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You Can Finally Flag Bad Takes Directly to Facebook's Oversight Board

If you have problems with any hate speech, harassment, or generally bad takes that appear on your Facebook feed, good news! On Tuesday, the (supposedly) independent Oversight Board announced that users can appeal directly to it directly regarding questionable content that’s been left up on Facebook and Instagram. Read more...
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What You Need to Know About FLoC, the Ad-Targeting Tech Google Plans to Drop on Us All

About two weeks ago, millions of Google Chrome users were signed up for an experiment they never agreed to be a part of. Google had just launched a test run for Federated Learning of Cohorts—or FLoC–a new kind of ad-targeting tech meant to be than the average cookie. In a blog post announcing the trial,…Read more...
Tags: Google Chrome, Google, Facebook, Science, Microsoft, Marketing, Web Analytics, Web Browsers, Software, Ikea, Tracking, Github, Targeted Advertising, Online Advertising, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Ken Paxton

Google Used a Secret Program Called ‘Project Bernanke’ to Benefit Clients Using Its Ad-Buying System

Google used a secret program called “Project Bernanke” for years to increase its clients’ chances of winning bids for competitive ad space, the Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday, citing court documents filed in the Texas-led antitrust suit against Google. The state argues that the program gave Google an unfair…Read more...
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Reddit's Reportedly Cooking Up Its Own Clubhouse-Like Voice Chat Feature

Rumor has it the front page of the internet may be the latest online platform cooking up a social audio feature a la the voice-only chat app Clubhouse.Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Twitter, Science, Social Media, Software, Computing, Reddit, Gizmodo, Clubhouse, World Wide Web, Wikis, Mobile Applications, Google Allo, Bytedance, Cross Platform Software, Technology Internet

Cybercriminals Bought Facebook Ads for a Fake Clubhouse App That Was Riddled With Malware

Cybercriminals have been pushing Facebook users to download a Clubhouse app “for PC,” something that doesn’t exist. The app is actually a trojan designed to inject malware into your computer. The popular new invite-only chat app is only available on iPhone but worldwide interest in the platform has risen and users are…
Tags: Iphone, Facebook, Science, Instagram, Social Media, Malware, Ransomware, Cybercrime, Software, Security Breaches, Computing, Operating Systems, ESET, Computer Programming, Lukas Stefanko, the Facebook

Don’t Blame the ACLU for Facebook's Ills

Earlier this week, folks in tech-savvy onlookers were utterly scandalized when a tweet thread from former Federal Trade Commission CTO Ashkan Soltani began being passed around. In it, Soltani calls out the American Civil Liberties Union for committing one of the cardinal sins of the tech privacy sphere: sharing data…Read more...
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Leak of a Reported 500 Million Profiles Actually Very Boring, LinkedIn Assures Users

Less than a week after personal information from a half-billion scraped Facebook profiles were leaked to the digital underworld, the world’s largest professional network seems to have suffered a similar fate. It would appear that, like Facebook, approximately 500 million scraped LinkedIn profiles are now being sold on…Read more...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Science, Microsoft, Social Networks, Social Media, Linkedin, Recruitment, Internet Privacy, Ark, Technology Internet, Linkedin Hack

Uninstall This Android App, Which Gave You Malware Instead of Netflix

In what is becoming a recurring ritual, Google has removed a scammy Android malware app from the Google Play Store. This time, the offending culprit is FlixOnline, a malware app that roped people in by pretending to offer them free Netflix access. Its banishment from the Play Store is great, but the onus is on you to…Read more...
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UK Launches New Watchdog to Police Big Tech's Ad Market Monopoly

The UK government launched a new watchdog agency on Wednesday that will be tasked with keeping an eye on Big Tech companies like Google and Facebook, according to an announcement published online. The stated goal of the new watchdog is to police the “concentration of power among a small number of firms” in the world…Read more...
Tags: Apple, Google, Facebook, UK, Science, Media, Ebay, Advertising, Social Media, Companies, Computing, News Corp, World Wide Web, Business Finance, Big Tech, Andrea Coscelli

Facebook Is Officially Beta Testing Hotline, a Clubhouse-Inspired Audio Q&A Feature

Facebook on Wednesday ran its first public beta test of Hotline — a web-based Q&A platform that seems like it was dreamed up as the platform’s answer to the current voice chat app craze. Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Science, Social Media, Software, Digital Media, Computing, Freeware, Livestreaming, Clubhouse, Hotline, Mobile Applications, Nick Huber, Social Information Processing, Universal Windows Platform Apps, Technology Internet, Eric Hazzard

Facebook Sure Seems Desperate To Pass This Latest Data Breach Off As Old News For Some Reason

In the aftermath of bombshell reports of a massive data breach that may have compromised the personal information of as many as 533 million users, Facebook has committed absolutely to trying to spin the leak as old news, no big deal, definitely nothing to see here, no need to even think about this too much at all,…Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Twitter, Science, Instagram, Social Media, Data Breach, Software, Computing, Data Protection, Operating Systems, General Data Protection Regulation, Mike Clark, Internet Privacy, Andy Stone, Liz Bourgeois, Universal Windows Platform Apps

How to Check if Your Phone Number Is in the Huge Facebook Data Leak

Hacked data on over 553 million Facebook users was leaked online over the weekend, including names, birthdates, a Facebook user’s relationship status, the city where they live, their workplace, and sometimes even email addresses. But the most sensitive data included in the leak is arguably the phone numbers, which are…Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Science, Social Media, Data Breach, Software, Computing, Leak, Operating Systems, Zuck, Microsoft Kin, Social Information Processing, Technology Internet, Huge Facebook Data Leak

Hacker Publishes Phone Numbers and Other Data of 533 Million Facebook Users for Free

If you have a Facebook account, you should probably be keeping your guard up in the near future. A new report states that a hacker has posted the private information, including phone numbers, birthdays, and locations, of more than 533 million Facebook users from 106 countries online for free. Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Twitter, Science, Social Media, Software, Computing, Telegram, Operating Systems, Data Breaches, Internet Privacy, Cambridge Analytica, Liz Bourgeois, Hudson Rock, Alon Gal, Universal Windows Platform Apps, Technology Internet

Health Official in Papua New Guinea Explains How Facebook Spreads Misinformation

Papua New Guinea’s health minister, Jelta Wong, spoke with an Australian think tank over videochat on Thursday about challenges PNG faces in combatting the covid-19 pandemic. PNG is seeing a resurgence of the disease along with a growing wave of misinformation being spread online about vaccines, and the talk is an…Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Science, Social Media, Software, Bill Gates, Computing, Papua New Guinea, Conspiracy Theory, Operating Systems, Misinformation, Deception, Wong, PNG, Lowy Institute, Jelta Wong, Social Information Processing

How to Get a Chronological News Feed in Facebook

All I ever want is to set my Facebook News Feed to chronological. I don’t care what Facebook thinks I should look at, or what it thinks are the most popular posts around my friend network. I just want to view everyone’s posts based on the time they post them. That’s it.Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Technology, Social Media, Software, News Feed, Computing, Lifehacks, Social Software, Feed, Facebook News, Human Interest, Like Button, Social Information Processing, Technology Internet

Facebook Lets Users Restrict Commenting to a Small Circle of Friends

Facebook users will soon get more control over who can comment on their public posts, according to an announcement by the social media giant on Wednesday.Read more...
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Dangerous Android App Pretends to Be a System Update to Steal Your Data

Beware a newly discovered malicious app that pretends to update your phone but, in reality, is just a giant spyware application that can steal pretty much all your data while also monitoring your movements and online search history. Read more...
Tags: Android, Google Play, Science, Social Media, Software, Computing, Operating Systems, Mobile App, Zimperium, Communication Software, Instant Messaging Clients, Your Phone, Cross Platform Software, Technology Internet, Shridhar Mittal

Linktree Raises $45 Million for Its 'Link in Bio' Social Commerce Service

“Link in bio.” If you, like me, are constantly doomscrolling online, you’ve probably come across the phrase before. Between the endless conveyer belt of new social media platforms and the fact that most limit users to just one URL in their bio, it’s led to a growing demand for landing pages to house all those links.…Read more...
Tags: Science, Social Networks, Social Media, Computing, World Wide Web, Forbes, Business Finance, Linktree, Service Industries, Alex Zaccaria, Technology Internet, Bio Social Commerce Service

Researchers Have Figured Out a Way to Stop People From Sharing Misinformation

A new study in Nature suggests that shifting reader attention online can help combat the spread of inaccurate information. The study, published on March 17, 2021, found that while people prefer to share accurate information, it is difficult to convince the average social media user to seek it out before sharing.…Read more...
Tags: Twitter, Science, Social Media, Journalism, Human Behavior, Fact Checking, Misinformation, Deception, Gordon Pennycook, David Rand, Observation, Fake News, Dean Eckles, Ziv Epstein, Mohsen Mosleh, Technology Internet

Zuck Slowly Shrinks and Transforms Into a Corncob Ahead of Apple's Looming Privacy Updates

Facebook has pushed back against Apple’s planned rollout of anti-tracking tools at every possible opportunity, but now the social media giant seems to be changing its tune in a last-ditch effort to save face. On Thursday, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook may actually be in a “stronger position” after the privacy…Read more...
Tags: Apple, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Science, Technology, Social Media, Software, Computing, Gizmodo, Apple Inc, Terms Of Service, Zuck, Internet Privacy, David Wehner, Social Information Processing, Technology Internet

Facebook Teases Futuristic Wrist-Based Wearable That Will Let You Control AR With Your Mind

Facebook is really, really serious about augmented reality. Last year, the company showed off a frankly ambitious framework for the future of AR, and now the social media giant has revealed some of the advanced gadgets it’s designing to help people interact with the AR world.Read more...
Tags: Apple, Facebook, Science, Technology, Microsoft, Social Media, Software, Computing, Oculus, Augmented Reality, Sean Keller, Wearable Computer, User Interface Techniques, Applications Of Computer Vision, Technology Internet, Electromyography

RIP Piracy on YouTube?

Anyone with hit with a copyright claim on YouTube can probably tell you about the complicated, confusing, and drawn out hassle that comes with them. Thankfully, the platform is releasing a tool to proactively notify creators about their video’s potential copyright issues before they’re published.Read more...
Tags: Google, Science, Youtube, Social Media, Copyright, Software, Computing, Mashup, Content Id, Video Hosting, Alphabet Inc, Matt Navarra, Entertainment Culture, Technology Internet

Facebook Launches Tool to Help Users Get Covid-19 Vaccine

Facebook has launched a tool in partnership with Boston Children’s Hospital to help people find covid-19 vaccine appointments, according to a press release from the social media company early Monday. The tool only works in the U.S. right now, but Facebook says it hopes to roll out the vaccine finder in more regions as…Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Science, Social Media, Software, Medical Research, Computing, Vaccine, Operating Systems, Zuck, Boston Children 's Hospital, the Facebook, Social Information Processing, Covid 19 Vaccine, Technology Internet, Health Medical Pharma

Facebook and News Corp Have Reached a Three Year News Distribution Deal

After temporarily disabling Australian news organizations’ ability to share news links in February, Facebook announced on Monday that it had reached a licensing agreement with the news giant News Corp. Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Science, Social Media, Companies, Nick Clegg, News Corporation, News Corp, News Media, News Corp Australia, The Daily Telegraph, Facebook News, Business Finance, Social Information Processing, Technology Internet, News Media Bargaining Code, Newscomau

How to Use TikTok's New Anti-Bullying Tools

An unfortunate side effect of any social media platform’s success is a correlating increase in cyberbullying and harassment, and TikTok is no exception.Read more...
Tags: Instagram, Social Media, Software, Abuse, Social Issues, Computing, Cyberbullying, Lifehacks, Internet Culture, Video Hosting, Video Software, Tiktok, Application Software, Social Networking Services, Technology Internet

Facebook's Dream of Running a Giant Cable From California to Hong Kong Once Again Dashed

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again, the old maxim goes, and apparently, that advice counts double if you’re Facebook, a company that has at this point tried a cartoonish number of times to install a high-capacity internet conduit between California and Hong Kong only to be continually thwarted by the U.S.…Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Hong Kong, Science, California, Social Media, Software, Wall Street Journal, Hong Kong National Security Law, Technology Internet, Chinaunited Kingdom Relations, British Hong Kong, Chinese Law, Detainment Of Hong Kong Residents At Sea By China, In Hong Kong, Hong Kongunited States Relations, Hong Kong Law

The War Between Big Tech and News Is Coming to the U.S.

After a showdown with the Australian government over an effort to pay publishers their due, it looks like Google and Facebook might have to gear up for the same battle in the United States. Lawmakers are moving forward on a piece of dormant legislation that would enable news organizations to negotiate with Big Tech…Read more...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Science, Advertising, United States, Computing, Mitch McConnell, Amy Klobuchar, Advertising Revenue, Websites, World Wide Web, Online Advertising, Digital Marketing, David Chavern, Josh Frydenberg, Alphabet Inc

T-Mobile Is Taking All of Your Sweet, Sweet Data… Unless You Tell It to Stop

Heads up, fellow T-Mobile customers: You might want to take a look at your mobile carrier’s privacy policy. Read more...
Tags: Verizon, Science, Advertising, Marketing, Companies, Telecommunications, Deutsche Telekom, Att, Targeted Advertising, Online Advertising, Terms Of Service, T Mobile, Internet Privacy, Bell System, T Mobile US, Xandr

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