Last Week Tonight," poked his head into Stephen Colbert's "Personal Space" boxa literal cardboard box that puts interviewer and interviewee in hilariously close proximity for supposedly discreet conversation, though of course a camera is recording everything that's said. (Oliver had been a standard sit-down guest last Wednesday, but the show saved the "Personal Space" segment for Friday's episode.)Among the highlightsother...
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Absolut Vodka and 360i Culminate “The Open Mic Project” with Debut of New Song with Rita Ora

After four inspiring months, The Open Mic Project by Absolut reached its peak at the 60th annual GRAMMY Awards. The platform brought Rita Ora together with fans to create a track inspired by their messages of acceptance submitted on Over the past few months, Rita has been writing and recording the song, “Proud”, preparing for its live debut during GRAMMYs week in New York City, all brought to you by Absolut Vodka. The song’s message of acceptance took particular meanin...
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'The Award for Most Midlife Crisis Goes to Elon Musk'

Tuesday's SpaceX launch of its Falcon Heavy rocket, and the use of its payload capacity to launch Elon Musk's Tesla into space, was a triumph of private aerospace engineering, one helluva marketing stunt ... and possibly the most awesome expression of a midlife crisis ever, according to Stephen Colbert. On "The Late Show" last night, Colbert noted that "The launch was to demonstrate that the Falcon was not only reusable, but the Falcon Heavy can carry a large payload. So to test it, Elon Musk se...
Tags: Elon Musk, Stephen Colbert, Advertising, Tesla, David Bowie, Colbert, Mars, Falcon Heavy, Falcon, Simon Dumenco

How Stephen Colbert Is Widening His Late-Night Lead and Doubling Down on Trump

A year and a half after it began, Stephen Colbert's late-night resurgence shows no signs of letting up. Halfway through the 2017-18 season, The Late Show With Stephen Colbert is up 30 percent in total viewers from a year ago (3.83 million, over 1 million more than The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon's 2.79 million...
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Watch as Michael 'Fire and Fury' Wolff Leaves Colbert Vaguely Unnerved

Michael Wolff, author of "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House"the best-selling book in America right now and a continuing media obsessionappeared on "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert" Monday night, and the encounter seemed to leave Colbert vaguely unnerved.The biggest (uncomfortable) laugh in the segment came early on, when Colbert asked about the reception "Fire and Fury" has received:Colbert: "Are you in any way surprised by the splash this book has made?" Continue reading at AdAge.c...
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Stephen Colbert Says His Trump Series Is Animated to ‘Accurately Capture’ White House Life

As Stephen Colbert prepares his new Showtime animated series about Donald Trump, Our Cartoon President, the talk-show host joked that he has a bone to pick with Michael Wolff, the author of the explosive new Trump book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House. "I think Michael Wolff stole all 10 of our episodes....
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See Colbert's and Noah's 'For Your Consideration' Ads for Trump's 'Dishonest & Corrupt Media Awards'

In the wake of President Trump's announcement that he'll be giving out what he's calling the "Most Dishonest & Corrupt Media Awards," at least two of TV's late night hosts are angling for the, uh, honors.Trevor Noah of Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" and Stephen Colbert of CBS's "The Late Show" have each released "For Your Consideration" ads pitched to POTUS. We'd call them "fake ads," but in Trump's America who's to say what's "fake" even means anymoreplus Colbert went a step further and actu...
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CBS Debuts Late-Night Clips on Facebook Watch

CBS is bringing Stephen Colbert and James Corden to Facebook Watch.Watch, Facebook's high-stakes bid to build a powerhouse video hub online, will debut short-form clips from CBS' "Late Show with Stephen Colbert" on Thursday afternoon and "Late Late Show with James Corden" on Monday. But it will not be producing original content for the platform.The addition of such high-profile content could be a boost for Watch, which has struggled to gain its footing as a destination for video viewing. Video p...
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Tax changes bring confusion, concern & tax pro popularity

Tax pros are feeling all "Mean Girls" Gretchen Wieners right now thanks to the new tax law. (via When people ask what I do, I say I'm the most popular person in the world until April 16. After a few seconds of quizzical looks, I explain. I write about taxes. Yep, everyone wants to be my best friend until they file their tax returns. After April filing deadline, though, it's "please, Kay, no more tax talk!" But the Republican tax bill, originally known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act an...
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