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LinkedIn Is Pivoting Harder Into Video

If you’re like me, you think of LinkedIn as the last place you want to spend time online. It’s chock full of spam, vaguely business-themed blog posts that range from the utterly interminable and insights no one asked for to bizarre rants, and UI decisions that seem designed to conjure up the feeling of a basement…Read more...
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How To Use Affordable Ads On Spotify To Promote Music

With such a large number of Spotify subscribers still operating on the free tier, this streaming platform presents a huge opportunity for artists to advertise their music. Here we look at the basics of getting an ad on Spotify, and how to target it at a specific audience. ___________________________ Guest post by Tarryn Meyers of Symphonic Spotify currently has 200 million active users, over half of which are free-tier subscribers. As we all well know, the real price for th...
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Maroon 5 Superbowl Show Mediocre, Big Boi The Winner, Amazon and Pandora Stats Confirm

UPDATED: Maroon 5's Superbowl performance is being called mediocre, at best. Add the damage already caused by their controversial 'take-the-knee' dissing decision to perform, and it all seems to have been hardly worth it for the band. Just in case you are still not convinced, check out these stats from Pandora and Amazon Maroon 5 has a 253% spike in station adds on Pandora after their Superbowl performance. Not bad, until you learn that Big Boi spiked more than 946% on Pandora, despite a ...
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Maroon 5 Superbowl Show Was Mediocre and Big Boi Is The Real Winner, Pandora Stats Confirm

Maroon 5's Superbowl performance is being called mediocre, at best. Add the damage already caused by their controversial 'take-the-knee' dissing decision to perform, and it all seems to have been hardly worth it for the band. Just in case you are still not convinced, check out these stats from Pandora. Maroon 5 has a 253% spike in station adds on Pandora after their Superbowl performance. Not bad, until you learn that Big Boi spiked more than 946% on Pandora, despite a very brief appearan...
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Netflix Has Become HBO

In a 2013 article in GQ, Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos laid out the then-nascent streaming company’s challenge: “The goal is to become HBO faster than HBO can become us.” In yesterday’s Q4 2018 earnings interview, CEO Reed Hastings, while not referencing Sarandos’ statement, laid out facts that showed they have achieved – or […]
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Roku Furiously Backpedals After Briefly Saying It Would Allow Infowars Channel

Alex Jones, chief of noxious conspiracy website and suspicious supplement sales front Infowars, was kicked off most of the web’s biggest platforms last year amid legal battles over his alleged harassment and defamation of mass shooting survivors’ families: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Apple, Spotify, and Pinterest, to…Read more...
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Spotify want brands to sponsor your Discover Weekly

Everyone’s favourite personalised playlist on Spotify will start featuring personalised adverts with brand sponsorships. Spotify’s Discover Weekly has become one of the most beloved playlists on the music streaming service renowned for offering up an incredible selection of curated and regularly updated playlists. Discover Weekly tailors it’s weekly selection to each listeners tastes based on what they listen to and have saved and has been lauded for it’s incredible ability to present people...
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So You’re Considering Advertising On Spotify?

With such a vast free user base, advertising on Spotify can be tempting prospect for bands and artists looking to promote their music. In this piece we look at the different types of Spotify ads available, and how to go about successfully launching one on the platform. __________________ Guest post by Jordyn Reese, Global On-Platform Advertising Manager of The Orchard fromThe Daily Rind Spotify is based on a "freemium" model — where all users can have free, unlimited access sup...
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Soundcloud Artist Services Team Offers 5 Tips To Jump-Start Your Music Career In 2019

Soundcloud sees the most new music uploads during this January. So since it's the time for creators to refocus on growing and building their careers, Soundcloud's artist and label services team it offering its top 5 tips to“break through the noise" and kick-start a music career in 2019.   1. Get Inspired, Get Motivated Getting out of a creative slump and back on track can feel more difficult than it is. We’ve heard from creators that motivation is one of the biggest barriers to con...
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Facebook Struggles To Explain Why It Gave Spotify, Netflix Access To Private Messages

Facebook ramped efforts to justify sharing private messages with Spotify and Netflix, after backlash from a New York Times investigation that revealed the social network had been sharing private data with select corporate partners for years. At first, both Spotify and Netflix denied the report.  But after Facebook detailed its Spotify relationship as part of an effort to explain its actions, the music streamer admitted that it  had accessed private data, but no longer did. In a new atte...
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Spotify Responds To Facebook Private Data Controversy

Spotify, Amazon, Apple and several dozen other major companies were exempted from Facebook privacy rules and given access to private user data, according to a New York Times report. Spotify was also reportedly given access to 70 million private messages each month. The social network has since largely confirmed the practice and now the streamer has responded. On Tuesday, Spotify told the New York Times that it had been “unaware of the broad powers Facebook had granted them." But on Wednes...
Tags: Facebook, Spotify, Music, Social Media, Data, New York Times, Streaming, Music Business, Music Tech, Bruce Houghton, Facebook Private Data Controversy, Spotify Amazon Apple

Facebook Confirms Spotify Used Access To Private Messages, Other User Data

[UPDATED] Spotify, Apple, Amazon and other companies were reportedly exempted from Facebook privacy rules and given more access to user data than the infamous Cambridge Analytica. Facebook has confirmed that Spotify also had access users’ private messages. "For years, Facebook gave some of the world’s largest technology companies more intrusive access to users’ personal data than it has disclosed, effectively exempting those business partners from its usual privacy rules, according to int...
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Change Your Artist Image On Apple Music : A How-To Guide

In an effort to give its users the same customization options as Spotify and Pandora, Apple Music has given musicians the opportunity to customize their artist pages, including their profile image. _________________________ Guest post by Alari Saygi of Repost Network Apple has put itself on the same page as Spotify and Pandora as it releases new competitive features to artists and labels for their store appearance on Apple Music and iTunes. The freedom to manually change your profile...
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Spotify 'Wrapped' Artist, Fan 2018 Recap Micro-sites Launch

Spotify for Artists has launched the 2018 edition of its annual Wrapped campaign. Artist get a free custom micro-site chronicling their stats and successes on the streamer over the last year.  Wrapped for fans give users a look back at the music they discovered and played on Spotify over the last year. ________________________ ‘2018 Artist Wrapped’ provides artists with these data points: Most Popular Songs by month Total Hours of Listening in 2018, contextualized into # of ...
Tags: Spotify, Music, Marketing, Streaming, Music Business, Music Tech, Bruce Houghton, Charlie Hellman, Wrapped, D.I.Y

Dear Spotify, Please Build A 'Followed Artists' Feed

While the world's leading streaming service has taken great strides in empowering artists on its platform, it has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to users. One feature which would be tremendously valuable to listeners would be a 'Followed Artists' feed. _____________________ Spotify is, by far, the world’s largest music streaming service. The company currently boasts 191 million monthly users and the music of over 2 million artists. They add nearly 20,000 songs per day. Spo...
Tags: Facebook, Spotify, Music, Marketing, Guest Post, Streaming, Music Tech, D.I.Y

Spotify Unveils Wonderful Data Driven Billboards, Ads

The annual Spotify Wrapped billboard and ad campaign highlights unusual stats from the streamer's users. In an era when data privacy is a universal concern, Spotify is encouraging people to go public as part of an “Overshared” initiative that will feature the year-end stats of users that submit them. spotify used their data to create some very weird holiday ads and they're incredible — juan (@juanbuis) November 28, 2018 350 unique ads make up the dive...
Tags: Spotify, Music, Marketing, Streaming, Music Business, Music Tech, Bruce Houghton, Bodman, Alex Bodman Spotify

Threatin's Fake News, Fake Fans and Fake Reality

The rise of the streaming age has brought with it an  unsurprising uptick in artists attempting to game social media and streaming platforms in a less-than-honest approach to finding success in the music business. The "band" Threatin's faked fanbase and resulting failed tour has become perhaps the most extreme instances of this tactic. _____________________________________ In this latest piece from MusicThinkTank, Aaron Bethune breaks down the debacle of pseudo-band Threatin's remarkabl...
Tags: Music, Social Media, Streaming, Music Business, Live & Touring, Owen Davie, D.I.Y, Publishing & Songwriting, THREATIN, MusicThinkTank Aaron Bethune

YouTube Opens Stories To Creators With 10,000 Subscribers

YouTube has expanded Stories to all creators with more than 10,000 subscribers., as it said it would in June.  YouTube launched its own version of Stories which was initially available only to select YouTube creators.   [Author: Bruce Houghton]
Tags: Music, Youtube, Marketing, Stories, Streaming, Bruce Houghton, D.I.Y

5 Quick Psych Hacks For Improving Your Cover Art

While we like to think artwork doesn't define an album, it is an opportunity to create something which compliments the themes and emotions expressed on the album and, best of all, compels a potential listener to purchase it. Here we look at five psychology hacks for upping your album art game. ________________________ Guest post by Berta Melder from the TuneCore Blog Some people say you should never judge a book by its cover. However, the cover is the first thing we see so there’s n...
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6 Way Artists Can Give Back To Fans This Holiday Season

The season of giving is here, and while the holiday season may mean fans buying more music and merch for each other, it can also be a great opportunity for artists to give back to their most devoted listeners. _______________________ Guest post from Haulix Daily Thanksgiving is basically here, and before long you will see images of Santa Claus everywhere (if you haven’t already). With Halloween behind us, retailers and marketers have wasted no time making it clear that the gift-givi...
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I Legally Purchased 16,000 SoundCloud Plays

Although typically skeptical of the idea of "buying" plays, Brian Hazard here reviews his experience with a fairly reputable marketing agency promising him 16k guaranteed plays of his material. __________________________ Guest post by Brian Hazard of Passive Promotion I would never buy fake plays, and I strongly suggest you don’t either. You risk getting your material taken down, your account suspended, or worse. When I received an email from Vicky Edward of Midnite Blaste...
Tags: Music, Russia, Marketing, Guest Post, Musicians, Streaming, Soundcloud, Tbilisi, Music Business, Musician, Melbourne Australia, Vicky, Brian Hazard, D.I.Y, Vicky Edward, Midnite Blaster

Pandora, Spotify Podcast Moves Good New For Musicians and Record Labels

[UPDATED] This week, Pandora announced the Podcast Genome Project, a cataloging system and discovery algorithm that uses a combination of technology and human curation to deliver personalized podcast recommendations. Spotify and Apple Music have both stepped up their podcast game, as well, by improving their search and discovery options. “It might feel like podcasts are ubiquitous, but, eighty-three percent of Americans aren’t yet listening to podcasts on a weekly basis, and a majority of...
Tags: Spotify, Podcast, Music, Marketing, Pandora, Podcasting, Streaming, Apple Music, Music Tech, Bruce Houghton, Pearl Jam, Roger Lynch, Spotify Pandora Apple Music

8 Tools To Help You Monetize Your Music Online

Being an entrepreneuring artist in 2018 is still incredibly hard, but has some advantages as well, particularly in the monetary department. Here we look at eight tools that can help you to get your music out there an heard, and bring in a little cash while doing it. __________________________ Guest post by Evan Zwisler of Soundfly's Flypaper Being a musician in 2018 has its advantages! These days, there are more ways than ever to get your music out there, be heard by millions, and be...
Tags: Spotify, Music, Diy, Youtube, Marketing, Music Industry, Guest Post, Indie, Streaming, Bandcamp, D.I.Y, Evan Zwisler, Publishing & Songwriting, TuneCore TuneCore, Diy Musicians, Bandcamp Online

The Power Of The Playlist: Is It Overblown?

Among artists releasing music this days, it's fairly common to see them sink a lot of promotional resources into trying to gain a coveted placement on one of Spotify's major playlists, the theory being that such a prominent placement will make a band's career, but is this really the case? _______________________ Guest post by Bobby Owsinski of Music 3.0 It’s not uncommon to day to find an artist that will spend a great deal of time, energy and even money to get a placement on one of ...
Tags: Spotify, Music, Lorde, Marketing, Guest Post, New Zealand, Streaming, SEC, Playlists, Sean Parker, Music Business, Parker, Bobby Owsinski, D.I.Y, Drake J Cole Travis Scott

How I Got On Official Spotify Playlists As An Unknown Independent Musician

In this piece, independent artist Braden Lam of Halifax NS recounts how he was able to land himself on official Spotify playlists using only smart marketing,, and no money. _____________________________ By Braden Lam from CD Baby's DIY Musician blog I am an independent songwriter from Halifax, NS and the front man of folk-pop band Braden Lam & The Driftwood People. I have been singing since I could talk and playing guitar since I could walk — but in the eyes of the ...
Tags: Facebook, Spotify, Music, Youtube, Marketing, Canada, Guest Post, Streaming, Playlists, Apple Music, Music Business, Dawson City, HALIFAX NS, D.I.Y, Publishing & Songwriting, Braden Lam

A Great Music Marketing Plan Is More Than A Bunch Of Tools

Do you have a marketing plan? Do you really have a marketing plan? A playlist Is Not A Marketing Plan. A record label is not a marketing plan. A digital distributor is not a marketing plan. A Facebook page is not a marketing plan. Posting to social media is not a marketing plan. What IS a marketing plan? Michael Brandvold and Jay Gilbert use this Music Biz Weekly Podcast tell you what isn’t and why it is so important that you have a real plan, not a bunch of tools.   [Auth...
Tags: Spotify, Music, Marketing, Streaming, Playlists, Music Business, Bruce Houghton, Michael Brandvold, Jay Gilbert

A Look At Spotify Insight Analytics

Though not quite as active as it once was, Spotify's Insights blog once offered its artists ideas and information about different industry trends - here we look at a distillation of some of the blog's more salient points. ____________________________ Guest post by Evan Zwisler of Soundfly's Flypaper For years now, streaming platforms like Spotify have given musicians a direct line to their fans. Whether you’re represented by a major label, or no label at all, you can reach new listen...
Tags: Spotify, Music, Montana, China, Marketing, Ozzy Osbourne, Ed Sheeran, Guest Post, Justin Bieber, Italy, Musicians, Brazil, Streaming, Sia, Bob Marley, Garth Brooks

Snapchat Just Lost 2 Million Daily Users

As part of a quarterly earnings report, Snapchat shared that it had last 2 million active daily users in the last three months. With 186 million users, Snapchat still has impressive reach.  But pressure from Facebook and Instagram and an unpopular redesign spell trouble for the social network. [Author: Bruce Houghton]
Tags: Facebook, Music, Instagram, Marketing, Snapchat, Streaming, Music Tech, Bruce Houghton

Get people listening on Instagram with SoundCloud shares

Exploring SoundCloud and find an awesome new song you want to share with people? Or just want your friends and fans to hear your latest track? Share music on Instagram Stories instantly now. Forget screenshotting a track on SoundCloud just so you can share it with your Instagram followers, now you can share the track straight from SoundCloud and give your followers a tasty peek and quick access to the full track. SoundCloud have just announced instant sharing to Instagram Stories straight fr...
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Evaride Talks Hustling Their Way To A Debut Streaming Hit [INTERVIEW]

Although already experienced musicians in some unusual ways, the band Evaride here sat down to talk with AWAL about their music and how they managed to hustle their way into debuting a streaming hit. ______________________________ Guest post from AWAL Resumes have never been a hallmark of the artist life (if only because managers have the one-sheets covered). For sessions players, music directors and background singers, however, track record means everything. Hayden Maringer’s and Sean...
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