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How to build a brand that elevates your business

Building a brand is often synonymous with building a business. Your brand communicates what do and what you stand for, and it helps build trust with potential clients. Here are a few tips for building a brand that'll ultimately boost your business.
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10 secret Instagram and Facebook features most agents miss

Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular and effective platforms for brand-building, promoting listings and generating leads. Did you know there are hidden features agents don't know about? Here are some of our favorite little-known gems.
Tags: Facebook, Instagram, Marketing, Service, Radio, Teams, Agent, Columns, Select, Back To Basics, Katie Lance, Theme-month-202104

9 listing presentation mistakes you can’t afford to make

Today’s tight inventory environment means that agents can’t afford not to win a listing. Here are nine mistakes agents commonly make and how to avoid them.
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Put branding first! How to build a business that attracts growth

If you want to recruit better talent and more clients who want to with your team, focus on building your master brand first. Here’s how to do that.
Tags: Marketing, Brand, Recruiting, Service, Radio, Teams, Agent, Columns, Branding, Select, Back To Basics, Kris Lindahl, Theme-month-202104, Brand-first Business

3 reasons Instagram isn’t working for you (and what to do)

To effectively increase your brand awareness and position yourself as the go-to authority in your market, watch out for these common Instagram turn-offs and avoid them yourself.
Tags: Instagram, Marketing, Social Media, Service, Radio, Teams, Agent, Lead Generation, Social Media Strategy, Select, Back To Basics, Theme-month-202104, Stefanie Lugo

Consumers read 10 reviews first! What’s your review strategy?

Consumers increasingly write, read and follow online web assessments. So, have you accepted reviews as a part of your communication with the market? Here are a few compelling reasons why you should.
Tags: Reviews, Trust, Marketing, Online Reputation, Service, Radio, Agent, Thank You, Negative Reviews, Select, Back To Basics, Positive Reviews, Agent Profiles, Theme-month-202104, Earning Trust

Work smarter! 10 creative ways to reuse and repurpose your evergreen content

Creating fresh and unique content is not easy, and it can be quite time-consuming. Recycling content reduces the effort required; allows you to expand your reach across multiple platforms; and gives consumers, prospects, and search engines what they're looking for.
Tags: Marketing, Blog, Seo, Service, Radio, Agent, Recycling, Columns, Blogger, Homebuying, Evergreen Content, Select, Jay Thompson, Back To Basics, Homeselling, Theme-month-202104

8 ways to rank higher on Google — and improve your website traffic

Getting your website to rank on Google is like putting together pieces of a puzzle. All of your efforts across various channels come together to build your website’s authority. Here are few tips to help drum up more traffic for your business.
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Focus! 4 simple tips for kicking distractions to the curb

By being too busy and constantly inundated with phone calls, notifications and emails, we have evolved into a culture that covets the grind. It really doesn't have to be this way. If you follow these tips and prioritize the task at hand, your focus will lead to success.
Tags: Productivity, Work From Home, Lifestyle, Social Media, Service, Radio, Agent, Notifications, Distractions, Emails, Multitasking, Brokerage, Select, Notification, Theme-month-202104

10 easy ways to grow your database through social media

Your database is no longer just names and numbers. It is a collection of videos, pictures and stories, personalities and insights into your followers and clients. Here's how you can optimize your social media channels to gain new business.
Tags: Marketing, Social Media, Radio, Community, Agent, Database, Rolodex, Social Media Engagement, Select, Faisal Susiwala, Theme-month-202104

Why hiring a PR team is the best marketing decision you can make

A constant presence in major media outlets is a valuable way to promote and grow your real estate business on all levels. Here's how a strong public relations strategy can elevate your brand and what you should keep in mind when hiring a PR team.
Tags: Opinion, Marketing, Public Relations, Radio, Agent, Brokerage, Select, Back To Basics, The Agency, Marketing Advice, PR team, Mauricio Umanksy, Theme-month-202104

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