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International free speech roundup

“30 Years After the Rushdie Fatwa, Europe Is Moving Backward” on speech that gives religious offense [Jacob Mchangama and Sarah McLaughlin, Foreign Policy] Whether you call it blasphemy or hate speech, chilling effects on expression are the same [Helen Dale, Unherd] British writer faces police inquiry after “deadnaming” transgender activist online [Katie Herzog, The Stranger; Sophie Law, Daily Mail on Graham Linehan case] Social media “like” contributes to another police call [James Kirkup, T...
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“Terrorism lawsuits threaten lawful speech”

A “string of civil lawsuits intended to pin liability on online platforms for allegedly providing material support to terrorists” has mostly fared poorly in court, with Section 230 providing a bulwark against liability in most cases, “but some of these cases are on appeal and plaintiffs have filed several new ones. If these suits are successful, they could be detrimental for the Internet: platforms would have little choice to become much more restrictive in what sorts of speech they allow.” In p...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Law, Uncategorized, Social Media, Terrorism, Paris, Orlando, San Bernardino, Facebook Google, Facebook Google Twitter, Brussels Twitter, Aaron Mackey Electronic Frontier Foundation

Op-Art: An 18-Month-Old Victim in a Very Old Fight

Renewed conflict in Kashmir is killing and blinding the young as politicians remain unwilling to find a just resolution to the old dispute.
Tags: News, India, Social Media, Pakistan, Terrorism, Kashmir, Demonstrations, Eyes And Eyesight, Protests and Riots, Civilian Casualties, Kashmir and Jammu (India, Defense and Military Forces, BB and Airsoft Guns

December 19 roundup

So often those who seek to control the rest of us seem unable to achieve self-control. Case in point: sponsor of NY bill to search gun applicants’ social media accounts [Jon Campbell, Democrat and Chronicle, Sen. Rob Ortt on Twitter] More on Sen. Kevin Parker’s proposal: Scott Greenfield, and my earlier; Concerning an issue that Cato has warned about for many, many years, the emergency powers of the President [Elizabeth Goitein/The Atlantic, related video] Web accessibility suits hit college...
Tags: New York, Guns, Law, Uncategorized, US, Social Media, Surveillance, Canada, Atlantic, Terrorism, Kevin Parker, Cato, Albany Times Union, CALEB BROWN, free speech in Canada, Scott Greenfield

The New Radicalization of the Internet

Jihadists and right-wing extremists use remarkably similar social media strategies.
Tags: News, Social Media, PA, Terrorism, Anti-semitism, Pittsburgh, Hate Crimes, Facebook Inc, Computers and the Internet, Race and Ethnicity, Fringe Groups and Movements,, Shooting (2018, Gab AI Inc

America: The Highlight Reel

It’s worth noting, in a world that often seems heartless, that there are plenty of fellow citizens doing the right thing.
Tags: News, America, Social Media, Terrorism, Taylor, Evacuations and Evacuees, Malibu (Calif, Brent (1979-2018

Remainders: From Parking Garages to Political Contributions

It’s been awhile since I did one of these Remainders posts so I figured I’d throw one together. In theory it’s all the other stuff I didn’t get a chance to blog about. In reality, it’s pretty much everything I’ve been reading that isn’t about mental models/frameworks (and even some of that). You can find previous versions filed under Remainders and, as always, if you enjoy this stuff please subscribe by email and pass around. Let’s start with some books. Here’s what I’ve read in the last three m...
Tags: Security, Uber, Books, Politics, Parenting, Microsoft, Bono, North Korea, China, Satya Nadella, Uncategorized, US, Seo, Physics, Terrorism, Complexity

How Big a Role Does Social Media Play in Homegrown Terrorism?

In the 17 years since the 9/11 attacks, America’s tendency has been to look outside of its borders for the looming threat of violent extremism. Yet a sense of guilty introspection swept over the country when it was discovered that enemies from within had carried out two hate-fueled plots in the span of less than…
Tags: News, Uncategorized, America, Social Media, Terrorism

Mail Bomb Sent to John Brennan Allegedly Had Fake ISIS Flag With Sex Toys, 'Get 'Er Done' on It

All across the country this week, pipe bombs have been showing up in the mail of prominent Democrats and critics of Donald Trump—with NBC News listing former President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former Attorney General Eric Holder, Rep. Maxine Waters, billionaire philanthropist George…Read more...
Tags: Security, Science, Technology, Crime, Nbc News, Barack Obama, Social Media, Hillary Clinton, Terrorism, Explosives, Donald Trump, John Brennan, Bombs, State, George, Fake News

Europe to push for one-hour takedown law for terrorist content

The European Union’s executive body is doubling down on its push for platforms to pre-filter the Internet, publishing a proposal today for all websites to monitor uploads in order to be able to quickly remove terrorist uploads. The Commission handed platforms an informal one-hour rule for removing terrorist content back in March. It’s now proposing turning that into a law to prevent such content spreading its violent propaganda over the Internet. For now the ‘rule of thumb’ regime continues t...
Tags: Security, Social, Facebook, Europe, UK, Government, Islamic State, Social Media, Tech, Eu, European Union, Law Enforcement, Artificial Intelligence, Terrorism, Commission, EC

Toronto Shooting Rekindles Familiar Debate: Terrorist? Mentally Ill? Both?

The family of the gunman who shot 15 people says he had serious psychiatric problems. The Islamic State claimed him as one of its own.
Tags: News, Islamic State, Toronto, Social Media, Terrorism, Murders, Hussain, FAISAL, Attempted Murders and Homicides, Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS, Mental Health and Disorders, Toronto (Ontario

Toronto Attack Revives Debate Over ISIS’ Call to Arms to the Mentally Ill

Religious fanaticism or mental disorder? After the Islamic State claimed the gunman who shot 15 in Toronto as one of its one, the debate was rekindled.
Tags: Isis, News, Islamic State, Toronto, Social Media, Terrorism, Hussain, FAISAL, Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS, Mental Health and Disorders, Mentally Ill, Toronto (Ontario

When ISIS’ Call to Arms Falls on the Ears of the Mentally Ill

Religious fanaticism or mental disorder? After the Islamic State claimed the gunman who shot 15 in Toronto as one of its one, the debate was rekindled.
Tags: Isis, News, Islamic State, Toronto, Social Media, Terrorism, Hussain, FAISAL, Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS, Mental Health and Disorders, Mentally Ill, Toronto (Ontario

ISIS May Be Waning, but Global Threats of Terrorism Continue to Spread

The U.S. and its allies are still waging a shadow war against a wide range of terrorist threats despite the Islamic State’s defeat in Iraq and Syria.
Tags: Europe, Isis, News, Islamic State, Iraq, Africa, Social Media, Syria, Terrorism, Al Qaeda, Trump, Shabab, Mattis, Donald J, Espionage and Intelligence Services, Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS

Hezbollah Reportedly Claims Facebook, Twitter Have Disabled Their Main Accounts

Lebanese militia and State Department-designated terrorist group Hezbollah said on Saturday that Facebook and Twitter had terminated its main accounts, according to the Times of Israel.Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Twitter, Science, Technology, Israel, Social Media, Terrorism, State Department, Hezbollah, Hezbollah Reportedly Claims Facebook Twitter, Times of Israel Read

Remainders: From Fortnite to the Fermi Paradox

It’s totally crazy that May is almost done. On the book front I finished up God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater, which was excellent, and am on to How to Think by Alan Jacobs (which I’ve got a few quotes from in the roundup this week). As usual, if you like what you read here you can always subscribe. Oh, and a very very happy birthday to my wife, Leila. Okay, onto the links. There were a few really amazing pieces I read this week: The New York Times Sunday had a long piece on the very shady convictio...
Tags: Hong Kong, Books, Politics, England, Crime, Putin, California, Uncategorized, NFL, Whois, Seo, Change Management, Organizational Change, Terrorism, New York Times, Nba

Report: Facebook Really Is Connecting People, Specifically ISIS

Facebook is connecting more than just distant relatives who post too much about their children, at least per a recent study that concludes it is connecting new affiliates to the Islamic State’s digital networks. According to the Telegraph, researchers with the Counter Extremism Project analyzed the social media habits…Read more...
Tags: Facebook, Isis, Science, Technology, Islamic State, Social Media, Cybersecurity, Terrorism, Counter Extremism Project

What Is Telegram, and Why Are Iran and Russia Trying to Ban It?

The app, which promises that messages will be kept secure from official scrutiny, is facing bans in Russia and Iran. Here are some of the reasons.
Tags: News, Privacy, Russia, Social Media, Iran, Instant Messaging, Terrorism, Durov, Mobile Applications, Surveillance of Citizens by Government, Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS, Vis-multimedia, Telegram LLC, Pavel Valeryevich (1984-, Vkontakte Ltd

First Amendment roundup

Dangerous and misguided: Michigan pursues prosecution on charges of jury tampering of man who handed out “jury nullification” pamphlets on public sidewalk outside courthouse [Jay Schweikert, Cato; Jacob Sullum, earlier here, here, etc.] “‘Worst of Both Worlds’ FOSTA Signed Into Law, Completing Section 230’s Evisceration” [Eric Goldman] Among first casualties: Craigslist personals [NPR, Elizabeth Nolan Brown] And Elizabeth Nolan Brown joins (no relation) Caleb Brown on a Cato Daily Podcast; ...
Tags: Isis, Law, Virginia, Uncategorized, Advertising, Social Media, Terrorism, Tennessee, Aclu, Michigan, Free Speech, Jury Nullification, Reed, Gilbert, Ninth Circuit, Google Facebook Twitter

Social media handed “one-hour rule” for terrorist takedowns in Europe

 The European Commission is still considering whether to regulate social media platforms to ensure they promptly remove illegal content — be it terrorist propaganda, child sexual exploitation or hate speech but also commercial scams and even copyright breaches.  Read More
Tags: Social, TC, Europe, Harassment, Crime, Social Media, Tech, European Union, Artificial Intelligence, Policy, Terrorism, European Commission, Freedom Of Speech, Hate Crime, Hate Speech, Online Extremism

Unilever warns social media to clean up “toxic” content

 Consumer goods giant Unilever, a maker of branded soaps, foodstuffs and personal care items and also one of the world’s biggest online advertisers, has fired a warning shot across the bows of social media giants by threatening to pull ads from digital platforms if they don’t do more to mitigate the spread of what it dubs “toxic” online content — be it fake news… Read More
Tags: Google, Social, TC, Facebook, Advertising Tech, Youtube, Social Media, Tech, Unilever, Digital Media, Terrorism, Online Advertising, Ad Fraud, Fake News, Disinformation, Click Fraud

What Radicalizes Young Men? This Show Tells You via WhatsApp

“The Believers Are But Brothers” invites a theater audience to join a messaging group to explore themes of religious radicalism and masculinity.
Tags: England, News, Social Media, Terrorism, Theater, Propaganda, Rodger, Computers and the Internet, London (England, Muslims and Islam, Men and Boys, The Believers Are But Brothers" (Play, Alipoor, Javaad, Bush Theater, Elliot O

Telegram and social media giants spanked in UK PM’s Davos speech

 Social media giants have once again been singled out for a high profile public spanking over social responsibility and illegal online content in Europe. Read More
Tags: Travel, Social, TC, Europe, UK, Government, Social Media, Davos, Theresa May, Digital Media, Terrorism, Extremism, Hate Speech, Telegram, Wef, Fake News

Europe keeps up the pressure on social media over illegal content takedowns

 The European Union’s executive body is continuing to pressure social media firms to get better at removing illegal content from their platforms before it has a chance to spread further online.  Read More
Tags: Travel, Social, TC, Europe, Censorship, Social Media, European Union, Copyright, Policy, Terrorism, European Commission, Extremism, Freedom Of Expression, Illegal Content

YouTube: More AI can fix AI-generated “bubbles of hate”

 Facebook, YouTube and Twitter faced another online hate crime grilling today by UK parliamentarians visibly frustrated at their continued failures to apply their own community guidelines and take down reported hate speech. Read More
Tags: Social, TC, Facebook, Twitter, Europe, UK, Youtube, Social Media, Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Policy, Terrorism, United Kingdom, Extremism, Hate Speech, Facebook YouTube

Study: Russia-linked fake Twitter accounts sought to spread terrorist-related social division in the UK

 A study by UK academics looking at how fake social media accounts were used to spread socially divisive messages in the wake of a spate of domestic terrorists attacks this year has warned that the problem of hostile interference in public debate is greater than previously thought. Read More
Tags: Social, TC, Twitter, Europe, UK, Russia, Social Media, Tech, Terrorism, United Kingdom, Propaganda, Counterterrorism, Fake News, Disinformation

How to Watch Facebook, Google, and Twitter Testify Before Congress This Week

Three of Silicon Valley’s biggest tech companies will speak to three different congressional subcommittees on Tuesday and Wednesday to finally get to the bottom of, well, a lot of issues. Top priority is to discuss Russia’s use of online ads and social media to influence the 2016 US election. Here’s how you can watch…Read more...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Harassment, Science, Bullying, Russia, US, Social Media, Terrorism, Silicon Valley, Propaganda, House Intelligence Committee, Senate Intelligence Committee, Tech Companies, Senate Judiciary Committee

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