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For Earth Day, New Belgium Brewing Created a Beer With Post-Climate Apocalypse Ingredients

In the next 80 years, climate scientists expect the sea level to rise somewhere between a foot or two, meaning that much of Florida and other coastal regions will be under water and clean drinking water will become more difficult to access. The changing climate is also expected exacerbate wildfires, droughts and insect outbreaks, not...
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LG Teams Up With Round Two for Cross-Country Clothing Swap to Reduce Waste

LG Electronics USA is aiming to give used clothing a new home in a series of "Second Life" swaps across seven southwest U.S. cities, a response to an Environmental Protection Agency calculation that the average American generates 81 pounds of waste a year. The home appliance company, in partnership with thrift store chain Round Two,...
Tags: Consumer, Fashion & Apparel, Sustainability

Younger Consumers Are Paying Attention to Earth Day Campaigns—but Don’t Want to Be Shamed

Earth Day is later this week, and brands have a lot planned to mark the holiday: campaigns highlighting sustainability initiatives, new commitments to lower emissions and donations to organizations working to preserve forests and natural areas. To get a sense of how consumers are likely to respond to those initiatives, Adweek partnered with Harris Poll...
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For Earth Day, Old Navy Is Eliminating Plastic Bags and Funding Young Environmental Advocates

With Earth Day just a week away, brands are looking for ways to kickstart green initiatives to help bring about net zero emissions, tree plantation and consumer participation in eco-friendly activism. For this 51st anniversary of Earth Day, Old Navy is working on its own sustainability mission and supporting the next generation of environmental leaders....
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Procter&Gamble’s Sustainability Marketing Tackles Consumers’ Intention-to-Action Gap

If marketing incorporating sustainability appears to be well-intentioned, but ineffective, there's a pretty good reason: Most consumers have a desire to do better for the planet, but they're unsure how to make eco-friendly choices. Those consumer pain points are at the center of Procter & Gamble's multi-brand, sustainability-focused "It's Our Home" campaign that's rolling out...
Tags: Advertising, Sustainability, Procter Gamble, CPG & Grocery

Facebook Sets Several Earth Day Initiatives Across Its Family of Apps

Facebook is marking Earth Day by providing several ways for people to see credible information about and get involved in climate change, as well as revealing that its global operations are now 100% supported by renewable energy. The social network said in a Newsroom post Thursday that it ran an on-Facebook survey in more than...
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Panera Is Giving Away Bread Bowl Bikes, Though They Aren’t Actually Made of Carbs

Bicycle sales skyrocketed in 2020 as consumers pedaled their way through lockdown, while some quick-service restaurants did brisk business over the past year by offering consumers moderately priced meals they didn't have to cook for themselves. Why not mash up those two cultural trends for a somewhat wacky--but real--product giveaway? It's not an April Fools'...
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Panera’s Bread Bowl Bike Isn’t Actually Made of Carbs

Bicycle sales skyrocketed in 2020 as consumers pedaled their way through lockdown, while some quick-service restaurants did brisk business over the past year by offering consumers moderately priced meals they didn't have to cook for themselves. Why not mash up those two cultural trends for a somewhat wacky but real product giveaway? It's not an...
Tags: Advertising, Sustainability, Food & Beverage

Nike Aims to Reduce Waste With Nike Refurbished

Nike is introducing its own resale offering called Nike Refurbished as the already red-hot secondhand market for fashion and sneakers continues to heat up. Top line The global athletic footwear and apparel brand said Nike Refurbished is one of several solutions it is now offering to help reduce the company's waste footprint. The circular consumer...
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In Australia, Converse Had an Artist Create Indigenous Art With a Sustainable Twist

The sneaker brand Converse has commissioned an indigenous artist in Australia to create a gigantic mural with a surprising twist. The Melbourne mural plays homage to indigenous urban identity and was painted with a special type of pollution-absorbing paint that "cleans the air," according to the agency behind the project, Amplify. The artwork, titled "City...
Tags: Australia, Advertising, Sustainability, Melbourne, AdFreak, Fashion & Apparel

How AB InBev and e.l.f. Cosmetics Are Cultivating Purpose-Filled Partnerships

At Adweek's Sustainability and DEI Summit last week, executives from across a wide range of industries shared how they're aiming to reshape business practices to improve sustainability, build more inclusive and diverse workplaces and eliminate waste along supply chains. To speak to how cross-brand and internal partnerships can support those efforts, AB InBev's head of...
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H&M and Maisie Williams Partner on Animal Crossing to Promote Sustainability

H&M is taking its sustainability efforts to the virtual world with the help of Animal Crossing and Maisie Williams. The retailer has signed up Williams, best known for playing Arya Stark on HBO's Game of Thrones, as global sustainability ambassador. It will work with her to promote its pledge of only using recycled or sustainably-sourced...
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Generating More Solar Power Than You Need? This Brand Offers Free Beer as a Reward

There's no shortage of ways to help our environment, from volunteering for community cleanups to reducing our dependence on plastics. While we should adopt sustainable practices out of a desire to help our vulnerable planet, a little incentive rarely hurts matters. Beer brand Victoria Bitter has a cold, refreshing offer for fellow Aussies looking to...
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CMO Rupen Desai Discusses Dole’s Plans for Sustainability and Addressing Malnutrition

Rupen Desai, global CMO of Dole Packaged Foods, joined Adweek's Sustainability and DEI Summit on Wednesday to discuss the company's efforts to end hunger, achieve food security and promote sustainable agriculture. Top line Dole is working toward creating a business model under which the company, people and planet can all prosper. It's part of the...
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Is Cactus Leather the Future of Fast Fashion?

Swedish retailer H&M, one of the brands that has arguably come to typify the notoriously wasteful fast-fashion industry, released a new sustainability performance report this month pledging to use 30% recycled materials by 2025. It also announced a new initiative, Innovation Stories, to showcase "innovation, sustainable fabrications and design" throughout the year. The first collection...
Tags: Advertising, Sustainability, Fashion & Apparel

Dear Skeptics: Ethical Purchasing Requires Ethical Marketers

Ethical consumerism--the practice of buying products based on how they are made and how harmful they are to the environment or society--is having its moment as people prioritize their connection to people and the planet. Brands that are authentically able to communicate their values and efforts in sustainability are able to capture these customers, creating...
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Verizon Rolls Out Comprehensive DEI Plan for Its Companywide Marketing

Verizon is rolling out a new set of set of goals around how it approaches diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in every aspect of its marketing operations. The carrier's new responsible marketing action plan ties together various ongoing initiatives and lays out concrete objectives across four areas ranging from diversity within the creative supply chain...
Tags: Verizon, Advertising, Sustainability

Shell Outlines Plans for Reducing Its Own Carbon Footprint

While energy giant Shell may not be the first name that comes to mind when you think of sustainability, it's looking to change that by "reduc[ing] the carbon intensity of all the energy that we sell by 2050." That's according to Dean Arag?n, CEO of Shell Brands International AG, who said the company has set...
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Clubhouse Monetization Will Come With Growing Pains

2021 has had its fair share of breaking news around social audio platforms and the emergence of this new creator genre. The biggest news so far might have just happened this week as Clubhouse backed up on its commitment to making monetization a priority by rolling out a Phase 1 version called "Clubhouse Payments" that...
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P&G’s Marc Pritchard, UN’s Maher Nasser Talk Sustainability and DEI

Big problems require big solutions, and right now few issues loom larger than climate change and social injustice. To help kickoff Adweek's Sustainability and DEI Summit, a virtual event that explores issues related to both planet and people, Marc Pritchard, chief brand officer at Procter & Gamble, and Maher Nasser, director of the United Nation's...
Tags: Advertising, Events, Diversity, Sustainability, Un, Adweek, United Nation, Procter Gamble, Marc Pritchard, Equity and Inclusion, Maher Nasser

Eco-Friendly Koh Hires Fever-Tree’s Global Marketing Head for UK Push

Eco-friendly cleaning products maker Koh has named Fever-Tree marketer Vince Lawson to lead the Australia-based company's operations in the U.K. as part of its push to expand internationally. Lawson, the former global director of marketing for London-based Fever-Tree will build on Koh's growth in the U.K. after it reached more than 460,000 households in the...
Tags: UK, London, Australia, Advertising, Sustainability, Food & Beverage, Lawson, Koh, Plant-based Products, Vince Lawson

Ecommerce Brands Look to New Sustainability Measures as More People Shop Online

Americans have made so many pandemic purchases that ecommerce has essentially experienced two winter holiday shopping seasons in the 12-month period from March 2020 through February 2021. Last year, U.S. consumers spent $813 billion online, up 42% compared to 2019, according to Adobe's Digital Economy Index. Adobe predicts ecommerce will surpass $1 trillion in 2022....
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Starbucks Touts Sustainability in New Campaign

Starbucks today unveiled a new social media campaign to get the message out about the sustainability commitments it made last year, with the aim of cutting its carbon, water and waste footprints in half by 2030. Top line The international coffee chain found 74% of U.S. consumers believe a brand's commitment to the environment is...
Tags: Advertising, Social Media, Sustainability, Starbucks, Food & Beverage, Briefly

Lego’s Drive to Teach Polish Kids How to Be Eco-Friendly Beats Target by Over 300%

It's vital that to ensure a better future for the world, future generations understand the problems they will inherit. The climate crisis is the top priority. Top line Poland is known to have the worst air pollution in Europe, with over 75% of its energy being generated through coal. Recognizing this issue, toy manufacturer Lego...
Tags: Europe, Advertising, Sustainability, Lego, Poland

5 Ways Marketers Can Approach Sustainability Like a Creative Project

The catalyst for becoming more sustainably minded came around six years ago when I quit fast fashion. Instead, I vowed to buy only from ethical companies. My wallet became my way of voting in favor of brands that put people and the planet before profit. Living a more sustainable lifestyle needs to be both a...
Tags: Advertising, Sustainability, Magazine, Voice, Ways Marketers Can Approach Sustainability Like

Infographic: Brands Should Take Note of Consumer Image Search Habits on Sustainability

While people have been working from home, the world has seen damaging emissions from transportation drop drastically. But even when people are on the move again after the pandemic, they're showing that they'll be interested in learning more about sustainability and how to be more eco-friendly, according to Getty Images' Visual GPS research, which compared...
Tags: Advertising, Sustainability, Magazine, Data Points, Getty Images Visual GPS

Adweek’s Sustainability Stars: 17 Brand Leaders on a Mission to Help Our Planet

Adweek has heard the drumbeat from our community of marketers for more than a year: To succeed in business and connect with consumers, brands must do good. These executives, including many founders, CEOs and C-suite pros, tie doing good with business results and are pushing ahead in DEI, clean water, sustainable packaging, women's rights and...
Tags: Advertising, Sustainability, Magazine, Adweek, Help Our Planet

Adweek Podcast: The State of Sustainability

Host Ko Im is joined by David Kaplan, Heide Palermo, T.L. Stanley and Nick Gardner to discuss the constantly increasing importance of sustainability in brand and performance marketing, and some of the brands that are paving the way. Plus, a conversation about Adweek's Sustainability Council and Sustainability Stars list. Stream the new episode below, listen...
Tags: Advertising, Sustainability, Performance Marketing, Adweek Podcasts, David Kaplan Heide Palermo T L Stanley, Nick Gardner, Adweek s Sustainability Council

Flow Sends a Star-Studded Message About Sustainability in New Campaign

When we think of the sheer number of bottles on supermarket shelves across the world, it's hard not to cringe wondering what exactly we're going to do about all the leftover plastic. In conversations around sustainability, the way we package food and drinks is always sure to come up, but major changes have yet to...
Tags: Advertising, Creative, Sustainability, Branding

Brand Appetite Around Green Thinking Is Growing for The Financial Times

Funding climate journalism is becoming less of an existential dilemma as more brands are waking up to the power of having a sustainable strategy--and turning to publishers to help. The Financial Times noticed the upswing in brands wanting to talk about their sustainability credentials over the last 24 months, when more mainstream advertisers including banks,...
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